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By Noah Dove

When confronted will all your hopes and dreams, few are they who would turn and face the horrors of war.

This scenario is based on the Cleanse Scenario on p. 81 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


New settlers to Taurega Prime have discovered what they call the well of light. Advertised far and wide as the one true source of power in the universe, and the one thing that can grant you all of your hopes and dreams, many have flocked to the well for healing and hope. While it is probably just a myth to draw in tourists, it is imperative to know for sure, just in case...


The purpose of this mission is simple, secure and control the whole area around the well of light, allowing your army to come in properly equipped to move, or at least study, the well of light. This mission is determined by table quarters.



Deepest Desires: The Well of Light actually contains a powerful psychic field. This field taps into the minds of all those nearby and gives them visions of all of their most prized wants and desires. No creature is powerful enough to be completely free of its effects.

At the beginning of each of your movement phase, roll for each of your units. On the roll of a 4+, the unit is caught in the psychic field and makes a compulsory 6" movement towards the Well. This unit is now pinned until the beginning of that players next turn (at which point they might well fail the test again).

Note that vehicles are not immune to this effect, as the Well can easily pierce through armor into the minds of it's pilots. Vehicles so afflicted count as shaken.

Units that are specifically immune to pinning are not pinned (though they must still more the compulsory distance), but rather fight with a -1 to ballistic skill and initiative until the beginning of that unit's next movement phase.

Arcane Mind: Unlike normal mortals, psykers have the power to temporarily resist the Well's presense. If a unit containing a psyker so chooses, it may opt to take the test against the Well against the leadership of the psyker, rather than on a 4+. If the psyker fails this test, the model takes an immediate perils of the warp attack. The psyker may continue to cast other psychic powers in the turn that they were used to resist the Well.

Like a Moth to a Fire: Any unit whose leadership score is 5 or less, or is a unit that has the swarm special rule, is likely to have a mind far to simple to stay focused in the face of the power of the Well. Any unit containing at least one model with the previous criteria fail their Well test on a 2+.


1.) The Well of light is placed in the center of the board, or in a different location, if both players agree.

2.) Terrain setup and deployment continue as normal.