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Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 89 - Road A/3#0

Black, black vacuum. Nothing. The world is nothing.

Sergeant Hoffman opened his eyes. He was surprised to find himself looking directly at the sky. He furrowed his brow in an attempt to remember what had just happened.

Bisenti had shouted something over the vox, yes, thought Hoffman, can't damn remember what he had shouted.

The sergeant thought for a moment.

Then he remembered. Now he could hear something too, as well as now feeling the rubble strewn street underneath him he could hear a whining and short sharp cracks.

Bisenti stopped firing at the oncoming enemy and glanced urgently down at his unconscious sergeant lying on his back on the street. He seemed just have fallen asleep - but Bisenti knew he must be dead; the shock wave must have crushed his insides into a similar consistency as their lunch a few days ago. Oh he was hungry...

Bisenti gasped in surprise and dropped his gun to help his fallen sergeant up as Hoffman sat up. "Sir! Sir? You ok?" Shouted Bisenti above the roar of the battle as the other members of the squad pumped hellgun bolts at the enemy. Bisenti began to shout again.

Sergeant Hoffman looked up at his corporal's face as he was helped unsteadily to his feet by the young chap. He appeared to be saying something but Hoffman's hearing was still too deaf to understand any of the words except one, 'run'.

Hoffman nodded and stumbled away from Bisenti. What he didn't realise however, was that he was stumbling towards the enemy lines. Chaos lines.

"Sir! SIR! TURN AROUND! GO THE OTHER WAY." Bellowed Bisenti as he dove for cover under a fresh wave of firing from the enemy positions, where were those damn reinforcements?

Hoffman continued forwards down the road, wondering where the hell he was going. Was he delirious? Had he smacked his head on a rock? Had he been shot? He didn't know the answer to either of these questions. Only this, 'run'.

Bisenti watched in horror from cover, surrounded by a pitched battle, as his sergeant stumbled forward towards the enemy, amazingly either everything was missing him or they weren't aiming for him. Strange.

Hoffman looked upwards at a figure standing before him, it was a human, he could see that. But this human, this male, was pale - and had scars all over his face.

Bisenti hit the dirt with a grunt as several more enemies diverted their aim onto his position. Pinned down and unable to reach his sergeant, he hopes that the help would come soon - real soon.

The cultist looked at the unarmed human who seemingly voluntarily had walked in front of him. Blocking his way. The cultist raised his laspistol at the humans head. He looked the Imperial dog in the face, as he could not see the traitor's eyes behind his tinted mask.

"Chaos," he bellowed, "is strong!" As he rested his finger on the trigger, about to fire. Hoffman was too far out of it to care what was happening to him. As the cultist began to curl his finger around the trigger another voice joined the shouting.

"EMPEROR IS STRONGER!" Roared the voice, and from above the cultist dropped a large mechanical leg, twice as tall as a man. It crushed the cultist into bloody heap on the floor. Confused, Hoffman looked up to see a sentinel scout walker with a helmet less female driver working the controls.

Sergeant Hiwoka worked the joy sticks of her machine, guiding the legs to bring the sentinel into a protective stance over the other sergeant, who was now beginning to look like he would fall over in a similar fashion that a man might lean forward and fall flat on his face. Hiwoka connected her team vox and shouted down it, "Squad, lets step, crush and blow! Protect those men!"

The other members, following their orders, took defensive positions and let fly with their multi-lasers. Hiwoka added her firepower to the mix, that of a deadly lascannon.

To be continued...