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The Fifth Wind Legion
Will of the Gods

The Great Summoning was almost complete. After months of preparation, the Fifth Wind Legion were ready to give themselves over to the Daemons of the great god of the Fifth Wind, and become a legion so powerful, no one could stop them. They would stand atop the Golden Throne while Terra burned to the ground, and finally uprooting the cancer that was the Imperium and establish Chaos as the ruler of the galaxy. That time was soon.

Watching over the preparations, Daemon Prince Cain of the Fifth Wind Legion stood as chants and prayers were being made, and marks of blood were being made in the dark soil for the event about to take place. The daemons of the Fifth Wind would possess those he had chosen himself, turning them into an unstoppable force that would tear the galaxy in two. The only complication was that their scouts have detected that their corpse-worshipping counterpart, the Angels of the Aquila, have been sent to stop them. Even though the events set in motion have gone on for too long to be stopped, Cain would enjoy slaughtering their old brothers in the art of war.

With the help of Terminator Lord Javan of the Heralds of Twilight, a plan has been set that will stall the majority of the Imperials while the Summoning is completed. Cain's legion will split into two, one to guard the summoning, and one to lead the Angels astray, that will set up in one of their cities. Led by Chaos Lord Mordecai or the Fifth Wind and the Heralds of Twilight, they will lead the corpse-worshippers into a trap deep in the city, where they will be utterly crushed. Cain will lead the other forces at their current location, defending the unholy site as the possession took place.

Fortifications were being placed, turrets placed, and weapons loaded. The denizens of the warp were also participating in this battle, as separate rituals were taking place to summon them as the time was right. Mordecai was almost done in the city. Everything was going according to plan, when Cain received a vox transmission from orbit.

+"Lord. Imperial ships in system. Identified as Angels of the Aquila."+

+"Good. Take half of your fleet away from our position and over to the large city 50 Kilometers east of us and lure them to the surface by dropping a load of "precious" cargo. That should have them investigate."+

+"Yes Lord. For the Fifth Wind"+

The trap had been laid, and it was only a matter of time until blood was spilt.

After a few hours Cain notices debris falling out of the sky. "Good" Cain thought to himself. Just in time too, the ritual was almost complete, he could feel the daemonic presence in the air. Not soon after, Drop Pods were falling from the sky, and Cain rallied his warriors together.

"Brethren of the Fifth Wind! The Gods gaze upon us as we bring them these sacrifices! Perform well and you will be granted immortality!"

A roar greeted him, and the Daemon Prince knew this would be a good fight.

"Thirty seconds till impact!" Screamed Commander Macarius to his command squad over the roar of the Drop Pod as it fell from the sky. After locating the location of the traitors, the Angels of the Aquila rushed to this world, its name long lost in the annals of Imperial history. After turning from the light of the Emperor, the Fifth Wind Legion had retreated into the Malestorm, where until now, they were hidden. It wasn't until long range scanners had picked up signs of activity on a planet on the outskirts of the Malestorm. Other Space Marine Chapters had wanted to help with their annihilation, but Macarius declined, telling them that this was their fight to rid the galaxy of their evil counterparts.

A small detachment of his chapter had been sent to another part of the planet to investigate cargo dropped from the traitors from orbit, but the majority of the Angels force remained with him in the major assault. Macarius knew Cain would be with the summoning, and did not expect much resistance from the cargo, but prepped them for it anyway. Were they to take the artifact dropped by the Chaos-worshippers, they would link up to their soon-to-be position and help with this assault.

As their Drop Pod slammed into the dark pavement of the city, squad Fabian quickly disembarked and set up a perimeter as more Drop Pods fell from the sky. Multiple crashes confirmed this, as the other squads gave their current location. Multiple Thunderhawks were also on their way, bringing in Predators and Vindicators. Even though it was dangerous, they needed as much armor as they can spare from the main assault. As soon as the first Thunderhawk touched down, Fabian spoke into his headset.

+"Tactical Squads, with me. Wyatt, you stay with the armor until we need you. Ancient Uriah, you keep the rear in case of a-"+

A lascannon bolt slammed into an incoming Thunderhawk, sending it into a nose dive. It crashed into the building above squad Fabian, sending a large amount of debris crashing in the ground. Their plasma gunner was crushed be a large piece of the building, but the rest of them survived.

+"Scouts, report!"+ Fabian yelled into the vox.

+"Mass of traitors dead ahead, they were waiting for us! We are under heavy fire, we need support---"+

Fabian heard an explosion and the vox went dead.

"Darn it. +All squads advance! Lets make these traitors pay!"+

As soon as Macarius' Drop Pod landed, they were under heavy fire. They were faced with multiple bunkers and weapon platforms, which needed to be cleared before the heavy armor could land. It was a desert region, the hot sun making plasma weapons more prone to overheating and the shifting sands making the tanks near useless anyway.

+" Devastators! Pour some fire into the bunkers! Keep their heads down!"+

Up ahead Macarius could see the air changing to a deep red and purple, where he knew Cain was going to be. It was time to bring the Emperor's wrath upon this foul chaos-infested planet. It would be tough ,but he had to find a way to restore his chapter's honor.