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By Noah Dove

A new artifact of incredible, arcane power has been discovered. It's up to you to capture it... if you can hold onto it.


A few months ago, an imperial research team unearthed an ancient artifact that they called the "warp field generator". Shortly after publishing their first review of the item, the entire research team mysteriously dissappeared. Now, interested parties from all over the galaxy have raced to claim the artifact, and control its awesome power for itself.


The player who has a unit that has posession of the warp field generator at the end of the game wins. If neither player controls the generator, the victor is determined by victory points.


deepstrike, infiltrate, (victory points)*

Keep your eye on the prize: Unlike normal secure and control missions, there is only one loot counter: the warp field generator.

Steal the loot!: The warp field generator is a small, hand held device that can be moved. If any of your units come into contact with the warp field generator, you have captured the relic. Treat the warp field generator as a member of whichever unit captured it, following all rules of movement, unit coherency, etc.

-The warp field generator can not be hurt in any way.

- A player may not steal the generator from a unit that has already captured it (without killing it first!)

- The warp field generator may not attack, and is not treated as part of the unit for the purposes of assault.

- A player may drop the warp field generator at the beginning of their turn. Simply declare that you are dropping it, and then the unit can go on moving and shooting as normal.

Destabilizing presense: The warp field generator has a destabilizing influence on the battle field. At the beginning of your turn, roll a D6 for all of your units. On the roll of a 6, that unit must roll a scatter die and 2D6. If the result is a scatter, move that unit in the direction of the arrow the number of inches equal to the sum of both dice. If a hit is scored, the player must still move that unit by that ammount, but they may chose the direction. This movement follows the rules of deepstriking (so if the unit is teleported off the board, for example, it is destroyed). Note that the unit mantains its formation and orientation when it does this movement.

Furthermore, any unit that has captured the warp field generator suffers most dramatically from this effect. If a unit is in posession of the warp field generator at the beginning of their movement phase (assuming they haven't dropped it), The unit must roll a scatter die and 3D6. If a scatter is rolled, that unit must move the sum of all three dice in the direction specified. If the result is a hit, reroll the scatter dice. If the warp field generator is in a unit that scatters off the board, or is completely destroyed by teleporting onto enemy units, the warp field generator immediately teleports to the middle of the board.


1.) Terrain is set up as normal.

2.) The warp field generator is placed in the middle of the board

3.) Deployment and selection of first turn are handled as normal.