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Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 89 - Road A/3#0

The creature continued to advance on the stormtroopers. The humanoid crept stealthily ever onwards, using rubble and wrecked vehicles for cover to hid its advance towards the men who seemingly didn't know it was there.

Sergeant Hoffman continued to watch the creature move occasionally out of the corner of his eye, he had to feign him not knowing the presence of the creature. This was difficult to do when wearing a chunky carapace helmet with tinted lenses.

"Do you still see it?" Asked Hoffman over the team vox as he saw the creature move again. It was close...too close – and he wanted to see what in hell it was and kill it if it was what he feared.

"Yes sir, roughly fifty metres from your position, do we have permission to neutralise it once within range?" Replied private Ackerson over the vox from the bell tower he occupied. As he was on sentry duty he needed to know what was happening in the vicinity wherever it happened.

"Negative, private, the Inquisitor is deciding what to do."

"I wish he would hurry the hell up!"

"Roger that, stay on eyeball, I'll forward the order once it's given. Out." Finished the sergeant. He sighed.

Not once it's given - if. Damn brass, can't do anything without a meeting.

Hoffman was interrupted in his musings by Bisenti tapping him on the shoulder and gesturing to the vox, Hoffman quickly picked up the receiver and placed it next to his ear. "This is sergeant Hoffman." He said over the constantly cracking signal.

"Roger that sergeant, this is Inquisitor Lancelot's chimera, you have permission to fire on the contact ASAP."

"I hear you, command confirmed. Out." Hoffman replaced the vox on the pack, which in turn was still strapped to the back of his corporal, Bisenti, and turned on his team vox. "Permission to fire on the contact. Out" He muttered over the vox and after clicking it off again picked up his hellgun. He clicked the safety and scanned the area down the road.

"Sir, I've lost eyeball on the contact." Crackled Ackerson urgently over the team vox seconds later.

"Everyone, keep on your vox, this could get messy, all safeties off." Replied Hoffman on a squad wide channel of the team vox.

And there they waited; minutes went by with the only sound water from a pipe dripping noisily onto the pavement and the gentle rasping of the squad's helmet mounted respirators sucking in and pumping out air constantly.

"Sir, where the hell do you think it is?" Asked private Jenkins nervously over the team vox.

"Just keep looking, private, shoot on sight." Replied Hoffman wearily.

"Yes sir."

Hoffman again scanned the road ahead. Nothing. What if it had somehow got past them, he shook his head. That was almost impossible; there was a unit on the left and right of them they would have been put on alert by the Inquisitor's chimera.

Almost impossible. Mused Hoffman to himself as he worried if he could be right about what the creature was – is he somehow was correct then they could be in a whole lot of trouble very, very soon.

"Still no eyeball on the contact Ackerson?" Asked Hoffman over the team vox.

"No eyeball on the contact sir." Replied Ackerson, peering once again through the targeter of his hellgun out across the road.

"Roger that. Out." Hoffman clicked off the team vox and surveyed the road again. Now he saw something interesting. Hoffman clicked on his vox and quickly said. "Ackerson, down the road, about 500 metres. See anything interesting?"

Private Ackerson looked out down the road following the instructions of his sergeant through his targeter, all he could see were black shapes, lots of black shapes, lots of humanoid black shapes. They were closing fast.

"I'll inform the commissar." Said Hoffman to Ackerson. He clicked off the team vox and snatched up the vox receiver from Bisenti's pack. Bisenti looked at the sergeant with a look of confusion on his face but Hoffman shook his head and held the receiver up to his ear.

"Inquisitor, we have a problem, we have lost sight of the contact and have an incoming wave of Chaos infantry." Said Hoffman over the vox set, this time there was a lot of static, something must be interfering with the signal.

Bisenti whipped his head up to look at the road. He could hear a slight whistling it began very soft but quickly gained in volume, Bisenti quickly clicked on his team com so a squad wide channel:


To be continued...