the bus stop
river in Östra
the bridge
the bus

to bring someone
he was supposed to get on
the night train
but he didn't do it.

back then

Sunday afternoon
to return
small hill

to come up
towards something
the house
right through
the grass


the man
the head
to let hang
the mouth
to pull together
the mouth pulled together in the shape of an O
the suitcase

the shoulder
to swing
casually swung over the shoulder

to fall down on
the suit didn't suit him
to go with, to suit
the black suit
white coat

the head
to wait for somebody
to throw at something
what I learned from meeting a girl who didn't know
or didn't care

the garden
the stone
the bird
the cigarette butt

the flower pot
exercise for school
to knock
here: the (window) pane.
to see somebody arriving

to hope for something
the hand

to lift
so incomparably
the gesture
to be able to

to get goose-pimples
to think about something
as if
the whole world
to visit
to pretend
as if she was coming only for me

to be afraid of something
the dog
Black Ships.

once, one time
the meadow
close to
to run away
the dog

never seen before
to look like

Anomien shepherd
nape of the neck
to be surprised/astonished
to stand rooted to the spot

to stare at one another
the paw
the teeth
to watch
to wait
to wave at somebody
this time
to not wave back

to dare
to move
to feel something in oneself
the panic
to rise within oneself
the inside
or so they said

to beam across to somebody
to see
to lower the head
the front paw
to make wide/ to place widely
to hold something in front of oneself
the height
the belly
to hold something at the height of one's belly

to take a step back
at that moment
to start barking
to run out of something

to shout loudly
to turn around (used for animals only)
to run away
the arm

to inject
shaking/to shake
to feel numb

cold floor

everything was good
everything was usual


Cast back in time, within the self
and breathing terror once more.

Blasted empty lies with cancelled eyes.
Lay catatonic on the beach while The Reaper pawed through any pockets.

I was lied to
not my own captain anymore

hope you're not ok
just fucking fade away already


'Erratic brainwave activity reported in Unit 01, sir.'

The attendant crouched by the panel, flinching slightly as another explosion lit up the field. The oncoming Falcon was dragged to the ground by sheer weight of autocannon fire, secondary explosions turning armour plates into lethal, whickering confetti. It ploughed a titanic furrough in the sand, dragging dunes into themselves. The Commander was distant, lost somewhere. Null was off leading an assault platoon against Storm Guardians, and had decimated them almost to a man. Mono smiled, an ingrown, hidden thing.

'Monitor it closely, and move Decta-4 in for execution if necessary.'
The One Shot Wraith rides again.


Sudden burning clampdown.
Heaven smiles within a corpse.

Think they can hold me...?

Broken lopsided cock, visible gangrene pink gleaming erection, revealing from
silo like ICBM terror standing to attention on parade.
Will penetrate the leaky rusting taps and unstick the stiffening rubber.

Purged by a relentless, sexually repressed Adonis,
8-foot tall and clad in ceramics.
He minced like a queen in powered armour.

'The Inquisition would like a quiet word with you...'
Tea and smiles now, but in 2 weeks they have you trained to shit on
sight of them, and ejaculate with shame whenever the Emperor thrusts a
mile wide golden ethereal phallus into your ether.

This is His light, and it shines from his Monumental white lighthouse, protoplasm
spurting white-hot into the mouths of thousands.
International, transdimensional.

It's what they don't tell you in the primer.

And all of this, for nothing?
I can see why they wanted to bring it down.

The Futurist ache.
Suffused with the arrogance of the apathetic.

I'll take them down, all barriers broken in a sudden manic rush!


'He's broken through the Heidegger field, safeguards one through seven breached...
By the Throne!! He's... He's... He's going berserk!!!'

The panel exploded outwards in a shower of glass


Something you drink in the rain?
Washes Essence into the glass, lets you pick up on things in the air.



Bleeder died again as the lascannon boiled him in his womb, the powercore detonating and vapourising 3 nearby Conscripts. Nadal was already turning on numb orders when the first shot blew off his leg, and the second sawed through his boxy grave in half. The scraps that were once a human being vomited out and froze solid to the ground. The dead Sentinels stood watch no longer.
Domo was back.

'Send in Decta-4!'


They caught the raging sentinel marching back though the lines, and threw themselves at it with suicidal vigour. What was fear of death to those who had been programmed to die? Ground underfoot, crunched and cracked by tonnes of pressure. And more than than that, some force of will kept them back, protected against the antitank mines. But still the Heavy Non-Borns came, still they died, and still, a terrible stillness on the floor.


Seeing hate through red neural fluid
See the world how they see it

Almost there...
The hideous last gasp

A holy terror as he comes up through the lock-link
The face... Monocle. Monomania. Maniacal.

The face. The face. The face.
The face thefacethefacethefacetheface

Silent soliloquy.

End the one-man show.
Die happy.


It rang out like struck death knell.
The Sentinel seized up and convulsed on the ground, writhing like a worm in rubbing alcohol, at once hideous and hilarious. The earthly pantomime ends and he takes his leave, know it is his time to go. The Non-Born grenadiers surge around the fallen corpse titan, prying off panels, priming weapons and cooking off concussive grenades.


is but a stage...
...that each man is just passing through...

What I learned from meeting a girl White light breaks in
who didn't know A shout
or didn't care The one true light shines As heart bursts all over again


The gunfire rattled in a tin-can, but Mono no longer smiled.
The attendant beside him had evaporated from the superheated beam, and Mono shook ever so slightly. The refractor field had overloaded from the deflected hit, the One-Shot Wraith missing while taking his final bow. He turned, still smoking, to the surviving tech-adept.

'Ensure further safeguards in the future.
Continue the research.'

He turned his back on the whole affair.
Unheroic, neat cheaters.