By Noah Dove

With the exception of the Dark Eldar, it is uncommon for an enemy to attack for the sole purpose of capturing the enemy. All the more fearful if that enemy is the great devourer...

This scenario is based on the Sabotage Scenario on p. 206 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The special rules below have been created for this scenario specifically and should not be used in regular games of 40K.


The war over this planet has raged for over a year now. Desperately, many imperial factions have held back the tide of Tyranid that had decended upon them. Now, it seemed, the Tyranid were taking to a strange new tactic: capturing imperial soldiers. It is unknown as to the purpose of these captures, but it is feared that the Tyranid are looking for some specific strain of human genetics to add to their own. This could possibly give the Tyranid a way to finally tip the balance against the defending forces.


The name of the game for the Tyranid player is to capture enemy units. Thus, if the Tyranid player is able to capture at least one imperial model, that player wins. The imperial player wins if none of his units are captured at the end of the game.


infiltrate, deep strike, dusk and dawn, random game length

Capture: In the heat of a firefight, it can be somewhat difficult to capture an enemy soldier, especially when he is trying to kill you! There are three ways that this can be accomplished. The first is to kill an enemy unit in close combat down to just a single model (or, in the case of independent characters, a single wound). The second, is to catch a unit (of whatever size) in a sweeping advance, and the third is to kill a vehicle in close combat. In the case of the latter two, remove any casualties as necessary, and then place a single model next to the nearest attacking Tyranid model.

When a model has been "captured" The Tyranid player takes control of that model. For all intents and purposes, the model behaves like it is a new member of the opposing squad except:

- The friendly model may not shoot while it is captured.

- The friendly model may participate in an assault that it's captor is involved in, but may not use any close combat attacks.

- The Tyranid player must keep the captured model in base contact at all times. If, for whatever reason, this ceases to be the case, the Imperial model is freed and reverts back to Imperial control.

Note that a unit (other than a vindicare assassin using his ability to target a specific model) may not target a captured model in specific, but if a blast template scatters onto that unit, resolve the hit as if there were two seperate units (one for the captors, and one for the captured).


1. Terrain is set up as normal.

2. The Tyranid player choses a side.

3. The Imperial starts deploying first, alternating unit by unit with the Tyranid player using normal deployment rules. The Imperial player may deploy anywhere within 12" of the center of the board (or more, if absolutely necessary due to the number of models).

4. The Imperial player may chose to take the first turn or not.