Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 89 – Road A/3#0

Squad 21 Alpha surveyed the camp street before them, blackened by bombardment by friendly ordinance from artillery and bombings. Sergeant Avery Hoffman looked out across the barren street through his powerful monocular.

"Do you see anything, sir?" Asked corporal Bisenti looking out down the street through the tinted visor of his helmet.

Hoffman shook his head slightly and carried on looking, his mean in position, hiding, waiting. For anyone or anything to walk into their ambush.

"Any contact sergeant?" Crackled the large vox set on the back of Bisenti. Hoffman reached over and picked up the phone placed on the top of the pack.

The sergeant lifted the receiver to his mouth and replied, "No Inquisitor, nothing to report." For the fourth time that hour.

"Good work sergeant, yell if you see anything."

"Yes sir. Out." Hoffman replaced the receiver onto the top of the vox set and leaned on the pile of dirt he was lying on. Friendly troops had recently built a roadblock here comprising of dirt, rubble... even a wrecked chimera. The squad continued to wait...

"Contact, up and left. Eleven o'clock." Hissed the sergeant's vox headset as private Ackerson spotted a possible target. Hoffman looked in the direction the private had indicated, all he could see was rubble. Hoffman turned towards the direction of private Ackerson, up in a tower. Private Ackerson was the sentry for the next few hours, he was their eyes and ears.

"What was it you saw, private?" Said Hoffman over his headset, he couldn't see anything suspicious, but in the rubble strewn road there was plenty of cover for the Emperor's enemies to hide.

Private Ackerson paused, what had he seen on the street below. It had seemed humanoid but it was... different... to say the least. He spoke into his headset vox to the sergeant. "I saw something humanoid sir, possibly even a human, I don't think it's armed."

"Keep on the lookout, private, good work, out." Hoffman peered again down the street, nothing.

Hoffman twisted his body to ask Bisenti for a drink from his canteen when a flash of movement from down the street caught his eye. With lightning quick speed the sergeant whipped his head back to check if he had seen something, clicking his neck in the process.

Corporal Bisenti saw his sergeant's movements and looked in the same direction, he had just been surveying the sky just in case – you never knew what the enemies of the Emperor would cook up next.

"Sir, you see anything?" Whispered Bisenti to Hoffman, both not taking their eyes from the road ahead. "You think something is out there?"

Hoffman ignored the corporal, he had seen something, he could see it now, it just wasn't clear enough. He picked up his monocular from the barricade and surveyed the scene through a magnified lens. Now the target was much bigger.

"Eleven o'clock, corporal, humanoid contact, you see it?" Enquired the sergeant quietly, still looking intently through his monocular.

Bisenti looked out at the direction, there was nothing there. He was about to reply that he couldn't spot it when he too, like the sergeant, saw a sudden and quick flash of movement from the rubble, something humanoid in size was breaking cover to get closer and closer to their position.

"It's on the move. I got eyes on. Permission to shoot, sir?" Asked Ackerson quickly over the headset vox.

Hoffman paused, was this a follower of chaos or a friendly soldier. It could even be an escapee from a prison camp full of loyal troops or something. No, Hoffman decided, he couldn't risk shooting the humanoid target if it could be friendly. There was even the slimmest of chances that it was a scout or an assassin from one of the Imperium's forces trained in espionage.

"Negative, private," said Hoffman over his headset, "we cannot risk shooting a friendly. Keep an eye on the target. I'll notify the brass of the news. Out" Hoffman reached over and snatched the receiver from the top of the main vox set and set the channel to the command chimera somewhere, where Inquisitor Lancelot commanded his forces in the area. Hoffman tuned the vox to the correct signal and raised the receiver as close to his ear as he cold with his helmet on.

"This is sergeant Hoffman of squad 21 Alpha, we have a minor situation."

"Go ahead." Replied an Inquisitorial officer in the command chimera.

"We have an unknown humanoid target making its way slowly to our position, please advise."

The target continued its cover to cover approach towards their position.

To be continued...