Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 89 – Parade Ground

Lancelot paused in his preaching in the name of the Emperor and sighed – is this what it took to have unswerving loyalty and obedience from ones servants? He looked up and into the eyes of the men standing before him on the parade ground. All eyes were on him. He took a deep breath and bellowed:


The men cheered and shouted in agreement, roaring praise to the Emperor as they did so. The Inquisitor grinned slightly as he sensed he was beginning to gain the men's respect.

All accept one. Noted the Inquisitor as he saw Hoffman standing still, speaking urgently into his headset. At least we have some suspicious minds...

Hoffman looked up after the clapping and cheering of the soldiers around him had ceased and looked at Inquisitor Lancelot, the grizzled veteran of hunting heretics and witches was beginning to speak again, but he was not shouting but speaking in a commanders voice. Hoffman listened closely to their orders.

"Sergeants, prepare your men, we leave at 1600 hours to advance into enemy territory," Hoffman saw the Inquisitor hesitate, then add, "alright, fall out. Prep up and get ready gentlemen!"

Hoffman turned on his team channel, "You heard the nice man you ladies, fall out to the chimera. On the double!"

Hoffman and his seven men jogged back to their chimera to get their equipment. They picked up the usual weapons but didn't take any ration packs – they expected to be out on a short sortie.

Once ready they jogged back to the parade ground to await the others. They arrived soon after. Hoffman and his squad were the only stormtroopers there, the rest were regular guardsmen.

Inquisitor arrived at the parade soon after that, with his bodyguards. One of them unfolded a map and placed it on a whiteboard two other bodyguards held up for all to see.

Lancelot took out an inanimate carbon rod and began the briefing. "Alright men, this is a map of camp 89, previously known as the city of Voy," He said, tapping the middle of the map, "here is the command bunker. And here is our objective: the palace." He added, indicating a place on the map. "It is approximately five clicks south west of our position here and is, we believe, the HQ of the heretic's resistance. Led by our very own colonel Wilson. Your main objective is him, take him out – I don't care how but air support is unavailable due to stormy skies. You'll be on your own. We move in patrols down different streets, you will receive orders momentarily. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Ok then, wait for your sergeants to tell you what to do."

Hoffman nodded and looked around at his squad, hey were all looking at him, waiting for instructions silently. The sergeant's headset crackled as a channel opened to it.

"This is the command bunker, sergeant Hoffman we have your orders from Inquisitor Lancelot." Said a young officer over one of the vox sets in the command bunker.

"Go ahead."

"Your men are to proceed down street A/3#0 in the direction of the palace. That's five kilometres south west. You are to advance and wait near the palace until the other soldiers under the Inquisitors command get there. Understood?"

"Yes sir, everything is understood."

"Roger that, get to it. Out."

Hoffman cut the connection and looked at his squad, "Lets get to road A/3#0."

Corporal Bisenti strolled up to his sergeant as they walked off towards the road. "So sir, what have you got in store for us this time?" he enquired with an arching eyebrow.

Avery Hoffman pulled a cigar from one of his thigh pockets and lit it, puffing out smoke he said to the squad, "lets get to it ladies," he puffed out again, "lets get this show on the road."

Squad 21-Alpha as one began to jog towards road A/3#0, past the command bunker, barracks, mess hall and bunkers on their way into enemy territory.

To be continued...