Distance. It is always really important to keep good distance. In fencing (no not the one where you nail wood together, the one with the foil. Yes I am a fencer, hence the example) one of the absolute musts is excellent distance. Whenever you or your opponent has good distance the game will be really good, but when one of you closes it either you are at a great disadvantage or your opponent wont have very long to live. The best way to ensure good distance is to watch how far your opponent deploys and deploy just outside of N” so that they will be close to you but you will be able to launch a quick an devastating counter attack. If you have a great shooting army you will be able to move up and rapid fire and unleash more fire than any normal super-human can save against, greatly reducing your opponent’s numbers and killing power. If you are an assault army you can still use this to your advantage. Always be ready to deal a really effective counter charge.

When keeping distance Second turn is a much better choice than first turn is most of the time. With second turn you can be ready to send your soldiers in for that killing blow. You will be able to react. Sometimes you may cringe when told to go second because one time your opponent totally obliterated your army with some amazing roles. The only draw back is that when you go second you have to win the advantage. You need to be the one commanding what is going on in the field. Always set up as if you were automatically going second, this way you will take fewer losses. This way you will be ready to do anything and will have most of your stuff protected. Also in missions where you have to take the objective you will be able to get the last bit of move in.

Back to fencing, in fencing you want to keep just enough distance so they miss just barely so that you will be able to hit them right back. This is the same thing, be right there. When using this you will have to watch your opponents very carefully. Always try to set up 1” to 2” away from their charge distance. If they some how charge you state they must be mistake and you set up exactly so and so many inches away from them. Show them a picture (if you brought a camera) or measure from the edge of your board. Make sure to check the rules for deployment.

When fighting really strong characters this one of the most important things. Always stay close enough to deal it plenty of damage, but not so close that it can kill you. There are always those times when they can move faster. You will have be quick. You need to also focus on the target. Keep your tip, or in this case army directed at them. You need to also use many other tactics, like faints, noise, and speed. With faints pretend that you are attacking then see if they bite, if they do bite finish the attack, if not just back up and try something else. Noise this one is hard, you need to through so much fire and destruction one way that they get scared and then follow through and finish the attack. Speed you need to change how fast you go, don’t just move at full speed, change it up.

To sum this all up distance is key to a great plan. You might lose some more models than you are use to in the first turn but you will have a more devastating first turn too. Always look for ways to take advantage of the distance. Be willing to lose things to maintain distance. Always, always finish your attack. Happy Gaming