Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 88 – Chimera 19-A/896/B#5

"Sir... sir! Wake up!"

Sergeant Avery Hoffman opened both his eyes to look at the helmeted soldier leaning towards him from his seat opposite. The chimera rocked slightly as it drove over the barren landscape towards their newest objective; Camp 89.

"What is it corporal?" Asked Hoffman gruffly of Bisenti as the sergeant clipped his helmet back on. "Can't a man have a sleep?"

"We are ten minutes from the command bunker, sir." Replied Bisenti.

The men looked on silently as they knew to hear the instructions from their sergeant.

"Just do what Inquisitor Lancelot tells you." He muttered quietly over the team vox. Everyone then nodded their in understanding and resumed what they were doing previously, sitting down on the side benches of the chimera and checking their equipment.

Bisenti nodded again towards Hoffman and resumed his seat opposite his sergeant. He then began to check his equipment again, his chunky vox set hung on a bracket nearer the drivers.

"Sergeant, prepare your men, we are approaching the front line." Crackled Hoffman's vox headset as the Inquisitor told him what to do. "Orders will follow shortly once we arrive at the command bunker. Out."

"Roger that, sir. Out." Replied the sergeant quietly as he began to check his equipment, too.

Hoffman leaned back against the hardened metallic shell of the APC and took a long breath, it was vital a soldier was full of energy when entering hostile energy.

A tired man is a dead man. Thought Hoffman to himself, remembering his schooling when becoming a stormtrooper.

The chimera rumbled on down the broken road, grinding over the cracked tarmac as it progressed towards.

"Anything out there?" Asked Hoffman of private Fleischer, who while being a plasma gunner was also manning the Autocannon in the turret of the tank.

"Nothing, sir. Just jungle and crap." Replied the private over the engine of the vehicle. "I wish I had something to shoot!"

Hoffman chuckled, his men seemed to love war, he didn't. War sucked, he had realised that when he had first fought. In wars you made your best friends... then lost them again in a cloud of pink mist.

The tank went on, in a convoy of 5 similar tanks, towards the remnants of Camp 89, and the front line... and the enemy.

"ETA five minutes, sir." Said the pilot over Hoffman's vox headset as they rounded a bend in the road. "Camp 89 is in our line of sight."

"Good," replied Hoffman, "this place is damned cramped and feels like a bleedin' oven."

The pilot chuckled over the vox and resumed driving. Hoffman stood up, and while slinging his hellgun over his shoulder, grabbed hold of a netting on the ceiling of the chimera for support and addressed the squad. "Prep up men, this is it, ETA in five minutes!"

The men nodded and resumed their checks and preparations, though a little more hastily.

Five minutes later, they arrived at the command bunker of Camp 89. Recently liberated from the heretic guardsmen, it was undergoing a cleaning mission to cleanse it of any Chaos markings.

Squad 21 Alpha disembarked from their chimera and stood waiting while the other four APCs were emptied of all their troops and equipment. Hoffman's squad helped other troopers to empty their own chimeras and it took only a little time to do.

Finally, with all the equipment in the nearby barracks and the men under the Inquisitors command, totalling in the region of 45, stood waiting for the man himself.

Inquisitor Lancelot marched out of his command chimera with a squad of 10 Inquisitorial bodyguards. He marched to the front of the crowd of men and declared, after waiting for everyone to quiet down and look at him, "Today men, we fight, we will not be facing who you expect. Many people of the Imperium expect our enemies to be out there, the xenos. But our most dire threat is the foe inside our borders. Inside us!" He pointed to his heart. "The hearts of many a soldier has been corrupted here recently and for that we must slay them in the name of the Emperor of Mankind! Do not treat them as comrades treat them as blaspheming heretics and for that they must be cleansed and annihilated!"

Lancelot paused, and then bellowed, "ARE YOU WITH ME?"

The men roared in agreement.

Hoffman didn't roar, something was wrong. Very wrong. He clicked his vox on and connected to the command bunker.

"Priority Alpha." Spoke Hoffman quickly as he connected to the command bunker nearby.

"Yes, sergeant?" Enquired an officer on the other line.

"Sir, I know this might sound blaspheming but I am suspicious of Inquisitor Lancelot." Hoffman paused here, waiting to be arrested for what he had just said, and for what he was about to say.

"Go on." Replied the officer.

"He seems, a little, fanatical. He is acting like the most fanatical of priests and that worries me. This is what the garrison here was like before they turned to Chaos I was told."

"Don't worry Hoffman," chuckled the officer on the vox, "you seen this mans record? I heard he likes beating the shingles outta heretics. What makes him so good at his job."

"Right, I hear ya. Out."

Hoffman frowned as he shut off the connection with his vox headset with the command bunker.

How unusual an Inquisitor. He thought as he looked back to Lancelot to hear the rest of his tirade of fanatical loyalty to the Emperor.

To be continued...