This game was an attempt to re-enact the Battle of Brittany, 40k style. This article is written by two authors:

Bold text is written by Talon Raven aka Zack.
Non-bold text is written by Void.main() aka Nick


- Oh the shame.

The sky was deceivingly clear, with only a few clouds floating across the afternoon sky. Reports have been streaming in about a possible invasion to retake the planet that would commence along these beaches, but their supreme Diktator was still convinced that the battle was to be held at Pas de Calais, where the coasts between the native-held lands and theirs were closest, and have dispatched their best Panzer divisions along that coast.

Commander Emanuel knew better. He stood on the parapet overlooking the sea, glistening red armour shining off the afternoon sun. Any invader that wanted to take over Brittany would be wiser to attack along this coast; it linked to most of the major port cities such as Cherboug. From there, the invasion to Brittany would be better sustained by more efficient supply routes free from their Sea Wolves.

He just never knew when the invasion will take place.

Something in the distance caught his attention. In the sky, over the sea, black shapes were emerging from the clouds. Over the sea, more black shapes were forming, but their outlines seemed to be distorted. His vox officer shouted up to him from below the parapets, a worried look on his face.

In a few seconds, the first sounds of incoming artillery could be heard as the men looked up from their work. The sharper ones reached for their weapons and cried for everyone to get into cover. Soon, the rounds struck, hitting the ground with such force, scattering dirt and knocking the men off their feet as they scrambled for the bunkers. Anti-tank teams upon the parapets hunkered down low as the rounds hit near their fortified positions. One squad wasn't so lucky; they lost one of their men from the preliminary bombardment, and dove to the ground, pinned. Soon, the first wave of black ships arrived upon the shores of the coast. The Wehrmacht soldiers stared out of their bunkers with wide-eyed shock, the invaders had arrived upon ships that floated upon water, and even upon the land.

Deployment took forever for me. The game was already running late, not to mention I had tons of men to deploy. Ok, proxied and unpainted men, I'm ashamed of it. Just wait till that IG Company arrives... kudos to Nick here for even introducing it to me in the first place.

Deployment's short and simple for me. I simply put 2 squads mounted in their 'Fishes approximately in the middle of the beach. The 12'' from enemy restriction means the asses of my skimmers are kissing the 'shoreline'

My preliminary bombardment was... dismal, to say the least. Despite what Mathhammer might say I only cause ONE wound to a random Panzerschreck(missile launcher) squad that was sitting in the open. Zack saves successfully, but the squad still goes to ground anyway. Beats nothing, I guess. In an omen of things to come, I roll a 1 AGAIN for initiative. Zack beats that easily and makes the obvious choice of opening up first.

Turn 1:

- The new tsunami.

Commander Emanuel jumped down the parapet, and dashed over to his vox officer, shouting for him to contact the artillery regiment. The vox officer had barely turned the last dial when the commander snatched the vox from the man, screaming instructions and co-ordinates for a return barrage. Almost instantly, the supporting artillery regiment returned the call, welcoming the invaders with artillery of their own. The invaders were caught off-guard by the promptness of the defender's response, as they immediately threw themselves upon the sands of the beach as the explosions sent the sand flying around them.

The Wehrmacht seized the initiative, as the anti-tank teams opened fire upon the approaching ships. A large, black ship had its main cannon blown off its mount, sending it rocking back slightly, while a troops transport was hit by a salvo of panzershrecks, but no visible damage was done. The mortars deployed behind the walls begun to fire their rounds indiscriminately at the landing zone, but they were firing blindly, they had no idea who they were hitting or where they were in the first place.

Commander Emanuel was visibly sweating as he held the vox against his ear, waiting for a response. Around him, the men were busing themselves getting into position. A crisp voice crackled over the vox. "Ja?"

"Kommandant! The coasts of Brittany is under attack! I repeat, Brittany is being invaded!"

A string of curses could be heard through the vox, "I'm patching a unit of Sturmtroopers your way, Kommandant, the Wehrmacht command will no doubt hear about this. Hold out for as long as you can!"

"The invaders are nothing we've ever seen before! Those 'tales are true! We need armour, now!"

"Received, I'll patch your message over to your Panzer divisions, they should be able to provide support shortly."

The vox clicked off, and Kommandant Emanuel pushed it back towards his vox officer. He could only hope that his brave men would be able to survive the Diktator's mistake.

My prelimnary bombardment was just as effective as Nick's, except I didn't succeed in pinning them. The first turn was pretty much just the firing of the anti-tank weapons, there were no Fire Warriors to shoot at. For kicks, mortars aimed at the rear armour of the front Devilfishes. At least it's an attempt. A single Devilfish was stunned, and a Hammerhead had it's Railgun blown clean off.

The incoming barrage sent gouts of water upward to mix with the dirt and shrapnel being scattered in all directions by massive explosions. The human defenders had reacted remarkably quickly but in their haste, apparently neglected accuracy. With a brief lull came a tinny voice that crackled in the ears of every unit comprising the Tau armored spearhead, signaling the commencement of the frontal assault.

"How much longer till optimal firing range?" Shas'ui L'olwhut asked.

"In range in 3... 2... 1... " The pilot of the Hammerhead Gunship 'LOLLERGEDDON', Shas'la Or'ryleh replied. At the same time, the gunner, Or'ryleh's twin brother Ya'ryleh made adjustments as the targeting computer worked on acquiring a solution.

"Now." The noise of multiple Hammerheads opening up simultaneously, a loud crack like a Battle Titan stepping on a Carnifex-sized twig was audible even inside the armored hull. L'olwhut punched in the visual magnification and watched dispassionately as flying bomblets and debris sent a squad of 'gue manning long-barreled heavy projectile weaponry scurrying back in fear. With the press of another trigger Ya'ryleh added to the swarm of self-guided missiles streaking towards the entrenchments beyond the shore, while a trio of solid railgun rounds smashed apart one of the 'gue strongpoints and buried its occupants in falling masonry. L'olwhut watched as a squad of Fire Warriors dismounted from their Devilfish transport, determined to sell their lives for the Greater Good as they helped clear the way for the invasion force.

Now it had truly begun.

Wow... that was surprisingly light. My wall of armor that's coming in from the table edge simply moves 12'' straight ahead, while the Devilfish on the shore that isn't stunned crests over the strips of paper that makes for a feeble substitution of razor wire, making a beeline for the exposed Panzerschreck squad in forward positions in front of a bunker on the south side of the table edge. However in doing so my Devilfish flies over a minefield, getting shaken in the process. The Fire Warriors hop out, losing one man to the successfully armed minefield in the process, while I opt to pop the drones out too.

Dakka time! The Fire Warriors doubletap the squad right in front of them and combined with the drones, kill off everyone except the Panzerschreck gunner himself. After two unsuccessful tries railgun slug blows up the northernmost bunker and 3 guys inside are killed in the falling rubble. Submunition blast successfully tags the Pak43(lascannon) squad behind the sandbags, killing all 3 loaders. A 2nd blast strikes the Pak43 squad on the battlements closer to the front, killing 3 yet again. Lastly, a combined SMS salvo from every Hammerhead eligible to fire strikes the north-middle bunker squad. In a streak that Zack managed to maintain throughout the whole game, he makes a fuckton of 3+ cover saves and only 2 men die. No one runs except for the Pak43 squad on the battlements, who successfully leap down.

Turn 2:

- Zack is thinking. Not scratching his nose.

The return fire of the invaders was devastating. An anti-tank team had been forced to retreat from the initial round of fire, and was only just recovering from the attack. A bunker had already been destroyed, its falling debris crushing several of the soldiers that sought cover within.

A Wehrmacht soldier stared with horror as the black ships continued their advance. His squad had been cut down all around him by blue fire that burnt through their flesh easily. He fired off a missile at the ship, but missed wildly from sheer panic. Losing his will to fight, he grabbed his weapon and began to dash back for cover...

The MG42 team in the bunker was unfazed however. They spied the approaching troops that advanced through the minefields, and promptly unleashed a hail of fire upon the invaders, cutting them down as they attempted to advance...

The crackle on the vox caught Commander Emanuel's attention. "Ja?" He called.

"Tiger units 4 and 5, advancing upon your position, awaiting your orders, Kommandant."

The Commander raised his eyes to the skies in thanks to the Emperor. Another crackle came in, reporting the arrival of the Sturmtroopers. Things seemed to be looking up...

... or not. Commander Emanuel had spotted that the black shapes in the skies had reached over them. Their sheer size seemed to blot out the sun, but the shapes of descending troops were unmistakable. In the distance, the sounds of flakpanzer positions opening up could be heard, but it didn't stop the arrival of the first airborne troops that landed within the midst of the Wehrmacht...

That's right, my Vanquishers, aka Tiger 1s, came in on this turn. I didn't want the Sturmtroopers to come yet, I wanted to counteract the imminent airborne, but well, as Nick has mentioned I roll too high.

The Tigers came in, and missed spectacularly. Emphasis there, spectacularly. So much hype over them, and they missed. Dang Guard shooting, no wonder Aces are recommended. My MG42 team jumped with delight at the sight of targets, and began to pour fire on the Fire Warriors, effectively knocking them out and sending them coming back in again the next turn. Whoopee.

Mines and anti-tank guns continued to do their work, I guess this is where all the bad rolls went to. Mines hit often yes, but my anti-tank guns ain't working, like I forgot to pay the power bill or something. \

The LOLLERGEDDON rocked violently as the mine-laden beach below them came to life. In the cockpit, the light flickered on and off. Or'ryleh barely managed to keep control as heavy shells slammed into their front armor. Fortunately, none of the shots managed to cause any lasting harm.

The unmistakable shape of a Manta blotted out a significant portion of the sky. The first of the promised reinforcements came from the skies and from the coastline. New flashes lit up amidst the enemy positions as the airborne reserve elements engaged the enemy and their recently arrived reinforcements from behind.

Both my Elites XV8s, the larger Stealth team and one of my Shas'els showed up when it came to Reserves rolls. Unfortunately, my photos of Turn 2 were mostly lost in the warp or otherwise diverted by Tzeentchian manipulations, so their positions may be a bit confusing. The Stealth team drops behind the anti-tank squad hiding behind the sandbags and an Elites XV8 drops slightly to their north. The shas'el and the other Elites XV8 squeeze into the gap between the table edge and the Chimera. Surprisingly, none scatter significantly; all of them stay more or less where I intended them to be. In the meantime, the wave of armor that came in from the table edge rolls forward and begin to enter the beach. Zack succeeds in arming all but one of the forward minefields but they don't cause anything of note. The lone forward Devilfish drives forward with the intention of bringing down the last man of the squad I double-tapped on Turn 1. Lastly, replacements for the squad of Fire Warriors Zack wiped out last turn slosh in from the water.

The Devilfish's burst cannon finally finishes off the last guy. The shas'ui hiding in the corner takes out the Chimera that is effectively right next to it while my shas'el screws up horribly and fails to do anything to the Vanquisher. 3 of the Veterans previously mounted aboard the Chimera failed to get out of the wreck alive. The Stealth team backstabs and finishes off the lascannon team directly in front of them. Zack successfully resists all of my attempts to finish off any of the remaining 2 lascannon squads by passing every last one of his cover saves.

Turn 3:

- Stand fast to repel boarders!

An Officer looked over his cover to see the single Wehrmacht soldier dashing towards them, holding his Panzershreck. Several shouts to rally and get back into the fight went un-heard as the soldier simply ran on in blind panic, but before the Officer could raise his pistol to execute the coward, the soldier was already mercilessly cut down by one of the advancing. Without delay, a nearby Wehrmacht squad avenged their comrades, firing a Panzershreck at the exposed side armour of the black ship. A spectacular explosion ripped the ship apart, and the men gave a loud cheer. In the distance, another black gunship was struck by anti-tank fire, sending it sinking into the shallows.

The Tigers arrived at the battle, their turrets roaring as they fired their shells at the black ships. However, the ships were just moving too fast, and any hits upon their hull simply glanced off, or missed wide.

Fredritch held his Kar98k Grenade Launched tightly, his trigger finger itching to fire, but he knew that he was out of range to even affect the ships. However, the sounds of fire could be heard from behind their position. He turned his head sharply to see airborne troops landing behind them, raising their weapons to bear and firing upon the other Wehrmacht soldiers. Growling through his teeth, he called for his sergeant, who likewise showed no tolerance towards the intruders. His squad promptly turned around, and charged forth, their weapons blazing at the intruders.

Their shots fizzled harmlessly against the armour of the intruders, as the enemy seemed to blend in with their surroundings. The men were horrified, what magic was this? The intruders however had now noticed their advance, and had turned their weapons towards them just when a mortar round hit squarely in the middle of the clustered group. Fredritch unwittingly looked towards the mortar team, they were in full view and knew where to hit. Several other rounds struck the intruders again, as they dropped their guard against the barrage.

Fredritch smiled as he reloaded another grenade into his weapon.

Finally, some results on the anti-tank side of things. A Devilfish and a Hammerhead down, but Nick had no intention of lightening the pressure. With the arrival of the Airborne, it means I got two fronts to handle. As the game progresses, you would notice that I begin to deviate from handling the Black Armoured Wall, to dealing with these interlopers.

This is where some nifty luck came in. My mortars turned and fired at the clustered units, and hit squarely in the middle of them. What was even more amazing, was that they successfully pinned them, giving my men more time to regroup and deal with them. This is one of the times I was glad for frag grenades or missiles.

L'olwhut thought he understood how Ya'ryleh felt. His knuckles were tight over the controls as he stared fixedly at his screen while waiting for the railgun to reload. Several of his friends were on board the Hammerhead that had been turned into a burning wreck on the beach by the 'gue anti-tank squad in his sights. But he couldn't allow that to override his gunner's duty to the Greater Good. Before L'olwhut could say anything, the Hammerhead shook slightly as its railgun discharged another submunition round into the distance. He couldn't tell whether it was poor aiming or just sheer luck, but the shot failed to kill anyone at all.

"Ya'ryleh! Remember why we are here."

"There is a reason for us being here? O RLY?" Or'ryleh chipped in. It was customary for Ya'ryleh to answer with "YA RLY". But that worked just fine in getting him to snap out of his reverie at least temporarily. Bewildered, 'ui L'olwhut could only utter "LOLWUT?" as he watched more of the shooting stars that were actually Tau battlesuits fall from the sky. One of those was clearly not going to land on target, or even within the same sector at all.

Argh. There goes a good part of my plans. The remaining shas'el and Stealth team both arrive. My behind-enemy-lines gambit nearly fails when my shas'el scatters off board and the Stealth team deviates just 1'' short of the same fate, hidden behind the building bordering his table edge. My armored wall continues moving inland. This time, all my vehicles have to cross the minefields again and cause them to trigger. When the smoke clears, I get another railgun blown off and another random 'crew shaken'.

The shas'ui that miraculously survived the Guard turn fired at the Vanquisher in the north, managing to immobilize and shake the crew. The other shas'ui blasts the Veterans pointblank and kill 3 before charging into CC with them, taking 1 wound and killing 1 in return. The shas'el fails to do any better to the Vanquisher than 'crew shaken' despite being squarely in its rear, even counting the 4 attacks from charging its rear. The Stealth team that barely made it hosed down the lascannon squad directly in front of them, and with Zack's miraculous rolling only the loaders died, once again. My Hammerheads pound the same squad that I did on turn 1 and the command squad behind them, leaving only the Junior Officer alive. Submunition blasts kill all but 3 men in the exposed Panzerschreck squad(the one with a few men behind the sandbags, the very same squad pinned by Preliminary Bombardment) while the lascannons simply refuse to die. Lastly, the remaining footslogging guys take potshots at the dedicated MG squad but do absolutely nothing. Not that I'm surprised, given that there are only 2 men left.

- Cossack Russians masquerading as German Sturmtroopers against the Headless Horseman.

Turn 4:

- Boss, they're too close for comfort!

A second team of stealthed airborne troopers landed right behind the anti-tank team, catching their loaders by surprise and cutting them down with ease, but the flare of their weapons caught the attention of the mortars. As Fredritch's squad dashed past weapons blazing at the first stealthed intruder, the mortars struck in the midst of the second stealthed team with unbelievable accuracy, promptly cause them to throw themselves against the walls to prevent from being hit.

The situation was turning dire; the black ships had now breached the bunker line and were advancing deeper into Brittany. Despite the Tiger support, the black ships still flew on, and were beginning to unload troops onto Brittany's soil. The black armoured soldiers began to scythe down Wehrmacht soldiers that weren't caught in the first rounds of fire, and yet another bunker was blown apart by a solid shot by one of the ship's guns.

Commander Emanuel looked towards his mentor. "We cannot hold them here, Kommandant! We must fall back and regroup with the rest of the regiments!"

"Is this surrender and defeat that I smell, Emanuel?"

"Nein, more of a tactical withdrawal. We need our best to push these invaders off, and no doubt those ships that flew over us would be dropping more of them into the heart of Brittany."

The senior Wehrmacht Officer nodded. "Sound the retreat."

The armoured wall inches ever closer. My Panzershreck teams were either dead, or dealing with the interlopers, because frankly, by mission objective those guys were the danger. They were gonna be scoring 200pts each for being in my rear zone. Even then, after I've dealt with them, the armoured wall was gonna be coming in, and they will be in my rear zone by turn 6. It was a losing battle. As Emanuel declared, I could not hold the advance for long. My Tigers being shaken and missing every now and then was not helping.

Who said they were Germany's pride??

Mortar luck comes in again. Hitting right smack into the new Stealth team, and pinning them as well, buuut my Infantry Squad (the one with Fredritch) just had to turn around and fire at the lone Shas'ui. On hindsight, I should have used the Junior Officer heavy bolter team to finish that lone guy off first.

Fire Warriors were starting to dis-embark, and do what they do best, shoot the hell out their targets. At this range, it's hard not to hurt.

Somewhat belatedly, L'olwhut realized that the rain of missiles and shells that they initially had to weather had mostly abated. Punching in visual magnification, he could see the humans scrambling to turn their weapons around and deal with the airdropped battlesuits in their midst. Only the odd hastily-aimed shot came their way. The Jerries would pay for treating the Tau armored juggernaut as merely an afterthought.

"Anti-tank team, 3 o'clock."

"I see them." Ya'ryleh replied. Two seconds later, the Hammerhead shuddered slightly and the bomblets released by the submunition blast blew apart two of the gunners, riddling the barrels of their weapons with shrapnel at the same time. All around them, the remaining Hammerheads sowed death and destruction amongst the enemy ranks as the lead units of the armored advance passed through the forward fortifications, smashing them apart as they went.

Oh well, it turns out the heat my suits drew from Zack resulted in my armor breaking through (virtually) unopposed. My lead vehicles have just passed through the row of bunkers. In an amusing moment, the Devilfish that spent the 1st 2 turns stunned(yes, the one which I seriously screwed up the stripping job on, the one with the broken burst cannon) tank shocked through the only squad still occupying an intact bunker, only to have the special weapons trooper jump out and attempt to stop the Devilfish with a krak grenade. Knowing the trends of Zack's dice rolls throughout the game, I can't say I'm surprised that a 6 didn't turn up. Splat. (the wonders of Death or Glory, aye? –Zack)

My shas'el does even worse this time round, doing absolutely nothing at all to the Vanquisher. The mortar teams in the north and the last 3 men of the squad I blasted last turn simply get blown away. The Pak43/lascannon squad that fell back on Turn 1 and rallied in Turn 2 take quite a bit of heat before 2 gunners are taken out and I decide not to bother pushing Zack's sheer luck any further. A railgun slug takes out the bunker with the infantry platoon squad still inside, burying them in debris and leaving them trapped behind enemy lines.

Turn 5:

- Boss, we're trapped!

A Sturmtrooper held the Panzerfaust in his hand, pointed directly at the interloper that had dared attack them. He stared at the expressionless helmet, seeing his own reflection, before firing the weapon directly into the interloper. The armoured suit tumbled backwards as the Sturmtroopers turned their attention upon the second interloper. Standing upon the wreck of their halftrack, the second Suit had been busying itself with attempting to dispatch the Tiger that had accompanied them, and didn't seem to notice the raised Panzerfausts...

The sound of Commander Emanuel's voice crackled throughout the vox networks. "All Wehrmacht units are to fall back and regroup; this coastline has fallen to the enemy. I repeat, fall back and regroup!" The Tigers fired their parting shots and begun to withdraw, one of them inching slowly as flames sprouted from their engines, its crew desperately pouring water to douse the flames. Fredritch watched as the rest of the company was cut down, and the black ships slowly advancing towards them. A sense of sorrow filled his heart, but he knew that it was true.

The coast of Brittany was lost. The invasion has begun.

Right, if there was one thing that I achieved, it was that I managed to take down all of the airborne. Otherwise, the Tau was already on German soil. Nothing much else to say really. For kicks, I pretended that the Tiger fired one last parting shot. It hit.

It failed to glance. Prototype much?

We ended the game here, because I had to go (mom's callin' to celebrate my sister's birthday), but it was obvious what was gonna happen the next turn. The armoured wall was going to be fully within the rear zone, and each gaining 200pts for the Greater Good. Any Wehrmacht cut off from retreat were going to be shot down. I might have retaliated with the mortars at the jucily clustered Fire Warriors, but I doubt I would do much with a single Mortar Squad. Sure I had a couple of MGs still operational, but it was clearly going to be a spectacular defeat.

The end was nigh. Several moments ago, the last of the Tau assault force crested the line of bunkers that formed the forwardmost Wehrmacht positions. Panic began to break out amongst the humans. Their commander had realized that at this point they had already lost the beach and was trying to organize an orderly retreat, but the Tau weren't going to simply let them get away scot-free. Squads of Fire Warriors emerged from their transports and raked the fleeing Guardsmen with pulse fire while an airdropped Stealth battlesuit team blasted them from the sides. And all along, the railguns continued to boom. Any audible screams were mercilessly cut off by the shower of smart missiles.

Now the humans began to die in earnest.

At this point, Zack tells me he's gotta go soon so this will be the last turn. I would've waited till next turn to unload my remaining Fire Warrior squads but since this is the last turn, I figured I might as well kill as much as I can. One Devilfish flies forward and unloads its contents squarely in the sandbags. The other 2 squads drop off behind the squad entangled in the rubble. The surviving Stealth team jumps across the building they're hidden behind. Not that it makes a difference since their target's still right in front of their face. Everything else closes in, except for the footslogging Fire Warriors since it's obvious that they'll no longer have any impact on the game.

The painted Stormtroopers proxying as a normal squad are eliminated by rapid-firing pulse rifles. However the surrounded Troops squad sitting in the ruined bunker refuse to go away despite the same treatment and yield only half points to me. A railgun shot caves in the southmost bunker, and the amount of firepower just waiting to be used wipes out both the MG squad and the command squad behind them. My Stealth team fails to kill off the lascannon squad lurking at the back thanks once again to Zack's obscene cover save rolling, but manage to drop them under half strength. The remaining lascannon squad learn why they should set their phones to silent when facing Tau and drop from SMS fire. Lastly, the squad occupying the ruins of the north bunker gets reduced to exactly half strength. And with that, we wrapped up.


Talon Raven aka Zack

Nothing much I could comment on Nick's playing style, found little mistakes to it, though I found his overzealousness in pursuing units to their utter destruction somewhat disturbing. ("There is no such thing as Overkill, only Insurance" – quote Nick) Though it is rather surprising that a 2750pts Tau Force failed to massacre 2000pts of IG, I felt that it was perhaps due to the fact that the Fire Warriors spent the entire game on their comfy Devilfishes. Sure, there were minefields and razor wire out there, but if they had disembarked, perhaps weather a mine or two, and poured fire at my men in the bunkers they would have done a lot more damage. That way, I would have to think twice about firing my mortars, but I doubt I would have done otherwise.

Hmm I already knew what list that Nick was going to put out (6 Hammerheads, yeah he told me that), just that I expected more Crisis Suits to come in. 10+ Stealth Suits do nasty damage, and I would like to emphasis that it is by sheer luck that they were pinned. If they had been active, Fredritch wouldn't be a Veteran.

Furthermore, I was surprised (and grateful) that he didn't do much damage to my bunkers. Collapsing them and entangling the squad beneath was going to make things very messy.

Overall, I was lucky. Nick failed to damage my Vanquishers (ok, he immobilized one), he got pinned several times, and I made plenty of 3+ saves. It was a rewarding game, and we will be looking into subsequent games to continue the storyline.

Sweet Tau'va, the sheer amount of cover saves Zack kept making... suffice to say that were his cover save rolling anywhere near what Mathhammer would dictate, his lascannon teams would be dead several times over. However, I suppose that balances the abysmal luck he had in attempting to take out my vehicles. On the odd occasion that he did glance, his dice always seemed to turn up 1, 2 or 4. And his Vanquishers weren't vanquishing anything at all. If I weren't sharing some similar luck when it came to taking out his armor, I probably would have vanquished at least one Vanquisher(puns intended).

After the game, it came to my realization that I did not fully think through the implications of Deep Striking my battlesuits into the middle of 2k points worth of IG. Never mind Zack's luck, I definitely should've gotten myself some Shield Drones in there, instead of using the boring old cookie-cutter configurations that disappeared or got pinned before I could shout 'Sieg Heil!' I don't really regret not disembarking my Fire Warriors until Turn 5, because from Turn 1 on I could already see that there was no point attempting to doubletap them when they still were safely in their bunkers, and I didn't want to lose my momentum by exposing my boys to a whole lot of firepower and having them footslog back in from the shoreline.

And for those out there who think I'm a cheesy git for using 6 Hammerheads, if one looks at the Tau Empires codex in detail, one would realize I actually had rather few viable choices for the mission(at least in my opinion). Given that we houseruled Deep Strike into the scenario since I had to have at least 2 XV8s anyway, a battlesuit spam list might've worked, but I simply didn't have the models for that. It is probably true that I tailored my list specifically for the mission, but I didn't intend to tailor it against Zack's IG, despite having known his list for some time beforehand.

Overall, the mission was a fun breath of fresh air, and we'll be looking to continue the storyline in future games. My fish-faced boys will continue the good fight against the Krauts.