Learning the Game before it Learns you:
or How to Have Fun and Love the Game

What you should be all about in this game is having fun. One of the best ways to do this is to play fair and know your rules. Every time that i play someone that has to look up every rule or fudges a rule (or 2...) I have either not been able to finish the game or had such a lousy time that i thought it would be more fun to quit playing. This is game is about all of the fun that we have together when we play. This game is about learning how to work and learn together. We all need to be helped and mentored and we all need to mentor and teach. This is a game, a hobby, and a Community. We are all here trying to relax and have fun. When one person starts to ruin it the whole thing goes down the drain. Learn how to be a good sport. Pay attention to your rules and make it fun for everyone. Remember that sometimes you can learn more from loosing that you can from winning. Keep it Positive. Keep your other problems out of your playing. Don't put anyone down. Laugh and have fun. Complement people when they do well and tell people when they are ruining it for you. Learn from all of your mistakes.

!Happy Gaming!