Chapter 8

He couldn't believe in his own eyes. What he was seeing could not be described. He felt the fear rising in him, quickly and painfully. How could I finish a mission with no equipment, no heavy support and with only ten men he thought. Silently he started counting his most difficult foes to counter. Twenty. Twenty servants of the Chaos Gods, clad in power armour, rotten in many parts, with diseased faces and full with blisters with pus. Nurgle. What do they want of this planet he thought. The answer came almost instantly in his mind. Souls for their foul God.

He could not stay in that position forever and he could not attack those forces directly. He backed some meters and took the map out of his pocket, unfolding it to the ground.

"This forest covers some distance" he started talking to the inter-com "some of which passes right next to their lines. As I have seen through the binoculars, they don't seem ready to expect an attack on them. They are sure that all the defenders are being occupied with the attack so there will be no offensive. We must play it clever. Simon and Christof stay here and lock to the Death Guard Marines up front. As soon as the signal is given, I want as many of them as possible dead on the ground. Moa go from the east of us and get ready to attack. Take with you Todor and Helenova. The rest follow me, as we will attack from the west. Is that understood by everyone?"

Everyone took places answering. Moments after they were following Siegler's plan. It was not much way to the point he had seen to attack, which was near the demagogue's position. One light lit to his inter-com as acknowledgment that Moa and the her team were in position. Second light lit as Simon and Christof acknowledged that they were ready. After five minutes of disturbing silence Siegler's voice broke the deadly silence through the inter-com.

"All units attack. Engage the enemy. For the Emperor!"