Hi all, this is my tenth game! Can you believe it? If you want to find any of my reports previous to my joining the Ailarian, just look for anything written by Turanos on 40k Online or WarSeer. I really must apologise for the pictures in this one, they are worse and smaller than usual. I may have to start taking my actual camera to this club, as the artificial light really plays hell with my phone - despite the fact that I used its flash this time.

This game is my first against the Blood Angels, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect - I went into it figuring they would just be Space Marines with more of a focus on assault. Luckily this time my opponent was kind enough to write his army list out for me after the game, so it should be accurate.



1 x Necron Lord (Resurrection Orb, Veil of Darkness)


5 x Necron Immortals


12 x Necron Warriors
11 x Necron Warriors

Fast Attack

4 x Necron Destroyers

3 x Scarab Swarms (Disruption Fields)
3 x Scarab Swarms (Disruption Fields)

Phase Out: 8 Necrons remaining

Blood Angels


1 x Chaplain (Jump Pack)


5 x Death Company (Jump Packs)

5 x Terminators (Lightning Claws)

1 x Dreadnought


5 x Assault Space Marines (Power Weapon)

10 x Tactical Space Marines
- Dedicated Rhino

Heavy Support

1 x Baal Predator (Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolters)


The mission roll came up with 6, so we did a strategy roll, which he won. He picked the Recon mission, a good choice for him, and the rules roll came up as Alpha. I won the roll for sides, so he deployed first.

His Predator went in behind and to the side of the woods on the left of the picture, with the Assault Marines actually in the trees. His Death Company and Dreadnought went more central on the board, while the Tactical Marines showed up in their Rhino in between. The Chaplain came in to lead the Death Company, and the Terminators began the game in reserve, intending to deep strike.

Meanwhile, I made my traditional phalanx, with the Necron Lord and Immortals in the centre and my Warriors to either side. One squad of Scarab Swarms went in front of each Warrior squad to act as an early shield, while the Destroyers went on the left flank.

Blood Ravens Librarian Targus tapped his gauntleted hands together behind his back as he paced the room. Things were worsening rapidly all over the planet. The Inquisition had arrived, bringing with it a company of the Imperial Guard, in order to deal with the Chaos threat. The Guard, however, had been scattered by Necron forces, and the Inquisition was in a pitched battle against the heretics with dubious allies at their side. The Blood Ravens were close to being overrun by the Necrons and Chaos Marines themselves, who, for the moment, seemed to be ignoring each other in favour of teaming up against the Imperials.

Normally a single world of the Imperium would not be worth the expenditure of so many resources, especially with the presence of two great enemies, who would be likely to destroy each other if given half a chance. This world, though, was different. Targus had reported, only days before, to the Chief Librarian of his Chapter, that there were relics of untold value to the Blood Ravens hidden beneath its surface. In response, he had been ordered to protect the holy sites by any means necessary, and make exhuming the artefacts his top priority.

The Librarian knew that his Space Marines alone couldn't hold back this tide, and the Inquisition did not appear to be faring much better, whatever the outcome of the battle in the city. Therefore, with the authority granted him by the Chief Librarian, he had sent a call for help to a Chapter of their brother Astartes... the Blood Angels. Now, the reinforcements had finally arrived, and a Blood Angels Strike Cruiser was drifting into orbit above. It remained to be seen whether this new addition to the planet, that was fast becoming a microcosm of the warfare gripping the entire galaxy, would change things for the better.

Turn 1

I won the roll for turn, and gave it to him.

Blood Angels Movement

The Death Company, Assault Squad and Dreadnought move foward, while the Predator and Rhino attempt to turbo-charge their engines. The Predator manages it 12", while the Rhino stalls.

Blood Angels Shooting

The Dreadnought fired at the Immortals, downing one. It was joined by the Predator, which downed another with its Assault Cannons, and a further two with its Heavy Bolters. The Immortals passed their morale check and stayed put.

Necron Movement

Two of the Immortals stood up, and the Scarab Swarms both jumped forwards. The left squad turbo-boosted all the way over the Dreadnought and Predator, while the right just moved over cover towards them. The rest of the army all moves forwards, since I needed to try to get into his deployment zone, and the right Warriors get 5" in their difficult terrain roll.

Necron Shooting

The right Warriors fired at the Assault Marines, killing one, while the Destroyers shot the Rhino and destroyed it. Four of the passenger Marines died, while the other six were entangled in the wreckage. The Immortals fired on the Predator, but didn't manage to do any damage.

Necron Assault

I should have charged the right Scarab Swarms into the Predator or Dreadnought here, but I totally forgot the Assault phase, being the numpty that I am.

Chaplain Sarn stood in the centre of the Thunderhawk, allowing his power armour to take the force of the craft's deceleration as he and his Blood Angels dropped from the heavens like their namesakes. Finishing reciting the Litanies of Hate to the men, he bent his knees as he felt the final approach begin. Soon the Marines and their equipment were jostled roughly as they landed, and the entry hatch slammed down into the dirt. The Blood Angels charged out into the field, forming disciplined ranks as they swept the area for enemies.

It wasn't long before the metallic forms of the Necrons were spotted moving towards the Space Marines. Sarn split his attention between directing his forces into a battle line and keeping the Death Company members from charging off towards the enemy, murmuring prayers over them to keep them focussed.

"Forward!" he called, after all the troops had assembled, gesturing towards the xenos lines. To his left, a Rhino full of Tactical Marines churned up dirt as it moved, and, satisfied that his men were on their way, the Chaplain activated his jump pack and led the Death Company across the field.

Things quickly turned sour for the warriors of the Emperor, however, as the driver of the Rhino attempted to turbo-charge its engine. While the Baal Predator roared past, the transport's own engine stalled and the vehicle slid to a halt in the mud. As the crew frantically worked to fix the problem, one of the Marine passengers looked out of a vision slit and shouted out a warning, "Destroyers!" Sure enough, four of the Necrons skimmed above the ground on the enemy flank, raising their gauss cannons towards the Rhino even as the Blood Angel spoke. A moment later, thick beams of energy shot out and slammed into the transport, ripping through one side of the vehicle and out of the other. Nearly half the Marines died in the attack, the others piling out of the huge rents in the sides of the Rhino, trying to disentangle themselves from the wreckage and recover their equipment.

Turn 2

Blood Angels Movement

His Terminators deep struck into the middle, scattering backwards 5" and landing in the rear of the centre woods. The Assault Marines and Death Company moved towards the Immortals and Necron Lord, while the Predator reversed and swung around, almost going into the Terminators to get a firing arc on the Scarabs.

Blood Angels Shooting

The Dreadnought fired at the right Scarab Swarms, killing one base, while the Predator fired at the other Scarabs, wiping the entire squad. The Assault Marines and Death Company fired at the Immortals ahead of their charge, not managing to drop any.

Blood Angels Assault

The Death Company and Assault Marines do now charge the Immortals and Necron Lord. The Chaplain manages to drop the Lord, while the Assault Marines take down one of the Immortals, and the Death Company finish them off. The Assault Marines consolidate into the right Warriors, while the Death Company consolidates into the left Warriors. Boy am I in a lot of trouble.

Necron Movement

The Necron Lord spectacularly fails to self-repair, while the Destroyers jump over the left woods to get line of sight on the Predator.

Necron Shooting

The Destroyers then use that line of sight to fire on the Predator, but manage to do diddly-squat.

Necron Assault

The remaining Scarab Swarms charge the Predator, but don't even manage to hit it. In the left Warrior squad, three are killed outright and another goes down, with no wounds given in response. In the other squad, one is killed and one is downed, again with no wounds back. A horrific pattern is emerging...

Tightly controlling his anger at the destruction of the Rhino, Chaplain Sarn remained outwardly calm in order to contain the Death Company. They would not need the leash much longer - he was leading a pincer attack, intending to crush the Necron core between his squad and the nearby Assault Marines. Glancing right, he nodded in satisfaction as the Terminators teleported down into the woods. The fitted teleporters in their Tactical Dreadnought Armour materialised them in between the trees, completing the Blood Angels force. Secure in the knowledge that the flanks were solid, Sarn charged forwards, shouting out in righteous anger as he led the Death Company like a hammer blow into the enemy Immortals. As a space opened up in the combat, the Chaplain found himself faced with the Necron Lord, and raised his Crozius Arcanum before his face, preparing to do battle. Ducking an overhead swipe, he jabbed at his foe's chest, the blow knocking it back and giving him the space to fire several rounds from his bolt pistol into its face. Even this, however, didn't stop the cursed form of the Necron, and a last slash from the Staff of Light was narrowly turned aside by the Rosarius' energy field before Sarn slammed his weapon down upon his foe with finality, crushing its head into its torso. As he glanced up, he chanced upon the sight of the last remaining Immortal being cut down by a member of the Death Company. The day was turning in favour of the Blood Angels.

Turn 3

Blood Angels Movement

The Terminators move 3" through the woods, while the Predator moved towards the Destroyers. The Tactical Marines, now unentangled, moved forwards, and the Dreadnought moved towards the right Warrior squad.

Blood Angels Shooting

The Predator hammered the Destroyers with all it had, dropping three. The Tactical Marines fired at the Scarab Swarms, knocking a wound off.

Blood Angels Assault

The Dreadnought charged into the right Warrior squad, while the Tactical Marines charged into the Scarab Swarms. One of the Swarms was knocked down to two wounds, with nothing in return, and the Dreadnought killed one of the Warriors, again with nothing in return. The Assault Marines knocked down another, this time actually losing one of their own. The Death Company and Chaplain killed four of the left Warrior squad outright, before they broke and were caught in a Sweeping Advance. No surprise there.

Necron Movement

None of the Destroyers repaired, but two of the Warriors did. The Destroyer failed his Last Man Standing test and ran 13" backwards - I swear I fail leadership tests way more than a Necron player ever should.

Necron Shooting

The lone Destroyer fired at the Death Company on his way off the board, but didn't manage to kill any.

Necron Assault

The Tactical Marines and Scarab Swarms lost one model each, with the remaining Swarm only having one wound left. The Dreadnought killed two more of the right Warriors outright, and the Assault Marines knocked a further one down. At this point I surveyed the board and saw that, even were I to pass all my WBB rolls in my next turn, I would still not have enough Necrons standing to avoid Phase Out. With that in mind, I conceded the game.

Sarn battered Warrior after Warrior from its feet, fighting side-by-side with some of the Chapter's finest, before they had succumbed to the Black Rage. As Necron after Necron fell, the enemy lines were gradually fractured and broken. After the last Warrior before him had been defeated, the Chaplain stopped a moment to breathe deeply, surveying the battlefield. He saw the deadly Necron Destroyers that had decimated his Rhino and its Tactical Squad almost as soon as they had arrived whittled down to almost nothing, the one remaining enemy turning and fleeing before the Predator that pursued it. As he looked to the other side of the battle, he watched as the few remnants of the Warrior squad there were torn apart by the Blood Angels Assault Marines. Only a few moments later, jade light washed over the area, and when it faded, not a single Necron was to be found. Sarn nodded in acceptance, pleased by the performance of his men, but, as ever, left cold by the disappearance of the enemy - who could know how deep a blow had truly been dealt a foe that left no dead behind?

There was my tenth game! Not only a loss, but fairly clearly my worst ever loss. I'm pretty sure I've never been beaten so quickly before. Nevertheless, it was a learning experience - previously I'd been training myself to always keep the mission in mind, but now I see that sometimes ignoring it as much as possible can have its benefits. The Recon objectives, particularly in Alpha, were always going to be stacked against me, and in hindsight I think I may have done better maximising the firepower of my army and minimising his speed advantages by staying still. It would have meant that I would have to risk relying on my Veil and turbo-boosting units for a last-minute dash into his deployment zone, but it still may have been the safer option.

Hero(es) of the Game: I don't think anything on either side really deserves this title in this game, there were no true heroics, save some heroically good dice rolls for him occasionally!

Most Valuable Unit: As the only thing that did any major damage in this game, this would have to go to my Destroyers. They started the match off on a good note, but sadly got some poor luck on the rolls against the Predator, and couldn't stand to its response.

Looking back on my first ten games, it's been a mixture of brilliance and nonsense. I've learnt a lot about the rules, my army and my enemies, and I've definitely enjoyed it. In truth this is an incomplete set, as I don't really count my third or sixth games due to extremely illegal army lists (my opponent in the former, myself in the latter) and my eighth game hasn't finished yet. Nevertheless, I think it shows a progression of sorts, if only in the style of my mistakes! My record, without the aberrant games, is W-D-L 2-2/3-2/3 (my fourth game is either a draw or a loss depending on which rules we were playing) and with them, is W-D-L 3-2/3-3/4.

I hope you all have enjoyed however many of my reports you have read, wherever you have read them, and I hope you continue reading. See you in the next issue!