Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: Camp 88 - The Prison Block

As sergeant Hoffman walked out the prison block after his questioning he sighed with relief. He had feared that, unknowingly, he was going down the road to Chaos. Thankfully he wasn't, that or the Inquisitor was an impostor. So Hoffman was pretty sure he was untainted.

As he approached the central square of camp 88 he looked up at the sky. The powers of Chaos were already racking the atmosphere of the entire planet. First the night time had gone. Now the weather patterns seemed artificial too. Who had seen naturally pink clouds before? Hoffman sighed. Granichina V was indeed a strange world. Possibly doomed too. The planet would need a miracle seeing as so much of the population and the troops sent here had turned traitor.

When Hoffman arrived at the square he was surprised to find it empty, except for his squad who occupied the corner furthest from the sergeant. The squad were all talking among themselves and had not seen Hoffman yet. He called out to them about halfway across and waved. They waved back. "They did miss me." Hoffman thought as he began to jog towards his men.

"So, what did the Inquisitor say sir?" Asked a jolly Bisenti to Hoffman as the sergeant closed in on them.

"Well, he mentioned that camp 89 had turned traitor. Commissar Nelson got murdered; he didn't go AWOL like we all thought. And everyone except the Inquisitor distrusts us because we're from camp 89. So just good news really." Replied Hoffman sarcastically.

Jenkins was just opening his mouth to say something when they all saw a man in a trench coat with a familiar cowboy hat walking towards them. Inquisitor Lancelot. "Good evening gentlemen." Said the Inquisitor as he looked the men up and down. He then turned to Hoffman. "You and your squad have been put under the command of me." Said Lancelot. "We are to travel to camp 89 and mop up the battle there as it is still in progress. We will find the traitor colonel Wilson and execute him by order of." Lancelot checked his data pad. "Colonel Kent, commander of camp 88."

"Yes sir. It is an honour to fight beside you sir." Replied Hoffman.

"Very well. We leave in 2 hours so you may have a bit of R + R and a re-supply before we leave. Is that understood?" Enquired Lancelot.

"Perfectly." Said Hoffman.

"I'll meet you at the helipad at 1300 hours then." The Inquisitor turned around and left. Walking in the direction of the commissariat. His coat billowing behind him in the wind.

"Right then." Shouted Hoffman gleefully. "Who likes beans on toast a la beer?"

"We all do sir!" Roared back the stormtrooper unit. Laughing they all sprinted (rather slowly with all their weapons) to the canteen area across the square.