Granichina V Hereticum Exterminatus Crusade
Campaign Day 21
Location: ++Classified by order of Ordo Hereticus++

Sergeant Hoffman opened his eyes after offering a prayer to The Emperor and surveyed his 9 stormtroopers sitting next and near to him. They had trained for weeks, months even, for this moment. This campaign. This mission.

Hoffman sighed and stood up, steadying himself slightly as the valkyrie assault carrier he was on continued its slow descent into the atmosphere of Granichina V. "Alright men, this is it, this is the mission we were trained and sent to this damned world for. You know the drill but I'm gonna go over it again. Just to make sure nobody forgets the game-plan." He added, eyeing Private Ackerson. He was the clumsy one and was prone to forgetting mission critical information.

"Ok men," continued Hoffman, "We will drop just inside the prison gates; we will kill the guards at the gate as quietly as possible. We will then split into two 5 man teams. Myself, Ackerson, Fleischer, Wilkinson and Hood will form the first team with Bisenti, Ambrose, Jenkins, Schultz and Drennan forming the second. We will then begin to search the compound for the traitor commander. Intel names him as Colonel Kaith a former member of the 82nd Chameleons! Our regiment but we will…must not show him or any of his comrades' mercy! Is that understood?" Concluded Hoffman.

"Sir, yes sir!" Shouted the men.

"When you find the traitor, cuff, gag him and drag him, carry him…whatever you like, back to the entrance of the compound. The team with the traitor will then hide next to the gates, just find somewhere cosy and radio in the other team. Then we will sneak out the gates and call in an evac. No unnecessary radio contact when we are in, only vital information to be radioed. Avoid firefights whenever possible; use your combat knives when you can. Is that understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Replied the men.

Hoffman sat back down. He checked his equipment for defects, his hellgun his knife, his radio, everything must work. He checked his watch, 02:05, 10 minutes to go till they jumped out the back and activated their grav chutes. Hoffman leant back against the wall, closed his eyes and prayed again…

Hoffman opened his eyes suddenly and whacked his head on Jenkins carapace helmet as an explosion rocked the aircraft. A red warning light flashed on the ceiling as the valkyrie tilted down and began to loose altitude. Fast. Hoffman clicked his com to speak to the pilots, he got no response. They were gone.

"What do we do, sir?" Screamed corporal Bisenti. "Shall we grav out now sir?"

"Negative corporal!" Roared back Hoffman, "We're too low to grav out safely!"

"Sir? What are we gonna do?" Cried Bisenti.

Hoffman hesitated.

"Suck it up men! We're landing hard!"