Welcome, soldier, to the headquarders of the Foleran First!

The Foleran First is the primary military organization of the greater Foleran Army. It mostly consists of forces from the Annual Reinstitution, but as well contains elements from the Permanent Officer Corps. and the Planetary Advisor Corps. The Foleran First has seen combat in many places throughout the segmentum, and offers a wide variety of options including debt relief, occupational training, as well as opportunities for a long and successful lifetime career within the Foleran Army itself.

Lead by competant officers, supported by sturdy vehicles, and manned by thousands of brave friends in arms, the Foleran First is the best of the best. Whether it is coming to the aid of the Imperium, or coming to the aid of your local families and counties, the Foleran First will always be your best way to give back to your community, and to your king. Spend some time looking around our information site, and click on the "Join Up!" button when you are ready to go on the grandest adventure that Folera has to offer!

This archive is broken down into several segments:

     This part of the archive includes information about the Imperial world of Folera, its history and geography, as well as information about the first itself. It also contains picture archives of some Foleran soldiers who have bravely taken the field in the name of their Emperor.

     This contains works of fiction (including a comics section), as well as essays on list building and fieldcraft for an imperial army. There also contains a large section of tutorials for painting and modelling, including scratch-building both with greenstuff and plasticard.

     See the fighting men of Folera take the field in nearly 100 carefully documented battle reports. Reports contain both tactical diagrams and pictures of the battles both from the commander's eye view and from the field itself. Come read the series' that made Ailaros famous!

The information contained here is to provide a thorough chronicle of modelling, painting, and playing of an Imperial Guard army. Take your time and enjoy the wealth of information contained within. Questions can be sent to the chief archivist at ailaros@gmail.com.

Chief General Marshal of the Foleran First