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Hey, everyone. I am writing this to be a reflection of my second 10 games that Iíve played with guard, containing lessons learned, along with some other ideas, as well as a request for input as for how I should continue from here.


My record after the first set was 8-1-1
My record after the second set was 4-3-3
My total record so far is 12-4-4

As you can see, I definitely did a lot worse in this set than I did in the previous set. It seems to me to be a combination of a few factors:

- Better opponents. This time I wasnít able to so thoroughly walk over people. I fought against some pretty good lists, and against a couple of people that I didnít play in the first set that were much better commanders. Much less owning noobs.

- Worse opponents. While some of my opposing generals were better, some were far worse. I had to put up with a tremendous amount of bad, illegal, unbalanced, poorly researched, and otherwise full of shenanigans lists. It seemed that the poor players, rather than just sitting there and getting shot, went out of their way to make the games unbalanced. Plus, a few games, it looked like they took the list they did just to counter my force, or to play a specific mission.

- New threats. This set contained some threats that I never really had to deal with before. First and formostly, I had to put up with tyrannid monstrous creatures. As well, I fought more marines with wacky rules, and I fought against Orks for the first time.

- Worse luck. Whether it was the terminator that took 96 shots without dying, or ordnance that scattered all over the damn battlefield, my luck was just plain old wretched this set. If things would have gone according to statistical averages, I would have done far better.


I started out with this list, and then about halfway through, switched over to this one.

Itís the same list at heart, but with the changes that were suggested after my last set of reflections.


In my last set, I complained about how I had the most worthless command squad, and how I wouldnít take a command squad if I didnít have to. Since then, I added a priest, upgraded the officer, and added some flame weapons to my command squad. I canít say that Iíve been displeased with this choice. Now, rather than doing nothing, I can fairly reliably kill one high-profile unit. It now frequently, rather than never, makes its points back, and the command squad is just plain old kick ass now (and more fun to write narratives about). My only complaint is that I havenít gotten a lot of kills with my 5 rerollable attacks on the charge. Sure, when I DO get a kill, the sword makes its points back, but Iíd rather more consistently kill things. Iím thinking about adding a powerfist.


Well, early on, I got rid of my storm troopers, and I canít say that I miss them. Maybe Iíll find a use for them later, or at higher points, but not now.


Platoon HQ: My feelings for this unit hasnít changed in the last 10 games. I feel like the unit has a good role to play, but I almost never get any use out of him. Eventually, I started using it as a distraction a little bit. I really donít know what to do with this squad, but Iíd really like to do something to make it more effective. What do you guys think? What should this unitís role be? Iím sort of looking for a fresh start here.

Infantry squads: I feel less bad about my infantry squads being worthless than in my last set. Even though I still havenít gotten a lot of killing with them, I have come to see them as a necessary strategic component to my army. Placing infantry squads down is basically like placing down a homing beacon, that enemies rush to. Knowing this, I can plan accordingly to be able to set up proper lanes of fire, and countercharging from before the first turn even starts. Maybe Iíll eventually kill something with my platoons, but with the luck that theyíve been having, thatís not likely.

Armored Fist: My feelings basically havenít changed. I really do love this unit. Iíve found myself using it more conservatively in this set, but thatís probably in part because Iíve been facing a lot more Orks, Blood angels, Space Wolves, and other things that like to charge me. In any case, it does its job of killing light infantry very well, and I even got to use it as a transport to win me a game by objectives.


My love for my sentinels has only grown over the last ten games. Iíve found new, and exciting uses for them, and they still pretty much always make their points back. Three cheers for the sentinel! I look forward to fielding more of these in the future.


Basilisk: I feel like my basilisk has preformed slightly worse in this set, but Iím not certain. In any case, I still see this as a solid backbone to my firepower and am not likely to get rid of it any time soon. I have found myself more and more switching between direct and indirect fire during the course of a single game. In game 19, for example, I started by indirect firing it, and then I switched to direct fire, and then back to indirect fire, and then back to direct fire again. Either my opponents are doing things differently, or Iím learning how to use the basilisk better.

Demolisher: Iíve definitely turned in my opinion about this tank. Unlike my last set, where the tank was only destroyed twice, in situations that are designed for a tank to fall, in this set, my demolisher was blown up SEVEN out of ten times. Choppas, rokkits, Tyrannid monstrous creatures, and assault cannons have consistently done this very expensive vehicle in. Iím pretty sure that I want to drop this tank. I have it in my army for the purpose of killing three things: enemy vehicles, terminators, big, bad, scary things. So far, I have done jack against enemy vehicles, terminators with assault cannons rend my demolisher to death in the turn that itís exposed (so if it misses or only kills some of a terminator squad, the tank doesnít make its points back), and the vehicle is a joke against monstrous creatures or anything with a 4+ invul. save. Time to retire this old favorite.

Anyways, thatís a quick runthrough of my list, and what itís generally done. The following are a few changes that Iíd like to make, and would really appreciate your advice on.

Stuff to drop: the demolisher

Possible stuff to drop: The autocannon or the grenade launcher in my platoon HQ, a flamer from my army HQ squad.

If I dropped all of these things, I would have 219 pts. to play with.

I have a few objectives with these points:

- provide a use to my platoon HQ
- clarify the purpose of my army HQ
- add weapons that are good at killing tyrannid monstrous creatures

And here are a few things that Iím thinking. I would really like it if you guys could come up with your own as well.

1 3-lascannon anti-tank support squad + hellhound

This would give me more punch against the scary things, while preserving the role of an assault tank in my army. Wouldnít be terrible against marines, either (as 3 lascannons and an inferno cannon would probably kill at least as many as my demolisher hasÖ)

2 3-lascannon anti-tank support squad + grenade launcher in Platoon HQ + upgrade to 2x meltaguns in army HQ

This would be the beefmaster 9000 option. With 6 extra lascannons, and 2 extra meltaguns, I would DEFINITELY have an advantage over my old list when fighting monstrous creatures, and, I dare say, terminators. The only problems with this setup is that it still leaves my platoon HQ in an ambivalent situation, and my army would be less able to charge forwards into stuff (although, you could possibly consider coordinated fire as an assault in its own right). Would this be spamming lascannons too badly?

1 3-lascannon anti-tank support squad + 1 lascannon sentinel + priest with eviscerator

Iíd need to work a few more points out of the rest of the list to pull this off. Basically, I add 4 lascannons, a beloved sentinel, and give my platoon HQ something to do. Not the dakka-est, but not bad either. It would be nice to be able to give my senior officer a powerfist, but at least with this setup, I get a young priest, and an old priestÖ

Anyways, these are just a couple of ideas. It would be nice if I could work a powerfist in there, and who knows, maybe I shouldnít get rid of my demolisher at all. What do you think?


So, Iíd like to impart a few of the lessons that Iíve learned in my second set (to help noobs, and to compare it to vetsí advice).

- Shoot the big ones first. I have been a little disappointed at the end of the fight some times because a librarian, or an expensive vehicle, or something, has survived the fight and was secretly worth a lot of victory points. Shoot the less important things as needed, but be conscious of what is most likely to give you VPís. As well, make sure that you pick off, or completely rout those remnants of squads. You donít want them getting half VPís just because you couldnít off a single model. Personally, Iíve also found it worthwhile to attack vehicles until theyíre immobilized and then go and work on the next target.

- Kill devastators. These guys are serious pains in the asses, as even with one guy left, they can still keep on regrouping and firing those last few high strength shots into your stuff. Make them as high of a priority as you can afford to.

- Orks become more powerful when they get shot. What a surprise that was. When you make them run away, they mob up and become even more powerful than ever before in assault (and even harder to drive away with shooting). Ugly mess, that is. I donít really have any suggestions other than just keep on shootingÖ

- Tyrannid monstrous creatures suck. Each of them is as difficult to wipe out as a whole terminator squad thatís immune to instant death. They also do more damage. Armored company has nothing on a bugzilla list. Ick.

- When in doubt, grab an ally. I have yet to lose a multi-party battle. Allies are good things (well, at least they are for me.

Anyways, thatís it for the reflections on my second set of ten games. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the reports (and trust me, there will be more), and I look forward to comments that you may have on either the games themselves, or what I should do with my list, or things that you have found to be true on an abstract level when commencing field strategy. Thanks for reading!