[quote author=Ailaros] The person with whom I played was someone that had played his first game just before this game (it was me and him against a necron player who had to quit after turn 2. I'll only put a report on this if there is a call for it). [/quote]

[quote author=Magus_42] You might let your opponent know that if he holds his warriors in reserve and his monolith is destroyed, those warriors are casualties. They don't get to come on at the board edge and don't help to prevent phase out. [/quote]

[quote author=Ailaros] Woah! Really? Why aren't they just kept in reserves, even if their primary means of conveyance to the field is lost? [/quote]

[quote author=Magus_42] The FAQ is here. [/quote]

Wow! I really wasn't expecting this, but apparently, I did actually play a complete game without even knowing it! Thus, in complete retrospect, I give you my lost public game.

This game was now technically the first I played in my new home in Champaign, and it happened right before game 22.

THE CHALLENGER: Our star gods feed on hope. 1500 pts.

1 lord (have no idea what it had)* 2 10-robot warrior squads.* 3 2-robot destroyer squds 1 3-robot wraith squad monolith (which he subbed with a square-shaped piece of paper)

* in reserve, waiting to pop in via monolith

THE DEFENDERS: You say "shooty" I say "shoo-tay"

Tau: 500 pts.

1 crisis suit 2 6-fish firewarrior squads 1 railgun hammerhead 1 railgun broadside

Imperial Guard: 1000 pts.

This was my list (list 3c)

So, this game is against the person whom I would go on to play game 24 against. He's young, and poor, so he had a lot of subbing going on. I was told that he once used a pepsi can to represent a carnifex ;)

Anyways, we set up with cities of death terrain, but as I didn't know the rules at all, we wound up playing with CoD terrain, but with a normal rules set.

He rolled for sides, and I think deployment. I rolled to go first.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Of note, I had never put so many units into such a small space before, and my opponent, when he saw me deploy my sentinels in front of the wall, said, as if I was grossly unaware of the blunder that I had made, "you know, I'm going to blow those things up".


The Foleran Detachment along with it's Tau ally stopped at the city gate. They were told of an evil presence, most likely Necron, in the close vicinity, and they were ordered to proceed with caution.

Melchoir yanked on the starter cable of his powerfist. The sound of an engine repeatedly trying to turn over painfully stuck out over the sound of marching boots.

"Dammit!" Melchoir half shouted in frustration.

"What's going on?" asked Sanario, coming over towards the officer.

"It's this damn new powerfist. I can't get this thing started!"

"Here, let me see."

Suddenly, a voice came over the micro-bead. It was his officer marshal that he had placed in a forward position in one of the gate towers. "Melchoir! Necron units spotted just inside the city! They have a monolith!"

Melchoir sighed. "Very well. Can you guys just shoot them? I'm a little busy." The officer reached over to pull the starter cable on his powerfist again, but was stopped by the priest.

"Just hang on a second, okay?"

In our turn, I don't really know how to move. I know that he's going to have to get into LOS in order to kill me with his destroyers, and I very much know that his wraiths and his monolith will be trying to get close. The only thing I do is pull my sentinels forwards so that they can get a nice, clean shot at the monolith (they had actually moved a little bit forwards in their scout move).

In shooting, my basilisk starts off with an earthshaker shell that lands only an inch away from the target. Even though I just hit about 70% of the models he had on the board, I learn quickly that wraiths are basically immune to this kind of fire, and that earthshakers still only do a so-so job against units in cover. In the end, he loses only a single destroyer. Oh well.

Then, my pair of sentinels shoot at his monolith. Both hit, one penetrates, the monolith explodes.

Heh 8)

After this point, the field looked like this:

Left with not a whole lot of options at this point, he generically zips his stuff forwards.

In shooting, one of his destroyers kills one of my guardsmen. The rest are either out of range or out of LOS.

"You put the kerosene in it, right?"

"Of course I put the kerosene in it! Duh!"

"Sheesh, just calm down Melchoir."

The screams of a guardsman obliterated by gauss fire broke out next to them.

"Just let me do it!" Melchoir said with a voice thick with frustration, as he grappled for the starter cable again.

"Look, if we don't know what's wrong, then we're not going to be able to start it just by pulling on the cord."

After this point, the field looked like this:


Basically, we do more fanning out. In retrospect, it was kind of dumb to get closer to those wraiths...

In shooting, my earthshaker missed, and 24 rapid fire weapons and 4 lascannons only managed to kill a single destroyer in the building.

"Wait, is this a two stroke engine, or a four stroke?"

"Uhh... I don't know"

After this point, the field looked like this:

After this point, we went on to play to the top of three or maybe just the bottom of two, or something. In any case, his dad came by, and he had to go, right away. I figured that because we had all killed so little, and the game went so short, I wouldn't count it. However, at that time, I didn't know this rule:

[quote author=Necron-FAQ]
Necron Warriors in Reserve only require a Monolith to enter when they use their special reserves rule. If they are using this rule and all available Monoliths are destroyed they count as destroyed and may therefore trigger the phase out of the on-table portion of the army.

With the death of the lone destroyer, it brought his model count down to 4 destroyers, and 3 wraiths. 7 of 31 is 23%. Whoops, looks like it's time for a phase out!


I made him phase out for 1500 pts. He killed nothing, nor did he bring anybody down to less than half strength (indeed, he only killed 6 pts. of stuff), for 0 pts., for a +1500 in my favor, for a complete, and total shutout.

If there is only one lesson to be learned by this game, it is this: No matter how resilient you are, and no matter how invincible you seem to be, all units are destroyable. Putting an AV14 unit out in the open by itself relying on it's AV14 alone to save it is just ASKING for something just like this to happen.

MVP: uhhh... I'm going to have to say... the sentinel, I think. That 55 pt. unit killed something on the order of 1000 pts. Not bad for a single sentinel in a single turn.

Hero of the game: This will have to go to the one, brave casualty of this battle. Sometimes the price of victory is human blood. You are a testament to us all.

"Oh, hang on, wait!"


"Here's the problem. You were trying to start your powerfist in first."

The priest shifted the powerfist down to nutral.

"Here, try it now."

Melchoir pulled the starter cable and suddenly the engine sprung to life. The officer watched as the fist started to emanate its disruption field.

"Hey! There we go! Allright, let's do this!"

Melchoir looked up, and around him.

"Hey, where did all the Necron go?"

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my lost public game, despite it's brevity. You can see how this would have influenced my opponent when I played him again in game 24