And here, as promised, is part two of the double-header. To view my last game, click here. To view my next game click here. To view my batrep registry, click here.

So, after the first game, I just sort of chatted. Mostly, I watched another game for awhile and chatted with someone about his 1500 pt. guard army that he's preparing for the tournament (which I can't play in as it's 1500 pts.) After awhile, one of the game store guys (who had whomped someone and the person I played game 7 with, with the help of the person I played game 4 with against who had just started a new orc army, in a 2v2) came over and asked to play a game with me. I knew that we would probably be low on time, but I had a couple of hours, so I thought things would be okay.


2 9-man squads of space marines
    - on the left with a missile launcher, on the right with a plasma cannon
1 3-speeder squad of Land Speeders
    - 2 with HB's, 1 with multimelta, extra armor and a missile rack
1 5-man terminator squad
    - one with a missile rack, one with an assault cannon
1 chaplain in terminator armor (assigned to above)
1 venerable dreadnought with assault cannon.

THE DEFENDER: White and Brown, smack 'em down!

The same thing as always. Infantry kill light infantry, light vehicles kill heavy vehicles, heavy vehicles kill heavy infantry.

pre-game analysis: It sort of didn't matter how well I would do on this one, as I'd already satiated my bloodlust. I was glad to be fighting another space marine player, though, given how much I'd chewed up the last one. He did have land speeders, against which I hadn't fought, but it seemed to me like he was just taking a low-unit space marine army. Let the battle begin!

I won for sides and going first, he won for deployment.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

Note that I have a lascannon sentinel hiding in a ruined building way over on the right (which won't show up in any of these pictures for some reason).


The one X-factor in all of this is the speeders, and the idea of a fast, multimelta hovercraft made me a little uneasy. I decide to move up my sentinel to support the stormtroopers (and to shoot at the landspeeders) and I move my chimera over to be behind cover a little better, and so that I can shoot at the speeders. In the middle, my squad races up into cover and gets set up to hold the building.

My combined gunfire from the chimera and the lascannon sentinel manage to blow up one of the speeders (first immobilized, then I shot it again for the kill). My lascannon on the far right hit his dreadnought, but rolled a 1 on armor penetration. My demolisher opened up with sponson weapons onto the squad on the left, and managed to kill 2. My basilisk shot at the squad on the far right, but scattered badly (6") and had no effect. Other than that, I'd just have to wait until the enemy closed range a little before I could really have some fun.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My opponent replied with an equally spry round of movement. Both of us were in for blood! His speeders moved over the hill towards one of my sentinels, and his dreadnought moved towards the other. His terminators moved up towards my center. It was showdown time!

(I really want to see those terminators under a blacklight...)

On the right, his assault cannon speeder ripped open my sentinel (we had agreed to a 15", rather than 12" deployment, so he got in range faster than what we got into last game). His speeders shot my other sentinel, shaking it badly. His missile launcher on the far left shot at the upper floor autocannon team with a frag missile, but missed. Thanks to relatively poor shooting, and some cover saving, his terminators only managed to kill 4 guardsmen in the building.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now it was time to pounce on those speeders! I moved my demolisher up a little, my sentinel into cover and my stormtroopers up into his speeders. My chimera re-aquired it's targets onto the terminators (I should have kept them on the speeders...) and moved back a bit to keep out of range. My HQ moves up to provide a distraction for the terminators, and to lend flag support to the squad in the building.

In shooting, my meltaguns landed two hits, which downgraded to glances. My autocannon also glanced once, and the infantry squad on the left didn't do anything to the speeders. I got two shakens and a stun, that devolved to a shaken with heavy armor. This was my first experience with skimmers moving fast (I think). That's a really annoying rule!

My demolisher shot at the terminators, but scattered way out of the way. Thankfully, his terminators were spaced at exact 2" intervals so I was able to kill one of them. My basilisk scattered horribly (6" again!) off the table edge. Man, my tank gunners must be tired after all that killing last game.

In the middle, my squad in the building managed to put a kill on another terminator. Woohoo!

After this point, the field looked like this:

On the right, he remembered to move his space marines who aimlessly marched forwards. His dreadnought moved up on the hill and his terminators moved in with the intent to kill / assault something. He moved his badly shaken speeders behind the hill again.

As you can see, he didn't have a whole lot in a good position to shoot stuff, but he was still aiming to do some damage. His assault cannon ripped up the guys in the building (to make up for last turn's bad rolling), and his terminators took the bait and shot at the HQ squad, killing all. On the left, the missile launcher shot at the autocannon team, hitting and wounding twice, but I made an armor save (look, ma! I made an armor save against space marines!).

The guys in the building decided to stick around for next turn.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now that I had fended off the speeders, it was time to close down on the terminators. I move my sentinel back behind cover (but in line of sight), and I move my stormtroopers around behind cover (sort of). I move my guys out of the building to cool them off while the terminators got gunned down.

To begin, my autocannon and the squad heavy bolter on the right managed to shake the heavy speeder. Then, it was time to lay down the hammer on those terminators. I shot him with:

9 heavy bolter shots, 3 heavy stubber shots, 4 lasgun shots, 1 krak grenade, 4 hellgun shots, 1 bolt pistol shot
2 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons, 2 meltaguns

basically, enough firepower to wipe him out more than once. Behold the firepower of the guard!

In the end, I killed 2... *sigh*

My basilisk, frustrated with how ineffective the firing was going, and equally frustrated at it's total lack of being able to hit more accurately than scattering 6", levels it's cannon against the dreadnought that had lumbered up the hill. He shoots, and hits dead on. It rolls to blow off an armament and stun the metal beast. It's venerable, though, so my opponent demands that I re-roll my result. I roll a 5 and blast a cloud of shrapnel off the top of the hill. At least something went right.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it's his turn. His terminators charge through the massive torrent of high-powered gunfire towards the stormtroopers. Nothing else moves (he was in such a hurry to start his shooting that he forgot about moving, and kicked himself for it later). His terminators shoot at the stormtroopers, killing 3, which he then charges and eliminates. His missile launcher again shot at my autocannon team and hit, but failed to wound.

After this point, the field looked like this:

At this point, my opponent casually looks at his watch and informs me that this game is over, it's time for him to clean up, and me to go.


He killed 220 points of stuff to my 370 leading to a +150 in my favor for a solid victory. He actually worked it out to be a draw, and it wasn't until I woke up the next morning and looked at it again that I realised that I'd won ::)

What a frustrating game! Not only did nothing of mine hit anything, but he just totally canned the game before my luck had a chance to turn around! To make it worse, I was able to hang out there for another half hour (there was totally enough time to finish that game) before I left, the store not even having closed! The worst part, by far, was when, after I'd started packing up, he told me about how his chappie terminators have gone through 6 squads in a game before and I was in for a really hard time. As if! At this point in the game, he had a powerfist, a missile launcher (which was determined to kill my one autocannon guy) and a plasma cannon on the way other side of the board that could have hurt my tanks. If only I had enough time, I would have given him a sounder thrashing than the last guy.

As well, I'm starting to think about dropping the krak grenades on my dragoons. In a single night I had two perfect chances to dump a bunch of guys out and krak grenade a dreadnought do death. If I'm not willing to risk the chimera on somewhat easy things, then it's unlikely that I'll ever use those grenades. Maybe I'll swap them out for an autocannon in the HQ section or something.

On the plus side, this game once again showed that I could do okay even against space marines, even if I have bad luck. To be fair, though, my luck was about as bad as his deployment and movement... I should have probably kept my right hand lascannon sentinel in a little more. I suppose it at least displayed a good distraction. So did my troops. By putting guys in his way, he failed to shoot his assault cannon / missile launcher at my tanks, thus hurting the only chance he had of beating me in the long term.

Hero of the game: the boys on the right. They took a lot of crap, and, most importantly, took the enemy's attention away from valuable targets. I should have charged them in on turn 3, though, so that the terminators would have gone against them, rather than the stromtroopers. Not that it mattered much, unfortunately.

MVP: hard to say as I wasn't able to kill a whole lot. As I can't really say "no one" I guess I'll have to say the basilisk for acing that dreadnought, despite missing so badly in the beginning.