Allright, folks! I have a surprise for you. This time, it's a double-header. Two games, back to back. Victory, honor, et cetera!

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This game is against space marines. He had his army painted with a nice dark angels motif, but, given the new codex, he couldn't play them as dark angels (and I guess he hadn't figured out how to play the new dark angels yet), so he played them as vanilla marines. I should also note that this guy hadn't played in awhile, as we got into some rules discussions about things that changed when 4th edition came out.

The Challenger: "Dark Angels" Space Marines

1 10-man tactical squad with heavy bolter
1 5-man tactical squad with heavy bolter
1 5-man tactical squad with heavy bolter
1 5-man tactical squad with lascannon
1 5-man tactical squad with lascannon
1 Hero space marine HQ thing of some sort (powersword + pistol)
1 techmarine with 4 heavy bolter gun servitors
1 8-man scout squad with a heavy bolter and sniper rifles.
1 assault cannon dreadnought

The Defender: The Vaunted Foleran 1st

2 10 man squads with grenade launcher and heavy bolter
1 platoon HQ for above squads
   - with junior officer with powersword, stormbolter and surveyor
   - also with autocannon and grenade launcher
1 10 man squad with above and krak grenades
1 chimera for above squad to form armored fist
   - with 2x heavy bolters, heavy stubber, smoke, rough terrain mod.
1 5-man stormtrooper squad with 2 meltas and bolt pistol
1 basilisk with indirect fire
1 las/plas demolisher with smoke, rough terrain mod.
2 lascannon sentinels

note that this is the army that I use every time as I don't have anything else and I don't really want to mess with many of the options yet (if it isn't broke, why fix it?)

pre-game analysis: HEAVY BOLTERS! RUN! If you include the assault cannon, he had nearly as many heavy bolter shots per turn as I had infantry models on the board. Thankfully, I don't have a damn thing in my infantry that can hurt space marines. My strategy, as you have seen in previous anti-space marine games, is to use my tanks (which I bought to kill space marines) to kill space marines. Thus I would have to focus all of my early game firepower on killing his anti-tank. Oh wait, he only brought two lascannons. This was going to be an easy game.

I won for sides, deployment, and to infiltrate first. He won to go first.

After deployment, the field looked like this (note the TP is for "tech priest" as TM was already taken):

For a hi-res picture, click here.

Marshal Melchoir looked out over the battlefield. The marines had been advancing slowly in tight formation towards his position at the edge of the large village. Slowly, they were falling into the trap. Just before they moved in to be totally surrounded, one of the space marines noticed the demolisher that the company marshal had tried to hide behind a pile of rocks. Suddenly, the air became drenched in heavy bolter fire.


His plan was to basically form a static firing line of death out in the open. I suppose if you're space marines, you can get away with that. He did move his dreadnought closer and a 5-man squad to support it. On the left, the scouts and the big tac marine squad in the middle gunned down my platoon command squad which caused the remainder (the officer and his autocannon) to run away behind the basilisk. Then things got ugly. heavy bolter tac squad on the center left, and the techmarine and his 4 heavy bolters (who get to reroll sometimes) opened fire on my squad in the middle building. After the bloodbath, the three surviving members of the squad booked it out of there, fast. On the right, he shot his lascannons at my demolisher. My lascannon sentinel had bravely used his scout move to dash in front of the demolisher and take the hits, which he did. See ya later, little guy.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it was my turn to retaliate for the massacre of my infantry, including my narrator (bye, Melchoir). I moved my HQ squad back to try and rally the guys. Then, of course, after I had already moved them, I realised that I was supposed to make a re-grouping check first, which they failed, and ran off the board. Then, of course, I realised that I couldn't regroup a squad under half strength, oops.

I moved up on his exposed left flank by moving my tanks up on the right. The stormtroopers, realizing that the plan had failed, ran around the house with guns blazing. They target the nearest anti-tank squad, killing one with a meltagun, and another with a hellgun. The basilisk fires at the other anti-tank squad, but scatters pretty badly. Thankfully, he was tightly packed in, and the basilisk killed all but one dude in the heavy bolter squad next to him. At this point, we have a rules argument. He was convinced that I was supposed to guess the range with a guess weapon. I told him that they had gotten rid of that in 4th ed. He didn't believe me. I couldn't find out where it says that guess weapons means that the player doesn't have to guess anymore, but I was able to read to him how ordnance works, and he let me fire the weapon properly, though he told me he'd look into it. I sincerely hope he does.

My chimera and the remaining squad decide to shoot at the only thing that they can possibly hurt, the scouts. They gun down half of them with heavy bolter fire (thank you ap4). His scouts run, but his other squads stick around.

After this point, the field looked like this:


His scouts regroup and his forces continue to march up on the left. All of his heavy bolter forces in the middle shoot at my stormtroopers, horribly gunning them down (stupid ap4). On the left, his assault cannon tears into my troops, killing many, but they stand their ground.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My HQ, very much afraid for it's existence, but realising that there was work to be done, booked it towards the tower (in such a way where they'd be out of range of heavy bolters for the moment. My chimera moves to the right, and my right side moves up. The sledgehammer of the emperor was about to strike.

And strike it did. The basilisk hit dead on the squad that it had fired at last time, killing all but one. My lascannon sentinel fires at it to finish off the squad. At this point, my opponent informs me that the units in front are screening the ones in the back. Screening... So I look through the rules and show him where screening was done away with. Not that it really mattered. Even if screening existed, there was no way he could avoid the coming of the storm, especially since sentinels are vehicles and thus can see over infantry and shoot at whatever they want without making target priority checks.

So my lascannon shoots, hits, and obliterates the lasgun guy in an epic lascannon duel. My plasma cannon sponsons blow away the remaining guys in the other lascannon squad. That's it: he no longer has anti-tank weapons. Victory is mine.

After this point, the field looked like this:


At this point, my opponent came to grips with his fate, but plowed on.

His forces on the left continue to advance. The rest of his force continues the static gunline strategy. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot that he could see, so his center did pretty much nothing.

His assault cannon finished off the rest of my last squad. This freed up the scouts to do something else. Thoroughly enraged, the scout with the heavy bolter searched the battlefield. There were no targets in sight, save the demolisher, and the supporting lascannon sentinel. His right eye ticked with rage:

He let lose a hail of heavy bolter rounds. All three shots hit the hapless sentinel. Now was the time to see how well strength 5 does against AV10:

There's nothing in this life that can't be accomplished with sufficient rage. Needless to say, the sentinel didn't survive three penetrating hits.

After this point, the field looked like this:

I knew that he was, slowly but surely, going to try to get into close combat against my basilisk with that dreadnought, or at least try to nail it on the side with that assault cannon, so I move the basilisk over. My command squad dashed into the building and my right continued it's advance. I only moved the demolisher <6" because I wanted to use my demolisher cannon. Party time.

Well, it turned out that my demolisher was 25" away. Suck. My chimera kills another scout on the hill. My basilisk, now in direct fire mode, shoots it's ordnance against the techmarine. It scores a direct hit, vaporising the techmarine and three of his servitors as well as two space marines from the squad in front of it. Makes up for the demolisher, I suppose ;)

After this point, the field looked like this:


His forces on the left move up more, but also more towards the center so that they can try to intercept the basilisk, or maybe hit the chimera.

All of his heavy bolters shoot at my command squad, killing them all. Goodbye my infantry. His assault cannon tries to shoot at the side of the chimera but is out of range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My counter-clockwise rotation of my forces continues. I speed my basilisk as fast as I can behind the cover of the center building. My chimera moves back a bit and re-faces to show AV12 to everybody. My demolisher scoots forward a couple of inches.

My demolisher shoots its cannon and predictably scatters, but still manages to take out a pair of space marines (I wasn't expecting much in this round from the demolisher), the chimera guns down another scout.

After this point, the field looked like this:

At this point, my opponent took stock of his situation. He was up against three tanks that had more than enough firepower to blast him off the board, and he didn't have any weapons that could hurt said vehicles which were all behind cover. Defeat insured, he conceded the fight.


I blew him off the table, killing at least 750 pts. of stuff, the rest all running away and getting smashed to pieces as they desperately tried to retreat. To be fair, he did kill 457 pts. of my stuff, but with no chance to cause any further damage, he couldn't stem off the result of a victorious slaughter.

This game worked like clockwork for me. This is exactly the Ailaros plan for defeating space marines, and it obviously worked very well.

After the fact, I feel sort of bad for putting my infantry into the meat grinder. I could have easily just retreated the entire game and he wouldn't have been able to get any kills. On the other hand, by constatnly presenting his forces with targets, it gave him the option to either move (to scatter and thus avoid ordnance death) or stay still and kill my infantry (which his army was obviously designed to do very well) before it posed any sort of threat. Faced with these options, he chose what he was good at. While he probably wouldn't have been able to do anything to my tanks (especially the demolisher), given that the tanks are the lynch-pin of this whole strategy, I just couldn't risk anything wierd happening. I don't know, would you have moved the troops away?

This guy's army was very obviously designed with one purpose: KILL INFANTRY! Against most armies, this would be great. After all, "most people don't take tanks in 1,000 pts." heheh. This would have even been good against most guard armies which use things like plasma guns and rough riders to take down space marines. I guess he had the idea of taking an uber-anti-infantry-of-death list and having it get beaten by a force that contained a balance of units designed to take all comers.

As well, though he didn't have a strong grasp of 4th edition rules, and he needed to play non-dark angels (he was very upset when he found out he couldn't take 5-man tac squads with a heavy weapon any more), I don't think he played any differently than he would have should he have known the rules. Static gunline just isn't always the best strategy, and space marines aren't actually invincible. Two lessons that space marine commanders everywhere should take to heart.

Hero of the game: It's kind of a close one, especially given what my sentinels did, but I'm still going to have to go with the stormtroopers on this one. They charged out into an absolute slaughter, but were able to weaken the anti-tank power of the enemy army enough so that the entire enemy anti-tank forces could be wiped out by turn 2.

MVP: I could easily say the demolisher given it's scare factor (in fact, I should probably count everything on the board as a kill for the demolisher given that it was this tank's psychological weaponry that is likely to have made my opponent concede when he did), but I'm still going to have to give it to the basilisk for the sheer ammount of carnage, and the fact that contributed so much to the destruction of the enemy units. Wait a minute, actually, I'm going to split the MVP between both of these vehicles. In tandem, the two killed the only hope of the space marines, and drove them into a hopelessness that eventually lead to their downfall. To quote my opponent "I'm surprised I lasted so long"

So that's it, game 8. A little boring as it wasn't a whole lot more than a turkey shoot. But it was worth it, given that I can say "This game against space marines was a turkey shoot" ;D