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This game was a 2v1 1500 pts. game


1425 pts. of Necron played by Patrick

2 20 man squads of warriors (ouch!)
1 lord with staff of light, veil of darkness
2 groups of scarabs (one with disruption field, the other, larger, one without)
5 destroyers
1 tomb spyder


>750 Foleran First (brown and white, take the fight!)
played by me.

1 las/plas Demolisher
1 Basilisk
1 anti-light infantry armored fist (HB chimera + squad inside, see below)
1 2-squad anti-light infantry platoon, squads with lasguns, grenade launcher and heavy bolter

~750 Cadian 501
played by Mike Vu

1 tooled up Hq squad (big officer, commissar, meltas, etc.)
4 squads with lasguns + grenade launcher
1 5-man stormtrooper squad with 2x plasmas
1 Leman Russ Battle Tank

Pregame analysis: Necrons, woohoo! I've never played against them (obviously), but I was excited to face the most resilient army in the game. As well, I was kind of pumped to have another Iguard ally. I though this game was doable, especially when I saw his deployment. Let's get ready for a fight!

He won for sides, and for deployment (I think), and I won for choosing to go first. Patrick told me that I was told never to go first against Necrons as they get the WWB roll at the very end, is that true? In any case, I couldn't possibly pass up the option to go first given this deployment. The mission rolled was Seek and Destroy (annihilate) on alpha.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

for a high res version, click here. His non-disruptor field scarabs are the ones on my right.


Movement on our side is pretty much nothing. I move my squad in the middle up so that I can get some cover from the necron guns in the center building. My partner, unfortunately, followed suit, advancing his most of squads out into the open.

As you can see in the higher resolution picture, he has his forces super bunched up together. I note to myself that if I place my basilisk plate in the middle of all of that, I'm guaranteed several dead necrons, even if it scatters 6" in any direction. I decide to target a necron in the right unit, close to the lord, hoping to get a wound on the creature (I didn't know then that he was actually already associated with the squad. Next time I'll be certain to ask.) The shot scattered a ways away, missing the lord and his squad, but landing on the scarab swarm with the fields, and the other warrior squad, obliterating the scarabs down to one base, and knocking over a good 7 or so warriors. Success!

My partner shoots his battle cannon at the same warrior squad that I hit, leaving the squad with just a couple of warriors left. The rest of our shooting was fairly inconsequential as almost everything else was out of range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Something was wrong. Marshal Melchoir looked out onto the battlefield as the cannons crashed into the Necron lines. "This is too easy" he thought. He had read in the dataslates about Necron tactics, and this type of mindless hording was orc behavior, not necron. He uneasily looked out over the battlefield as his autocannon picked off a pair of scarabs advancing on the right side.

The smoke and dust lifted from the necron lines as the arcane powers hidden within the necron lord's orb of power coursed over the shattered metal shards of his fallen warriors. 6 of them reconstituted themselves and stood back up before the necron lines clouded over again. This time, it wasn't basilisk fire. Melchoir's heart sank. He knew it couldn't be that easy. He heard a noise behind him. He turned slowly, and faced the nightmare the came through the artificially generated haze behind him.

Necron forces started to slowly advance up the field (especially the tomb spyder, who rolled 1 to move through difficult terrain through the building. The disruptor scarabs flitted up into the building, the other scarabs dashed forwards on the right side 24" into the other building. I didn't know those buggers could move that fast! Most importantly, the lord used veil of darkness and teleported himself along with 20 necron warriors straight behind us. This... was going to hurt...

Things begin with his destroyers scoring a glancing hit on the LRBT, getting a "crew shaken" result. His lord and all the warriors open up on my demolisher, causing some 8-10 glancing hits, at least one of which is a 6. Down goes the demolisher.

After this point the field looked like this:


With the arrival of the necron force, sheer panic broke over the imperial lines. Units started advancing towards the new threat and running away from them. Some charged up the field while others retreated. Utter pandemonium ensued. Grenade after grenade blew into the necrons along with volleys of lasgun fire. Melchoir watched as the guard behaved like a beehive hit by a stone. He scrambled over to the edge of the ruined building and held down the trigger on his storm bolter, sending a hail of bolts into the invincible mass of necron warriors.

Chaos has nothing on what happened here. On the right, my ally charged the scarabs in the building, while my guys retreated so that if he veiled again, he wouldn't be able to drop in behind my basilisk without a little more risk. My guys in the center wheeled around so that it could shoot at the pile of necrons, and I convinced my ally do to the same. Meanwhile, on the left, he ran two squads away from the necrons, citing that lasguns wouldn't do anything to the necron threat (at which point, our opponent said something to the effect of "it's actually the lasguns I worry about. If ordnance hits me, I can always get back up, but lasgun fire is a sheer war of attrition right there"). My chimera unloads it's squad and backs up. His tank runs away, and his HQ charges in. Much light bickering between my ally and I about to do. What a mess!

In shooting, my basilisk lines up to fire. This is going to be the absolute money shot. With all of the guys packed in like that, I'm looking to kill all 20 warriors and wound the lord. It fires, it scatters, 4 necron fall. 4 grenade launchers attack, hitting with 3 of them, hitting some 7-10 units a time. 1 of the necron fall. Dozens of lasgun shots take down another 1, maybe 2. His HQ, on the other hand, shoots admirably with 2 meltas hitting and wounding, along with a plasma pistol kill and another dead from something else in his squad. The total killed was 12.

On the left, his squad and stormtroopers shoot at the last base of the disruptor scarabs, killing 2/3.

My armored fist charges in. I hope to prevent the lord with his squad from teleporting again. Little did I know at the time (though my opponent graciously informed me, but I felt committed to my charge) that they can teleport out of combat. I as well thought that my guys would stand a better chance in close combat than staring down the end of a gauss gun. I think I'll do okay as well, because at least I get to strike before the warriors.

But, as I found out, not before the lord.

The lord kills one of my guys who kill one of his warriors. His warriors then proceed to butcher me down to 3 guys, who run and are caught and killed. I'd say that I learned not to charge necron, but given what is about to happen to a squad that's going to get shot, I don't know. I suppose the problem was that he was able to kill a squad not on his turn.

On the other side, the scarabs get to attack first and, through a minor miracle of the emperor (3 6's on armor saves), he doesn't lose any guys. I think he manages to take off a base, maybe part of another. The scarabs are not overrun (as they count as 3 per base). This was deemed a foolish move on the part of our opponent, but I can't exactly figure out why.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it's his turn to enact more carnage. Everything moves up (but his tomb spyder, who he had consigned to uselessness, so he didn't bother to move it). His warriors DON'T teleport, but rather move closer to another squad. His lord peels off the unit so that he can charge a different squad of guys.

His deepstriking warriors open fire on a squad of guardsmen, screams rose through the air as all 10 were vaporized with ease. Further forwards, the stormtroopers are ripped apart by the other warriors, and the destroyers wipe out everything in the advancing squad save a single grenade launcher guy.

In close combat, his lord charges in and wipes out a couple of guys who then don't hurt the lord at all. The scarabs, though taking a few casualties, beat the guard, who run away. My partner rolls a 1 on his initiative. So does the swarm ;D . The guard break and the scarabs smartly stay in the house for the time being.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My two squads, unable to attack the lord in close combat, or really able to get a clear line of sight on the deepstrike squad, move back forward again. His squad on the right continued to fall back, while the lone grenadier on the left, who had NOT run last turn, made his last man standing and moved back to attack the scarab with the disruption field. My chimera moves forwards. Hopefully it will be a good distraction and will get shot at over one of the tanks.

Melchoir looked on in horror as the necrons disintegrated guardsman after guardsman. To make it worse, five of the twelve monstrosities that had just been killed stood back up. Regaining order was hopeless. Squads started retreating to where they had advanced and advanced from where they had just retreated. He watched in stunned silence for a moment before the sound of the autocannon being repositioned drew his attention to the scarab swarm still hiding in the ruined house, waiting to pounce. Below him, the basilisk recalibrated 10 degrees to the right and took aim at the necron warriors.

Well, it was do or die time. Either I would be able to point-and-smear, or I was just going to go home, in 1 billion sub-atomic sized boxes. With the combined firepower of all my guard, I managed to put a healthy dent in his scarabs while my basilisk prepared to fire. This was it. I put the scatter plate on his warriors, I was on 12 of the 13 warriors. I rolled a 'hit' on the scatter die. I roll a single 1 on the wounding. They ALL DIE!

The remaining 2 necron are mercilessly gunned down by the chimera and the HQ squad. Meanwhile, the lone grenadier manages to land a krak grenade directly on the last scarab (good shot for firing a single arcing weapon against something that had moved 24" last turn) which killed it. The LRBT, now not stunned, and sans targets, fires into the other warrior squad, killing another 5.

In close combat, the lord kills another couple (down to 5), but they don't run.

After this point, the field looked like this:

By this time, the game store guy of doom was trying to kick us out again. Because we had had so much action in the first 3 turns, it took forever for us to advance through the turns. He rolled WWB and got a couple of warriors back, and then conceded. Not only did we have to go, but it was pretty much over. The lord and scarabs could have been taken down by sheer volume fire, and he had failed to kill 2 tanks which could have wiped out the remaining warriors. He needed 12 or less models to phase out, and he had about 18 left. With 2 tanks and all our guns, it was a matter of time before we could get 6 kills and end the game.


I ended the game with 4 scoring units (3 from the platoon, 1 for the basilisk) and my ally ended with 3 (HQ, LRBT, and a squad (the other was still running at the time)) for a total of 7. Our opponent ended with 3 (destroyers, tomb spyder and warriors), netting the guard the victory. Furthermore, he killed about 550 pts. of stuff on our side while we killed about 900 pts. of his stuff.

Whew! That was chaotic! I had read about necron doing the crazy warping thing and was duly terrified when he did it to me. This was also my first real experience with most of the units I kill getting right back up. As well, I didn't know how crazy the warrior's weapons were. Good stuff that gauss. Also, I was very concerned with his 40 warriors. I knew that the key was taking down whole squads at a time, which would be nearly impossible with 20 man squads. As well, I thought that I wouldn't be able to get a phase out with those kind of numbers. If only he would have been the dumb guy and taken a monolith to soak up points!

In the end, I think that the necron list was based solely around the single ace up the sleeve. When it failed due to overwhelming firepower, the army was pretty much broken. It is common knowledge to me that the tanks are what kill the necrons, but he didn't see things that way, causing him to attack <70 pt. squads of troops instead.

My infantry were utterly useless that game. They were running around trying to take out threats with no cohesive plan at all. Never have I so totally had the initiative taken away from me like this. I have the spooky feeling that my victory was less my actions and more his mistakes...

Oh, and I thought it was kind of funny that my intuitive use of distraction payed off again. I moved my guys forward as a half distraction, but this convinced my ally to charge forward in suit. In the end, this got his destroyers to attack the pile of guys charging him, rather than trying to go after the LRBT (which I think he could have easily done given that he had 5 of them). At first I was uncertain and all flinchey, but my heart knows things that my mind does not, and in this case it paid off as I subliminally used my allies' forces as a distraction ::) .

Hero of the game: Hands down it was that brave soul in the Cadian 501. Though staring down a necron force of twice his size and after all those around him had fallen to the ground, screaming as a radioactive fire burned them to ashes from the inside out, he held his ground. In fact, not only did he stare down his necronic foe, but his head was cool enough to ace a lone, fast moving scarab at just about the maximum range of his weapon. You, sir, are deserving of an honorifica...

MVP: Oh, come on. It has to be the basilisk. It started by killing 5 (of 6) bases of anti-tank scarabs, and 7 warriors (4 of whom stayed down). On turn 2, he killed 4 more warriors (3 of which stayed down). On turn 3, he killed 11 warriors (11 of whom stayed down). That's 15 scarabs and 18 warriors! To that 125 pt. tank, I say "you, sir, have won the internet". I suppose this makes up for my last couple of games where my basilisk didn't do a whole lot.