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The opponent this time was one of the game store guys. No one had shown up to play this thursday, so one of the guys got out his brand new space wolves army. I was a little nervous until I realised that this was only his third of fourth game of 40k (he was a fantasy gamer. He got help from time to time from the other game store guy who also only played fantasy).

THE CHALLENGER: wolf pack attack! (1000 pts.)

1 HQ dude with follower (he had a bolt pistol and powersword)
1 psychic guy with 4-man retinue in terminator armor
2 5-man space marine squads
1 7-man space marine squad with missile launcher
1 3-man bike squad with powerfist
1 devestator squad with HB, ML, LC and PC
1 6-man squad of scouts (deepstriking)

THE DEFENDER: Company B is for "booyah!" (1000 pts.)

1 worthless HQ
3 ALI* squads, one in ALI chimera
1 platoon HQ w/ autocannon, grenade launcher
2 lascannon sentinels
1 basilisk
1 las/plas demolisher

*ALI = anti light infantry

pregame analysis: On the one hand, I felt better, knowing that I wasn't playing the death god 40k game store guys. On the other hand, this is probably the hardest list for me to fight against. All of my anti space marine power is held up in my demolisher and basilisk. This means that I need to have relatively few space marines to shoot at, or else the enemy can super-saturate targets over my firepower. Space marines are much easier for me when they do stupid stuff like take really expensive HQ's or buy really expensive tanks, because I can just focus my firepower and cream them, unlike this game.

I roll for side, he rolls for deployment and 1st turn. Note that we were playing on a 4' x 4' square table that was out in front (rather than back in the game room). I hadn't played like this before, and it is a quite bit trickier for guard.

Now, I'm going to have to apologize profusely for this one, everybody. My camera died while I was at work (I can only assume it got accidentally turned on through jostling and the battery killed itself over the next 8 hours), so I had to make crappy jpg's for you. Not only are they crappy, but they're frequently innacurate (as I couldn't always exactly remember what happened until I thought a few turns ahead, and by then it was too late to change the picture...) Anyways, this is what the field looked like at deployment:


so, he started by moving the bikes some 24" or some other ungodly speed towards my stuff. On the right, his missile launcher knocks down one of my sentinels. Then he starts to shoot his heavy bolter at the other one and I try and stop him "silly noob" I think until I find out that space wolves devestators can shoot at two different targets a turn. Ouch. Anyways, the second sentinel blows up, but I thankfully am unhurt despite having some 7 or 8 guys in the blast radius. The rest of his guys move up a bit. His bikes charge and manage to take out a healthy ammount, but they stay put.

I move my demolisher up and my two units with officers away from the carnage in the woods. My earthshaker blows up one squad of space marines and the plasma cannon on the demolisher almost wipes out the other squad in the woods. My stormtroopers move up further through the woods and kill a space marine. In close combat, he fails to hit / wound / break through armor and I manage to take down a bike! needless to say, he doesn't run away.

After this point, the field looked like this:


His forces did some generic moving forward. All of the sudden, from behind my lines, shows up a group of scouts who gun down a couple of the people in my officer's retinue. Sure, they were in reserves, but they just pop up, rather than deepstrike, because they're space wolves (boo. What are these guys' disadvantages?). Battle continues in the forest where he powerfists a couple of my guardsmen (I forgot to make him roll to wound, oops), and they get ready to make a break for it. They turn and see the bright colors of the Foleran 1st flowing mightily in the breeze. With renewed vigor, they turn and continue to fight.

My guys in the building in the center turn around and shoot the crap out of the scouts. They are helped by the chimera and the dudes inside (I got to shoot the sideways lasguns in a chimera!), and the platoon HQ, and the basilisk (who heavy boltered so as not to smear myself). Despite all this firepower, he still had two scouts left. I charged these with my platoon HQ with the powersword. He killed me down to the officer, but I didn't hurt him at all. More fighting in the forest went to no effect (man, that must suck being a space marine with only 3 WS)

After this point, the field (sort of) looked like this:


He moves his guys forwards more, finally moving the guys on the far left (I think he was fearing the basilisk after the turn 1 smearing). He wins both of his close combats (but I take down another bike!) and my officer runs off the board (pansy). His devestators continue to shoot their missile launcher, but miss against the basilisk a second time.

My shooting fails to hurt the remaining powerfist bike as it charges through the woods. I made a hedge around my basilisk (you can't see it on the map, but there was no way he could have charged me because I had a 1" shiled. I also retreat the basilisk so that once his bike kills all my guys, he won't be able to fist the vehicle. My demolisher moves out so that it can use it's demolisher cannon (he shot with the plasma sponson last turn, but missed), which he fires only to have it scatter 6" out to nowhere.

With my infantry squad, I gun down his scouts (thanks in part to the heavy bolter) and the rest of everything manages to miss whatever it was shooting at.

After this point, the field looked like this:


The troops on my left move up (I really wish this board had a long side) and gun down my entire squad on in the building. He rushes into combat with his bike, and kills or routs everything in my command squad with his powerfist. Unfortunately, my attempts to move my basilisk to safety meant that it was still able to be hit (in a narrow window) by the missile launcher. He hits and wounds, even though I was hull down, he manages to blow up my earthshaker cannon. Crap.

For all of this killing on his turn, I don't send much back. I kill his last bike, and my chimera killed a couple of space marines as it moveed into safety behind the demolisher (both my basilisk and my chimera were threatened by the devestator missile launcher). My demolisher, though standing still AGAIN scatters 6" off into nowhere. This turn was basically defined by bad luck for me and good luck for him.

After this point, the field looked like this:


with all of my tanks out of line of sight on the other side of the board, he finally moves his devestators. His missile launcher in the center space marine squad (which had been making laughable attempts to break through AV14 front armor on my demolisher) changes targets and shoots at the front armor of my chimera hiding behind the heavy tank. It hits, and it penetrates. Because I'm hull down, it get's downgraded to a glancing hit. He rolls a 6. Crap. Now that all of my guys are out in the scary world (they thankfully didn't need to make a death test as my chimera didn't move a full 6"), they proceed to get gunned down by the far left squad. His other guys charge and I go first (thanks to cover) and manage to kill the HQ's retinue and take a wound off of the HQ guy himself.

I don't really know what I can do at this point to salvage these brutal last couple of turns. I decide to basically stay put. My demolisher cannon FINALLY kills the guys he'd been shooting at for the last 4 turns. He's left with the missile launcher guy which I fail to kill with the heavy bolter on my basilisk. In close combat, I manage to kill nothing, and he gives me the axe. It didn't really matter, though, as nothing on the whole left side could do any damage to my demolisher.

After this point the field (sort of) looked like this:


He's now left with few options as he can't get to my side armor of my basilisk in time with any of his units, and he can't hurt the demolisher. His devestators move up towards the woods. His missile launcher attacks the front of my basilisk but misses.

My demolisher stays put and demolisher cannons the squad on my left (it scattered 4", but my partials hit, so at least I brought it down to less than half health). He found out the hard way that multi-wound space marines are instantly killed by a demolisher cannon.

After this point, the field (sort of) looked like this:

We continued playing after this point. Of note, on turn 7, he shot his missile launcher at the basilisk and hit. The hull down failed and he blew it up. After that, in a total state of frustration with my demolisher, I las/plased the devestator squad which I wiped out in a few turns (he did manage to stun it and blow off the demolisher cannon one of those turns). Then, after two rounds of las/plasing the missile launcher guy (I failed to wound with a lascannon twice...) he went down. With only 4 guys left on the field, none of which could harm AV11 or higher, he conceeded.


We didn't calculate victory points at the end of turn 6, but I had my demolisher and my basilisk for 318 and all he had left was his devestator squad. I don't know how much that was worth, but it certainly wasn't worth 218 pts, netting me a "solid victory" in the end of ends, I wiped him out with my 198 pts. of demolisher left. Solid victory all the way through.

lessons learned: that was, by far, the worst luck inbalance I've suffered in this game. Whether it was the wildly scattering demolisher cannon, or the poorer than usual cover saving (with the exception of the exploding sentinel at the very beginning), or it was the crack shot of the missile launcher or the scout squad that survived 2 turns of all my guns shooting at it, there was no way about it: he was lucky this game, I was not. The only thing that I had in my favor was killing those bikes in CC, but I would have gunned them all down anyways... What I learned was that even though luck can be the worst, and I can be fighting against a list that is very good against my list, I can still come out the victor.

My opponent made some dumb moves (like not moving the guys on his flanks early enough), but so did I. Remembering my second game, I should have assumed doom for my infantry and shot the earthshaker at the devestator squad first. As well, I could have done a little more shooting at the missile launcher squad, hopefully making things a little better for me. Kill the anti tank. I need to remember that next time I fight space marines.

MVP: it's hard to pick this one as no one was all that valuable for the points. I guess I'll have to give this one to the demolisher again as it did kill the most stuff and it survived all the way out till turn 11 or whenever the game finally ended. I don't know if I'll ever shoot the demolisher cannon at space marines again, but this tank has definitely proved it's merits in battle after battle.

Hero of the game. The valiant squad sergeant who managed to hit a biker in the face with a shovel for the kill. You held out way longer than expected against an enemy that you didn't even get a chance to shoot at. Good job!