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This game happened shortly before the first anniversary of my battle reports.

So, exciting news! For the first time in nearly two years, I've scraped together the funds to buy another box of cadians. I had to eat leftovers for 3 weeks straight, but it's going to be worth it!

This game was against the dude featured in the dark eldar games of a few games ago. This time, he was bringing back his Word Bearers, now noticeably devoid of most of the words that they could bear.

THE CHALLENGER: We qualify for Section 501(c) every year

Winged chaos lord
2x 8-man tac squads with melta, fist
2x obliterators (reserves)
10-demon mob of lesser demons (reserves)


I used list 3g, probably for the last time.

The mission: cleanse. The level: gamma. I won for sides and first turn, he got deployment. After deployment, the field looked like this:

Heh, I totally got my vets to infiltrate into his table quarter ;D Hopefully, they will be able to serve as a big enough distraction to pull something away from his main assault. Otherwise, I get a free table quarter!

Apart from that, my primary goal is to run my armored fist over to the right, while I have my sentinel, and perhaps the squad on the rocks go over and take the other table quarter, leaving my two HQ squads, an infantry squad, and a pair of tanks to hold my center.


"Wait for my signal," Melchoir hissed over the micro bead.

Melchoir's detachment had been given responsibility over a chunk of the line holding the perimeter of a ruined fortress city. For days now, there had been sporadic gunfire and light skirmishing. Thankfully, Felix had been able to infiltrate his Zonhaim into a great hiding spot just outside the city, and was able to radio back pertinent information.

It seemed that a chaos lord and his retinue had been personally assigned to punch a hole in the city defenses. Melchoir had been waiting in ambush for the last half hour.

A brief series of three clicks popped over the vox net from Felix. That was the signal.


The game begins with my flanking forces quickly spreading out, including my dragoons mounting up and driving 12" away with the chimera popping smoke.

Then came the shooting. My basilisk aimed at his right side squad and hit! The resulting 6 hits yielded 4 kills. Then, my battlecannon shot at the same squad and HIT! The first time in 50 games that both tanks have rolled a "hit" on turn 1! The resulting 4 hits yields 4 kills. Yay!

Shooting continues with both sentinels hitting his vindicator and both scoring penetrating hits. In the end, though, I roll two 1's on the damage table, and as the vehicle has demonic possession, it completely ignores the result.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Suddenly, the Folerans heard an unholy shriek from the other side of the tower. In a massive flurry of ruined wings, a possessed monster in power armor flew towards them:

In his turn, he replies by moving everything forwards as far as it will go, including the vindicator, who passed it's difficult terrain test.

In shooting, his vindicator scatters far away, only clipping two, one of which failed to wound (now you know how I feel!).

Otherwise, nothing else was in range for either shooting or charging.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Sanario looked at the demon and squinted his eyes hard in rage and righteous fury.

"Men!" he shouted to the many assembled around him, "You see now this demon before you! This tretcherous traitor is the exact scourge that threatens our friends and our families! No creature of hate and perversion can long stand against the might of we, the knights of Folera!"

"Now, in the name of the emperor, in the name of the king, in the name of Folera, CHARGE!!!"

A roar went up from the nearby troops as they barreled forwards toward the waiting demonic host:

My turn begins with my moving my forces into places of comfort around the board. This includes hiding my sentinel, moving up my vets and moving the chimera over and discharging the dragoons. Meanwhile, both command squads charge towards his demon. My hope is to hurt him as much as possible and then finish him off in assault.

Shooting begins with my earthshaker cannon targeting his vindicator, but scattering off... onto the two hapless remnants of the decimated squad, finishing them off. My battlecannon then takes aim at the vindicator, but scatters way off into nowhere. One of my lascannons misses his vindicator, but one of them hits, causing a glancing hit to the side armor, attempting to stun the vehicle.

I then unload on his chaos lord with a barrage of pistol fire from my HQ to no effect. My platoon HQ does put a wound on him with a meltagun, and, though the lasguns in the other squad did nothing, he did catch a krak missile. Then came the other squad. It missed with the missile, and then unloaded with their lasguns out at single tap range.

9 lasguns scored 6 hits scored two wounds. He failed both of his armor saves.


After this point, the field looked like this:

With his main attack sort of blunted, he has not choice bot to continue forward and hope for reserves.

His vindicator moved again, and passed it's difficult terrain roll, but his squad of CSM had a bad difficult terrain roll and only scooted forwards a little bit.

I was super concerned about the lack of being able to get into assault because now I had all of my forces in one little ball, waiting to be demolisher cannoned. Thankfully, the shot scattered and, as he'd moved, it scattered far away, leaving only a single dead guardsmen out of the whole deal.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In my turn, I hope to be able to nail his last remaining forces, and then just clear away the couple of obliterators that come in.

In shooting, my lascannons both hit his vindicator again. One of them failed to hurt the vehicle, but the other scored a penetrating hit for an "immobilized + crew stunned" result. I think I just made the tank more accurate...

Meanwile, a marine ate a meltagun blast from my platoon HQ. Now would come time for assault. Unfortunately, I only roll so-so for my army HQ, leaving me at less than an inch from being able to get into combat with them. Crap.

Now I have to make a decision. The last thing that I want is for his forces to be able to charge my command squad (even consolidating into them would be a less than desired result). I decide, then, to try and charge him with my platoon HQ. If I have even one guy remaining, it will be possible to keep them in close combat with the standard, and then charge in at my leisure the next turn.

The platoon HQ charges in and doesn't kill any marines. Unfortunately, the standard wasn't able to keep my lone officer in the fight (even without the penalties), and he broke away from the marines.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir watched as his junior officer bounced off the marines. He winced as the marines turned towards him and his retinue.

Suddenly the air around him erupted in a hail of bolt pistol fire. Man after man dropped to the ground until it was just him and Sanario standing.

With a loud roar, the chaos marines charged towards them:

"We need backup!" Melchoir shouted over the vox as he raised his powerfist, fending off a chainsword attack. Suddenly, he was whacked in the side of the face with a bolt pistol.

The officer reeled from the blow.

"Dammit! Where is everyone?!" he shouted as he took a few steps back. He turned and looked at the nearby squad for support:

At some point in the carnage, a pack of demons had appeared out of the warp and charged into the squad to his left. The men were frantically attempting to fend off blow after blow from the demons.

Melchoir turned at the last moment to see the magazine of a bolt pistol inches from his face.

The world went dark.

In his turn, his lesser demons made it in, and his CSM had an easy charge against my command squad.

My command squad was bludgeoned down even before the champion could get his powerfist into action, and my squad on the left was absolutely shredded, after having to make some 17 armor saves...

Worst of all, he rolled a 6 for consolidation for his CSM squad putting him EXACTLY at base to base contact with one of his dudes to one of my dudes.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With much of my own power now muted, and with a close combat protecting his marines, the only viable target I now have is against his demons.

I move all of my tanks in such a way to blast the crap out of them with 6 heavy bolters.

Unfortunately, after all the shooting, only 4 of the 10 went down, leaving the unit well within scoring. Meanwhile, both lascannons shot at his vindicator again. This time one missed and one only managed a glance (which is actually pretty difficult, given the strength - armor ratio), causing a "weapon destroyed" result. Looks like this is going to be one of those fluke times where you need to take apart a vehicle piece by piece...

In assault, his CSM's rip my squad apart. The lone missile launcher dude manages to run away.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, his obliterators come in. As they don't scatter when placed near the icon, and the icon is perfectly positioned next to everything I'd want to kill, having his reserves come in this late was definitely an advantage.

In shooting, his left side obliterator shot it's twin-linked meltagun and hit. He only managed a glance, though, which stunned the vehicle. Meanwhile, the other obliterator shot at my russ, knocking the battlecannon off and stunning the vehicle. Subsequent meltagunning and powerfisting added another "stunned" and an "immobilized + stunned" result.

Then his vindicator pointed his combi bolter at my sentinel. It missed it's one shot at 24" but the reroll let him hit. He rolled a 6 to glance. He rolled a 6 to wreck the sentinel. Boo.

After this point, the field looked like this:


As three penetrating hits and two glancing hits hadn't been able to bring down the vindicator, I now moved my vets in to try and hit it from behind. As well, I move my chimera over so that my dragoons can take a shot at an obliterator with its heavy bolter.

In shooting, my three heavy bolters target his obliterator and manage to sneak in a wound through the 2+ save.

Meanwhile, my lascannon sentinel hits and penetrates for a "crew stunned" result (come on). Then my vets open up with a little bit of single tapping granting them a hit, a miss and an overheat. The hit penetrates the rear armor and FINALLY takes the vehicle out. The dude who overheated failed to make an armor save...

After this point, the field looked like this:

In retaliation, he moves his oblits towards their respective tanks while the CSM's walk around the side of the wounded Russ.

In shooting, his twin-linked meltagun blows up my basilisk while the one he shot at my chimera hit and penetrated (obviously), but failed to destroy the vehicle.

In assault, his obliterator charged my chimera and punched a hole straight through the front with a powerfist, blowing up the tank! Thankfully, no Foleran was injured in the blast.

Meanwhile, his champion punches my leman russ silly with it's powerfist, easily wrecking the vehicle.

After this point, the field looked like this:


It's now do or die time. He has captured my quarter while I've got his. The only real contest, mission wise is for control of the quarter with my dragoons.

The beleaguered soldiers climb over the wreckage of their transport. They blast down a hail of lasgun fire on the obliterator as it charged towards them. One of the shots managed to make it in through the 2+ saves, downing the creature.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he scooted his lesser demons over towards the quarter with my sentinel.


My opponent killed everything but a sentinel, my vets, and my dragoons for 800 points, plus capturing my table quarter for 500 pts, for a total of 1300 points. I killed everything but a CSM squad, an obliterator, and a squad of lesser demons for 585 points. I also captured his table quarter and an ancillary table quarter for 750 points for a total of 1335 for a +35 in my favor for a draw.

In the end, a good game against a good opponent. The perfect way to end set #4. We both made a couple of dumb mistakes and had a little luck on our side, so in the end, there wasn't a whole lot more to say. As for what I could have done...

- I probably shouldn't have attacked his CSM the turn after I killed the prince. If I would have staggered out my two squads, I probably would have been more guaranteed of the charge. That being said, his lesser demons could have been able to assault my command squad the turn they popped in, so in the end, the only benefit I would have gotten would have been the chance to knock the lesser demons down to below scoring.

- As well, I really should have not forgotten to move my vets turn 1, and I should have brought them in to kill the vindicator sooner. I foolishly expected my guns to behave as normal. Why bring overwhelming firepower when you have the option of bringing VERY overwhelming firepower.

- The purpose of my infantry forces was not focused like it was in the last game. I should have used them more as a cohesive unit and drawn his forces away from my tanks around turns 3 and 4 (or, if he'd have gone for them anyways, then I would have still had scoring units in my table quarter.

- Even though it diluted my killing power against his concentrated force, this game is a clear notice to the importance of putting objectives above raw carnage. While my dragoons and vets would definitely have helped out if they would have been there to kill his marines, they were able to make WAY more points by just parking themselves on their table quarters.

MVP: This one will have to go to my dragoons. While killing the CSM squad on the right was the doing of the tanks, it was the holding of the objective that turned a solid loss into a draw.

Hero of the Game: My brave junior officer who piled into the left side CSM squad in an attempt to buy time for Melchoir and his retinue.