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So, this was the first game after the holidays (and the first with my new army case, yay!), and, tragically, the last of the escalation league. In the end, I didn't win it (but then I didn't think I would), but I DID, at least come within the top third. Go guard.

Anyways, this game would be the first public game against Chaos.

THE CHALLENGER: My psychiatrist bills by the millenium.

Chaos Lord with terminator armor, lightning claws

3x terminators with chain / power fists

CSM squad with heavy bolter, flamer
- Chosen with plasma pistol, power weapon
- Rhino with smoke, havoc launcher

CSM squad with plasma gun, melta gun
- Chosen with power fist
- Rhino with smoke, havoc launcher

Predator with 3x lascannons

THE DEFENDER: We just call it "shell shock" and move on...

I used list 3g, as last time.

The mission was take and hold on gamma. At my opponent's suggestion, we just took whichever side we were already on.

At deployment, the field looked like this (note that I set up the terrain by myself this time ;) )

This was to be the first trial of my battle group idea. Basically, I put most of my units over on one side to act as an oversized group, and then the rest of my stuff on the other side to act as the support for said group. The group's objective: capture the middle.

It was kind of convenient as well, as I started by placing both of my tanks down, which caused him to deploy most of his stuff over on the left, which meant that there was now a giant chunk of terrain between his guns and my dudes trying to get to the objective. This as well caused me to sort of make a sub-group out of just my HQ and my vets. Hopefully they would be able to pound on stuff and weaken any threats against my group.


"Melchoir! They're here!"

"Dammit!" shouted the officer as he took off into a full sprint.

Their mission had been to take an secure a city park. When Melchoir had arrived, he found it abandoned. The Foleran forces had then instigated a general sweep.

He had sent his armor up along the flank of the park to secure the other end. Unfortunately, this had gotten the attention of the previous occupiers of the park. Melchoir was now stuck with a majority of his forces caught in basically open ground.

In order to prevent all of his forces to be caught in one giant killing field, he needed to get out of the park and back into the city as absolutely quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the closest buildings were straight ahead, towards the enemy...

He starts the game by moving everything but his tac squads up 6"

In shooting, I begin to see why. He starts by firing his havoc launchers at stuff. I find it interesting that Chaos also has a credible light tank in the form of a transport. While one missile misses my sentinel of the right, the one on the left hits, immobilizing + crew stunning the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the lascannon predator managed two hits on my chimera with the turret and one of the sponsons for a penetrating hit. Unfortunately, hull down was not my friend, and the vehicle was wrecked. At least my dragoons were able to pile out without injury.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir turned and looked as the sound of the chimera's engines producing a loud whining noise before the vehicle ground to a halt.

"Everybody! " Melchoir shouted over the micro-bead, "Get to cover! Get into the buildings, Go! Go!"

The foleran forces quickly advanced towards the city, thankfully being smart enough to try and get to some cover in the process.

In my turn, I begin with some wheeling and dealing on my left. The Russ pulls over to get a shot at his predator, while the HQ moves up to try and get behind cover. Now that the vets have something useful in range, I pop them out to unload on the terminators.

Meanwhile, my group moves forward like a swarm of angry bees, shielded by the blessed size 3 cover.

In shooting, my earthshaker raises its cannon against the bunched up CSM squad on the right and scores a hit, hitting all 10 of them. I then roll to wound:

This is the kind of think that's putting me off tanks. It's been happening a lot recently where half of my hits are failing to wound. Unless GW removes the caveat where instant death weapons still need to roll to wound, I'll continue to work at phasing out these surprisingly impotent weapons from my arsenal...

Meanwhile, my battlecannon shoots and scatters a very predictable 5" away. Likewise, my lascannon sentinel missed his lascannon predator. To finish it off, the one missile launcher I could shoot hit the rhino in front of it, but the shot bounced harmlessly off it's mighty front armor.

Then my vets opened up on his terminators for 5 hits and an overheat. Of the 5 hits, one failed to wound, and two of the wounds had invul saves made against them. Alas, a lone terminator still stood despite the firepower. Likewise my lone overheat fried the gunner.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he continues his advance with everything but the predator moving up on the left, and everything on the right moving up.

In shooting, he decided to target both of his havok launchers against my leman russ, but they, very predictably, did nothing.

Then his predator opened up on my russ. Bye by, noble tank. He shot his turret and a sponson (the other one was once again obstructed), both of which hit. To my surprise, neither of the shots rolled a 5 or 6. It seemed like my russ might be able to survive this encounter after all.

... Unlike my vets. His terminator crashed into the veterans. The plasma rifle butting failed to hurt the terminator armor while the terminator hit and wounded with all 4 of his power fist attacks. The only man left standing is Felix who wisely decides to get the hell out of there. I decide not to use the standard and let him live again to fight another day.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In response, my group makes it up to the trees, with one of the squads fitting inside of the cover.

In shooting, my leman russ lined up against his predator and, despite having remained perfectly still, managed to scatter 6" away (boo) catching only some orange colored tipped-over dumpster shrapnel.

My basilisk then joins in against the predator, but it also scatters, oddly less far away than the russ (maybe the russ commander should start wearing a blindfold :P ), and manages to clip a single space marine.

My sentinels make up for all of this sorted shooting with both of them hitting and one of them scoring a glancing hit, wrecking the predator.

Meanwhile, my lone fireable missile launcher hits his right side rhino and penetrates, scoring a "vehicle immobilized + crew stunned" result.

Melchoir watched as the lone survivor of Felix's attack turned towards the veteran sergeant.

"Felix! Get out of there!" the officer shouted, turning towards Sanario.

The priest cleared his throat.

"Now men!" he began, "Let us now destroy the most foulest of traitors to the Imperial cause! Let us smite our enemies with the righteous fury! Men of Folera! Charge!"

In assault, my command squad charged in. While none of the many normal attacks managed a kill, he replied by missing with two of his three powerfist attacks, putting down only one of my retinue. The eviscerator then chops the lone terminator silly and the squad consolidates 4" away, trying to make it out of charge range of the lord.

After this point, the field looked like this:


His turn begins with continued movement forwards, getting everything in sound striking distance of the objective.

Shooting begins with his havoc launcher on his left rhino finally blowing up my poor left side sentinel.

The gunfire then continues at the other sentinel. His CSM squad's meltagun misses, as does the havoc launcher. The plasma gun scores a pair of hits, but one of the shots fails to wound. The fates finally step in and grant the other a glance to knock off my lascannon, muting the walker.

In assault, he tried to move his chaos lord in for an assault on my HQ squad, but was like 1/4 of an inch away. Phew...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now that I've gotten the situation on the left mostly under control (I think that my HQ can take out his, and my tanks can take down his, and that my tanks should make short work of the remaining CSM squad/rhino), I start to move my group in to take the objective.

Shooting begins with my basilisk, which I had brought about to do it's job as support for my group, shooting at his right side mob of CSM. The shot scattered 6"... towards my troops! Thankfully, I had targeted the marine nearly farthest away from my troops just in case something like this were to happen. Definitely a defense of the "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" axiom.

Oh well, if I can't hit them with a single shot, how about making some more shots?

Shooting continues by shooting 41 lasgun shots at his space marines, huzzah! Of those, two kill, followed up by one getting meltagunned, and another playing catch with a krak missile. Not the complete crushing I'd have hoped for, but I'll take it. Unfortunately, the remaining guy didn't run away.

Then came assault:

Assault began with him hitting with 4 of his 5 lightning claw attacks and wounding with all of them, forcing me to take out the priest due to the 'single model' rule. No biggie, I can still probably take him out with Melchoir. I mean, I still hit on 4's and wound on 2's. My officer then proceeds to hit with ONE of his attacks, and that one fails to wound...

I guess this is the karma coming back for me stopping him from being able to get into assault...

In any case, the standard kept my SO in the fight.

After this point, the field looked like this


In his turn, he moved everything but his lord and his immobilized rhino forward 6".

In shooting, his champion failed to hit my sentinel with his plasma pistol (but didn't overheat). Meanwhile, the havoc launcher on the right side rhino shot at the only credible threat (the leman russ), but once again failed to hurt it's sturdy front armor. The same happened for the left side havoc.

In close combat, the chaos lord took down Melchoir, leaving the CSM without a valid target. Even though my standard bearer is within 12" of the standard, I decide to have him look down as he inevitably runs away.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir's voice had disappeared from the company vox, but the Foleran forces knew what to do. They quickly and relatively quietly burst out of their formations, almost failing to see the traitor in their midst:

In my turn, my group races towards their objective. Meanwhile, my basilisk keeps it's movement forward and to the side so that it can get a decent shot on his CSM.

In shooting, my russ scores it's first hit of the game, blowing the crap out of the rhino and getting a wound on the lord, which was ignored by his ancient armor. As well, my basilisk hit again, once again hitting all 6 of his marines! Once again, half of them failed to wound...

To make up for this catastrophic lack of tank power (how come terminators don't fail 43% of their armor saves, huh?), I try and shoot my dragoons at his forces, and a lasgun manages to take one down. Then my krak missile from my squad that has thus far not moved shot and hit. My opponent decides to lose the squad leader with the fist rather than the dude with the meltagun. Not alltogether a terrible decision, given his proximity to my tanks.

Meanwhile, on the right, my platoon HQ opens up with it's meltaguns and hits with both. Given that they were in melta range, the rhino doesn't stand a chance.

And then, of course, I shot at his lone marine. He very predictably failed to survive the torrent of lasgun fire.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In my opponent's turn, he finally fails a leadership test, causing his lone space marine with a meltagun to bolt and run.

Given that his lord has claws, and thus can't hurt my tanks, he charges in and kills off my standard bearer (ouch).

After this point, the field looked like this:

At this point, my opponent decided to concede the fight.


I basically turned a turn four turnover for 1000 pts. He killed a sentinel, a chimera, my vets, and my command squad for 375 points, though given that I had 555 points worth of units that I could have easily earned a bonus for by spending two turns moving them towards the objective, there's nothing my opponent could have done to prevent a victorious slaughter.

- So, this kid had some very interesting ideas on how some of the rules worked. I was talking with him about things he could have done different, and asked him why he did what he did and the results were things like this:

Me: Why didn't you keep your guys in the rhino and drive them forwards? [explains rhino rush]

Him: That's because if you're in a vehicle and it's wrecked, all of your guys take a wound with no armor save.


Me: Have you considered deepstriking your terminators?

Him: Yeah, but last time I did that, they all died due to the "coming in hot" rule.

I feel kind of bad for him, as I had the impression that he had never read the rulebook, but instead had been having the rules explained to him by his father (who either was using old rules, or had read them wrong himself). Hopefully, some of these grievous errors will be hammered out, and soon. I offered to let him have my rulebook for the week, but they did, in fact, have a copy of the 4th ed rulebook...

- As well, this was a good introduction for me as to my new idea about groups. I have the feeling that it was a little underpowered (as I had to spend my extra unit to just sit there and shoot with the missile launcher). On the one hand, I feel angsty about needing to both stay still to kill what I need to kill, and to advance to complete an objective. That being said, normally I'd probably have 3 groups, one of which could play the support role.

- It's interesting that a chaos rhino gets a full-fledged missile launcher, rather than the crappy hunter-killers that the light side gets. It definitely causes there to be an alternate use for this vehicle. Is it true that he could have moved it 12" and still fired the launcher if he'd have done it in frag mode?

MVP: For this, I'm going to have to say my Russ. Even though it did jack, it provided a valuable distraction, letting my troops on the right advance. I would have preferred to have another group (so that I would have had some real firepower), but I'll take it as-is.

Hero of the Game: For this one, I'll actually have to take my infantry squad that stayed behind and dished out covering fire. While on the one side, they didn't have to advance, on the other, it would take some serious balls to sit more or less out in the open while your comrades all dive for cover.

Melchoir's new junior officer ran around the tower.

The senior officer lay bleeding on the ground, propped up against the wall. A soldier was applying pressure to a horrific set of claw wounds on his left arm and chest. Sanario was quickly sputtering out a prayer of healing.

"Melchoir, the perimeter is secured," he started.

"Good," replied Sanario, taking a brief moment from his prayer, "Go get HQ on the line, tell them to send a medic."

The junior officer saluted.

"Oh," Sanario said, stopping the officer, "And tell them to bring an exorcist, I think his wound may be cursed."

"Gaaah!" Melchoir shouted, as his arm writhed in the shredded wreck of powerfist that had only sort of blocked the lightning claw.

"Be glad he only hit you twice," Sanario said in false chastisement, before returning with great seriousness to his prayers.