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This time was exciting as it was a 2v2!

The challengers:

Tyrranid guy: 1500 pts.

3 zoanthropes
1 carnifex
1 hive tyrant
3 warriors
3 big mobs of hormagaunts.

Tau guy (I played game two against him): 1000 pts.

2 railgun hammerheads.
1 group of firewarriors
1 group pathfinders
1 group firewarriors in devilfish
1 railgun broadside with two gun drones
1 kroot mob
1 stealthsuit team (deepstrike)
1 crisis suit HQ team (deepstrike)

The defenders:

Nurgle guy: 1500 pts.

1 lascannon predator with +1 armor upgrade
1 autocannon predator with +1 armor upgrade
1 lascannon dreadnought with +1 armor upgrade
1 squads of marines
1 infiltrating squad of marines
2 nurgling mobs
1 terminator HQ squad (deepstrike)

Me: 1000 pts.

1 platoon of anti-infantry guardsmen
1 anti-infantry squad with anti-infantry chimera
1 basilisk
2 lascannon sentinels
1 las-plas demolisher
1 worthless HQ squad
1 squad of stormtroopers (deepstrike)

We rolled to pick sides, they rolled to deploy, they rolled to go first.

pregame analysis: This is super cool! I'd always wanted to do a 2v2. I had no idea what things were going to be like going into this, so I just sort of picked my targets and waited for the firefight to begin (and hope he didn't maul my basilisk).

here's what it looked like after deployment (it's kind of hard to see this many units so I'm coding them. Red=them, green=us. Dots are heavy infantry, circles light infantry, blocks are heavy vehicles, squares are light vehicles):

Turn 1

so, they got to go first. Bummer. On the right, his two hammerheads shot their railguns at one of my sentinels and both missed (omg... 200+ points of raw antitank firepower against a single 55 pt. sentinel. The distraction value of these things alone is worth the points!). His broadside hit my demolisher and blew up the demolisher cannon / stunned it. Oh well, good thing I have the lasplas. In fact, I'm glad that he took off the demolisher cannon, as I don't know when I would have been able to shoot it effectively anyways. On the left, the gigantic pile of tyrannid goobers ran forward and assaulted the nurgle marines that had infiltrated into the woods. The marines slaughtered like half of them while taking like one casualty.

Being the nice gamer I am, when the tau guy said "nah, I won't try to shoot with the kroot, they're too far away" I said "oh, well at least you should try to shoot them" He took aim at my squad next to the demolisher, and of course, both units were well within 24" of each other. So he opened up with the kroot and got 4 wounds. To make up for my good sportsmanship, the dice gods gave me their blessing. My armor saves were 3,5,5,6. One guardsman dropped.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it was our turn.

I moved my guys on the left closer to the hormagaunts / kroot so that their anti-infantry could actually do something. As well, I moved my sentinels up and out of sight of the other hammerhead. I moved my HQ forward as a distraction. My partner moved his pred and dread up.

My shooting was fairly inconsequential. My guys on the left blasted the crap out of the hormagaunts, bringing them to less than half strength. As well, I picked off a couple of kroot in the woods. My basilisk and 2 sentinels failed to hit the hammerhead on the far right. My demolisher popped smoke. My partner did much better, though, blowing up the left side hammerhead.

Then things got ugly. His nurglings charged the hormagaunts and killed some more. The marines killed the hormagats on the far left down to a handful of bugs. The tyrranid guy was almost sans little critters now.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Turn 2

Turn 2 saw more generic moving forward of their troops. The tau guy's devilfish moved just over the hill and did the fish of fury, taking out a few marines on top of the bunker. On the right, his pathfinders whipped out in front of my sentinels, immobilizing the one in front. His broadside shot through the smoke at my demolisher. He missed, then hit with the twin linked and rolled a lucky 6 on the glance. His kroot took the bait and shot at my HQ squad, killing another 1 (hehah, more great armor saves, plus the fact that I had killed some weakened his firepower).

In assault, the marines killed the hormagaunts down to like 2 without taking casualties. Ditto with the nurglings to his hormagaunts in the middle (he lost a nurgling base to do it, though).

Then, the game store guy of doom showed up and said we had 10 minutes left. Needless to say, we were so scrambling to get to the bottom of the second turn that I didn't take any more pictures.

For our part, we played to the bottom of 2 pretty well. My basilisk targeted the fish that had furied out of the devilfish and killed all but one of them (and almost took the vehicle too). My immobilized lascannon missed the hammerhead, but the other sentinel hit one of the pathfinders. I killed a gun drone on the broadside, but I couldn't kill all that many more kroot, considering that I hit with three frag grenades (7 hits per grenade) and shot a couple of heavy bolters at them.

In assault, all hormagaunts got killed. With my sentinel that shot at the pathfinders, I charged in, causing one wound and him not hurting me.

Then, we had to pack up and go :(

final results:

they killed 1 demolisher, 1 guardsman, and 5 space marines for a total of 498 pts. (we both had 199 points lost. I have no idea how his losses equalled mine). We killed all the hormagaunts, half the kroot, a squad of firewarriors and a tank for a total of 901 pts. (599 from the tyrannid, 302 from the tau).

Of course, we'd naver know for certain who would win as there were still deepstrikers (indeed, the tau guy had like 400 points of stuff in reserve), and this thing only went out till turn 2. I'm still going to go out on a limb and project a victory for our side on this one. Firstly, they lost 36% of their stuff to our 20%. Secondly, they were almost out of infantry by the end of turn 2. The only thing they had left were 5 tyrannid monstrous creatures, 2 tau vehicles and a deepstriking squad of stealthsuits / crisis suits. That isn't a lot to go up against an opponent whose army is still basically in tact (sans a heavy tank) and who had deepstriking nurgle terminators coming (plus a couple of deepstriking meltaguns ftw!).

MVP: the nurgle infiltrators. Sure they had help from the nurglings, but man, they stopped the tyrannid guy cold. Way to go perverted denisens of the warp!

Hero of the Game: kind of hard to pick one in two turns, but I'm going to have to say my lascannon sentinel. It got shot at by 3 railguns and a whole squad of pathfinders before it was immobilized (though still able to shoot!). That little 55 point distraction paid itself off in spades, keeping deadly fire off of the Nurgle tanks and my basilisk. Good job, little buddy!

Lessons learned: Hormagaunts have a terrible armor save. I really didn't know how badly they go down to concentrated firepower. As well, I added a tick to the principle of "players need to test for targets as much as their units do". I'm coming to appreciate more and more that players will generally tell their units to shoot at whatever is running at them first. Distractions for the win! Thirdly, I am starting to get put off by deepstriking. I know that this game didn't allow for them, but still, I'm starting to think that it's better to have them on the board at the beginning, even if you can't get the perfect shot off due to poorer placement / less survivability. At least if they spend a turn shooting at them, they spend a turn not shooting at something else (see previous commend about distractions).