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This game is a part of my escalation league against a person who usually plays with =I= forces, but decided to shake it up a little and take guard with =I= allies ;D

THE CHALLENGER: Who took who as whose ally?

Demonhunter Inquisitor with psycannon
- warrior with plasma cannon
- 2x warriors with heavy bolters
- 2x mystics
- 2x sages

2x 5-man vet squads with grenade launcher, heavy bolter.

5-man stormtroopers with two plasma guns

basilisk with indirect fire

THE DEFENDER: my only ally is my overdeveloped sense of cool

Senior officer with powerfist
- Priest with eviscerator, carapace
- standard bearer
- 3 dudes with LP / CCW

5-man vet squad with three plasma guns

Squad with heavy bolter.

Chimera with two heavy bolters

2 lascannon sentinels

The mission was "take and hold" on gamma. He won for sides and deployment, and first turn. I won for infiltration.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Well, my plan was basically this: I was hoping to get a few good angles in with my lascannon sentinels and nail his basilisk which, for some reason, he decided to put IN cover rather than BEHIND. Then, I was hoping to leverage the fact that he had some open space between him and the objective while I had a wall that ended basically on the objective (odd, as he picked the other side on purpose). My plan would be to wait patiently, and then wait for him to start getting movement happy and then gun him down late game and take the objective.

Infiltration sort of messed this up, though. With his vets now hiding in the trees, my right side sentinel was no longer safe (not even a scout move could get it out of LOS). As well, my command squad, which I had placed spread out and far away so as to avoid a painful encounter with a basilisk, was now in a place where they needed to spend a turn dodging machine gun fire in order to get to the wall. At least I got infiltration first, which helped a great deal to keep him away from my right side.


Melchoir walked forwards slowly. The sound of birds chirping lightly in the nearby trees grated on his heightened senses.

The officer had been sent out with a small patrolling party to secure the corner of the town. Once it was certain that the way was clear, reinforcements would be on stand by to pile in.

It was believed that a mixed group of enemy soldiers would be defending the city, and that the point of insertion was one in which an inquisitor had recently been spotted. In any case, the city was likely to be well defended, which made Melchoir's mission all that much more important.

The only thing that Melchoir hated more than the politics was these kinds of missions.

My opponent decides to make an early move for the middle. His movement begins with his stormtroopers stumbling into the woods, but the vets that infiltrated on the objective rolling well and getting up on the ramparts to shoot down at my men out in the open.

Shooting began with his basilisk shooting at my command squad but scattering several inches away into nothing. His vets shoot down at my infantry squad. The grenade launcher hit, but failed to wound, and without the heavy bolter being able to fire, there were no casualties in the end. Meanwhile, his stationary vet squad targeted my sentinel with it's heavy bolter, bringing the vehicle down :(

After this point, the field looked like this:

"Enemy units, up on the rooftop!" Melchoir shouted, "Everybody move! Move up to the buildings." The officer snapped off a wayward shot with his bolt pistol. "And remember," he added, "Don't enter the buildings until we have this area secure first!"

The officer nodded at the priest. The command squad continued to rush forwards.

Much to my happiness, my opponent had decided to throw away his vet squad. I could only oblige ;) . My only real movement was trying to frantically get into the basilisk's blind spot with my command squad. Unfortunately, this put them out in the open. I tried to get as many guys out in the open as I could so that I wouldn't have to remove either my priest or my officer. On the right, my vets get a 2 on their difficult terrain check, and awkwardly stumble forwards a little bit.

In shooting, basically my whole army opens up on his vets, easily blowing them off the objective. Meanwhile, my lascannon sentinel takes aim at the hull-down basilisk, but misses.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Like me in my last game, my opponent decided to switch gears and play it defensive for awhile. The only thing that he moved up was his plasma stormtroopers.

Melchoir dashed across the narrow gap between the trees and the buildings. Suddenly, a gout of heavy bolter fire, carefully trained on the gap, ripped through the air. A deuterium slug smashed into his powerfist, causing the disruption field to wink out. Another shot hit next to the other, crashing through the servo motors and into his arm.

The officer cried out in pain as he stumbled to the ground. The priest looked at the officer. Their eyes locked for a moment.

"Go!" the officer shouted.

So, his heavy bolter opened up and landed a pair of wounds. I was in a hell of a tough spot. I was left with three options:

1.) lose my officer, along with his +1 Ld and his 5 powerfist attacks.

2.) lose my priest, along with the eviscerator and all of the rerolls I'd get on the charge.

3.) lose my standard bearer and another soldier, losing me the standard, and forcing me to take a morale check.

After much, much wrangling, I decide to lose my officer. The unit could still be effective without him, but it couldn't be if it ran off the board, so my standard and priest would stay.

In the rest of my shooting, his earthshaker shot fired at my sentinel, scoring a direct hit (gulp!). Both shots were deflected down to glances, but both glances rolled a 6. The inevitable outcome of one hell of a trashed sentinel could not be avoided, no matter how much cover...

After this point, the field looked like this:

"All units!" Sanario shouted, "Get rid of that heavy bolter in the trees! We must save our brother Melchoir!"

With a loud shout, the Foleran forces sprung out to action against the enemy forces:

In movement, I start with a very reasonable 5 on my vet's difficult terrain check. In part feeling that I want to nail the bastard, and in part because they were the only targets left in basilisk range, I decide to move them forwards.

Likewise, the rest of my army moves into the gap. I'm planning death by epilepsy at this point. Unfortunately, my chimera is only able to move just far enough to target a couple of the stormtroopers.

In shooting, I unleash a violent gash of lasgun fire, killing three of his veterans in the trees. I'm now left with another sticky situation. On the one hand, I don't want to waste my 6 plasma shots on two vets. On the other, his remaining grenade launcher and heavy bolter (assuming they pass morale) would give my poor infantry squad one hell of a work over if they survived the turn. I decide in favor of the safety of my troops.

In the end, it was a good thing that I shot at the vets, rather than the stormtroopers, as the trees did their job of preventing him from getting killed. In the end, I just exactly killed the last two. Unfortunately, two of my plasma guns overheated, and neither of them made their armor save (I don't know If I've yet made an armor save against a plasma burn...).

After this point, the field looked like this:


Realizing that he is unlikely to get a shot in with his basilisk in it's current position, he decided to wheel it back towards the corner of the table. As well, he moved his vets out of the trees, hoping, I think, to be able to get around the hill the next turn.

In shooting, his stormtroopers open up on the remanents of my veteran squad. His hellguns kill a couple, but it takes both plasma guns to down my last guy. One of his plasma guns overheats, killing the gunner (what's with the burning today?)

With nothing presenting itself against his inquisitor, his most expensive unit is forced, once again, to twiddle it's thumbs.

After this point, the field looked like this:

"Okay, Sanario, think. What would Melchoir do?"

The priest watched on as Foleran machine guns began to spray the enemy stormtroopers caught out in the open.

"Don't enter the building until we know that the area is clear. Is the area clear?" he continued to think to himself.

In movement, I decide not to do much more than reposition my chimera for the beatdown of his stormtroopers. As well, I decide to move my command squad over to the left, not only because it will be further in the basilisk blind spot, but as well because it will put me in position for an assault on the inquisitor, if he ever gets off his building.

In shooting, the hill and carapace armor prove their worth at thwarting the Foleran firepower, and only three of his stormtroopers go down.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he tries to run his stormtroopers behind the hill, but the gravel just seems to be really loose, and the unit only gets a 2 on their difficult terrain roll. Unable to get out of LOS, he decided to charge forwards in the hopes of getting somebody. As well, he finally realises that there is absolutely nothing to gain by keeping his inquisitors where they are, and rolls very well to get them out of the building.

In shooting, his stormtroopers can't find 12", his inquisitor can't find LOS, and the basilisk (just barely) can't find something that's over 36" away.

After this point, the field looked like this:

"Sir, incoming inquisitor!" came a voice from the din.

Sanario looked through a gap in the wall to see a small band of warriors running across the field towards them.

"Excellent! Let's-" Sanario stopped himself.

"Wait," the priest thought, "What would Melchoir do?"

"Timing is key... Timing is key..."

Either Melchoir was whispering into his vox, or somewhere, sometime, Sanario had actually listened to Melchoir when it came to tactics.

"Allright, men, prepare to ambush the enemy!"

The priest heard the scream of a stormtrooper falling to heavy bolter fire.

"Oh, right, right after we cleanse the remainder of those scum."

In my turn, I don't do anything more than scoot my chimera in a little closer (just in case) and hose down his remaining storm troopers. Even if I got a 6 for my command platoon, I doubt that I could have made it all the way out to him for the charge.

After this point, the field looked like this:


By this point, my opponent realized that I was basically sitting pretty on the objective, and that he'd need to do some serious hoofing if he were to get any objective points at all.

In response to this, he moved his basilisk over 12" (like it would ever be able to hit anything for the rest of the game) and his inquisitor up another 6"

"They must think they've won," Sanario thought, "I think I'm starting to understand what Melchoir enjoys about this..."

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I begin by taking a wicked bad difficult terrain roll. My command squad wouldn't have been able to get through the building. Stuck with the prospect of botching a second difficult terrain roll and being unable to charge him, I decide to wait it out, and hope for a bad diff terrain check for my opponent.

As well, my infantry squad takes a bad difficult terrain check, and scoots a little bit back into the trees.

With nothing in LOS, or in charge range, the turn ends.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With nothing he can really do, what with my entire remaining force hiding behind the building, he decides to move his basilisk up to try and take the obvective. As well, he rolls a difficult terrain check for his inquisitor and only rolls a 3, putting him just outside of terrain. Rather than attempt a charge, he also practices caution, and moves towards the objective.

Sanario watched as the inquisitor slowed down. He would wait for the moment when they seemed least on guard.

"Wait for it..."

After this point, the field looked like this:

I've now got the sweet, sweet safety blanket of holding onto the bottom of turn 6, rather than the top. Now it's time to go all out, like there will be no retribution!

I start by rolling a 5 on the difficult terrain test for my dragoons, getting a couple into the building, right on top of the objective, and a 4 for my command squad, getting them just far enough forwards to clear the building.

"Allright! Now is the time! Men of Folera, CHARGE!"

With a great cry, the Foleran forces charged the buildings:

In shooting, I begin with my barrage of laspistols, joined with the couple of lasgun shots from my dragoons (on the second floor) which downed a couple of his low armor save dudes.

Then comes the assault:

His inquisitor doesn't manage anything, but his retinue manages an astounding three wounds that I fail to save. No problem, I think, I've still got my rerollable 13 close combat weapon attacks. Of those, only 4 wound, two of which are stopped by 6+ saves, and one of which is stopped by a 4+

My eviscerator cleans up a pair of them, but at 3 to 4, I actually lost the combat! Thankfully, my morale held. Thankfully, I had at the very least managed to knock him to under half strength.

At the end of the battle, the field looked like this:


He had less than half of his inquisitor unit left and a basilisk that was mostly, but not entirely within 12" of the objective (see page 86 in the rulebook) for a total of 213 points left. I had a lower than half strength command squad, and a chimera along with my dragoons, who counted for double points for 322 points for a +109 in my favor for a "solid victory".

A few things to note:

- At the outset, just looking at his list, I thought that this would be a brutal game for me. I tried really hard to set up the terrain in such a way where he couldn't get long, long firing lanes with those heavy bolters of his, and have there be a pocket for me to hide guys within the basilisks' range. I was dismayed when I didn't get to choose the side I wanted, but at least I was still able to do my basic plan.

- Even though I got wrangled by deployment a bit (lousy infiltrators. ... unless they're my infiltrators...), I think that my plan went off pretty well. The basilisk didn't get to do much damage, I was able to charge his inquisitor with my command squad (despite the dice), and I was able to be the only one on top of the objective at the end. I'm starting to feel like this play style (which you might call "passive" but I'd call "using closed traps") is starting to work pretty well, especially with the number of special weapons, mobile heavy weapons, and CC choppyness that I have in this 500 pt. list.

- In the end, I'm not sure that there was a terrible amount of things that my opponent could have done. We both had the same number of scoring units, but he was stuck with needing to be able to have a good line of sight for anything. When this was mostly systematically denied, he wouldn't have had any choice other than to get close to me and wait for me to pop out from behind cover and nail him.

MVP: This one will go to my ever so recently finished dragoons. Not only did they get their points back in kills, but then they went on to get it again by claiming the objective.

Hero of the Game: My sentinels. Though they met gruesome, and untimely deaths, partly due to deployment error, they still went out there and gave it their best... Even if their best was a single lascannon shot that missed...

The men had a hard time suppressing a collective chuckle.

"And furthermore," Melchoir continued in mock disappointment, "You're not even a part of the Imperial Guard, much less an officer. Did you realise that this whole time you were outranked by Corporal Pogonos?"

"Yeah, next time you can call me sir!" came a voice from the men. The men suppressed a laugh.

Sanario dashed an expression of mixed irritation and embarassment towards the crowd.

"Nevertheless," Melchoir resumed, "You seem to have proven that you haven't had your blindfold on this ENTIRE time. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I hereby bestow upon you a battlefield commission to the rank of Officer Marhsall, second class. Welcome to the Guard, officer."

The crowd burst out in a loud howl as Melchoir gave the priest a pair of officer pins.

"You know," Melchoir said with a giant wink, "If I ever lose Stips, I'm sure I could find a place for you as a backup platoon commander."

Anyways, I hope you liked game 37 and it's animated version. Stay tuned for the third game of 4 at the 500 pt. level!