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Continuing at the 500 pt. escalation level, this game was against the person who I played my last game, but this time with a new list.

THE CHALLENGER: we lost our liscences...

1x 20-elf group of guardians with missile launcher
1 5-elf dark reapers with exarch with missile launcher
2x war walkers with 2 scatter lasers apiece

THE DEFENDER: Dragoons: riding in style since m31

Command squad
- SO with powerfist, bolt pistol
- Priest with carapace, eviscerator
- Vet with LP, CCW, standard
- 3x guardsmen with LP, CCW

Hardened vets
- sarge with LP, CCW
- vet with shotgun
- 3x vets with plasma guns

Armored fist squad
- 9x guardsmen with lasguns
- guardsman with heavy bolter

- Hull and turret heavy bolters, smoke

2x Lascannon sentinels

The mission was "kill them all!" on gamma. He won for sides and deployment and first turn.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res version, click here.

I didn't really know how to deploy this game. Basically, I wanted to work some of the same castling angle as last time, except he had more units (that weren't so fast), so I thought I could split things up more. My only real regret at the time was deploying my troops inside the chimera, rather than outside on the left, near my command squad.

Basically, the plan was once again to let him come to me and then try and trap him.


"Allright, Sanario, you are just going to have to trust me on this one, okay?"

Sanario frowned, words like those could never be good.

"I'm serious," the officer continued, "this isn't open combat, this is a well-designed trap, even the slightest error could, well, you know," he said, taking a fragment of a shuriken out of his front pocket.

"This is cowardice," Sanario scowled.

"No, Sanario," the officer sighed, "this is generalmanship, something which you never learned in the ecclesiarchy."

The priest scowled harder, but looked away. The Foleran force finished setting up it's ambush.

In his turn, he moves the left side forwards towards the building in order to give himself a defensive advantage. Meanwhile his right side moved up towards the trees in the middle of the right hand side.

As nothing is in LOS, the turn ends.

After this point, the field looked like this:

"Please work," Melchoir thought to himself as he looked across the field. Suddenly he noticed that his vets were gone.

I realise that I'm in a bit of a spot with where I deployed my vets. On the one hand, I could get into the forest and nail something, but that would mean certain death. On the other hand, I doubted I was 6" away from the building behind them, and if the guardians made it into the forest, then I'd be singing certain death to a different tune. I decide to charge them forwards.

I'm now left in another spot. I think I can hit his war walker, but I'm not positive. This is the first time in 36 games that I wished I had stormtroopers. I decide to take the safer route and attack his guardians. The plasma death yeilds 5 hits and an overheat. Even though he's out of cover, I only inflict three wounds with the plasma guns, and nothing comes from the shooting of my other two veterans.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he decides to continue fortifying the left side, while charging the right forwards.

He opted not to shoot with his shuriken catapults, preferring to fleet instead, to make sure he was in assault range (as that would have been the dead wrong time to roll snakeyes for difficult terrain...).

In assault, he boldly charged into my vets, who, from their position of cover managed one last plasma kill at the last moment before being completely overrun by eldar guardians, who consolidate even closer towards my lines.

fter this point, the field looked like this:

"Did you hear that? We must save them!"

"Shh! Be quiet!"

Melchoir thought hard to himself.

In my turn, I very uncharacteristically don't move forwards. It looks like any movement on the left will be a death trap while any movement on the right is likely to get my chimera full of dudes destroyed.

I bit the bullet, and sit on my behind.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Perplexed by my lack of action, my opponent moves closer towards me, getting his walkers out a bit to test the waters.

He moved his guardians up forwards, but, not having a good shot with their missile launcher, and a bad fleet roll, they move a few inches back into the trees.

After this point, the field looked like this:

"Now, Melchoir, now!"

"I told you no, not yet!"

"Dammit, Melchoir, you take control of your troops, or I will."

The priest was met by the most icy, deathly glare he had ever been presented. He slowly spoke into his mocro-vox, keeping his eyes burning straight into those of the priest.

"All units, fall back and prepare to engage the enemy."

It took all of my willpower, but I moved all of my units back. It was a challenge by this point, getting both the sentinel and the chimera in such a place where they could be targeted by neither reaper guns, nor eldar missile launchers, nor scatter lasers.

I pop smoke on my chimera, just in case.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Certain that I'm not going to do anything, my opponent timidly moves his units out of cover. A bad difficult terrain roll leaves one of his reapers on the second floor, while his guardians and walkers advance.

Thankfully, my little bout of movement last turn was well-made, and nothing is in line of site.

Rather than returning his space elves to the trees, he decides to fleet forwards...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir watched as the Eldar cautiously moved out in to the open.

"Wait for it... Wait for it... NOW!"

With the roar of the engines, the Foleran war machine sprung the trap.

There, he did it! Now, with his forces both close, and out in the open, I decide to spring my trap.

My left sentinel darts out from behind cover against one of his war walkers while my other sentinel also sprints forwards, my chimera drives around the side of the building, unloading it's dragoons.

In shooting, my sentinel hits his war walker, but the rubble in the way partially deflects the shot down to a glance, for an "immobilized" result (no! I wanted him not to shoot!).

Meanwhile, my other sentinel shoots at his guardians and hits, but fails to wound. My turret heavy bolter and 9 lasguns open up in a massive barrage, killing only 3.

Then, in assault...

Without a witchblade, his guardians are officially negated by a sentinel rampage!

Unfortunately, though, the sentinel pilot's stomping was as good as his shooting, and neither of the close combat attacks hit.

Even though I didn't kill as much as I had hoped, at least I nutralized the threat on my right side.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he decides to keep with his plan of advancement, bringing his reapers forwards, along with his one mobile war walker.

In shooting, his immobilized war walker sent a hail of scatter laser fire my way. While he only got a penetrate and a glance, the glance rolled a 5. So long, sentinel...

Meanwhile, his war walker decides to shoot at my infantry rather than my chimera. Of his 8 shots, three make it to the wounding phase. I make all three of my 5+ armor saves (ahaha! This is why I hate multilasers!).

In assault, his guardians continue to try and both hold their position, and not get stepped on. It's only sort of successful, though, as one of them does, indeed get stomped on. Take that 400 year old artist!

They decide to play the brave card, though, and stick around.

After this point, the field looked like this:

For my turn, I decide to start moving up on my side. Basically, my dragoons remount, and then my chimera drives forwards a little bit to get its guns in non-hull-down mode against the incoming war walker.

In shooting, my pair of heavy bolters pepper the war walker causing a penetration, and two glances for the net result of two stuns, and two immobilizations.

In close combat, my sentinel again steps on a guardian, but the space elf's pointy hat absorbs the worst of the damage.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Seeing his advance breaking on my lines, he continues to move his reapers forwards, but with more caution.

In shooting, well, there's nothing that he can shoot...

In assault, the sentinel stomp fest continues with another guardian falling to my sentinel. Buahaha!

After this point, the field looked like this:

Unfortunately, I don't think that he moved his reapers close enough to me to be assaulted, and with the roll of a 2 for my difficult terrain test, I didn't even bother...

In shooting, my chimera continues it's machine gun barrage with enough carnage to down the vehicle.

In close combat, my sentinel fails to hit anyone.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I killed a war walker and immobilized another for 90 pts. He killed my veterans and a sentinel for 130 pts. for a -40 in his favor for a draw.

Well, a few things:

- Deplopyment killed me this game. I didn't exactly know what to expect (and I'm really bad at placing terrain. This particular opponent insists on actually playing by the rules in this reguard) and I didn't exactly know what my strategy was going to be. As well, I had a poor idea of how many points was worth what. If I could change it, I definitely would have put the vets on the left and my HQ on the right. Although, to be fair, I dont' know if I could have fit anything more behind the right side building.

- Even though I only fought to a losing draw, and the game was more boring than usual, I feel really proud of myself. Unlike normal, I was able to keep myself restrained enough to not just run forwards and try to kill stuff. I think by keeping myself out of LOS for over half the game, that it all wound up being better in the end. It's funny, as Melchoir and Sanario, in the end, reflect my two impulses with my generalmanship: "kill them all!" and "I'm going to be too sneaky of a bastard by half".This time, thankfully, my "Melchoir" side won over (unfortunately, not in time for my veterans), or it would have been a slaughter.

- My opponent gave a groan when my sentinel charged in. I think it's funny how the whole world seems to be stubbornly opposed to the idea of my sentinels charging in and killing stuff. Buahahahaha!

Hero of the Game: My dragoons, for boldly standing fast in the face of withering multilaser fire. Heh.

MVP: it's really kind of hard to say, but I think it's going to have to be my right side sentinel. He killed just about as much as any one other unit (as sad as that is), but he as well took out the very immanent threat from an eldar missile launcher, allowing my chimera free movement.

"And so, as we start the pyres for our slain bretheren, let us remember, that it is through discipline that we have safety."

Melchoir looked down at Sanario. The priest walked up to him, with eyes locked. The officer handed the torch to the priest. Sanario opened his prayer book.

"Let us pray. O Emperor, who is our protector and our shield..."