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Well, this is the last game before the escalation league, so this was my last chance to practice in the 500pt. range. This game was against the person against whom I played last game. This time, though, he brought eldar.

THE OPPONENT: born to ride!

4 shining spears
- exarch with withdraw / better lance
(proxied with assault marines)

8 eldar jetbikes
- 2 with shuriken cannons
- warlock with witchblade, destructor

THE DEFENDER: born to walk...

Command squad
- SO with powerfist, bolt pistol
- Priest with carapace, eviscerator
- Vet with LP, CCW, standard
- 3x guardsmen with LP, CCW

Hardened vets
- sarge with LP, CCW
- vet with shotgun
- 3x vets with plasma guns

Armored fist squad
- 9x guardsmen with lasguns
- guardsman with heavy bolter

- Hull and turret heavy bolters, smoke

2x Lascannon sentinels

The mission was "kill them all!" on gamma. He won for sides and deployment, I won for first turn.

It was a tough decision, though, which turn I should go. The terrain was set up in such a way where I assumed that he was going to go half way on turn one, and then assault me on turn two. In this case, I would want to go for first turn, as I might be able to wing a couple at the beginning, but not after he would have gotten into position behind cover. On the other hand, if I went second, I might be able to salvage a bad situation on turn 6. In the end, I decided to go first.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.


Melchoir dangled the last piece of roast beef over the small fire.

The battle up until this point had already been hard, and frantic. Two days ago, there had been two sections of infantry holding the area. Then, the Eldar came. In nearly a half a dozen lightning battles, the two forces had inflicted horrific casualties on each other. Now, all that was left was a portion of Melchoir's detachment.

The officer shuddered as the sounds of jetbikes revving up echoed all around him. Was it just another chance to psych out Melchoir, or was it going to be an actual attack this time? Melchoir looked up at his troops which had all huddled together in the shattered remains of a building.

"Commander Marshal," came a voice over the micro bead from the chimera that Melchoir had placed on watch, "They mean it this time."

Melchoir quickly shoved the piece of meat into his mouth. Hopefully this would all finally be over, as without food, ammunition, or reinforcements, there wouldn't be a next time for Melchoir if the Eldar managed to survive this fight.

My plan is basically to castle up, but with a little bit of intelligence. That being said, not a whole lot moved, with only one of my sentinels and my chimera moving to get into LOS. I was a little scared about moving the sentinel as I wanted to keep him out of LOS of the shuriken cannons, but then, this might be the only chance for the sentinel to do something.

In shooting, my chimera fires it's front heavy bolter at the jetbikes, only to find that the turret one is just barely out of range. While the machine gun patters off of the tough jetbike armor, the lascannon sentinel manages a solid hit on a jetbike.

Now to wait for his charge...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir peeked through the ruined building and was struck in his place. The deafening whine of the jetbikes and the eldar warcries were something that he expected. The phenomenal speed of the jetbikes, was not. The officer had never seen anything move anywhere close to this speed before.

"All units!" Melchoir shouted, "Prepare to fire!"

So first, my opponent made a 24" movement, which surprised me. Then, he took an extra 6" movement, which surprised me even more.

His tactic, it would seem, would be to rely on his invul saves rather than to risk not getting into close combat next turn.

After this point, the field looked like this:


"Everyone, Fire! Open fire, you idiots!" Melchoir shouted as his mind raced.

Suddenly, it struck him. The officer turned towards the priest.

"Can you catch a cat?" Melchoir asked Sanario.

"Why? I suppose I can."

"Then can you catch a speeder?"

Sanario's look of confusion melted into a form that reflected the officer's coy smile.

Well, it looks like I'll have to enact my defense earlier than planned. Given that he would be getting a crapload of invul saves, I knew that I'd have to pick only one target. I move my sentinel up on the right to possibly tie up his jetbikes, while I focus on what I think I can kill: the fewer-in-number shining spears.

Shooting begins with my vets getting an impressive 5 hits, and one overheat. His invul save is strong, however, and only one of the bikes falls, along with my gunner, whose armor couldn't save him from the plasma overheat. Shooting continues with me pouring every gun I have into him managing to get another couple of kills in through his horrific speed. My sentinel on the right shoots at his jetbikes.

Now comes the time for the assault:

To my opponent's surprise, I decide to charge his shining spears. I figure that I'd rather NOT be subjected to S6/8 power weapon attacks, and throw in my command squad and the nearby sentinel. I would just have to hope that his two dudes wouldn't survive to withdraw the next turn.

The melee begins with a couple of shots from him with the only hit failing to wound. I then dump 13 rerollable attacks on him, hitting with quite a few. Of this fury of guardsmen lunging themselves onto 200Km/h flying motorcycles, one of the two goes down. My sentinel then hits with both of his attacks and manages to kick the exarch off of his bike ;) Unfortunately, with the quarry down, my big choppy bits don't get to kill anything. Both units coincidentally consolidate 3".

Meanwhile, on the right, I learn about my opponent's witchblade, and decide not to engage the jetbikes with my sentinel.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Let's just say that me killing his spears with a bunch of dudes with chainswords put him out of sorts. He decides to fly clear over the building to land some revenge: eldar style.

Melchoir quickly started to run towards the other group of jetbikes when suddenly they disappeared. The officer's eye twitched for a moment before turning around to see the bikes behind him.

The air filled with tiny, whirling blades.

Boo for eldar getting storm bolters.

Though I was able to avoid any instant kills from the cannons, the massive weight of 7, twin linked, AP 5 weapons, was more than enough to take down my command squad. Maybe if I had had carapace on my officer, it would have been different, but there probably wasn't anything I could do for them when I failed to consolidate back into cover.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now it's time to close in for the kill. With most of my army still in tact, and with neither a cover save, nor turbo boosting on their side, this would be my only chance to wipe my opponent.

In movement, the only things that move are my vets getting closer, and my right side sentinel getting LOS.

Then the shooting begins. It starts with 4 hits from plasma guns, downing 4 of the jetbikes, and continuing with my chimera missing with all three heavy bolter shots with the first gun, and hitting all with the second. The dice on the right are my "to wound" rolls, the dice on the left is what he rolled for armor saves:

Add to that a pair of lascannons, another heavy bolter and a squad of lasgun fire, and the result is a nearly completely massacred jetbike squad.

The lone survivor (the warlock) doesn't run away, but by this point, it really doesn't matter...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Whipped into a frenzied rage, the enemy warlock sped up towards the infantry squad hiding in the building.

With a massive psychic roar, the energies of the warlock engulf the poor guardsmen in the building, killing all but the heavy bolter gunner, who passes his morale check with an "insane heroism" roll.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In my turn, I move my sentinels in. Worst case, I'll have to go for a sentinel bomb.

Thankfully, rather than going badly, one of my sentinels hit with a lascannon, ending the match.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I killed everything for 500 pts. He killed my command squad and definitely brought my infantry squad down to less than half strength, for a total of 206 pts. for a +294 in my favor for a "crushing victory"

Well, as confirmed by my results, I think that my plan was pretty good from the get go. In the end, most of my contingency plans sort of just flew out the window, as my opponent just sort of let himself be a target.

My only possible regret is not charging with my sentinel on turn 2. I'm pretty sure that his warlock was out of 2" range, which meant that I would have tied him up for a half a turn. Maybe then my command squad could have gotten in and finished them off with no appreciable casualties. I don't know.

As well, I had placed my chimera out of the way to serve as a distraction. I don't think it was all that bad that it didn't fulfill it's purpose, but I might have deployed that unit differently should I have known the way the battle would have gone.

MVP: As much as I want to give it to the single heavy bolter that took down three jetbikes and a shining spear, I'm going to have to pass this one on to my command squad. I think this victory may have been won with the psychological damage caused by the destruction of the shining spears.

Hero of the Game: This one goes to my right hand sentinel for bravely acting as at least a temporary distraction by charging elf punks on bikes...

"Ow, damn it!" cursed Melchoir to himself.

"What is it?" asked Sanario.

Melchoir undid his belt and lifted up the side of his field blouse. A tiny glint reflected out of the middle of a horizontal rash on his side. Holding up his shirt with his teeth, he carefully used his fingernails to get a hold on the tiny glint. With careful effort, accompanied with more swearing into his shirt, Melchoir removed a two inch shard of a shuriken that had ebmedded itself into his flesh.

"Damn it." Melchoir said, throwing the shard on the ground and spitting in it's general direction.

"I have a renewed hatred for Eldar," The officer muttered to himself.

"Oh, you've hated Eldar before?" asked the priest.

"It's a long story," replied, as he padded off a few drops of blood with his tunic.