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In this game, I delve back into the thousand point realm. It's probably my last chance to play this points value for awhile. This game was against the blood angels player of game 22.

THE CHALLENGER: The only chapter with a permanent connection to the red cross

captain with lightning claws, jetpack
10-man assault squad
10-man tac squad broken into group with ML and group with flamer
2-man death company
5-man tac squad with two meltaguns, in drop pod.

THE DEFENDER: white and brown, smack 'em down!

I used list 3e with the bottom half of my demolisher subbing as my hellhound.

We played kill them all on gamma. I won for sides, he won for deployment and first turn.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Well, I knew that he would be charging like a maniac into me, so my strategy was to create two different battle groups. The first, on the right, consisted of a squad, the HQ and the bassie, while the other was the vets, hellhound, and a lot of anti light infantry guns. Hopefully I could blast one of the flanks dead, and then be able to have that side support the other. As well, I planned to kill the vindicator, but I wasn't too worried about it, as every turn that it moves, it scatters really badly.


Melchoir looked out through his field glasses. He could clearly see the blood angels force in front of him.

The officer sighed, "Again with the blood angels"

"I'd ask them to leave us alone," the priest replied, "but I ever so much like chopping them in half. Righteous sons of Sanguinius, my foot."

Melchoir passed a second glance through his magnoculars and then switched back on his micro-bead.

"Allright, everyone, you know the drill"

In his turn, he breaks apart his ooey, chewy assault squad into an un-basiliskable formation. Everything else, other than the 5-man squad with the missile launcher charges forwards.

The vindicator pops smoke.

The missile launcher missed. Nothing else was in range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I start by fanning out my forces on the left so that I can get in the most number of shots at his assault marines. I then scoot my basilisk a little bit over (pushing the command squad out of the way) to get a better set of angles on his stuff. On the right, I move my sentinels forwards. Not only do I want to make a side shot on the vindicator available in the near future, but I also want to provide some distractions for his death company. The last thing I need is a single jetpack goober blowing up my basilisk.

In shooting, my basilisk starts by targeting his vindicator. Even though he's smoked, if I got a hit, I would be likely to at least stop him from shooting the next turn. As well, it was centrally placed, so that if I scattered I'd probably still hit something. Well I did scatter, 6" in a direction that left it completely void of targets.

My anti-vehicle weapons go to work, managing to shake his vindicator. Then, left with either shooting at the front armor of the vindicator, or vaporizing one of his two death company members, I chose the latter, but miss.

On the left, I pour a mad torrent of fire down onto his assault marines. The hellhound blast hits, catching 4 in the wave of flame, while 5 heavy bolters, and a battery of lasgun fire joins in harmony. In the end, the shooting only kills 4 of the 10.

After this point, the field looked like this:


His turn begins with his drop pod marines scoring a "hit" with their scatter, and landing right in front of my stuff. Everything else scoots forwards and to the right, with the exception of the assault marines, who target my left side squad.

In shooting, his missile launcher hits my rearward sentinel, knocking it down. In the center, though my basilisk was out of melta range and hull down, it succumbed to the pair of marine meltaguns.

In assault, his death company takes the sentinel bait. A pair of hits cause a pair of "vehicle explodes!" results. The resulting explosion kills one of his death company members (heh). On the left, his assault marines charge in. He killed about half the squad, but I took one down with me.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In response, I enact evasive maneuvers to shake the left side. I start by dumping out my dragoons as a distraction, while moving my chimera and hellhound in such a way as to protect the veterans.

In shooting, my center squad unloads on his lone death company member, dragging him down through sheer weight of firepower.

Meanwhile, on the left...

Melchoir winced as he saw smoke erupt from the basilisk. Ahead of him was their quarry: the drop podded space marines.

"Allright, men!" the officer shouted, "let's kill those bastards!"

The men shouted as they barreled into the marines.

The battle began with the marines sneak attacking Melchoir. The officer frantically tried to fend off the flurry of chainsword attacks when a pistol whip to the the face sent the officer crumbling to the ground.

The rest of the command squad looked in shock as they charged.

Sanario quickly worked to salvage the sitiation.

"Everyone, for Melchoir, we must fight twice as hard!"

The close combat begins with killing a marine with a laspistol (first and only time...). He then choses to attack my officer, who is unable to bounce all of the shots off of his armor. Then, in a rage, my normal troopers hit 11 of their 13 attacks (yay for rerolls!) which score an impressive 5 wounds. For the first time in awhile, I get some really good luck, as he fails 4 of his armor saves. The last, lone marine gets hacked silly by the eviscerator. The squad consolidates backwards.

On the other side, his assault marines win, and decide to stay in the building.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He starts his turn by taking my precious bait and moving the assault marines over towards the dragoons. Much to my surprise, though, he moved his captain up towards my command squad, possibly being within assault range. As well, he scoots his vindicator forwards. Yes, inaccuracy, ho!

In shooting, his bolt pistols make a mess of my dragoons, and his vindicator scores a "hit". Thankfully, the one partial he got failed, and two of the shots failed to wound.

In assault, he plows into my dragoons, knocking them off with ease. His captain does, indeed, just manages get to charge my command squad. His several attacks cause enough wounds to kill everyone in range (including my priest). My two remaining guys decide to run away, letting him just barely consolidate into my center infantry squad. Crap.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it's time to move in for the kill on the left. Otherwise, there isn't a lot else left to move.

In shooting, I begin by missing with my chimera's guns, but hitting with my hellhound, hitting every one in the squad, for two dead assault marines. Then my plasma guns open up. The guns wipe the remaining marines, while causing two overheats. Neither of my vets manage to make the armor save. At least they did their job.

Meanwhile, my platoon HQ missed his encroaching marines with it's lascannon, but the officer hits with both of his laspistol shots, actually scoring a wound. As the guy in the very front with the flamer was the only guy in range, he's forced to lose his special weapon. :)

In assault, his captain manages a healthy load of carnage on my squad, taking no damage in return, but the squad refused to run.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, the only things that move are his small group of tac marines.

Shooting begins with a slough of bolter shots. As I was unable to make a 4+ save, all by my officer and lascannoneer go down.

His vindicator takes aim at my chimera and rolls a "hit" easily penetrating and then destroying the vehicle.

In close combat, his captain seriously flubbs it, taking down only one guardsman. In return, I sneak in a wound on the captain. Yay for having a LP+CCW sarge in the squads ;)

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I move my lascannon away from instant death range, and hope to finally be able to get a shot at the vindicator around the drop pod. On the left, I move back my hellhound and get my veteran into place to be able to spring an ambush on the captain.

In assault, his captain manages another few kills, but the squad still doesn't run away, in part thanks to the nearby officer.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moved his vindicator forwards, careful not to expose too much side armor to the plasma gunner. As well, his tac squad moves forwards towards my officer.

The only shooting that happens is his vindicator, which fails to kill my lascannoneer with its storm bolter.

In a change of heart, he decided to have his tac squad charge into the center fray.

Along with the captain (who once again sucked it up with his lightning claws), they bring the squad in the middle down to two. They AGAIN refuse to run. Crap, there goes my ambush.

After this point, the field looked like this:

I start my turn by rolling well for my lone veteran's difficult terrain test. The movement just barely gets me a pair of shots at the side armor.

Shooting begins with the platoon HQ lascannon missing. The vet's plasmagun then opens up, getting an overheat and a hit. The hit causes a penetration. The end result, though, is an "armament destroyed + crew stunned". The plasma gunner's armor fails to protect it from the overheat...

In assault, his forces butcher the last of my center squad, and consolidate towards the platoon HQ.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he jets his captain over towards my officer, and his tac marines over towards my lascannoneer.

In assault, both of the remaining platoon HQ members are killed.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, my hellhound blasts it's inferno cannon at his tac squad. The shot misses. All but one of the rerolls miss. The one hit fails to wound. The heavy bolter does nothing...


In the end, I killed the death company, the assault marines, and took a wound off of his captain for a total of 675 pts. He killed everything but my hellhound for 877 pts. for a -302 in his favor for a "solid defeat"

This battle was weird, as I can't figure out what I did wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My overall impression is that the things that I took to kill space marines basically did their job, while the things that aren't supposed to be good did absolutely nothing (which is a little surprising). I the end, I think I'm going to change my list to put my a Russ back in. What to do with my platoon HQ, though?

MVP: The veteran squad. In the end, I'm pretty sure that it was the only squad that made it's points back, and if the last shot would have killed the vindicator, it might have been a draw.

Hero of the Game: My dragoons. Sometimes, they're just bait. If they ever figured that out, I'm sure I'd be in trouble, but a round of posthumous medals should keep things in order.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed what will probably be my last 1000 pt. game for awhile. Can't wait 'till escalation league starts!