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Well, the excalation league, it seems, won't start for a little while, but I'm going to have some time to practice before it gets going for real. Thus, these next couple of games will be at the 500 pt. level. This time, my opponent was the tau player from several games back, that has since grown his army by quite a bit (he now runs a ton of suits). Too bad that you can't use them with the combat patrol rules we're using.

THE CHALLENGER: My Sha'zam will kick your ass!

2 6-fish groups of firewarriors with markerlights, targeting arrays
1 5-suit stealth suit team
1 hammerhead with railgun, smart missile system

THE DEFENDER: guard without artillery is like eyes without pupils

Command Squad
- officer with power fist, bolt pistol
- priest with eviscerator, carapace armor
- veteran with standard, bolt pistol, CCW
- 3 veterans with bolt pistols, CCWs

Armored Fist
- squad with grenade launcher, heavy bolter
- chimera with 2x heavy bolters, stubber, smoke

- lascannon

Hardened Vets
- sergeant with plasma pistol
- 3 vets with plasma guns
- vet with shotgun

The mission was "kill them all!" on gamma. I won for sides, he got deployment. He won the roll for infiltrators, but gave it to me. I also won for first turn, and seriously considered giving it to him, but in the end took it anyways.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Well, basically it's the two of us hiding behind our buildings. In this game, it would easily be possible for me to get by without taking a single casualty, but that would be the most boring game in existence. Instead, I decide to try my hand at playing an offensive game: something which I don't do very frequently.


The two armies had been stationed across from each other for hours. Both of the forces were small detachments that had managed to all but physically bump into each other while on patrol. What was left of the two forces after they had both hastily retreated now sat fortified across the grassy path.

Sanario was scowling. "You know we shouldn't have retreated from that fight, Melchoir."

"There's no point in charging blindly forwards just because we got caught off guard. Haven't you been paying attention, all these battles?"

The priest had been trying to reason with the officer all this time. Now it was time to take the gloves off.

"Melchoir, as a man if the king, is it not your duty to bring victory to the crown to preserve the integrity of Folera?"

"Yes, but-"

"And as a man of the emperor, is it not your duty to destroy the enemies of the imperium wherever they stand?"

"Of course, but-"

"How then, could you destroy your honor, your credibility? How could you want to be the slime of the galaxy? No, Melchoir, now is the time to take up the standard and advance bravely! Now is the time to raise your status from like that of a worm, to like that of a god. Now is the time to be the pinnacle of all things Foleran: courageous, brave, and wealthy beyond our means from the spoils of war!"


"Now Melchoir! Now is the time! Now we must go forewards and crush the enemies of Folera. For the king! For the Emperor!

Melchoir could feel himself start to get fidgety. For some reason, Melchoir could never come to resist Sanario's demagoguery. Common sense, aside, he could feel a righteous fury creeping into his mind until his sense of duty and rage were about to boil over.

"Allright, allright!" Melchoir finally stammered through clenched teeth.

"All units, advance!"

In my turn, I start to advance my units. On the right, my sentinel moves into line of sight to take advantage of the fact that the skimmer hasn't moved yet. On the left, my chimera moves forwards to provide an iron wall which everyone hides behind.

In shooting, my chimera manages to get a couple of kills on the top-floor firewarriors through the cover of the building. My sentinel hits his hammerhead, but fails to penetrate its front armor.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he responds by moving everything to the right. He starts by moving his stealth suits in an attempt to hide them, and continues with his hammerhead which bolts out into the open to kill my sentinel.

In shooting, the only shot he gets is with his railgun, which hits, and easily blows up the sentinel.

After this point, the field looked like this:


"All men," Sanario shouted to those gathered around him, "Advance on the enemy! Kill them all! Emperor protect us!"

"Belay that order," Melchoir murmered into his micro bead, after setting it to the vehicle channel, "Chimera, protect us."

"Yes, sir" came the response.

The Foleran forces moved out into the open.

In movement, I start my grand assault, moving my chimera forwards and hiding everybody behind it. My chimera, faced with the prospect of instant railgun death, pops its smoke.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he continued to wheel his stealth suits around, while bringing his hammerhead in a bit for protection

In shooting, the only shot he got was with his hammerhead which fired at the smoky front armor of my chimera and hit, but miraculously failed to even glance the vehicle. Sort of a waste of a smoke grenade...

After this point, the field looked like this:


Well, I basically had two choices at this point. On the one hand, I could continue my relentless march up the field. I doubted, however, that I would be able to present the front armor of the chimera to all targets, and feared it's destruction from the railgun. On the other hand, I could whip my army forwards and dump out my armored fist. Hopefully he would then be forced to spend a turn of firepower focusing on the front while my vets and HQ got into position.

I chose the latter. My chimera gunned it forwards and dumped out its cargo, while my hq and my vets fanned out as much as possible to prevent a submunitions shot from the railgun.

"It's time to spring the trap, Melchoir!"

"I don't know, Sanario."

"Do it! Everybody charge!"

My dragoons piled out of the chimera and shot at the already injured firewarriors on the top floor. I unloaded a huge barrage of lasgun fire, and hit with my frag grenade. After the dust had cleared, I killed ... one...

After this point, the field looked like this:

The dragoons fired mercilessly towards the firewarriors up on the ledge. Suddenly, from nowhere, came a group of tau suits:

Melchoir could here the sounds of gunfire from behind the chimera. He could only pray that the troops were doing well. The officer looked to his right and heard the sound of skimmer engines whining. "Incoming hammerhead!"

In shooting, his burst cannons opened on my dragoons, Unfortunately, as there were more people outside of terrain than in, the troops didn't get a cover save, killing 9 of them (including people that would have otherwise gotten a cover save...). The last one is easily cleaned up by the four firewarriors on the top.

Meanwhile, the other group of 6 firewarriors opened up on my chimera scoring an astonishing 3 penetrating hits! The results of which immobilize it, knock the turret heavy bolter off (with a second immobilize) and a vehicle stunned result.

The rail gun targets my vets and shoots with it's burst cannon. The shot hits, hitting ALL of my vets. All of the shots wound. My vet squad is instantly vaporised in a giant shotgun blast...

After this point, the field looked like this:


Well, that sucked.

"Keep charging, men!" Sanario shouted, "There is no retreat from these vile offenders!"

I have little to do other than hope that I can get my command squad into close combat with something. I move forwards, but get a 3 on my difficult terrain role, so the assault is a no-go.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, the stealth suits that I couldn't quite charge jump out of the building. At least one of his guys crashed into terrain...

In shooting, he starts with his firewarriors causing another horrid number of penetrating hits, blowing up the vehicle. Then his burst cannons opened up on my command squad, killing everybody, but only taking a wound off my priest. His smart missiles open up hitting and wounding with every shot. The goddess of luck finally pays attention to these abberations, and grants me with the mollifier of passing every one of my 4+ carapace saves.

The air exploded around them. Missiles and fragmentation weapons turned the air into a cloud, more filled with metal than air.

Sanario watched as blast after blast slammed into the command squad. Screams surrounded him, as small clouds of blood piled up to match the clouds of shrapnel. Suddenly, a missile slammed into the priest's carapace armor, shocking him into his sensed.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" The priest shouted, injured, leading a one man charge against the enemy:

At this point, my opponent wanted to just end it. All I had left on the field was a single, injured priest. He decided to charge Sanario with his big pile of stealth suits.

His close combat went typically poor, with only 3 suits in range, his 9 attacks only yielded a couple of wounds, which I saved with my carapace armor. Then I chop back, hitting once, for one stealthsuit down. He doesn't fail his morale check.

After this point, the field looked like this:


"Die, die you xenos scum!" The priest shouted as he lifted his mighty blade high into the air. He crashed it down hard, spinning teeth ripping straight through the steal suit's armor. He quickly dodged a fumbled attack and used his massive blade to chop the offending arm off.

Blood sprayed onto his face, wreathing his insane eyes.

In close combat, his couple of attacks once again fail to do anything. I, on the other hand, hit with both of my attacks, ripping two of the stealth suit team to shreds.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, his measly pair of close combat attacks, tauishly fail to hurt my priest.

Sanario, spitting out blood, sweat, and liquid rage, chopped hard into the remaining stealth suit. The suit crumpled to the ground, spitting out gore and metal fragments as the whirling teeth of the massive chainsword continued to spin inside of it.

The priest looked up. There seemed to be nothing else to kill, until he turned and looked at the hammerhead.


My priest easily won the fight, and consolidated 3" towards the hammerhead.

Cue heavy metal air guitar.

After this point, the field looked like this:


The preist charged forwards. His feet pounded into the earth, treading up the dirt of valor into the air. The scream of his blade echoed the scream of his righteous fervor.

He made it up to the vehicle:

With a mighty chop, Sanario's eviscerator slammed into the hammerhead, crashing straight through the railgun and top of the armor. The priest screamed as, with a massive effort, he drew the blade across horizontally, slicing through the skimmer's cabin, and ending the mighty arc by chopping through one of the engines. The vehicle immediately began smoking, and sending off klaxons, crashing to the ground.

The priest, in a daze watched the hammerhead as it collapsed in front of him. As if in slow motion, he looked to the left, blood and sweat trickling down his face. Suddenly, a blast of energy came from the building.

In my turn, I was able to get at the side armor of the hammerhead (well, there was a bit of discrepancy as to what happens when you start your charge from right on the line between front and side armor. I did what I usually let my enemies do in this situation: pick). He had forgot to move his skimmer (oops) so there would be no auto-glance, but he was still a skimmer, so I needed a 6. Thankfully, 3 attacks, when I can reroll misses, statistically gives me a hit. My one hit scored a penetrating hit for a "vehicle wrecked" result.

In return, he takes a couple of fairly bad difficult terrain rolls, only putting 3 of his firewarriors in 12" range of my priest. Most of the shots hit. None of them failed to wound. One of the shots managed to get through my carapace armor, and Sanario finally falls to his wounds.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He wiped my army for 500 pts. I killed everything but a pair of firewarrior squads at above half strength (grrr) for 330 pts. for -170pts in his favor for a "solid defeat".

So, this was my first attempt at a truly assaulty tactic. There are definitely a few things to learn.

- the cover provided by vehicles is the most important thing when out in the open. In this case, I should have not gunned forwards and let him kill the chimera (along with some of the guys inside) as that would have kept my good units alive long enough to do something.

- if you can't get a majority of your units into cover when whipping out of a transport, don't get out of the transport. Losing some guys is a chance, having them not take cover saves guarantees their death.

- in this case, I should have let him have first turn. The ability to take a chance and get his skimmer while it hadn't moved was nothing in comparison to making him waste one of his six turns just standing there hoping in vain to get a target. I suppose I'll have to just get used to not having artillery for awhile to make a first turn worth it for me.

MVP: The rest of my army killed 30 pts. of firewarriros. Sanario killed ten times that. I'm going to have to go with the priest on this one.

Hero of the Game: As tempting as it would be to give this to the lone sentinel that stared down the railgun, I think I'll have to give this one to my priest, who also stared down a railgun alone, as well as the whole rest of the enemy army.

The remnants Tau force had made it back to their camp. Undermanned, they had decided to simply return, bringing with them the report of their success, along with the stories of a demon that the guardsmen had bound. Ten foot tall was he, with a demonic chainsword even taller...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed game 33, stay tuned next week for another round of training for what has now been declared the "2007 Armored Gopher Escalation League Pepsifex challenge". You'll get it, once the owner gets the pepsifex embronzed...