Well, here it is. The end of the third set of my public game series. To see my last game, click here. To view my next game click here. To view my batrep registry, click here.

This game is against a space marine player, which is odd, given how long it's been since I've played against one. I suppose reoccurring games against the same opponent will do that.

THE CHALLENGER: Once you've gone black (templar) you can't go back

Emperor's champion
- with squad Some other HQ choice
- with squad (with meltaguns) in drop pod pistol and chainsword squad
- with meltagun in drop pod venerable dreadnought
- with TL lascannons, missile launcher, in drop pod land speeder
- heavy bolter

The Defender: White and brown, smack 'em down

I used List 3c, as usual.

The mission was Recon on Gamma. He rolled for sides, deployment, and first turn (which he gave to me).

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res version, click here.

Well, I pretty much didn't know what to expect here, as his whole army was going to drop in. This isn't the first time that I've had drop-happy opponents, so hopefully this shouldn't be TOO hard. First time against Black Templar as well, but hey, a space marine is a space marine, right?


Melchoir peered through his field glasses.

He had been ordered to a remote set of ruins, now coming under siege from its worst enemy: the jungle. He had been given little information, other than that there were black templar of an unknown force size, and that he was to proceed with caution.

His magnoculars focused in on a small group of space marines.

"Oh," muttered Melchoir, "This is going to be easy."

"How so?" asked Sanario.

"There are only a dozen of them."

The officer handed the magnoculars to the priest and gave the order for a general advance

I begin the game with movement of my forces on my flanks. Given that there isn't a whole lot on the table, I don't want to play my hand too quickly, though.

In shooting, I find my demolisher to be disappointingly short on range, but my basilisk didn't scatter all that far away, and thus was able to wing a couple of black templar. To my surprise, this just makes them angrier and they get a free 6" move due to my shooting.

At this point, my opponent informs me of the templar rules of "and they shall know no cover save" and "I get a 6+, so there". Mysterious lot, they...

After this point, the field looked like this:

In retaliation, my opponent moves his forces forwards into a position of half cover.

Nothing is in range.

Melchoir watched as the space marines came rushing forwards out from behind cover.

"Allright, men, full advance!"

The Foleran forces started to spring an open trap.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In an almost mechanical way, I move my forces forwards.

This time, lots of stuff is in range, and, as the intervening terrain is only size 2, lots of stuff is in LOS of my tanks.

In shooting, my earthshaker hits dead on, killing many of the templar on the board. My demolisher cannon scatters way off, but a couple of lascannons kill another, though I don't manage to hit his speeder.

He fails his morale test, and the emperor's champion, accompanied by only a pair of space marines, decide to run away behind the jungle foliage.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he gets drop pods.

All three of them. Nothing scatters more than a few inches.

The templar pile out:

Melchoir watched in horror as several large, mechanical monstrosities descended from the sky. The air suddenly opened up in a roar of gunfire. The officer watched as his exposed tanks and troops were suddenly, and viciously barraged by a hail of gunfire.

In shooting, his twin-linked lascannon (with tank hunters upgrade) penetrated the front of my demolisher for an "Immobilized + crew stunned", while a meltagun penetrated my basilisk for a "Armament destroyed + crew stunned". Meanwhile, the land speeder shot at my sentinel for a glance and a penetration (that wasn't stopped by hull down) to wreck my sentinel. In the center, his newly arrived squad shot at my guardsmen, killing 7 of them, but they decide to stick around.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My vehicles may be gone for now, but I still have units that I can take to this combat. I start by moving my command squad out of the jungle towards his right side drop troops. On the left, I move in my chimera and unload the dragoons.

In shooting, everything in my command squad misses, but I am able to hit his speeder with a lascannon for a "crew shaken" result. My sentinel lascannon hits his dreadnought for a glance for a "vehicle destroyed" that was rerolled down to a "vehicle shaken" result. Meanwhile, my demolisher pops smoke.

On the left, I open up with 1 heavy stubber 3 heavy bolters, 3 grenade launchers and 36 lasgun shots, to score only TWO kills. This just makes the templar angry, who move 5" into the remanents of my second squad and wipe them out in close combat, allowing for a 6" consolidation behind their drop pod.

On the other side:

"Charge them!" rose the cry of the priest over the roar of gunfire.

The command squad plowed into the templar squad. The space marines got the jump on the command squad, causing a few to go to the ground before the action could really begin. Once they got into it, though, the results were brutal. Eviscarator shots and powerfist punches flew into the fray.

Melchoir looked around him. Something was wrong. Rather than crushing the space marines in their carefully devised trap, these templar seemed to be almost invincible to his blows. The battle started to close in around the officer.

"We've got to get out of here!" Melchoir shouted in a panic.

In assault, he got a couple of kills in with his power sword, but the rest of his troops were pretty ineffectual, toting bolters, and not getting the charge. My officer scores a mere one powerfist attack, which after the rerolls, gets upgraded to three. One of the marines passes his 6+ save. My priest gets one hit on the space marine's HQ independant character and picks up another one on the reroll. One of them is saved by the 6+ save.

Rather than winning combat 5-4, I lose combat 3-4. I fail my morale test. I fail it AGAIN on the reroll. Come on...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Picking up on his wild success of the last full turn, my opponent decides to move his forces over to the left towards my remaining forces. He also moves his dreadnought out of LOS of the demolisher.

With not a lot available for shooting, he decides to skip on to the assault phase. He makes it up to my dreanoughts, killing 4 of them on the charge, my dragoons do nothing in return. My dragoons fail their morale test and run off the board...

his massacre allows him to consolidate 4" into my squad hiding in the building.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In my movement phase, I move the couple of things that I can in a forwards direction, trying to get away from his crazy consolidating templar.

In shooting, my chimera unloads a huge gout of machine gun fire on his speeder, but only manages a single glance for a "crew shaken" result. Meanwhile, my demolisher, in the hopes that I can scatter off of the drop pod ONTO the dreadnought, fails in his mission when he rolls a "hit" on the drop pod for a "immolized + crew stunned" result (real useful). My lascannon sentinel does, however, manage to hit and glance the dreadnought for a "immobilized" result that, after the reroll, gets reduced to a "crew shaken". My balcony lascannon also hits and scores a penetration for a "vehicle destroyed!" result that got rerolled down to "armament destroyed + crew stunned". At least I got to take the lascannons off...

In close combat, his templar kill a couple of guardsmen who do nothing in return. My guardsmen fail their morale test (AAARGH!), and are caught in the sweeping advance.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves everything on the left side in for the kill.

In shooting his 2 machine spirit storm bolters score an astonishing 4 hits and 4 wounds. Thankfully, the dice gods didn't want to push my punishment too far, and the cover saves made it so that the shots did what they were expected to do: absolutely nothing.

Shooting continues with his dreadnought scoring a glance on my sentinel for a crew shaken, and a meltagun blast into the side of my chimera destroys it. Both the chimera and the basilisk were destroyed with a "vehicle explodes!" result, but neither of the blasts made it more than 2".

After this point, the field looked like this:


Having nothing really available to move, I scoot right on to the shooting.

My lascannon up in the balcony scored a hit for a glance for a "vehicle destroyed!" which, after the reroll, was brought down to a "vehicle shaken" (sigh).

My demolisher, though immobilized, turned it's turret towards the building. It shoots its mighty cannon and HITS. The resulting blast threw 3 wounds at my guys on the top floor and hit all but one and two partials (one of which hit). As the black templar don't get a cover save, they were gooified. Only one of them passed their 6+ save, leaving three guys left. This, of course, just makes them angry, and they get a 6" move which they take to climb up to the balcony.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In retaliation, he storms his dreadnought (shaken, though undetered) forwards while moving his meltagunners down a level in the building.

In shooting his meltagun shot hits the demolisher, and penetrates the reinforced side armor for a "vehicle destroyed!"

After this point, the field looked like this (note that the sentinel is errantly marked as being affected by enemy gunfire):

In my turn, I move the one thing I can move: the sentinel, 2" through terrain.

I shoot my lascannon. I hit, I glance. This time, he doesn't make me reroll, as I am only able to shake the dreadnought.

After this point, the field looked like this:

He finishes the game by piling his dreadnought and powerfist into my sentinel, blowing it up, and his speeder finally managed to kill off my command squad down to my lone junior officer.

At the end, the field looked like this:


Counting double for what he had left in my deployment zone, he got 955 pts. I didn't manage to wipe any single unit off the table, but I did kill some stuff for a total of 207 pts. for a -748 in his favor for a very Crushing Defeat.

A few things:

- Well, that was my first time fighting the black templar, and they definitely play differently than a normal marine force. Though he couldn't use cover saves, the disadvantage proved nothing against the ability to take a 6+ invul and have a 2x movement rate the entire game. Next time, I'll have to be more cautious.

- As well, in 30 games, this is my first loss against space marines. Granted, only about half were against marines, but I still consider it a pretty good streak. In the end, I suppose, there's just no beating really bad luck.

- Espeically when I played so sloppily. I think the past few games of beating the snot out of guardsmen made me soft. I was definitely too forwards with my vehicles, and a few accurate and well-placed drop pods put my primary marine killers out of commission. In this case, it would have been way better to just play it back until I knew where his forces were going to be. Looks like I'll have to go back and read my own tactics manual again...

MVP: Even though it's time was breif, the basilisk did manage to take out one of my opponent's squads as well as keep the emperor's champion completely out of the fight.

Hero of the Game: Boy, it's hard to pick this, given that I failed every single morale check, but I'll have to go with my platoon HQ's junior officer. As the last man standing, he's the only one left to receive this honor. Way to win by default!