Allright, so, as promised, I played another game this thursday. Wednesday night I did some cram assembling and was able to field my first 1,000 point army list! Yay!

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It was basically the list I used last time, but with an extra lascannon sentinel (it's what the random black base is) and a 5-man squad of stormtroopers with 2 meltas and deeptrike.

The Challenger: Tau

2 very large units of firewarriors (like 10 a piece) all with the long Tau rifles
1 broadside with railgun, 1 gun drone, 1 shield drone
1 mob of kroot (again, it was like a dozen or so)
2 4-man squads of stealth suits
1 devilfish containing...
1 full unit of pathfinders, all with the carbine tau rifle.
1 crisis suit commander (deepstrike) with gun drone and
  bodyguard crisis suit with gun drone (deepstrike), both with plasma guns and burst cannons.

I won to chose sides, and I won for him to deploy first.

Basically, my setup this time was nearly identical to my setup last time. He surprised me by putting down the stealthsuits and the kroot in the woods. It was really hard for him, though, as there were a lot of units covering line of sight on my half of the board. He got the roll to go first and my surveyor squad didn't see the infiltrators. My two sentinels moved forwards with the scout move.

pregame analysis: I didn't know that he had the deepstrikers, and I was surprised by the infiltrators, but I didn't think I had much to worry about this map, as he had exactly one unit that stood a chance at taking out my armor. This was obviously going to be another game where I would have to rely on my basilisk and demolisher to do the real talking.

After deployment, the field looked like this:


Turn one is pretty blah. He moved his devilfish up, he tried moving the firewarriors on the left forward, but terrain made his movement minimal. His kroot and broadside also stayed still, as did his other firewarriors. His broadside made an exploded wreck out of the sentinel (hmm, str. 10 vs. AP10 open topped...), his stealh team on the left jumped out and shot at my sentinel (distraction for the win!) and didn't do anything. The stealth team on the right rolled very poorly and managed to only wipe out my heavy bolter on the right.

I didn't do much better. After moving my sentinel up some more and my tanks up, everything else just parked and shot. My rolling was exceedingly poor to shoot. 3 grenade launchers shot at the kroot in the woods (each of them got 6 hits and 3 partials. They were VERY bunched up) but all of them missed the actual to-hit roll. My basilisk missed so bad that I can't actually remember what I shot it at now. The only thing that hit was an autocannon vs. kroot, who only lost one due to cover save. All of that firepower... 1 kroot down. It was going to be a long day.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Turn two went about as well for him as turn one. He managed to shoot and kill a couple of guys in my command HQ with exceedingly bad rolling (and he botched his range somehow, so they all couldn't shoot. Anyways, this made up for my inability to shoot his kroot). With his stealth team, he managed to immobilize my other sentinel, and his left side firewarriors take out it's lascannon. His devilfish pops out and deposits the pathfinders on my left side of his vehicle. His other stealth team in tandem with the kroot shooting from the woods kills my platoon HQ squad.

My luck, however, was about to change. Firstly, my stormtroopers drop in and target the broadside. With a bolt pistol and 2 hellguns, I cause 5 wounds to the broadside. In the end, it just kills his gun drone. Of course, to balance this, one meltagun misses and the other rolls a 1 to wound... But my grenade launchers turn it around a bit with a couple of stealth team kills and I manage to pick off a couple of kroot in the woods (my grenade launchers still miss, though). On the right, my tanks move up. My chimera pops smoke and a plasma cannon wipes out the whole squad of stealth suits on the right.

Then, here comes my moment of glory. The basilisk takes aim (out of LOS...) at the middle of the pile of pathfinders that plopped out. He scatters, 2" into the tank. Oops a daisy there for the Tau. The basilisk is now down to all but two hit dead on and two partials, one of which hits, the other misses. All but one pathfinder dissappear in the explosion. But, because it scattered, the hole of the ordnance blast is now actually over the tank. Str. 9 vs. AV11... ordnance causes a vehicle annhiliation, and the one lucky pathfinder survives the subsequent explosion of the tank and immediately runs away in sheer panic.

At this point, the field looked like this:


In a panic, he charges his kroot out of the woods. His broadside and firewarriors proceed to make death cheese out of my stormtroopers. Oh well... The guys on the left try to move forward more, but are once again caught up in terrain.

And for how bad things were for him turn 2, they were about to get worse. Even though his kroot managed to get behind the hill, and out of LOS of most of the units on my left side, my grenade launchers FINALLY worked, with a single frag grenade taking down half of the kroot, and my demolisher plasma cannoning the remaining stealth troops. Finally, his frontal assault was really broken. My basilisk shot at the firewarriors in the back right, killing half of them, while my demolisher crept up behind the forest. My chimera kept up it's mad dash and, after 12" whipped a shitty, opening the door and flinging out the squad inside the chimera (it would complete the 360 next turn, think of that one George Clinton music video...). The squad proceeded to gun down whatever was left after the basilisk shot, except for a few guys. Meanwhile, we determined that the one guy who survived the devilfish fiasco somehow made it off the edge of the board (he was in a hurry).

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he basically does nothing. I don't know what this guy was up to any more. He managed to shoot up a couple of my armored fist guys, but that's about it.

My earthshaker switches targets and hammers the firewarriors on the left, causing them to be pinned. My guys move into the forest a bit and open up on the remaining right-side warriors. My chimera tries to kill the broadside, but 3 machine guns don't do a dent. My demolisher rounds the bend and shoots at the broadside with the demolisher cannon, but misses badly.

At this point, the field looks like this (ignore the upcoming green X over the demolisher, that actually happens next round):


We were getting into a time crunch here, so we had to kind of not move unneccesary units (or think a whole lot about my moves from this point on, not that it really mattered).

He shoots the broadside at the demolisher and manages to immobilize it. His firewarriors on the right move into the building, but my guys in the forest make their saves.

In desperation, I shoot my basilisk at the broadside / shield drone, but they both pass their saves. On the left, my heavy bolter finally manages to pick off a single firewarrior. On the right, my chimera finishes off the firewarriors on the right, and the broadside successfully saves against 2HB, 1 krak grenade and 4 lasgun wounds. The guy just couldn't roll a 1!

After this point, the field looked like this (once again, sorry, but the red X's shouldn't be there):


His number is basically up here. There's one thing he's been forgetting, though: his deep strikers! He lands his guys down (his marker guy landed in the woods. I thought that killed them outright, but the rules said that it only kills if they land in impassible terrain, which it wasn't). He only had 2 weapons with them that could hurt the side armor of the demolisher (he landed just to the right of it). One of them missed and the other hit but very much failed to hurt the tank.

My basilisk shoots at the new arrival and scatters, only taking out one of the gun drones. My armored fist and my chimera all open up on the broadside. Nothing! My demolisher misses with a lascannon, and hits with a pair of plasma cannons, killing the shield drone, and putting a wound on the broadside.

There is no picture as we were super crunched for time by this point.


My opponent scored points for killing the stormtroopers and 2 sentinels and immobilizing the demolisher, and for having his droptroopers count as a scoring unit for a total of 338pts. I, on the other hand, killed almost everything and had almost everything in tact, giving me a total of 1252pts. with a total of +914 or a "victorious slaughter!"

Hero of the game: The stormtroopers. Even though they just got hosed really bad, they did at least do a very good job distracting the tau from shooting at my tanks. In fact, that broadside moved like half the turns (and it couldn't shoot and move), in part because of these guys. I'd say the hero #2 is my sentinel that drew like 2 full turns of gunfire from everything he had infiltrated. Go distractors!

MVP: The basilisk of course. While it would have been cooler if I'd have annhilated the devilfish while it still had the guys inside, it was still cool. In the end, that basilisk took out something like 10 firewarriors, 8 pathfinders and a devilfish. Way to make your points back, "Lord Excellence" (the name of the Basilisk)!

In the end, I'd say that it was kind of a boring game in that it was basically me gunning down a Tau guy for a couple of hours. In the end, I could have won with even a higher victory margin if I had just stayed back with my tanks and stormtroopers, but that would have been too blah. I'd say that the thing I learned most this battle is that while tau can dish the firepower, they can't take it any better than normal guard can.