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As it was supposed to be a rematch of the last game, everything was the same, except that we got to play on a regulation sized board, and my opponent changed his army list.

THE CHALLENGER: When you download music, you download Bolshevism!

Heroic senior officer (MC fist, medallion crimson, plasma pistol)
Comissar (medallion crimson, power weapon)
standard bearer, medic
- the whole squad had carapace armor.
Chimera (for above) with 2x heavy bolters

3x autocannon heavy support squad
2x missile launcher, 1 lascannon heavy support squad

2x 5 man squads of grenadiers with single flamer
1x 10 man squad of stormtroopers with a meltagun.

Leman Russ Demolisher with lascannon, multimeltas
2 heavy flamer sentinels (deepstrike)

THE DEFENDER: Beat me once, shame on you. Beat me twice...

I used list 3c, as usual.

The mission was the same "point and splat" on gamma. He won for sides and deployment again, but this time I won for first turn.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res version, click here.

My plan was pretty easy on this one. I KNEW that his giant command squad of doom wanted nothing less than to destroy my command squad, and deployed all of the rest of my forces with that in mind. I started by putting a big, healthy amount of bait on the left, and placed my strong flank on the right so that it would be able to send supporting fire across the back of the board if need be. Otherwise, they'd be ready for a charge up the right hand side. Given the placement of his missile launchers and autocannons, though, that seemed pretty unlikely in the end.


Melchoir switched his vox to medium wave mode and gave a coy smile to Sanario. The priest's lips twitched a little under his mustache as he suppressed a chortle.

"Hey, Pavonis!" Melchoir shouted into his radio.

A long moment passed.

"Yes?" came the hazy reply back.

"Well!" replied Melchoir, fighting to keep his composure, "I thought you'd like to know that poor, little old Melchoir is hiding right behind the little grove of trees to your right."

Sanario couldn't take it, the sense of dry wit and complex machinations was weighing heavily on is soul. Melchoir put his hand over the vox receiver and waved at Sanario.

"Shh, shh, shhh!"

The vox reactivated, "Which trees, foul traitor?"

"These ones!" Melchoir shouted. Suddenly, from a few dozen feet behind them, the ear-splitting blast of the earthshaker cannon exploded behind them, as a massive artillery shell was heaved high into the air.

Sanario burst out laughing.

Movement for me didn't consist of a whole lot. Basically, I moved my sentinels up so that they could take a shot at the demolisher, and my own demolisher moved over to get a lascannon shot in as well.

Now it was time to, hopefully, gun him into oblivion. Both of my squad heavy bolters open up on the anti tank heavy weapons team, giving me 2 hits, 1 wound, and one successful cover save. Then shooting started against his demolisher. One of the sentinels and the demolisher missed. The platoon HQ missed. The other sentinel hit, but failed to damage the armor. The earthshaker round crashed down, but scattered 4" away into the building full of heavy weapons. I miss both my partials. Both of my hits fail to wound.

AAAAAAGH!!! It's last game all over again!

After this point, the field looked like this:

He starts with a more notably reserved bum rush, moving his command chimera straight towards my command squad, his demolisher over to shoot at my demolisher, and his grenadiers forwards into cover on the right. As well, he noted that I was employing a "static defense" tactic, which I think is kind of funny for the number of times I've been called an aggressive guard player. I suppose it just so much depends on my opponent.

In shooting, his heavy bolters in his chimera inflict a pair of wounds on my screener infantry squad on the left, both of which are saved by the trees. His demolisher shoots it's lascannon and, along with the lascannon in the AT squad, misses my demolisher. One of the missiles hits from the missile launcher, but it naturally fails to do anything. I have no idea what he shot his autocannons against, but against whatever they targeted, they didn't do any damage. In any case, it was a pretty poor showing in the shooting round for the both of us this turn.

After this point, the field looked like this:


"Sir, the enemy heroic officer is approaching fast!" came the somewhat panicked voice of the sergeant of the screening squad.

"Excellent," Melchoir replied, "Spring the trap!"

The officer took a few steps back as the basilisk's engine ground into gear.

When the basilisk came to a stop, Melchoir gave the order: "Fire!"

Buhahaha! I was hoping, oh so hoping, that the basilisk would hit straight on for a "vehicle annihilated!" result. Alas, my devious little trap failed when the basilisk scattered 5" off the board :(

In the rest of my shooting, the two heavy bolters managed to ping off a heavy weapons crewmember. Then, my 4 lascannon battery again fired into the enemy demolisher. The first three shots missed, but the last one hit, and penetrated, for a wrecked result. I suppose that's what you get when you take 8 lascannon shots and you're not in cover...

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he starts with his sentinels deepstriking. He put both of them within 4" of each other again, and fairly close to my stuff, but none of them managed to get killed by their scattering (in fact, one of them scattered pretty well, given that the weapon has only a 7" range):

Otherwise, the rest of his movement consists of moving his chimera forwards again.

In shooting, he begins with heavy flamering my platoon HQ, killing two of the five. Then, he tries to target my other squad, and when it's not in range tries to target my platoon HQ. Nope! that's what targeters and are for.

On the far left, his heavy bolters open up into my boys in the woods, killing three.

Now comes the morale check time. It begins with my guys in the woods failing their morale check. Then, they fail the standard reroll. My Platoon HQ also fails it's morale check, and ALSO fails it's reroll. They both run off the table...

After this point, the field looked like this:


"Come back here!" Sanario shouted, "You are all traitors to the King of Folera!!"

"The hero of the enemy has come to destroy us!" was the only thing the priest could pick out of the panicked shouting.

"Dammit!" Sanario shouted and whirled around to look at Melchoir, who himself had taken a few steps backwards.

"What are we going to do?" The priest demanded.

Melchoir returned a blank stare. He was deep in thought.

Well, now I was in a bit of a bind. It seemed that my entire screen had, despite the unsurmountable odds, run away. This left me with only my command squad and basilisk against some 400 pts. of enemy charging down with powerfists, heavy bolters and heavy flamers. I guess this means that it's time to enact plan B.

I quickly pivot my right side around so that it can target his sentinels, while I finally remember to do something with my chimera. On the other side, my command squad is in a much riskier place, so I respond by moving it backwards a little bit.

In shooting, my chimera splats his 5 man grenadier squad in a massive barrage of bolter and stubber fire. In the center, my demolisher misses with it's lascannon, but hits with it's plasma cannon, blowing up the closest enemy sentinel. One of my two sentinels hits the other enemy sentinel and penetrates it for an immobilized result. Phew. On the left, my basilisk again scatters off the board. Crap.

After this point, the field looked like this:

With my left flank heavily weakened, he decided to move his 10-man squad of stormtroopers out of the forest. The only other movement was him bringing his chimera farther forwards. He could have driven more, but then he would have had to make a difficult terrain test, which he was loathe to do.

In shooting, his autocannons open up on my sentinel, scoring at least one penetrating hit, and blowing it to smithereens. His anti-tank squad misses all three times against my demolisher. His heavy bolters shoot at my command squad (oops), and thankfully only hit twice, killing two of my command squad retinue.

Then it comes to checking morale. My command squad fails it's morale test. A lump forms in my throat as I pick up the dice for my reroll. Given that they're something on the order of 1" away from the table edge, this could be very disastrous. I roll the dice, I get a 4. Phew.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Melchoir turned around. "We've got to get out of here!" he thought to himself.

Then he looked up. There, standing not five feet away from him was the gleaming hand of the king of Folera. He looked, almost as if in slow motion, towards the priest who switched on his chainsword. Such bravery!

"Yes sir?" the standard bearer spoke to Melchoir.

The officer looked up at the bright standard again, and it clicked.

"Follow my lead!" the officer said quietly and then switched on his vox to medium wave mode again.

"Aaaah!" he shouted, "it is useless! We must run away!"

Melchoir and his command squad quickly disappeared out of sight behind the basilisk.

The officer flicked his set back to a private channel.

"Belay that order, soldiers, this is just one of papa Melchoir's little traps!"

In movement, I don't do a whole lot. I can't afford to charge the chimera, as that will open me up to an assault next turn from his command squad. All I can really do is hope to stay 12" away from the back door of the vehicle, and try to keep out of LOS of the chimera's heavy bolters. My lone meltagunner can't manage to fit. Here's hoping little buddy!

In shooting, I level my earthshaker straight forwards at his chimera. I really need this. The big gun shoots and hits dead on! Now, it's time to hope for a "vehicle annihilated". Alas, on two dice, I merely roll a 5. The massive explosion manages to hit 4 of his guys, and three of them fail their armor save, leaving only the officer, the commissar, and the standard bearer. Never one to miss an opportunity, my meltagunner hits his command squad, and the commissar dives forwards to take the hit for the officer (taking only one wound thanks to the medallion).

In the rest of my shooting, my demolisher and sentinel easily finish off the stranded deepstriking sentinel. Also, my squad heavy bolter finally pings off another heavy weapons team member.

The officer passes both his pinning test (for the explosion) and his leadership test (for the meltagun).

After this point, the field looked like this:

The enemy senior officer stumbled out of the wreckage of his chimera. Now it was time for the showdown that Melchoir had been waiting for.

"Where are you?" The enemy hero shouted as the earthshaker team scrambled to reload.

"Over here!" Melchoir shouted from behind the basilisk.

"Come here and fight me!" the hero roared.

"I can't, I'm scared!" Melchoir replied in his timidest shout that he could muster.

Sanario flashed Melchoir an angry expression, Melchoir returned it with a coy smile.

"Damn it! Then I'm coming to you!"

The enemy hero shot his plasma pistol at the origin of the voice. The shot ripped straight into the front armor of the basilisk, smashing through the viewport and causing a dull thud of an explosion, followed by a few whisps of black smoke.

His turn basically comprises of him stumbling out of the chimera (a thankful 3") and unloading a plasma round into the front armor my basilisk which scored a penetration for a "vehicle wrecked" (at least it wasn't a basilisk bomb!) result.

On the right, his autocannons unload into my squad in the building, killing a couple of guys. Both missile launchers hit my demolisher, but do nothing, and the lascannon misses.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I don't know if it was because I was reckless, or because I was bored, or because I was a tactical genius, but I start my movement phase by bolting both of my tanks out into the open and popping smoke.

"Sir!" the basilisk artillery officer called down to Melchoir, "The basilisk has been destroyed, we've lost power!"

"Well, I guess now is as good of a time as any."

The officer nodded towards the priest as he pulled the starter cord on his powerfist.

"Charge!!!" The priest shouted as the three men bolted around the wreck of the basilisk, and charged forwards:

A whirling melee erupted. The standard bearer found himself facing off against the other standard bearer. He parried the enemy's flag. Righteous fervor boiled through his blood, giving him the strength to knock the enemy standard bearer back, and sending the flag clattering to the ground. The enemy standard bearer quickly fumbled for his pistol and leveled it against the Foleran standard bearer. The Foleran standard bearer lunged forwards and drove the bladed point of the Foleran standard straight into the Pavonian solder's gut, sweeping the blade up under his armor.

Melchoir charged into the enemy hero. With a swift punch, the officer's powerfist connected straight on with the enemy commander, ripping his arm off. The enemy commander scowled and lunged lopsidedly at Melchoir, but he easily dodged the attack. With a rage and courage that can only be called 'inspired', Melchoir punched the commander again, sending him to the ground. Then, Melchoir punched him again, and again, blood and gore splattering into the air. Then the officer's powerfist connected with the still running powerfist of the dead enemy hero. A blinding flash of light burst through the air as the poorly grounded Foleran powerfist caused a massive shock of energy to travel from both disruption fields and into Melchoir, sending him stumbling backwards onto the ground.

Flag fight! Haha! In close combat, my standard bearer caused a slough of wounds onto his squad which killed his standard bearer, but not the commissar. In our little powerfist fight, he only managed to hit me once. I, on the other hand, rolled a hit and 4 1's. Thankfully, the priest was there, which turned one hit into four, beating the absolute snot out of his officer. The commissar, meanwhile scored a pair of hits, but failed to wound (which is why Melchoir no longer uses a powersword...)

The commissar, in his fanaticism, decided not to run away (would he have had to shoot himself?)

After this point, the field looked like this:

With his offensive power pretty much petered out, the only thing he moves forwards is his stormtroopers.

In shooting, he decides to shoot his autocannons against the troops in the building, rather than the smoke-wreathed chimera. Cover saves are not on my side this time, and he manages to kill 4. Against the demolisher, his missile launcher hits, and does nothing, while the lascannon misses again.

In close combat, the commissar once again fails to wound with his couple of attacks. As Sanario lifted his weapon to kill the commissar, the standard bearer leaped in first and ran the standard through him. Denied any kills, Sanario has little to do but chop the corpse of the enemy hero in frustration. ;D

My squad in the right hand building decides to break with the trend, and actually stay put.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now it is time to capitalize on the otherwise lackluster use of my vehicles. The only real movement is my sentinel, which dashes forwards to provide a screen for the chimera.

In shooting, my 4 heavy bolters and a heavy stubber barely manage to wipe out the autocannon heavy weapons team. Overall, though, it has been a pretty poor showing on the part of my heavy bolters this game.

The demolisher, meanwhile, turned towards the stormtroopers that were just as much in close order drill (for some reason) as they were out in the open. In a fit of unusual usefulness, the demolisher hits with all three sponsons, wiping out six of the ten stormtroopers (lousy cover saves ;) )

Faced with utter annihilation, the stormtroopers break and run away. Now you know how it feels!

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he shoots his anti tank squad at the demolisher. This time its the missile launcher that misses, and the lascannon that hits. The single shot, though, fails to penetrate the vehicle's thick front armor.

With nothing left, the game ends.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He killed a squad and a half of guys, a command squad and a half, a basilisk and a sentinel for 449 pts. I killed everything but a half an anti-tank squad, and a 5-man stormtrooper squad for 894 pts. for a very solid victory.

- Other than my morale fiasco, and our blurry-eyed heavy weapons teams, luck was pretty much normal this game. This result is what I was expecting last game, and I think it would have been the results, given that my opponent's tactics were basically identical to last game.

- My right side wound up being placed poorly. For most of the game I just sort of sat back timidly either behind cover, or being obscured by it. I wonder, perhaps, if I shouldn't've been so scared of his heavy weapons...

- Otherwise, this is pretty much a lesson, oft repeated, that one shouldn't be caught out in the open when there are guardsmen about.

MVP: The basilisk. If it weren't for my artillery, I wouldn't have been able to crack the shell and spill out the gooey insides that were his command squad. As well, it provided a valuable shielding after the angry, though depleted enemy command squad. I salute your noble, if surprising, sacrifice.

Hero of the game: My command squad. Hey, killing big and scary things is just their job, but things are slanted in their favor for beating my opponent's souped up commander to the tune of four instant deaths from my commander in a single round of pummeling. Nothing says "heroic" like the little guy pounding the big guy flat.

Sanario sat down in the unornate office chair. The line marshal on the other side of the desk waited patiantly as the priest reached into his pockets.

The priest withdrew a chunk of metal, revealing it to be a bionic eye as he dropped it on the table. The line marshal smiled.

"Where is marshal Melchoir?"

"He's in the medicae. Took a bit of a shock earlier."

"Will he be okay?"

"Better off than the enemy's commander" Sanario replied, letting his eyes grace the piece of bionics.

The line marshal replied with a wry look on his face.

"If that is all, sir," Sanario said, standing up.

"Wait, before you go, tell me something of Melchoir. His reputation seems to precede him."

Sanario paused and thought for a moment.

"Well, sir, I would say that he is a very clever man. Every time he shows cowardice, he turns around for a victory. Every time he breaks the tactica, he conquers. Very frustrating. Otherwise, a very nice guy, though."

The line marshal nodded slightly.

"Very well. Let's just hope that Melchoir doesn't find himself being too clever by half."

Sanario saluted and turned to walk out the room. His stern mustache hid a faint smile.