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Finally, we come to the long awaited cities of death game. My opponent is the person against whom I played a quasi-game before game 22.

THE CHALLENGER: We'll be back!

   - res orb, war scythe, gaze of death, phylactery, phase shifter
3x 10 squads of warriors
1 squad of 4 destroyers

THE DEFENDER: If they come back, we get to shoot them again!

This is my list

I should note that my opponent downloaded his list off the internet somewhere.

This game was the CoD mission "high ground" (basically, take and hold) on gamma. The building in the middle was the objective.

For strategems, he chose deepstrike, preliminary bombardment, medicae and something else (It didn't do anything, so I can't remember what it was). I chose preliminary bombardment, and demolitions. Note that my opponent got two more for campaign reasons.

Preliminary bombardment did almost nothing. The only results were a hit on both of my sentinels which my opponent mistakenly told me that the result of which was a pair of "vehicle shaken"s.

I rolled for table quarter, he rolled for deployment (and went first), and I rolled for first turn. I was stuck in a difficult situation. Either I should go second, to avoid WWB, and to make it so that he didn't have a turn to blast me off the objective and then take it himself, or I should go first in an attempt to force a phase out sooner. I chose the latter.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Basically, my plan was to wait for him to take the objective, then blow him off of it, and then, when his forces were very depleted (preferably phased out), I would simply walk onto the objective and take it. My only concern, really, was that he had a medicae on the objective that I was trying to blast him off of. We'll just have to see how this goes...


A large, half-ruined building towered in front of them.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Sanario.

Melchoir nodded.

For over a week, Melchoir had fought back and forth endlessly over the Goodview Gate. The gate was dominated by a large building that had at one time been a government center, or something. Melchoir had long stopped caring. The commander marshal had made it very clear to him. "If I ever see a necron unit on top of that emperor-damned building again, I'm busting you straight back to platoon commander! I want to see you in that gate within 3 hours!" he had told Melchoir.

"You know," began Sanario, "I think he meant that he wanted you to capture and hold that building at all costs."

Melchoir looked at Sanario. "I think you're reading too much into the commander marshal's statement."

Sanario shrugged. Melchoir returned his gaze forwards and pushed the button.


I start my turn by blowing up the center building. I figured I'd be damned if he were to get in there and hide on a bunch of levels, or make it a pain to assault him out of the building. Of course, I also thought I was going to knock it down and then just shoot him, but I sort of forgot about the giant cloud of cinder dust that blowing up a building creates...

Then the rest of my shooting phase began (I had actually done a little movement before the explosion, but nothing serious). I start by earthshaker cannoning his necron warriors which scattered, but not very far, netting me six warrior kills. The rest of my army then opens up with a slough of heavy weapons and kills a few out of the lord's squad. On the left, I kill a warrior with a plasma cannon (my demolisher got burned the most by me forgetting the smoke cloud thing), and my sentinel killing a destroyer. Not too bad at starting a phase out.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he gets his WWB roll on his destroyer (which is good, because I wasn't supposed to shoot my sentinels anyways. Thankfully, this little blunder made no difference), but fails it on the plasma cannon victim. His lord's squad fails 2 of 3 WWB's, but he passes 4 of 7 in the squad I hit with the basilisk.

He then started his slow and painful move towards the objective (which is now to hold... a pile of rubble... at all costs). The only thing that zipped was his destroyers who, having seen the crazyness of my basilisk, moves in to try and take it down.

In the shooting phase, most of his stuff is still out of range. His destroyers shoot at my basilisk's front armor, but not all of them can see (my opponent also got confused by the cinder cloud, so not all of them were in LOS). After he lets lose his volley, the basilisk is completely untouched.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Melchoir peered through the thick cloud of pulverized concrete and made out the forms of Necron warriors. It was supposed to be a simple demo job, but it seemed that the Necron had come back without him knowing it. The officer continued to try and peer through the smoke as the firefight began. Suddenly, several green gauss-beams shot over him. His eyes bolted to the left. From out of the mist came a small squad of hovering Necron destroyers.

"Quick! Take them down before they get the tanks!" Melchoir shouted. His order was returned by the sound of an eviscarator starting up.

Well, my plan is to wait for him to claim the objective, so I can't be too hasty. On the other hand, I can't have a full squad of four destroyers just running through my lines either. While my right side readjusts a bit for a better view, my left side reacts to the destroyers by moving a sentinel and my command squad up, and by pivoting my basilisk, and the turret on my demolisher...

In shooting, my demolisher begins with a demolisher cannon blast. The shot scatters, but only an inch, and in the right direction, for 4 solid hits. Three of the Destroyers are instantly blasted into spare parts. Figuring that the rest of the army could finish the last destroyer, my basilisk aims indirectly at one of his warrior squads, but scatters 5" away into nothing. The right side of my army then tries it's darnedest, but can only manage a couple of kills on the lord's warrior squad (this smoke thing is playing havoc on my ability to focus my firepower). Back on the destroyers, a hail of pistol fire, along with a melta gun, and a lascannon fail to kill the final destroyer.

"Kill them!" Sanario shouted as the command squad charged forwards. As they approached, Melchoir yanked the cord on his powerfist's kerosene engine. With little effort, the fist began to hum out a lethal disruption field.

The men plowed into the destroyer. The air began to fill with the screeching of metal on metal. Nothing that they did, though, seemed to be able to hurt the metal creature, which twisted around and managed to zap one at point blank range with his gauss weapon.

Melchoir shouted as he swung his massive power fist. With a loud thunk, the fist connected with the destroyer. The disruption field knocked the torso clean off the flying base before it was chopped neatly in half by Sanario's eviscerator. "Die!" Melchour shouted, as he punched the destroyer again. Melchoir repeatedly punched the metal wreck with his power fist over and over again, sending showers of sparks and metallic fragments through the air.

Melchoir stopped to catch his breath. "Finally..." he wheezed to himself.

In assault, I make it up to his destroyer with my command squad. My normal dudes don't do anything, despite the 12 rerollable attacks. My officer, after the rerolls, hits the destroyer 4 times with his powerfist. None of them fail to wound...

I consolidated back, to get into a new position to charge things that would be moving into the rubble, but I only managed a 2" massacre.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moved everything forwards, and managed to get two of the warriors from one of his warrior squads into the objective.

In his usual way, in shooting he points every gun in his army at what did the most damage last turn. With all of his firepower, he just barely managed to kill my command squad (as in, there was a 50% chance that I would have still had my priest in the fight).

After this point, the field looked like this:


Well, so far my idea of how this game would turn out has been correct. Now that he has his first unit in the objective, it's time to blast him off of it.

My movement this turn is fairly confusing. I start by moving my chimera over to get some cover, and by moving my sentinel back (I didn't want a repeat of the command squad massacre if I could help it). Then, my squad on the right moves up (because I had to move through cover, and I didn't want to be caught in difficult terrain while I needed to be sprinting towards the objective). My sentinel moves back (to cover for a deepstriking monolith behind my tanks). The last thing to move is my basilisk. I'm feeling more than frustrated by the problems that this smoke has caused, and so I move it way over to the right. Better to waste a turn now, but be able to get a guaranteed good shot next round then to hope that there's still something outside of 36" range again.

Shooting, on the other hand, is far more simple. I start by targeting my demolisher on one of the two hapless warriors that had stumbled into the building. The shot scattered 4", but in a good direction (as in behind the rubble), killing 3 of the warriors. The whole rest of my army shoots at the same squad and brings it down to just one warrior.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he finally gets his reinforcement:

In moving he gets the rest of his center warrior squad (numbering 4 after his WWB's) and his lord squad all the way into the objective. The warrior squad on the right tries, but rolls poorly for it's difficult terrain test.

In shooting, he starts by attacking his primary threat: my basilisk. He shoots his particle whip at it, but it scatters off the vehicle, resulting in no damage to the basilisk. He then fires all of the rest of his guns at basically the only target in range: my sentinel. After all of the gauss-energy dissapates, he scored a pair of "armament destroyed" results, rendering the sentinel inoperable.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Well, now it's go-time. After this turn, I will HAVE to move my guys in for a chance at the objective, so I better do my killing quick.

To reflect this devotion to shooting, the only movement that happens is my chimera re-aligning itself around the immobile sentinel.

It's about this time that another gamer informs me that a monolith is a skimmer, and thus doesn't block line of sight. I respond by immediately shooting my basilisk underneath the monolith and scoring a "hit" on his lord squad. All but the lord and one warrior die (thankfully, "feel no pain" doesn't work against an earthshaker cannon).

Shooting continues with my demolisher aiming for the center warrior squad, but scattering, and only knicking one warrior from the left side squad. The rest of my infantry open up with a horrendous deluge of fire, but only manage to down a pair of warriors. I suppose that's what I get for him failing 4, 4+ saves at a time.

Having been terrifically unprepared for the sheer amount of firepower laid on his forces, the necron lord recalculates the variables of battlefield statistics and decides to run away.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My opponent is utterly shocked at his lord's retreat. He thought that necron units were fearless (yeah, right, and a space marine is immune to small arms fire), and frantically tried to come up with a plan to keep his lord in the fight.

His solution is to teleport his fleeing lord back into battle with his monolith, whether the lord liked it or not. In order to then prevent his monolith from cutting off the only line of retreat (thus killing the unit), he flies his monolith up to one of the towers of the gate. His lord, in a state of extreme shock, if not panic, runs 7" away from my guys. He was so distracted, that he forgot to move his left-side warrior squad.

In shooting, his lord frantically commands his warriors to shoot at the nearest infantry squad, but the troops are too hunkered down in the building for the fire to do very much. As well, he fires his arc flux, which knocks off a couple of guys from each of the nearby squads, and blows up my sentinel. Left with no other targets, the left side warriors shoot at my left side sentinel, ending its misery.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Well, now it's time to start getting things ready to move onto the objective. I'm pretty happy with my two turns of shooting, so this should go pretty well.

In moving, with the exception of my basilisk, everything moves forwards.

In shooting, I first try and see if I can get a short shot in with my basilisk, but unfortunately, everything on the board is now within 36". My attempts at ordnance continue with me rolling a "hit" with my demolisher cannon against his left side warriors. Without a res-orb in 6", the tank murders 6 of the 9 warriors, with no chance of return. The rest of my army then guns down the center warrior squad down to a single guy, who aggrivatingly survives.

In close combat, I charge his lord with my right side infantry squad, instantly wiping it out (We actually screwed up the rules a bit here, forgetting that the lord had a chance to regroup. Knowing this, I would have just let him run off the board the next turn). With no leader, and no hope, the one remaining warrior from the center squad bolts and runs away.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, the couple of guys that had the ability to WWB failed their role, leaving him with only 5 models on the board.

He phases out.


I stroll my army onto the objective:


At the end, I had 3 scoring units on the objective to his 0, netting me the win.

It is said that battles are won and lost before the lines are even drawn, and this is no exception. I had planned to spend a third of the time waiting and just trying to rack up kills, a third of the time blowing his skeletal butt off the objective, and a third of the time running in and claiming the objective. I had also hoped for a phase out, which I got. Basically, this game went exactly according to plan.

I think my little high explosives party confused the both of us this game, but I'm glad I did it. Being able to prevent him from splitting his forces across different levels of the objective (especially given that it had a medicae) prevented what could have been a disaster. In retrospect, I perhaps should have set up the building explosion to be on turn 3 or 4, but I think the way it played out was just fine.

Also, I would like to note that the imperial guard killed 2 of the 4 infantry units in this game with assaults. It's okay, Necron players, you can admit that the guard are better in assault than you. ;D

Well, for this being my first cityfight, I think I did pretty good. I'm still less than impressed with the stratagems, but being able to blow up a piece of terrain was pretty cool.

MVP: The basilisk. While the Demolisher technically killed more, the basilisk made him do stupid stuff, like waste a turn of shooting with his monolith, and send his destroyers in to be chopped by my command squad

Hero of the Game: I'm actually going to give this to my whole vehicular detatchment. Having the ability to kill his monolith, but instead shooting at small, less powerful targets in good cover takes as much discipline, as it does stupidity bravery.

Sanario opened his eyes. A medicae nurse was standing over him with a plastic tray. She put the tray down on his bed stand to reveal a large bowl of gelatin, a few pain killers in a tiny paper cup, and a piece of paper folded like a tent. Sanario reached over and picked up the paper. It contained only a single word.


Sanario smiled slightly before wincing in pain. He put the note back on the tray. The priest closed his eyes again, and began to pray.