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As well, this time I took a picture of my new gaming store in Champaign:

Anyways, this game wound up not being cityfight after all (but next week most likely will be), but rather a 2000 pt. 2v1 with me and the same partner from last time against an eldar player. Let's see how my first eldar fight goes!

THE CHALLENGER: trust us, the internet will still just be a fad.
2000 pts.

Farseer with Doom, Guide
   - 4 warlock seer council
Farseer with Fortune
10 harlequins w/ troupe leader, kisses
10 dire avengers w/ exarch
  -  in wave serpent with bright lance
6 fire dragons w/ exarch
  -  in falcon with scatter laser
6 banshees w/ exarch
3 singing spears w/exarch
8-man squad of dire avengers
10-man guardian defender squad w/ brightlance, warlock
13-man storm guardian squad w/ warlock

THE DEFENDERS: When our powers combine...

TAU: 1000 pts.

Crisis suit commander w/ shield generator, cyclon
3 crisis suit squad w/ 4x burst, 2x fusion, shield drone
3 stealth suit squad w/ shield drone
2 broadside squad w/ missiles, TL railguns
hammerhead w/ missiles, railgun
2 10-man firewarriors w/ shield drones


This is my list.

Same as last time. My Tau ally, on the other hand, got the message from last game and gave practically everything in his army a shield drone. What a bastard :D

Note that in this game, we played with a regulation board for the first time in my gaming experience! Note, though, that I couldn't fit the whole board in the shot from my side of the board, so everything will be in reverso-mode perspective-wise.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res version, click here.

Well, our deployment was okay, for the most part. I was assuming that we wouldn't see a whole lot charging down the middle, so I made sure that we deployed stuff into the nice hard cover on the flanks. My only regret at the time was forgetting the scout move on my sentinels. Let's see how fast the eldar really are...

We rolled for sides, he rolled for deployment and first turn.


He started his movement by moving everything up on a wide front, and then shifting his fast firebase to his left to form an echelon, of sorts.

Shooting with his short-ranged eldar guns was short, and ineffectual. The two bright lances managed to down the hammerhead, though. We discovered too late that size two terrain only made it hull down, not out of LOS, and it died to the glance.

Melchoir rubbed his hand over his face on the ground floor of the ruined building.

A large imperial ship (of type and usefulness unbeknownst to him) had crash landed on the very edge of the city. The blast and the shallow angle had wrecked some of the buildings on the edge of town, and left a large, shallow wreckage crater that water had begun to pool into. Melchoir was sent out with his xenos ally to clear the ruins before anyone else had a chance to pick them over. What he didn't know, is that someone was already there...

After this point, the field looked like this:

In retaliation, we don't do a lot of moving. Basically, I collapse my demolisher in towards my line a bit (as currently, his only targets are a skimmer moving fast, and some turbo-boosted jetbikes), and he moves his jetpack suits up for the kill.

Shooting begins with my basilisk hitting his left-side guardian squad and killing 4 of them. His broadsides then shoot down at the wave serpent to no effect, and a combination of pistol fire from my HQ and his firewarriors manages to down a jetbike. At my request, his stealth suit and his crisis suit commander attack the seer council and manage to get 3 of them through their warp shielding. His other crisis suits bop on the hill and kill 4 harlequins.

Back in the middle, my platoon command squad and the infantry squad next to him opens up on the right side dire avengers and kills 2 with lasguns, 1 with a stormbolter, 1 with a heavy bolter and even nails one with the lascannon to boot! My demolisher accents this by blasting one into ether with a plasma cannon blast.

My armored fist and an infantry squad then open up on his onrushing storm guardians. A grenade blast kills one, along with another two from lasgun fire. Then the heavy bolters kick in. Four heavy bolters and a heavy stubber proceed to smear the pulp out of his storm guardians, leaving only a little more than a violent red stain soaking the ground.

Die 400 year old artists! >:)

After the suits disappeared back into our lines, the field looked like this:


In a frantic charge, he moved his right flank straight forward to get anything in range of anything. On the left, he moved everything forwards, except the wave serpent, which dropped it's dire avengers and gunned it backwards.

He casts doom on the firewarriors for his dire avengers, and despite a perils of the warp, gets a successful guide off on the falcon. The farseers ghost helm protects him from the attack.

Shooting begins fairly unmonumentally, with something managing a kill on my platoon command squad, and that was it. I'm pretty sure his guided falcon shot at the crisis suit commander, but couldn't get through it's 3+ invul (or whatever that shield gave him). And then it came to the dire avengers. Now, I'm not an expert on eldar by any means, much less the new eldar, so I didn't really know what to expect. The avengers start with a blade storm pumping some 32 shots into the firewarriors in the building (ouch). Of those roughly 20 hits, they all got to reroll their wounding (ouch) for a total of some 15 armor saves. All that's left of the firewarriors is a cloud of metal particulate bespeckled with a fine red mist of the firewarriors. I now have a new favorite eldar unit.

In assault, his harlequins barely manage to get everyone into assault against my sentinel. The troupe master manages to get a penetrating hit against the hapless sentinel. He rolls a 5 on the damage table which gets upgraded to a 6 for open-topped (yes!). The resulting blast travels 4" killing 4 of my nearby guard squad (one failed to wound, and everyone failed their armor save), taking a wound off a crisis suit, and killing FOUR of the harlequins. SENTINEL BOMB! (plays air guitar 8) ) The remaining harlequins, left with the unpleasant option of being in the open in our shooting phase, or charging without the charging bonus decide to consolidate into the crisis suits.

Melchoir whirled around. The harsh whine of jet engines suddenly set on them:

"Shit!" He managed to shout before the first lance blasted a hole in his meltagunner. In a blur, the two lancers cut down man after man with focused laser fire. Melchoir had been here before. Once again, he had been caught flat-footed against a fast enemy assaulter. This time, he would learn from his past mistake. "Run!" the officer shouted to Sanario. The priest whirled around with a look of shock on his face "No!" the priest shouted back, "Not this time, Melchoir!" Sanario turned and lifted his eviscerator into the attack position.

Melchoir watched as a laser lance punched a hole in his standard bearer and drifted up towards Sanario. "No!" Melchour shouted and dove after the priest. He managed to push the priest away just in time to avoid the laser blast, but was hit mid-air by the exarch's jetbike, knocking him unconscious. Sanario struggled to his feet only to be rammed by the other jetbike. A twisted laughter erupted from the shining spears as the drove their jetbikes around for the kill. Suddenly, the stealth suits appeared on the wall and the jetbikes scrambled for cover.

In the left side assault, he made it into contact with my command squad and inflicted four wounds with his str6/str8 power weapon attacks. The casualties left Sanario both not in base contact, with no one in his squad in base contact. Melchoir didn't have base contact either. My command squad fails its morale check and gets cut down in a sweeping advance. Disgraceful behavior for my command squad. Only after I was trying to go to bed did I realize that, because I was in cover, those power weapon attacks should have struck simultaneously with my eviscerator...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now bereft of targets, we start rolling up the right side forces. Meanwhile, on the left, I try to frantically make it so that the jetbikes can't make it into close combat with my demolisher. This involves moving my demolisher over to get a cannon shot at them, as well as my sentinel so that it can barely hit one of the jetbikes.

In shooting, the demolisher cannon misses badly, as does the sentinel. The stealthsuits and the broadsides manage to get just ONE of the two down. On the right, my earthshaker targets the dire avenger that's closest to the middle of the combined avenger - banshee pile of guys. The shot scatters 4", but with the sheer amount of infantry in the area, it still hits, cleaning out 4 of the 6 banshees. The rest of our army goes on cleanup duty, killing the last of the storm guardians, avengers, and the seer council (but not the farseer).

In assault, I manage to convince my partner to assault the shining spears with his stealth suits. He knew that tau were bad at combat, but there are times when you need to think of unconventional options. In this case, it was a bunch of guys with 3+ saves (and a 4+ invul, should the need arise) and a charging bonus against a pair of jetbikes that were substantially worse when they weren't charging.

He charges in, and kills one of the jetbikes, taking one casualty in return. Hopefully the sheer numerical disadvantage will finish off the other jetbike in the near future.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With nothing left on the right, he guns it forwards with whatever he had left over on the left side. He starts by bringing his falcon up and dropping off his fire dragons. He continues by struggling over the wall with his remaining guardians, and moving his banshees and dire avengers in for the kill.

In shooting, his scatter laser on his wave serpent mauls my platoon HQ with 4 shots bringing down 3 guardsmen, leaving poor lascannoner Menos alone again. Bolstered by his success of last time, he rolls snakeyes on his leadership. This time, it's personal.

On the other side, the fire dragons unload into the crisis suit commander (strategically placed to make the demolisher hull down, if they could even see the demolisher at all) and just barely manage to get a shot through his 3+ invul. with their fusion blasters. Yet another crisis suit commander turned to mush...

In assault, his banshee and exarch go in for the charge, and manage to immobilize the sentinel. His dire evengers, on the other hand, charge into the stealth suits:

The jetbike kills one, and I strategically remove the only one in base contact with the dire avengers. Two can play the "base contact" game. With the rest of his avengers left without targets, it falls to the stealth suits, which don't manage to kill the jetbike. They pass their morale test.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In our turn, we begin my continuing to roll up the right side of the field. I also swing my demolisher around to shoot at the dragons (leaving my rear armor squarely on the board edge), and he tries to move his broadsides off the building to smart missile the farseer, but can only make it down to the second floor.

In shooting, my right side basically only has the secondary farseer in LOS. We shoot a combined 1 heavy bolter, 2 krak grenades, 8 lasguns, 4 burst cannons and two fusion blasters for a total of one wound on the farseer. That 4+ wraithbone shield definitely made it's points back that turn.

Shooting continues with my demolisher which shot, but scattered 5" away. Luckily, the blast just barely touched two of the fire dragons. I hit both of my partials, and send two of them flying. My Basilisk fires at the dragons but scatters 6" away. Thankfully, it scatters into the long eldar vehicle and gets the hole over one of the prongs of the falcon. The blast easily gets a glancing hit which causes the falcon to go down. Final vengeance for the hammerhead!

Shooting is wrapped up by a barrage of missiles knocking a wound off of the primary farseer, the chimera getting a kill with it's heavy bolter around the wrecked falcon, and Menos frying one with his lascannon. After suffering horrific casualties and explosions, along with the desire to live another 400 years, the fire dragons bolt.

In assault, his banshees managed to get another glance on my sentinel for another immobilized result. So long lascannon.

On the other side, the combined chopping power of the eldar manages to get only one wound through the 3+ stealth suits. Goodbye shield drone. The stealth suits once again fail to hurt the jetbike, but once again pass their morale test.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With what little he has left to move, he brings in closer on the left side.

In shooting, he guides the wave serpent again (though taking another perils of the warp, which was saved by the ghost helm.), which shoots at one of my infantry squads, who proceed to fail all of their armor saves again. At least they pass morale.

In assault, his farseer makes it to the sentinel and chops the crap out of it with two penetrating hits. As much as I would have REALLY loved another sentinel bomb at this moment, he gets off with merely a wrecked sentinel. In the fight with the jetbike / avengers, he kills another suit, which again fails to kill the jetbike. This time, he fails morale (you know, being under half strength and being outnumbered 10-1 will do that), leaving everyone to consolidate 3" (rolled it twice).

After this point, the field looked like this:

In our turn, we continue our roll-up.

Once he had seen the dragons bolt after their shelling, the demolisher captain quickly turned his demolisher around. Just then, the enemy had hacked down the remaining stealthsuit and started to charge up the field, with the jetbike exarch leading the way. The captain pushed the button on the intercom and shouted "Crib! Target the lead jetbike, all guns!". With a brief look through his viewfinder, the captain flicked on the outboard speaker system, blasting hard rock music as the hull cannons targeted the jetbike. "Fire!!"

My demolisher fired both of its plasma cannons for a pair of hits and a pair of "instant death!"s against the shining spear. I didn't bother to see if the lascannon did anything or not...

My basilisk followed it up by scattering 2" in the big pool of dire avengers, killing 5 of them. Our burst cannons and heavy bolters finished off the last two banshees, while a pair of twin-linked railguns and Menos' lascannon made short work of the primary farseer.

After this point, the field looked like this:

With only two half strength squads and a wounded farseer, he felt it imprudent to continue, and conceded the fight.


We pulled off a turn four turnover for 2000 pts. He killed a hammerhead, a stealthsuit squad, a firewarrior squad, a crisis suit commander, two sentinels, my HQ, and half of both a platoon HQ and a guard squad for a total of about 650 pts. for a well over +1000 pts. for a "crushing victory".

There were a few things that I think were responsible for this victory. The first was that he did a lot of simply charging forwards, and not a lot of being a sneaky eldar player. While this would be feasible if the point were to use half of his army to distract me while he brought his specialists in for the kill, our army had enough firepower to kill both goobers and specialists.

Secondly, I credit good target acquisition. At the beginning of each turn, I would tell my ally "These are the things we need to kill this round", and point at like two things. With proper ordering and coordination, playing with a partner can actually be easier than just doing it yourself. In this way, everything that was posing a threat was neutralized the turn before it could be a serious threat. As well, I think we did good to ignore the vehicles and shoot at stuff that we knew we could kill.

A few other things:

- In case you missed it, this was "brave fighting day" at the AG. There was something on the order of 16+ morale checks that needed to be made, of which only three failed.

- Sentinel bombs rule. Just another of the many uses of the vehicle. I was kind of dissapointed that the other one got so injured without stepping on anybody, but at least he tried (and left some important units stranded in the open).

- Farseers are kind of a tough nut to crack. I'll remember next time to only shoot instant death weapons at them.

- Blade storm rules! I nearly crapped myself watching his dice rolls. I can't imagine the kinds of carnage that two farseers and two wave serpents with dire avengers could cause. I suppose the hard part is keeping them alive after the storm...

- It was so nice to finally get to use my infantry for its designed purpose again (especially the chimera ;) )

MVP: The basilisk, of course. With a total kill count of 4 guardians, 4 banshees, 5 dire avengers and a falcon, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that my basilisk made its points back.

Hero of the game: My right-side sentinel. I mean, come on, what other unit in the game is going to run towards a troupe of 10 harlequins? Sentinel, your noble sacrifice to the emperor killed more harlequin than is needed for normal service to the emperor. Brave, brave sentinel... bomb...

Melchoir dropped his massive powerfist on the floor in the corner and walked over to his sofa. The room was dimly lit by his single kerosene lamp which he had turned down when he had left the room. As he sat down, he noticed a note on the small table that held the lamp in front of him. He picked up the small letter and read it as he turned up his lamp.

Marshal Theleos,

Today I found your cowardice unbecoming of a man of the imperial faith. Know that I have already reported this matter to the magistrate marshal.

In the name of the King of Folera,


The officer took a second glance at the note and sighed. He thought for a moment and then folded the note in half. He dipped one corner in the kerosene lamp and watched as the flames crept across the paper.