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This game is a 2000 pt. 2v2.

THE CHALLENGERS: suffer not the heretic among you.

BLOOD ANGELS 1500pts. (the guy I played against last game, sans flesh tearers)

2 dreadnoughts
  - 1 with multimelta, and I don't know what the other had (no wysiwig)
3 6-man tac squads with assorted special weapons
1 Librarian with below
1 5-man assault squad
1 tooled up chaplain with death company
1 Devastator squad with 2x las and 2xML
1 5-man terminator squad w/2x assault cannons (deepstrike)

IMPERIAL GUARD 500pts. (the guy with whom I played game 7)

1 Armored fist (with grenadiers)
  - heavy bolter/ multilaser on chimera
  - plasma gun, melta gun
1 Command squad
  - heroic senior officer with powersword, two melta gunners
2 infantry squads
  - both with grenade launchers, one with HB, one with AC

THE DEFENDERS: Inquisiting since M.30


This is my list, as usual

INQUISITOR DEMON HUNTERS 1000 pts. (the guy against whom I played game 2)

3 10-man squads of inquisitorial stormtroopers (1 flamer each)
1 Demon host
1 Vindicare assassin
1 cheap inquisitor with 2x meltagun retinue and familiar.
1 orbital bombardment
1 Leman Russ Battle Tank (with pintle storm bolter, 2xHB + LC)

I don't know who won for sides, but we won for deployment, and to go first.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For your sanity, click here for a labeled hi-res version.

Deployment tends to be a confused mishmash in team games, and this time was no exception. The only semblance of strategy we had was to put our tanks in one part (out of LOS of the devastators).

Melchoir looked down at the poor quality photograph in his hand:

"Markos Felix Sixtus Imperius Segundus, Imperial inquisitor" he thought to himself as he slowly ambled forwards. He looked up. The towering figure of the imperial inquisitor was planted directly in front of him. The officer looked up. The inquisitor looked down.

"I am Markos Felix Sixtus Imperius Segundus, imperial inquisitor." The inquisitor nodded down at Melchoir. "Um, I am Commander Marshal Melchoir Theleos," the officer replied, using his full title in a vain attempt to get even half the syllables into his name as the inquisitor. "So, Markos, Fel-" the inquisitor interrupted the officer, "You may just call me Felix Sixtus, or Sixtus, for short". The officer nodded.

"You are the Melchoir that I've heard so much about?" the inquisitor began. "Yes, sir," Melchoir replied. "I am glad that there is such a competent officer in the area to aid in this most gravest of missions," the inquisitor replied, "As you know, that chaplain that attacked your men not too long ago has gone mad. He probably already was before the skirmish. What you don't know is that that very chaplain has been possessed by a powerful demon and has lead not only his own marines to chaos, but he as well has started recruiting hapless imperial forces. Unless this is reckoned, there will be much imperial blood spilled. That's why I called for you. I need the best for this dangerous mission."

"Yes, sir," replied Melchoir, and then suddenly remembered his protocol. The officer bowed, "I am grateful to be in the service of a servant of the most holy emperor, lord Felix Sixtus." The inquisitor smiled.


The order was given to advance. Slowly, the inquisitorial forces marched across the field:

On both flanks, infantry moved forwards to get into cover, while the demon host (which had a "I can stop time" ability) flew 12" up the field.

In shooting, my basilisk aimed at the guard's HQ squad and scattered 6" into nothing. My ally's battlecannon shoots, but also scatters way wide of a target. Everything else in our army that had any sort of range missed. The exception was my chimera which opened up with its 4 machine guns on the infantry squad next to the guard HQ, tearing it to shreds, leaving only 3 models left.

After this point, the field looked like this:

They reply by moving everything but the devastators and the remnants of the shot-up infantry squad forwards.

The loyalist guard had set up in good positions. Sixtus had correctly assumed that, if they showed themselves, the demonic chaplain would blindly charge into them. Hopefully the inquisitor's trap of sorts would work.

In shooting, not a whole lot is in range. His multimelta can barely graze my sentinel, which it does in a "I hate you" sort of exploding way. His chimera opens up on us, killing a few stormtroopers.

After this point, the field looked like this:


We start our turn by moving up on the left side (the stormies into trees, the inquisitor and my command squad getting ready to accept the chaplain's charge). When I put all of my vehicles on a side, it's a sign that I want to charge forwards and smash something. When my partner loads up on vehicles on one side, it means that there is a fixed firebase on one side. Needless to say, I didn't feel like charging my two vehicles out into the open unsupported. His demon host rolls to stop time again, and moves 12" towards the enemy guard's command squad.

Melchoir kept his eyes locked on the enemy chaplain. Suddenly, a light began to appear behind the death company. "Avert your eyes!" came the booming voice of Felix Sixtus over the micro-vox set. A faint whine sounded over the battlefield before a pillar of light smashed into the field. A blinding spray of light was accompanied by a deafaning noise as the earth heaved under Melchoir's feet.

Shooting begins with an orbital bombardment Grin The blast scores a "hit" and creams his devastator squad. Only one marine survives due to cover. The ordnance continues with my earthshaker targeting his assault marines and scattering 5" off the board. My partner's Leman Russ targets the same marines and scatters 6" into dead space. My demolisher targets his death company and scatters 4" away, hitting one, but failing two partials, removing a single death company member. Time to work on our accuracy, tank crews.

On the left, I shoot my infantry squad at his infantry squad. I only kill 3 models, but he HAS to remove his heavy bolter and his grenade launcher, as they were the only 3 in line of sight. In the center, my sentinel shoots at his center dreadnought and cleanly wrecks it.

In assault, his crazy, time stopping demon host charges 12" through the woods into the guard's HQ.

After this point, the field looked like this:

They move everything up once again. His chaplain fails his blood rage and charges 6" forwards towards the inquisitor (he wanted a different target, I think, but the rage makes you attack the nearest). His librarian assault squad flies over the building on the right, while the enemy stormtroopers drive up and pile out:

The only casualty he inflicts in shooting is by sub-atomizing a guardsman with a multi-melta.

Then came the charge. On the right, he ran his librarian assault squad in and killed about half of the stormtroopers, who felt it was their duty to stand their ground.

In the center, his death company charges, only to find that there are two separate units there (the stormies and the inquisitor with retinue). After a long and painful bout of thinking, he choses to attack the stormtroopers, which he wipes out and consolidates into my infantry squad.

Felix Sixtus turned on his thunder hammer and watched as the death company barreled into his lines. A gruesome melee suddenly erupted in front of him. "Men of the Emperor! Now it is time to-" Sixtus found himself cut off in mid rousing speech. The chaplain had killed his stormtroopers and taken a single glance at the inquisitor before breaking away and attacking his ally's infantry. Sixtus' eye twitched. He sighed as he started to chase after the death company.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In movement, I re-align my basilisk and my sentinel. The only other movement is us getting close to his death company with our HQ units.

In shooting, my demolisher starts by scattering 6" away into nothing (come on), and my basilisk scatters 5" away to kill a single stormtrooper, but getting a glancing shot on the chimera for a "crew stunned" result. My chimera decided to finish off the remainder of the infantry squad that it almost killed earlier (don't want that autocannon messing anything up), and my sentinel glanced the other dreadnought for an "immobilized" result. My platoon command opens up on the stormtroopers that 325 pts. of imperial armor couldn't seem to kill, and take down a few more. I'm not sure what his Leman Russ did, but I'm pretty sure that he did some serious damage to one of the two remnant tac squads.

In assault, the demon host continued to do whatever to the HQ squad, and the stormtroopers continued their dance with the librarian Though the picture won't show it, the assault marines will put the stormtroopers to flight, and hack them down. Now time to assault his chaplain. Becuase of the goofy way that he had assaulted the stormtroopers, his death company was sort of in an inverted V shape.

Melchoir charged forwards. His shouts mixed with those of the raging melee over the sound of another blast from the orbital bombardment. The officer swung his sword frantically, severely injuring two of the death company. One of them just seemed to get angrier at the attack. He turned to face the officer, but was mobbed by a hedge of bayonetts from his infantry squad. Sanario shouted and lifted high his eviscerator only to find himself without targets.

Meanwhile, the crazed chaplain continued to spray himself with blood as he hammered into the imperial infantry. Chop after chop crushed through helmets and flak armor, smearing his own dark armor with the blood of the imperium. On the other side, his death company warriors hacked into Melchoir's command squad. They came at them with a blizzard of chainsword attacks. Blood flew into the air as several guardsman were gutted by the fearsome attack.

Felix Sixtus had charged in as the death company retreated from him. He looked down at his pet cat. "Come, Lupus!" He shouted as he looked up to meet his foe. The death company seemed distracted. Apparently their blood rage had picked out the target of the enemy that they had recently fought, eager to continue their blood feud. Sixtus came to the aid of his ally by hitting a couple of space marines in the back of the head with his power hammer.

The battle was just too much for my guardsmen who, after sustaining a few casualties, retreated in the face of the chaplain. The command squad took a thrashing, leaving only the officer (full health) and the priest (full health). Too bad that the standard was destroyed. The death company took some casualties, but with Sanario not able to find a target, we didn't kill enough to win the combat.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In response, he moves everything forward again. His stormtroopers come into range of the demolisher with their meltagun (the plasma gunner had fried himself earlier). His librarian assault squad moved up to assault the leman russ from the rear.

In shooting, his storm troopers shot a meltagun blast into the side armor of the demolisher (crap), and managed to hit, but the shot was unable to do much more than peel the paint off the strong AV13 side armor.

In assault, his librarians plant a couple of meltabombs and "Crew stunned", and twice "immobilized + crew stunned". The second immobilized rolled over into an "armament destroyed" on the battlecannon.

At the end of the last assault phase, everyone had piled in to this:

The melee had ground down into a desperate fight between heroes.

"I call you out, chaplain!" Felix Sixtus shouted over the din of battle. The chaplain turned to face the inquisitor. An eerie light emitted from its eyes through its blood-smeared skull mask. The chaplain let out an unholy roar and charged into the inquisitor. The death company followed, sending a merciless tide of cainsword slashes and howls at him. His ancient shield shook violently as the chaplain attempted to bash through his armor. His carefully artificed terminator armor resounded with the ringing of chainswords and the crackling of his energy field.

Melchoir desperately tried to help the inquisitor, slashing at the chaplain, sinking his power sword into the chaplain's leg. The chaplain turned for just long enough to send the officer an ungodly stare, and quickly dodge out of the way of Sanario's eviscerator. The chaplain turned and smashed into the inquisitor, who shouted out in pain.

My eviscerator missed twice, but my officer managed to land a wound on the chaplain, which landed a wound on the inquisitor, who was a little too busy defending himself to get a clean hit off with his hammer. The combat ended in a draw.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In movement, my partner's left side stormtroopers move up, while my chimera on the right moves away. My demolisher turns to face the stormtroopers, while my basilisk turned to face the librarian squad:

In shooting, the inquisitorial stormtroopers obliterate the enemy guard infantry squad, while my sentinel hit the dreadnought and got an "armament destroyed + crew stunned" on a penetrate. See ya later, multimelta.

My basilisk begins by shooting at the librarian but scattering 5" almost off the board (would have been the second time that's happened). My demolisher shoots its cannon at the stormtroopers, and scatters 6" into the building (which, in case you haven't been paying attention, makes 16" of scatter in 3 rounds of shooting). My platoon HQ joins in, killing a very meager 1, while my right side infantry squad manages to take another one down with a heavy bolter. Yielding to the torrent of fire, the stormtroopers run away (whew).

Melchoir continued to stab frantically at the chaplain, bouncing a few shots off of the demon's energy shield. The chaplain turned to face the officer again and let out a massive roar, splattering droplets of his men's blood onto his face. The death company, responding to the call, started to attack Melchoir. The officer frantically parried incoming attacks as the screech of chainsword on flak armor began to ring in his ears. A chainsword chopped into the officer's pistol arm.

Meanwhile, the demon chaplain continued it's duel with the demon hunter inquisitor. He paused for a moment to crush his croizus though the remaining stormtrooper and turned back towards Sixtus. A voice rang in the inquisitor's mind, "I will protect you." The inquisitor's feline familiar jumped on top of the inquisitor's shield and hissed at the chaplain. "Lupus! NO!" Sixtus shouted. The chaplain smashed down his croizus onto the cat, smashing it into a fine red paste.

The shot had left him vulnerable, though. The inquisitor shouted in pain as he swung his mighty hammer forward and crashed it into the chaplain's side. A loud blast tore through the fight as the thundering blast of the hammer sent the chaplain reeling. Dazed the chaplain heard a scream of a soldier over the scream in his ears. He slowly turned to see Sanario chopping down with his eviscerator. The world went black.

"Lupus!" the inquisitor shouted again. Suddenly, the voice echoed in his mind again, "Felix Sixtus, I grant you my power." The inquisitor could feel a burning rage well up inside him. He looked at the death company over the corpse of the chaplain. He let out a great howl as a massive fireball suddenly erupted over the space marines.

His death company attacked my officer (being the only one who wounded the chaplain the turn before), but not many of them were in range, so I only suffered a single wound on my officer. His chaplain clears out the inquisitor's retinue. In return, he is hit with a thunder hammer (which passes a psychic test) and then is chopped in half by my priest. My partner's inquisitor finishes out combat by using "holocaust" on the death company (his cat was what let him have this ability).

After this point, the field looked like this:

In their turn, they move the chimera up towards my partner's storm troopers (I think he meant to tank shock, but forgot to declare it). His librarian squad rushes over towards my chimera, and his terminators finally deepstrike.

In shooting, his terminators rip my right hand squad a new one (I failed a lot of 4+ cover saves), and they run off the board. The librarian meltabombs the chimera for a pair of "crew stunned" results (ouch). My dragoons exit their vehicle.

In the close combat in the center, we chop down another three death company, which manages to get a shot through the inquisitor's armor to remove another wound.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In movement, my partner moves his stormtroopers up to join the fray with the death company. I move my platoon command up to try and get a shot off on the chimera, while my demolisher moves backwards to engage the terminators.

I start by shooting my P-HQ which misses with it's krak grenade, but manages to glance it with a stormbolter for a "crew shaken" result.

My basilisk shot at his librarian and FINALLY got a "hit". Unfortunately, I rolled a 1, which left his librarian alive

The demolisher captain could hear the sounds of assault cannon fire behind him and had quickly turned his vehicle around. Five terminators came into view. "Fire! Fire, dammit!" he shouted. Moments later, the blast of the demolisher cannon resounded through the air followed by a thunderous roar as the mighty shell lit the field ablaze.

Well... time to see if my demolisher will actually do its job. He shoots the big cannon and HITS! only two of them manage their 5+ save.

In the close combat in the center, an inquisitor, a senior officer, a priest and 10 charging stromtroopers make short work of the remaining death company.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, the only thing that moved was his librarian, into my dragoons.

In shooting, their one remaining tac squad didn't move, allowing them to shoot at my command squad. The lone devestator that had been twitching around between blood rage, failing last man standing, and regrouping, finally had a stationary turn. He shot his lascannon at the inquisitor.

The melee was finally over. Sanario looked at Melchoir. Melchoir looked at the broad side armor of the chimera. The priest didn't even need to say a word. The two of them charged. They were met with a firing line of space marines which opened up with their bolters. A hailstorm of deuterium bolts crashed into them. A shot ripped through Melchoir's left arm, and several shots pummeled into Sanario. Broken and bleeding, the two men hit the dirt. Melchoir shouted to the priest "Maybe we should just stay here for a little while!" The priest didn't have it in him to disagree. The officer looked over towards Felix Sixtus. A lascannon shot blasted over the battlefield and smashed through his shield, hitting him in the side. With a shout, the inquisitor went down.

*whew* So goes our heroes. Did a damn fine job, though.

Now for the moment I dreaded: assault cannon time. His terminators unleash a torrent of assault cannon fire, most of which hit. He got a 6 in his shooting, but I tell him that the rending doesn't take place until the armor penetration phase (thanks, everybody). None of the 5 successful hits manage to rend (phew, I guess I'm safe for now).

In assault, the librarian creams a bunch of guardsmen who don't run. As well, the battle between the demon host and the HSO guard command finally finished (I wasn't really paying attention to it this whole time), with a two-wound heroic senior officer being the only victor.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In movement, his stormtroopers move up and I pivot my basilisk to shoot at the marines. My ally moves his vindicator assasin up into the ruins (I have no idea what the assassin did this game up to this point).

The basilisk starts off by rolling a hit on the scatter die, covering all of them. Unfortunately, of the 5 "to wound" rolls, three of them are a 1... Way to "hit" basilisk. His stormtroopers also shoot at the space marines, and manage to down another one.

I shoot at the chimera with a lascannon, an autocannon, a stormbolter, 2 krak grenades and a heavy bolter onto the vehicle's side armor. Not one of them manages to do anything.

My demolisher decides to las-plas the remaining terminators. I hit with both plasma cannons for a total of 3 hits. Of those 3 "to wound" rolls, two of them are 1's. My lascannon shoots and also hits, downing the last terminator. On the far right, the vindicare assassin pistols the HSO, which is finished off by my heavy stubber on my now un-stunned chimera.

In assault, his librarian finishes off my dragoons.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, everything that can move, except the librarian (which he forgot to move), and the chimera, retreat towards the edge of the board in an all out rout.

His chimera, on the other hand, revs up its engines and guns it towards my infantry.

The vehicle barreled down on them. With a shout, the sergeant ordered a retreat. "Run, before that thing crushes us all!" As the other members of the squad turned to clear the vehicle, corporal Alopex turned around. His face wrinkled into a frown. "Bring it!" he muttered as he leveled his grenade launcher at the onrushing chimera:

He stared down at the driver's hatch and carefully aimed as the chimera sped closer. At the last moment, the corporal squeezed the trigger. A krak grenade went flying through the air. The shot landed directly on the driver's hatch. The grenade exploded, instantly killing the driver in the blast of the grenade and with shrapnel from his hatch. The lifeless corpse slumped over onto the emergency brake, causing the chimera to wail as the breaks and the transmission groaned against the sudden stop. The vehicle ground to a halt a few feet in front of the corporal. Alopex looked down with a sneer and spat on the chimera's front armor.

That's right. I passed my leadership and opted for "death or glory" the krak grenade rolled a "6" on its free hit and rolled a "crew stunned" with the glance.


After this point, the field looked like this:


They killed two infantry squads, two stormtrooper squads, an inquisitor with his retinue, a Senior officer with his retinue, a sentinel, and immibilized a Leman russ for a total of 718 pts. We killed everything but a chimera, a librarian, and half points on a dreadnought, for 1670 for a total of +952 in our favor for a very solid victory.

Wow! What a great game.

A few things that I got from this:

- I should really equip my officer with a powerfist. I could do SO much more damage while at the same time not being all that more likely to get targeted as he usually is. It would have been great to just knock that chaplain out first turn.

- This time, I got burned by the whole "you have nothing in base contact" thing when my priest couldn't get a kill off through the other casualties I inflicted. I'll definitely be looking for ways to optimize my assaults more.

- It is actually possible for my demolisher to do his job. I guess I've been so jaded by all of the times that it hasn't done it's job, or has done it partially, and then gotten ripped apart by assault cannons, that I didn't expect it to actually be able to take down its quarry this game.

- Inquisitors are so cool! I won't be adding any to my army any time soon, but I'll definitely hold them in high regards as far as their awesomeness is concerned in the future.

- The orbital bombardment was pretty cool as well. Too bad that it didn't land on anything after the initial smacking (it actaully rolled a fair number of "hits", much to its uselessness. I can see how that weapon would have great potential to a skilled commander.

- That chaplain drug 9 death company members with him. That's a hell of a death company. I'm honestly surprised that GW is giving rending to death company chainswords, as they definitely seem to be doing well enough on their own. One-handed eviscerators. Smooth...

- Even though it didn't do a whole lot, that demon host seemed to have some cool stuff going for it. I'll be looking for those on either side of the table in the future.

Hero of the Game: Oh, my grenade launcher dude of course. I mean, what kind of idiotically brave soldier stares down a tank shock with a krak grenade?

MVP: The inquisitor. He was able to goad the death company into bouncing a LOT of attacks off of his 2+ armor. If the death company would have attacked my priest or officer more instead, we might not have won the center combat. By the way, Felix Sixtus might well not be his name, but I forgot to ask my partner, so I just made it up. Sounds inquisitor-like, right?

The night was dark, and cool enough to make a camp fire pleasant to sit around. Melchoir walked up to Sixtus with his left arm in a sling. The inquisitor watched from his seat as Melchoir sat down. "So," began Sixtus, "How is your priest?" "Sanario? He'll be fine. I think his pride was hurt more than his body." The inquisitor nodded. "Did we get them all?" Melchoir asked. The inquisitor nodded. The two men looked into the camp fire for a moment.

Sixtus reached out his hand, wincing with pain in his side. He opened his palm to reveal a brooch pin. Melchoir picked it up and examined it in the flickering firelight. It was round with the inquisitor's symbol emblazoned on it. "I want you to have this," Felix Sixtus said, reclining back into his seat. "Without you, none of this would have been possible." Melchoir turned the pin over to read the etching in the back. "Thank you, Marshal Teleos," the inquisitor continued, "You truly are a friend of the Imperium, and of the inquisition."

Flames and smoke lazily worked their way up into the starry night sky.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed my 20th game. Stay tuned for next week for my 21st, and possibly last, game in the Burnsville Air Traffic.