So, here it is, a week after my first public game (that was also a first because it was over 200 pts.), which I lost. To view my next game, click here. To view my batrep registry, click here. This, now, is the account of my second public game:

The challenger: Blood Angels (996 pts.)

1 death guard of 6 guys with a chaplin.
1 squad of 5 space marines, with plasma cannon
1 squad of 10 space marines, with flamer and plasma gun.
5 lightning claw terminators (deepstrike)
1 devestator squad with 2 missile launchers and three lascannons.

The defender: Imperial Guard (866 pts.)

1 HQ junior officer with flag and a meltagun.
1 infantry platoon
-HQ junior officer with powersword, bolter and surveyor with autocannon
-2 squads of 10 guys each with a heavy bolter and grenade launcher.
1 armored fist
-chimera with smoke, rough terrain, 2 heavy bolters and a heavy stubber
-1 squad kitted as the others w/krak grenades
1 basilisk
1 lascannon sentinel.

So, to begin with, the reason that I have so few points is because that is literally the number of models that I had. I let him take 1000 pts, because I was more concerned with playing than waiting. I deployed first, and got to go first.


So, I start turn one by moving my HQ and my two tanks up on the right. I needed to get that demolisher close while trying to get the least ammount of line of fire from those devestators as possible. The sentinel took his free scout move towards the enemy and then moved up some more. He managed to kill one of his devestators with a lascannon (2ML, 2LC). The basilisk shoots at his death guard and kills 2 (lousy cover). Autocannon in the infantry squad kills another devestator (1ML 2LC) and the heavy bolter in the squad on the left kill another (2LC, booyah!)

He responds by immediately spreading his troops out as much as he can and moves both of his tactical squads up. His Chaplain / flying death goobers get a "let's take a free move" thing that they get and jet halfway across the board straight into my left. He doesn't cause any casualties.


My basilisk moves out of cover and tries to blast the chaplain but scatters badly. The sentinel moves up even more but misses. The left side targets the death guard but doesn't really do anything. The sentinel charges in and is destroyed. On the right, my chimera shoots 2HB's a heavy stubber and a frag grenade at his plasma cannon toting squad of space marines and kills 2. HQ, AF and demolisher move up. Charging a blood angels army? Sure! After this point, the field looked like this:

Then he got to do his thing. His devestators suffered from a compulsory movement and he walked forwards a bit. His death guard flew in and murdered my infantry squad through the window ( I did manage to kill 2 in CC, though, thanks to simultaneous striking). He consolidated back away from the building a bit. Everything else moved up.


I move my basilisk in an attempt to get away (and because I'm pretty sure I can't hit anything indirectly). I shoot a heavy bolter at his Pcannon squad and miss badly. My platoon HQ shoots his deathwatch down to one guy and the chaplain. MY HQ moves forward, my chimera moves way over, and disgorges it's troops. The troops shoot, but nothing becomes of it. The chimera's heavy bolters and the demolisher's plasma cannons kill 3 space marines. My squad on the right fails to be in range to help kill the chaplain. After this point, the field looks like this:

On the left, his chaplain and friend fly over and blow up my basilisk :( , and he voluntarily moved his devestators up into cover. On the right, his tac squad attacks. He starts with a flamer (oops, should have been looking more closely at that pile of unpainted marines). Which, given it hitting 6 bunched up guys, only manages to kill 2, followed by another 1 with the plasma gun and the plasma cannon from the other squad. They proceed to charge in and just massacare the armored fist. He consolidates towards my HQ squad. His terminators drop in.

Mid game report: By this point, I thought I was going to lose. He almost outnumbered me (with space marines....), his terminators had just arrived, and, not only did my infantry get crushed, but my basilisk went. I figured that by now it would be up to my tanks on the right. Here's hoping...


Despite the gruesome pasting of my armored fist, my demolisher commander kept his nonchalance. The demolisher cannon turned and proceeded to put a demolisher cannon template over all 7 space marines. It scattered 1", which caused one to become a partial, which I then hit. All but one were instantly vaporized. My chimera gets the heck out of there (before the fireworks) and, with it's HB's / HS, managed to kill the other squad down to it's sergeant. My squad that has been camping the hill finishes off the lone survivor of the demolisher cannon and my platoon command on the left killed the death guard down to the chaplain. MY HQ immediately cowers behind cover and hits with the meltagun, but it bounced off the energy shields. What a heckuva turn for the Foleran first! After this point, the field looks like this:

He replies by moving his devestators so that they can actually see something, and by charging my HQ with his terminators (who he proceeds to clean through with the same effort as blowing his nose). The seargant from the one squad I didn't kill all the way proceeds to hide behind a rock. His chaplain attacks my platoon HQ and kills it down to the junior officer, who retreats and isn't caught. Here is an action shot of the chaplain flying up and laying the smackdown (at least my guy managed to throw the binoculars out the window before it was too late):


In turn 5, I realise that the only thing that's going to keep me alive is my tanks, so I move my chimera back behind some cover and unload on his devestators, killing another one. My demolisher enacts sweet, sweet vengeance on my fallen HQ by killing 3 terminators with a combo of lascannon and pair of plasma cannons (it was fun to hear him complain about 5+ armor saves). My fleeing JO turns around. At this point, the field looked like this:

My JO, who had just turned around, finds the chaplain gone. This is because the chaplain flew over him and proceeded to execute him with his plasma pistol. He then consolidates (by doing a badass walk, rather than a jetpack) over the charred remains of my officer. On the right, his devestators FINALLY shoot at something, killing a guardsman with a lascannon. Then, he charges up the hill with his terminators, and kills all but two, who then retreat.


So, this is it, the last turn. My chimera very nearly almost killed his devestator and my demolisher wipes away the last two terminators with plasma cannons / lascannon. My dudes who survived the charge run off the table. At this point, the field looks like this:

His response is to start claiming table quarters (to which my response was "table what?") Thankfully, though I didn't know about this, there wasn't anything I could do anyways, with just two tanks. He moves his one sergeant out and contests the lower right square that the demolisher is in. The units as they were, are highlighted with X's


My opponent earned 591 victory points. He got 558 for the units he killed, and nothing for table quarters (I thought he had 200 points for the two table quarters, but given that all he had was an independent character, and a couple of space marines from two different squads...) and almost nothing for what he had that survived.

I earned 966 victory points. I got 504 for what I killed (lousy free deathwatch) 308 for what survived, and 200 for my uncontested table quarters (The two tanks were in two different zones).

In the end, I won with +475 pts. (although you could easily add my 130 pt. handicap) for a solid victory.

Hero of the game: My armored fist squad for boldly taking immense enemy fire, so that he didn't shoot my chimera (which did a ton of damage that game. It got at least half it's points back in space marine kills), and it caused them to consolidate in a nice tiny ball for the demolisher. In reality, it was a mistake, but it's going down on the dataslate as a noble sacrifice to set a devious trap.

MVP: The demolisher, of course. Though he cost a whopping 193 points, he took down 10 tactical marines and 5 terminators, and basically won me the game. And it survived to boot. I think I should reward it by actually finishing the assembly and painting of it ;)