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This time I'm playing against blood angels space marines (not the same guy as game 2).

THE CHALLENGER: Blood for the blood... angels!

Actually, these guys were using the experimental "flesh tearers" rules (I couldn't find the official rules online anywhere).

Death Company Dreadnought w/multi-melta and DCCW
3 variety sized tac squads with variety special weapons
1 freaking upgraded chaplain
1 2-LC, 2-ML devestator squad

THE DEFENDER: I eat space marines for breakfast... and sometimes brunch.

This is my list.

He rolled for sides, deployment and first turn.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

To view a hi-res version, click here.

Well, I knew that he would be coming at me, as he was blood angels, and half of his units had infiltration. My plan was basically to hide all of my guys in a defensive position, while putting a couple of things on my left. This was in part to draw out forces, but as well to give me some mobility in what might otherwise have been a too-static tactic for my army.


Melchoir put down his roast beef sandwich. He swore he could hear something.

The company had advanced into a park near the center of the city and had decided to break for lunch. The day was sunny, and the weather was nice. Sometimes all that's required for high morale is a bit of sun, a bit of a recline, and a bit of roast beef.

He heard it again. It sounded like... someone was crawling up towards them. Melchoir stood up and turned around. He dropped his sandwich.

The blood angels certainly got the jump on this situation. There would be no multi-turn blast fest before he closed on my lines. On the plus side, it gets them into eviscerator range sooner ;D

In his movement phase, everything moved forwards but his devestators. To my surprise, the death company dreadnought gets to automatically fail his blood-range thing, basically allowing him to move up to 12" every turn (so, he can assault me from 18" away. Ouch!).

In shooting, he let lose with a hail of bolt pistol fire, killing some guardsmen before they even had a chance to put down their lunches. The devestators shot down at my basilisk. I had placed my chimera there in order to block line of sight, but that size 3 terrain let him still be able to shoot at it. Oh well, hopefully my chimera could give the basilisk some hull-downedness. I made him take a target priority test and he, surprisingly, failed it. He shot two lascannons and two missile launchers into the chimera, destroying it, and killing 4 of the 6 dragoons inside.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir realised that things were about to get real bad, real fast. "Everyone! Fall back into the park! Incoming death company!" he shouted as he switched on his powersword.

In my turn, I start by rolling my left back, in part to smash marines with the demolisher, in part to get him out of the 24" range of the dreadnought's meltagun. I decided not to move my infantry, as I don't want to invite sweeping consolidations into other units. Plus, the heavy bolter is really the only hope that the infantry have of doing anything.

In shooting, I fire my entire infantry platoon and kill only a single space marine. On the left, my demolisher shoots at his tac squads with his cannon and scatters, but manages to hit a couple of marines. My basilisk shoots at the devastators and scatters, but only by 1", turning the devastator squad into creamed corn.

Both of my sentinels shoot at the dreadnought, and both hit, and penetrate, but only cause a pair of "crew stunned" results, which the death company dreadnought promptly ignores.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He continues to run forwards as fast as he can.

Pistol fire again rips into my troops, killing off the platoon HQ, and half of the left side squad. His dreadnought rolls a 6 for blood rage, and is close enough to shoot my sentinel, but misses (phew). He tries to charge in but finds that all of those pistol casualties leaves him out of range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I start by retreating my left even more, being careful to hide the demolisher on the other side of the building from the dreadnought. In the middle, I move my sentinel up for a shot at the dread and I move my dragoons up in a desperate attempt to distract him into taking on them, rather than bowling into the center squad.

Melchoir looked around frantically. It was all happening so fast. He didn't know if he'd be able to get his demolisher in. He didn't know if he'd be able to kill off the tac marines. He didn't even want to think about the chaplain that he knew was around there somewhere. The officer turned to the basilisk. "Artillery, fire at will!" The basilisk was more than happy to oblige.

I start my shooting by throwing another pair of lascannons at the deadnought. One misses, and one hits for a glance, which stuns the deadnought (which he ignores). My demolisher shoots and scatters badly, catching only empty space. The earthshaker, on the other hand, hits dead on and creams half of the tac squad (all were hit, but I rolled 3 ones in my 6 wounding rolls...). All of my infantry shoots everything at his tac marines and kills a whopping zero.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moves up. This is going to get ugly.

In shooting, he fires his meltagun at my sentinel and knocks off its lascannon / stunning it. Pistol fire again whithers my infantry down. Being mere inches away from my forces, he charges in.

On the left, he charges in and kills a few infantry models. My men are spaced too far apart, though, so the battle is called off after he kills the guys in front. The squad tries to run (failed a morale check), but ran a whopping 2" away, letting the marines consolidate straight back into close combat.

On the right, his death company charges in and the chaplain strikes first. He wipes out the two closest guys to him which leaves none of the models in the death company in base contact with anybody. He consolidates into the remaining dragoon.

In the center, his three tac marines charge, but don't manage to kill anybody. I don't kill anybody in return.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir looked around him. All of his soldiers were now trying desperately to fend off the blood angels. Sanario lifted up his giant chainsword and shouted, "Men of Folera, Men of the king! CHARGE!" Melchoir looked at the nearest squad in need of support and, as if by compulsion, ran into the fray.

I start by turning my demolisher around. Time to spear that pesky dreadnought. Everything else is locked in combat, so the only other move I can make is to charge my command squad in.

In shooting, my basilisk is faced with just one possible target: the dreadnought. It fires from across the board and hits dead on, penetrating its armor. I get an "armament destroyed + crew stunned". While he doesn't care about the stunning, I do manage to get rid of his meltagun. The demolisher, meanwhile, shoots with it's las/plas. The lascannon misses, but both plasma cannons hit, but neither manage to breach the dreadnought's armor.

In close combat, I charge in with my command squad. My officer scores 4 hits, and picks up the final on the reroll. Unsurprisingly, 5 5+ rolls fail to yield either a 5 or a 6. My icon bearer manages to pick up a kill, though, and my priest chops two more in half with his eviscerator. He fails his morale check (yeah, we screwed this up), and successfully runs. My command squad, in a feat of blind imperial rage, charges after, but doesn't manage to catch up with them.

In the center, the space marine manages to wound me one, but it is saved by flak armor. I manage to wound him a couple of times, which is saved by power armor.

On the right, he gooshes my last dragoon, and consolidates towards my other troops.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In movement, he charged forwards with his dreadnought, and his death company.

In close combat, his dreadnought charged in, but failed to hit the sentinel, which did nothing in return (obviously). In the center, he shot at my command squad and charged in. He didn't get any kills with either pistol or sword, before they were both chopped to goop. I consolidate towards his chaplain.

In the right hand close combat, his tac marines and his death company shred my infantry squad down to less than half strength. He ran into the same problem from a few turns earlier, though. He killed all of my troops within 2" leaving him out of combat again. The guardsmen fail their morale test, but, after seeing the bright hand of the king of Folera watching over them, they turn and continue to fight. His death company consolidates backwards (for some reason).

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I closed in on the chaplain, while my demolisher got the heck away from the dreadnought (and popped smoke, just in case).

Melchoir turned around and finally saw his adversary: the chaplain. "Brothers!" the priest shouted, "These are the butchers of your friends and brothers! Make the ground run red with their blood! Charge!"

Sweet, sassy molassey! I open up with my flamers, and score TWENTY ONE hits! Hahaha! Die! After the hellfire of three flamers die down, I find that only ONE space marine had dropped... I continue by shooting my lascannon sentinel at the death company and hitting, and incinerating one of them (feel this pain, bitch!). I think long and hard about shooting my basilisk. I decide against it, though, as I really need my priest and officer to survive long enough to charge in.

The smell of ozone ripped through the air as three flame throwers descended on the death company. A blast of heat rippled through the air as the ground in front of them exploded with liquid flame. Melchoir charged in. As the flames cleared, it looked like none of the space marines had been harmed by the thousand degree blast. He remembered his fight against Ulric the Epitheted. Maybe he should check to make sure that the flame throwers were, in fact, throwing flames. His idle thinking was immediately broken by the stare of the enemy chaplain.

I charge in. My officer and my priest get into base contact with the chaplain. We start with a simultaneous duel with the two HQ units. His chaplain hits twice, but fails to wound once, causing a single wound to my officer. My officer misses with all five attacks, and rerolls to miss all but one of them (ouch). The one thankfully wounds, taking one off the chaplain (that's how a powersword makes back 30x its points). My priest sends three eviscerator hits his way, but one of them fails to wound, and the other two are stopped by his 4+ invul. save (crap!). The rest of his death company attacks my squad (as best as they are able), and kills a couple, but the squad stays put to fight on.

In the other combat, his marines kill another couple of guardsmen, but the guard stays as well. His dreadnought again fails to wound my sentinel (I guess that's what he gets for earlier)

After this point, the field looked like this:


At this point, the game store guy of doom came in and started frowning at us severealy (in fact, this game had started so late, that for most of the evening, I didn't think that I'd get to play a game at all).

We pick up the pace (even more than I had been rushing), and go straight to close combat. His tac marines manage to finish off the guardsmen that they had been facing. My officer doesn't manage to hurt the chaplain and is beaten down by his croizus in return. My priest misses with both of his eviscerator attacks.

I am now left with only one shootable target with my basilisk. Even though I'm getting close to my own stuff, I figure it's a risk that's now very safe to take. I aim at his two tac marines and scatter... towards the close combat... 6". All 5 death company marines, his chaplain, and my entire command squad are squarely under the blast marker. My basilisk rolls no 1's to wound. My command squad is obliterated. All of this death company marines are vaporized. Now it was down to the chaplain. I roll to hit, he rolls his 4+ invul save and passes it (noooooo!).

Oh well. At least I go out with a bang.

Oh, and his dreadnought finally manages to kill my sentinel :D

After this point, the field looked like this:

And that's it. We started packing up in a hurry and just barely made it out before the doors locked behind us.


He had an injured chaplain, a less than half strength tac squad and a dreadnought for a little over 300 points. I had my demolisher, a sentinel, and the basilisk for going on 400 points. (we really didn't have time to check for sure) for a draw.

So a few things. Firstly, I consider this an unofficial victory for me, given what I would have done to him on turn 6, but I am content with my lossless record against space marines.

This was my first chance to see how fighting with a big mob of guys can be very useful. Being able to kick him out of combat by just killing my closest guys wound up being an unexpected benifit to me.

The way that things ended with the basilisk was priceless. Even though my command squad was wiped out, I'm still sure that I was for the better, as it was either trying to get two kills with two eviscerator attacks, or it was making him fail a single 4+ invul save. In any case, I'm glad that my command squad actually carried it's weight a little bit this game. I'm still a little concerned about those flamers, though.

Hero of the game: My right side infantry squad. They had to just sit there and take it as everything charged towards them. Brave lot, they.

MVP: The basilisk, of course. Injuring a dreadnought, pasting a devastator squad and killing all of the death company sans the chaplain is a pretty good weight to carry for a single vehicle.