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This time, I played against the guy who I played such games as game 14 against. He has been slowly collecting tyrannids. This army is made with all of the tyrannid models that he has.


2 5-base ripper swarms
1 assault hive tyrant with jumping, or wings, or something
1 sniper hive tyrant with venom cannons (mislabeled D-TYR on the pic)
1 dakka carnifex with ... dakka
1 assault carnifex
1 sniper carniefex with venom cannons

THE DEFENDER: shoot the big ones first!

This is my list

Same as usual.

So, what is the one thing that I consistently preform poorly against? Tyrannid monstrous creatures (see last game if you don't believe me). This is going to be a bloodbath...

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res version, click here.

Well, my plan was this: I would spread my army out in order to spread his army out. Then, I would all of the sudden refuse one of my flanks (the one with the vehicles), leaving half of his monstrous creatures flat footed. Then, I would shoot at the first couple of monstrous creatures with everything, and hopefully kill them. Towards the end of the game, when the other monstrous creatures showed up, I would hopefully be unscathed enough to be able to take them down. In an emergency, I placed my command squad behind stuff so that they would be able to counterassault anything that broke through the front line. Good idea, no?

He rolled for sides. I rolled for deployment and first turn.


Well, time to put my plan into action. I start by suddenly refusing my right. Unfortunately, he wasn't as distracted as I'd hoped, but we can still give this a run. I pop smoke on the armored fist.

my sentinels and demolisher send two lascannons at his hive tyrant. One misses, and the other fails to wound. The sentinel on the far left can't see the tyrant, but does take a wound off of the neighboring carnifex. On the right, my heavy bolter shoots at his carnifex. I hit twice and wound once. He fails his 2+ save.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir looked out over the field. They had been given an impossible misison: hold the line as the rest of the forces retreated. That's the penalty of getting too good: they expect the impossible from you. The linchpin of the tyrannid threat in this area was a giant insect codenamed "Lysander". It was feared that this bug would personally be leading the charge against the guard as they tried to retreat. Melchoir looked through his magnoculars again. There it was... Lysander

In his turn, everything uniformally moves up. On the right, both of his venom cannons hit (and I fail cover saves) but his barbed strangler doesn't.

Nothing else was in range or line of sight, I guess.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Things just got a little hairier. The big, assaulty tyrant can fly. I can't see him to be able to shoot, but I am going to need to be more serious about being a distraction. I unload my guys from the armored fist and then move the chimera over to lend its weight to this critical shooting phase.

I fire 3 lascannons, 2 plasma cannons, and a mess of heavy bolters, and manage to take 2 wounds off the hive tyrant.

Melchoir could see Lysander charge out of the woods. "All units, open fire on Lysander!" he shouted through his vox. Immediately, a flurry of fire descended on the creature, smashing into exoskeleton in a shower of ichor.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it's the turn of reckoning. Everything moves forwards.

In shooting, his venom cannons are all in range. The ones on the left blew my right most sentinel up and the ones on the right managed to get two glances for an "immobilized" and a "crew stunned" (which was reduced to "shaken" due to extra armor). Meanwhile, his dakkafex opens up on the guardsmen in the woods and kills 6 of them (I didn't pass any cover saves).

In the center, his assault tyrant makes it into close combat with the armored fist squad. They don't wound him, but the creature kills about half of them. They don't run.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My distraction is failing, so I move my squad out of the hills to present themselves as a favorable target. Other than that, I move my basilisk and my chimera together, to block my demolisher out of line of sight.

In shooting, I put another lascannon and a bunch more heavy bolter shots (and an earthshaker hit, which his 2+ shrugged off), but didn't manage to hurt anything.

In assault, the assault tyrant finishes off my dragoons and consolidates towards my demolisher.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir could hear the sounds of combat from the other side of the trees. He only hoped that things were going well.

In his turn, everything moves up some more.

In shooting, His dakkafex opens up on my basilisk, managing to shake it. His sniper tyrant (Lysander) blows up my chimera with its venom cannons. His assault tyrant charges into the side armor of my demolisher and blows it up.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Melchoir could hear the horrible screams of the tyrannid combine with the piercing shrieks of claws piercing steel. Melchoir knew that this was going to happen from the beginning, but not so soon. "All units! Fall back! Form a defensive perimeter around the trees!". The officer turned and looked at Sanario. The priest was quietly praying. They would need all of the emperor's protection that they could get.

I had managed to snag two monstrous creatures as a distraction on my right last turn. Now, I capitalized on this by hiding everybody back in the hills. My basilisk was shaken, but not immobilized, so I moved him back to form a wall on the bottom side of the trees. My sentinel moved up so that it would prevent anything from attacking past it (it was impossible to move without coming within 1" of anything on my front. I moved my command squad back so that it would be less likely to get caught in a sweeping advance.

Time to hold onto my butt.

In shooting, the lone lascannon failed to hit Lysander. The heavy bolter did nothing.

After this point, the field looked like this:

On the left, he responds with somewhat confused movement forwards, while on the right, the two carnifexes that had taken the bait continue to charge more rightwardsly.

In shooting, the dakkafex smears the sentinel while Lysander killed a couple of guys in the trees (once again, no cover saves). They fail their leadership, but stick around after one sideways glance at the bright, imperial standard. On the right, his sniperfex hits with its barbed strangler, killing a handful (I think I actually managed a 5+ cover save this time).

In assault, his assault tyrant smashed into the left side of my basilisk, but as it had moved 12", none of the shots landed.

After this turn, the field looked like this:


Melchoir looked around him. The monstrous creatures kept relentlessly advancing. Melchoir looked at Sanario with fear in his eyes. Sanario steeled his gaze back. "You know what to do, Melchoir," the priest said in a quiet tone, "The emperor protects us all." Melchoir closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The sound of the eviscerator starting up caused the officer to open his eyes. He looked to the right and saw a giant insect attempting to claw at the basilisk. Sanario turned towards a pair of infantrymen. "You! Charge forwards! The emperor has made you invincible!".

I pick my target: the assault tyrant (it has lower toughness and is slightly closer than the dakkafex). My lone couple of infantrymen charge out to distract the far left side (and make it less likely that they'll be able to consolidate into my command squad). On the right, my little distraction keeps backpedaling, managing to get behind the cover.

Sanario charged forwards. The whole command squad followed. Their shouts barely made it over the screaming of the monstrous creatures.

In assault, his tyrant whips around and kills my three flamer guys. I respond with 5 attacks from the officer. None of them wound (why do I even give this guy a powersword?). The priest misses twice and then rerolls a second. One of them wounds. The icon bearer unleashes with his 4 attacks and manages a wound. He fails his 2+. This is why I modeled a dagger onto the end of the icon.

I lose the combat, but stick around for the fight.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, everything charges forwards.

The only thing that shoots is his dakkafex which manages a penetrating hit, which scores a "stunned + armament destroyed" result on the basilisk.

The two lone guardsmen shouted as they blasted their way out of the trees.

I failed to wound the rippers as they charged in. I didn't even bother to make him roll dice back.

Lysander charged in and attacked my command squad, chopping them to bits, while the assault carnifex chopped down Melchoir.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My lone infantry squad keeps on running.

This is it, do or die time!

In his state of absolute terror, the grenade launcher shakes too violently in his hands, and the shot misses.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves up behind the unsuspecting basilisk. Lysander only had one thing standing in its way...

Both of the monstrous creatures charged the basilisk, which very much didn't survive.

On the right, his dakkafex hit me with a barbed strangler, and a venom cannon shot. A lone guardsman survives. He rolls boxcars for leadership, and, very understandably, runs the hell away.

He is the only survivor.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He killed everything, netting him 1000 pts. I did 6 wounds, but didn't manage to take any single creature down to 1 wound, netting me 0 points, for a -1000 in his favor for a "shutout".

Pretty much as expected, actually. Given that I have yet to kill a single monstrous creature (unless zoanthropes count) in 3 games against tyrannid, and given that just one carnifex made me lose the last game, I didn't stand a chance in this match up. Was kind of hoping for some VP's, though.

My strategy, though apparently a sound one, simply didn't hold. I was able to get 2 of his big-un's distracted, but I just wasn't able to pull back fast enough to get out of venom cannon range, or outrun the assault carnifex. After turn 2, my guns were all but muted, and the inevitable result ensued.

You know, the next army that I build will probably be something like deathwing. I've noticed that 5+ saves are passed about 1 in 20 times, while 2+ saves are failed about 1 in 30 times. Check back through my previous games if you don't believe me.

MVP: the infantry squad on the right. Even though they weren't able to distract the sniperfex quickly enough, they were able to draw a couple of hundred points of stuff across the table. That assault carnifex made back 0 points.

Hero of the game: Duh, the infantry squad on the left. Being able to charge 30 rippers and a carnifex with just two guys to bide time for my command squad takes some serious heroics. Or maybe stupidity. In any case, there is no end to where an imperial guardsman will go when confronted by a priest and an imperial standard.

So that's it. Anybody know how to defeat monstrous creatures?