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This game is against Tyranids played by the necron player from game 12.

THE CHALLENGER: Godless insectoid swarm

4 11-bug squads of termagaunts
2 3-base squads of rippers
1 biovore
2 5-bug squads of warriors with shiny claws and a barbed strangler
1 dakka hive tyrant with tyrant shield
1 carnifex with 2x venom cannons

THE DEFENDER: Pious imperial swarm

this is my list.

It's a mission, this time! I rolled and got "secure and control" and he picked omega difficulty

I rolled for sides and to deploy, and he rolled for first turn. I rolled "dawn" for dusk and dawn, and "3" for the number of loot counters.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

To view a hi-res version, click here.

pregame analysis:

Oh no! Omega! This is the first time I've had any nightfighting. This is the first time I've had escalation. Aaaah!

My deployment is basically a faint attempt to form a strong point on the right while trying and spreading him out as much as possible. I had no clue how this was going to work. All I knew is that he had a LOT more models out there than I did, and that I didn't give a damn about getting to the loot counters. Note that we botched it and deployed 15" instead of 12". In any case, thank the emperor for "scouts" rule on sentinels.

Melchoir awoke in a start. A sentinel pilot was shouting through the vox set. Tyrannid attack!

The Foleran 1st had been sent to guard on the flank of a general attack on the city. They had camped out the night before just outside the city, with the orders to venture in and hold their position at the perimeter at all costs, as the center forced its way up the middle. It was still dark, but the illumination in the sky made things barely visible. It seemed like the enemy had a different idea about how the battle would be played out that day.

Melchoir jerked himself to his feet and frantically started issuing orders though his vox set. He shouted for men to wake up. He shouted for the vehicle crews to get to their stations. All the while, he peered through the darkness for an enemy that he couldn't see.


In his turn, he moves his massive pile of guys forwards. Darkness clouds his ability to use his barbed strangler on the right, and the one on the left missed. His biovore shot, but missed. He will hit once and then miss pretty badly (man, the biovore's indirect fire is a pretty rough rule). I think a total of one of his spores manages to bump into something the whole game.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Feeling that my plan to thin out his lines worked, I start moving in my left side.

In shooting, I open up with whatever I have, and manage to kill a fair number of gaunts in the middle (7, I believe).

Melchoir frantically called in his junior officer on the left. Meanwhile, in the front, the sentinel scouts suddenly found themselves staring down a swarm of tyrannid insects. One sentinel pilot looked at the other. He could barely make out a nod in the darkness. They knew what to do:

In assault, both of my sentinels engage two different units of gaunts, and kill a couple between them. Unfortunately, the gaunts are fearless, so it's kind of a wash. At least I've locked up two of his big critter mobs.

After this point, the field looked like this:


His carnifex shows up from reserves.

Everything of his moves up. The unstoppable wave continues. He misses with his right-side barbed strangler. His other warriors have nothing to do with the offending sentinels, and sets up a charge:

Unfortunately for him, the normal attacks don't wound, and none of the rending claws rend. On the right, my sentinel and his gaunts continue their combat. I hate to be a ruiner, but for the rest of the game, the sentinel on the right spends it's time trying, and occasionally successfully, stepping on gaunts. This isn't factored into any of the pictures.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir searched nervously across the battlefield. It was finally getting light enough to actually see. He wished he couldn't. The sight of the tyrannid attacking in full force was as terrifying as it was awe-inspiring. The officer broke from his reverie to the sounds of engines. The officer smiled. Seems like not even the tyrannid could catch a Foleran flat-footed.

All of the rest of my army makes it in from reserves. *phew*

This round is pretty much a turkey shoot. My basilisk kills several gaunts on the left. The chimera and infantry squad manages to almost totally annhiliate another squad of gaunts. My demolisher kills a warrior with las/plas.

In close combat, he AGAIN can't get a rending hit on me. My sentinel returns the favor by shooting one in the face with his laspistol, removing a wound.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, his hive tyrant with guard (the rest of his army) shows up:

Everything moves forwards, except the gaunts on the very left which he foolishly got out of synapse range (and got shot up really bad by the basilisk). He is forced to run 12" towards the warriors.

He managed to make it just close enough with his gaunts in the center to be able to charge:

In the end, there are no wounds. In the center, his warriors hit my sentinel and get two rends (penetrating) and score a "crew stunned" and an "immobilized + crew stunned".

After this point, the field looked like this:

Allright. Now it's time to continue to roll up the flank.

My chimera runs up and dumps out it's guys, and then pops smoke.

Everything shoots at the warriors on the left. So long, warriors. Props to the platoon HQ with it's autocannon, krak grenade, and storm bolter. I think they got half of the wounds.

Melchoir looked on in shock. A few moments ago, he was asleep. Now, there were gaunts already in his lines! The air continued with a roar of gunfire. He couldn't see anything, but he hoped that the sounds he was hearing were good.

In assault, I kill off the couple of gaunts that had charged me earlier (not pictured). As well, his warriors finally manage to get a whole heap of hurt on my sentinel, causing it to explode (at least once). The resulting "sentinel bomb" doesn't manage to hurt the gaunts (yay for 6+ saves), but kills a warrior and takes a wound off another.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he is forced to retreat even further back with his gaunts, now that they are sans warriors. The rippers, gaunts and warriors that survived the sentinel bomb also move up.

In shooting, he managed to immobilize the chimera with a glance (duh). His hive tyrant manages to kill 2 guardsmen in the building. I take them off the bottom floor, thinking how clever I am that he can't charge me now.

And in he charges:

So, now that the guys on the bottom floor were gone, he charged through the front door and into the armored fist squad (d'oh). His warriors charge my squad on the right (just barely), and the rippers charge my platoon HQ.

The rippers kill the officer, and consolidate into the rest of the squad. The warriors kill their squad and consolidate in a very spread out fashion towards the rest of my stuff. The termagaunts kill a couple of guardsmen (no passed 5+ saves) and suffer no wounds themselves (multiple passed 6+ saves). Thanks to the flag (wait, I mean icon, now), I get to stick around.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Allright, now it's time to kill his OTHER huge squad of warriors. Hopefully, this should go well, as he's basically stranded in front of my firepower. The chimera, demolisher, remaining squad, and the basilisk all shoot at the warriors. Unfortunately, one of them survives.

In close combat, the rippers kill another model which almost forces the squad to flee (thank you, 12" leadership bubble). The gaunts in the middle kill another couple guardsmen, with no wounds themselves (damn that 6+ save!)

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now within synapse again, the gaunts on the left move forward. So does everything else for that matter.

His carnifex takes a good hop over the wall and shoots its twin linked venom cannons at the basilisk. They are just BARELY in range, and he manages to destroy my basilisk.

The remaining warrior charges in.

As a result, they almost wipe out the dragoons, but the flag keeps them standing again.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Allright, now it's time to clean up my deployment zone.

But first, I shoot, very poorly, at the gaunts with the demolisher and the chimera, killing only 2 gaunts.

Now it was time to move. Melchoir looked at Sanario and nodded at each other. Shouts filled the air as the command squad charged at the remaining tyrannid in the melee next to them:

Melchoir charged the biggest insect he could see. The tyrannid warrior turned and met the charging commander with it's black and glistening eyes. The senior officer let lose a loud shout as he frantically slashed over and over again with his powersword. The faint smell of ozone creeped through the air as the glowing sword frantically cut at air and chitchin. The warrior, unfazed by the ferocity of the attack chopped down with it's massive claws. One gruesome talon impanted itself into Melchoir's leg. Another slammed straight through his flak armor. The world went black.

Sanario watched his commander get cut down. The screams of the priest were challenged only by the scream of the eviscerator. With a mighty chop, the priest cut off both of the bug's massive claws, freeing Melchoir to slump to the ground. The giant insect screeched in pain and recoiled backwards, leaving himself exposed. Sanario lifted his blade and smashed it into the warrior's head, chopping him clean in half with his 10 foot long chainsaw sword. A thick green paste smeared onto Sanario as the foul bug was split in two.

My command squad charged his lone warrior. With my officer, I attack 5 times and hit with 2 attacks and then reroll to pick up one more. None of them are strong enough to wound. The warrior scores a rending hit against the senior officer and then scores another wound, which is not saved against. Why do I even bother to give that guy a power weapon? My priest hits once and then rerolls another hit and easily chops the crap out of the warrior with his eviscerator.

In the other close combat in the area, the armored fist squad finally inflicts a lasting wound on the gaunts, and finally makes a couple of armor saves, and wins the combat. They run. I catch them. They go squish. I consolidate.

After this point, the filed looked like this:


In his turn, he moves forward everything he can.

Shooting, he blows the crap out of me with 12 re-rolling to hit, re-rolling to wound on a 2+ attacks. Thankfully, the 4+ cover save prevented the squad from being totally wiped out (not pictured).

In assault, he manages to just barely get his gaunts on the left back into combat and, along with the rippers, finish off the remnants of the platoon HQ (up till now, there had been a lot of missing, a lot of not wounding, and a lot of good armor saves by both parties). His carnifex charged my chimera and knocked the crap out of it. His rippers on the right charged in and finished off my dragoons, while taking a casualty themselves.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I manage to kill all of the rippers (the left ones with my demolisher, the right ones with the infantry squad in the building). My command squad charges in against the carnifex. The flamers manage a wound, but it is easily saved against. The huge pile of re-rolling normal attacks fail to score a six. The priest misses all three times, and then re-rolls two of them to a hit. One fails to wound, and the other knocks a wound off. The carnifex manages to kill two guardsmen. He wins combat. I fail my morale test. I reroll with the standard. I fail again. With initiative 1, the carnifex catches me...

Well, this would be it, BUT, we have to roll for extra turns. He rolls it. On to turn 7!

In turn 7, he barely manages to make it to my demolisher with his carnifex and blows it up. My sentinel on the right keeps on trying to step on stuff. We roll for another turn. On to turn 8!

More movement. More attempted squishing by the sentinel. We roll for another turn. On to turn 9!

More of above.

Thank the Emperor it didn't go on to turn 10...


He killed everything but a sentinel, and had one unit within 6" of a loot counter for 995 points. I killed some rippers, lots of gaunts, lots of warriors and put a wound on the carnifex for 503 points for a -492 points in his favor for a very solid defeat.

Wow. At the end of turn 6, I still had enough stuff on the table so that it might possibly have been a draw. 3 extra turns later, I had nothing. Given that and the other goofy rules (escalation and nightfight), I think I'll ask that I don't play omega any more, or at least for awhile. It feels like an entirely different game.

In the beginning, I was definitely doing well, and I think I was targeting things properly. The only regret I had was not targeting the carnifex, but usually a carnifex can't make it across the whole board if it comes in on turn 2. Plus, most of the carnage of that carnifex was by being in such a way where it could hit the tank because the end of the tape measure tapped the very tips of the front treads, which won't happen in the future.

Other than that, I really don't know what else I could have done. Any advice that you guys have would be priceless.

Hero of the game: The guys in the building on the right. They had to watch as the battle swirled around them, hacking apart their commerades left and right. They also stuck around for a turn after almost everybody was killed by a giant hive tyrant blasting.

MVP: This one goes to both of the sentinels that bravely charged out ahead and tied up the enemy forces so that his line was forced to advance very unevenly. Being able to spread out the carnage against my troops while being able to concentrate fire on incoming units was invaluable.

Sanario heaved for breath as his legs pumped underneath him. The carnifex was too much for them. They had run. Thankfully, the carnifex was too busy crushing the rest of his squad and then too distracted by the demolisher and remaining sentinel to keep on chasing after the priest. He had dropped his eviscerator and ran.

He paused behind a wall for a moment. As he caught his breath, he looked over to see the body of Melchoir still lying on the ground. He looked around quickly. He couldn't see anything barreling towards him. The priest ran over to the officer. Melchoir was still barely breathing. The priest took out his blessed short sword and hacked away at the claws that were still stuck into the officer until only the tips of the claws themselves remained impaled in him, blocking the bleeding.

The priest sheathed his sword and picked up the officer. With any luck, he'd be able to make it somewhere before the monsters behind him turned around and saw him. It was still maybe a half an hour before the sun rose. Maybe that would be enough time.