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That's right. It's time for the hunt of Ulric the Many-Epitheted to continue (I found out tonight that he's not actually playing with Ulric the Slayer, but rather just using his model for a regular wolf priest. Thus, this particular guy is Ulric of the Many Epithets.) I told him about the storm shields, and some things from last time, so he re-adjusted his list (a little awkward, as he has very few models to work with. Tonight, he walked out of the store with a box set of long fangs. Yay!). There's something a little wierd, still, though, as the fenris wolves (or whatever they're called) count as being a part of the unit. The terminators entry says that it can take one assault cannon per three models in the unit. I didn't want to delay the game any longer, especially as this could be a legitimate way for space wolves to cheat an extra assault cannon in there, so I let it go.

THE CHALLENGER Alas, poor Ulric, I knew you well...

10 blood claws.
10 grey hunters with fist / melta
Ulric the many-epitheted (wolf priest)
  - with dogs
  - with gazonga upgrades
  - with the terminators with upgrades (no storm shields this time) + 3 asscannons

THE DEFENDER That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

I used list 3b, same as last time.

He rolled for sides and deployment, I got first turn.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

To view a hi-res version, click here.

Basically, my plan is to spread way out and find out which way he was going to roll. Once I knew his plans, I would run away from wherever he attacked, and attack his flank(s). This time, it would be a lot easier to take out the terminators, though. Let's begin.


I start my strategy by moving up my far left to fill the void that his deployment had left. My HQ charges forward in an attempt to hide behind a building like last time. This turn, I'm basically going to plaster at his stuff, starting with Ulric. It's a damn shame that you can take a squad that's part terminator armor, part abblative wounds, as that's really tricky to shoot against.

My shooting starts with what looks like a clear shot:

Basically, I'm going to smear these guys right away and be done with it. I shoot. I scatter 6". Well, I won't get them this round, I guess. In the middle, the plasma cannon misses, and the autocannon nails a dog. My heavy bolter manages two wounds. He puts one on the dog and one on Ulric. As fate would have it, he fails his 2+ on his leader, and healing salves can't be used on yourself (heh). Both my lascannons miss, and so does everything on the chimera (ouch). The heavy bolter in the left side squad manages to nail a space marine.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves forwards, but nothing is in range.

Melchoir put his hand on his chest. He was lucky, very lucky, that the powerfist he had taken to the chest didn't connect properly. He and his men took a well-deserved two weeks of break. Melchoir had time to heal, his troops had time to rest, and his army had the chance to restock on supplies. Early that morning, he was handed an urgent message: Ulric was back. Somehow, the Space Wolf leader had managed to escape. He had gathered new forces and had returned to cause chaos again. On his first sighting, the mission went straight to the Foleran 1st: Ulirc must die. They had failed in their last attempt, and Melchoir still wasn't at full strength, but there was a job to be done. A score to settle...

After this point, the field looked like this:


Allright. I now know that he's planning an attack on the middle, and especially the right. I start by moving my infantry away from the impending doom. On the right and center, I move up, getting all of my tanks into the sweet spot.

My demolisher begins by shooting at the terminators. It scatters, but not too badly, taking out the other two wolves, Ulric, and 1 terminator. My basilisk replies by shooting at the marines on the left, but also scatters, more badly this time, taking out 4 space wolves and another terminator. Praise the to the Emperor for instant death weapons. ;) My sentinels also fire at the terminators. The sentinel on the left misses while the sentinel on the right hits, but fails to wound.

Unable to withstand the immense torrent of fire, the terminators fall back. The other unit is fine.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Ulric was dead. Melchoir breathed a sigh of relief. Their job was done, but Ulric's men still haunted the battlefield, and they looked out for revenge.

His terminators regroup (duh) and move forwards. So does everything else.

In shooting, he opens up with 3 assault cannons on the front armor of the demolisher. Statistics did not lie this time, as 4 missed, 6 hit, and 2 hit with rending. The 6 normal hits and one of the rending shots bounced off harmlessly, but one of the rending shots penetrated the front armor with a 6, sending parts of the demolisher blasting through the air. The resulting explosion took a wound off of the senior officer, killed one flamer, and one guardsman from the other nearby squad. Ouch.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I continued my right side retreat and moved my HQ over to the left a little. I didn't want to risk being caught flat-footed in terrain, so I thought I would keep out of LOS until he charged towards me.

In shooting, EVERYTHING unloads on his terminators. I shoot:

2 lascannons
1 earthshaker cannon
5 heavy bolters
1 heavy stubber

I kill:

0 terminators

That's right. 1000 pts. of imperial guard couldn't make him fail a single 2+ armor save.

Worst round of shooting ever.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves up. We begin an awkward dance around the center building. Nothing of his is in range.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I decide to continue my clockwise motion, staying out of 24" assault cannon fire, while trying to gun him down from a distance.

In shooting, I point my basilisk at the greater (read, easier) threat of the space marines. The shot scatters, but manages to take out a couple of space marines. Once again, everything else shoots at his terminators. The sentinel on the left misses while the sentinel on the right hits, but fails to wound. One terminator is downed.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he does what he does. Still vainly grasping for a 24" shot. He gets sick of waiting around and decides to charge into the building after my command squad:

(it was REALLY hard to balance all those models up there ;) )

Unfortunately, he is 1" within 24" and murders the front line of my troops with assault cannons. Nothing else is in range.

After this point, the field looked like this:


This is it! Time for the chopping! I decide to stop moving backwards (as I'm comfortable with how everything came out) and I move up more on the left with my vehicles and roll a 4" through difficult terrain with my HQ, I can take him!

Melchoir's patience had payed off. The blood claws tried to get through the building, but had a hard time getting their footing in the rubble. Now was the time to strike. The senior officer gave the signal, and 15 men charged the gap at the unsuspecting space marines.

In shooting, my basilisk shot at his right side marines and scattered again, nailing two marines, causing him to fail his leadership test and run. My sentinels and heavy bolters shoot at his terminators. The sentinel on the left misses while the sentinel on the right hits, but fails to wound. One terminator is downed (sigh). In case you missed it, some 57 heavy bolter shots, 15 heavy stubber shots and 10 lascannon shots have killed 2 terminators. 1 in 6 chance of failure? Anyone who believes that you can kill terminators simply by forcing them to make enough armor saves is a moron.

I charge in and both flamers bathe everyone in the squad and I hit with a frag grenade (which covers everyone), as well as some 8 lasgun shots. That's 26 hits! Booyah! One would think that this would down pretty much the whole squad if the statistics for wounding and armor saving were correct. I kill:

1 marine.


Now it's time to charge in and eviscerate the goo out of them! I roll a difficult terrain test. I need only 4". I get 2...


After this point, the field looked like this:

He starts his turn by rallying his space marines on the right, but failing his "last man standing" with his lone terminator who runs 6" in the wrong direction out of assault cannon range. His blood claws charge in. He manages to get two wounds with his bolt pistols. One flamer guy dies, and the priest deflects a shot with his carapace armor.

Melchoir looked around as his own guardsmen stumbled horribly on the rubble. He also watched in horror as the marines walked through a solid wall of liquid flame almost totally unscathed. The blood claws charged. Melchoir, though wounded from the blast of the demolisher explosion, was able to fend off the feeble attacks of the space marine before him and crashed his own powersword straight down into the space wolves's face. The rest of his squad fought bitterly, managing to hack down another marine.

A space marine had targeted Sanario. In a bloody frenzy, he slashed at the priest with his chainsword, but the shots sent a shower of sparks off of his carapace armor. The priest ducked for a moment and then stood, raising his great chainsword above his head. Sanario let out a great bellow and slammed his eviscerator down onto the blood claw, ripping the marine in half and sending a massive blast of blood spraying through the air and onto those around him. As the blade made it down between the marine's knees, Sanario swept his massive chainsword to the right. Three legs flew into the air, hacked off below the knees. The second space wolf cried out in pain for a moment, before he, too, was chopped in half by the priest's eviscerator.

The charge went rather poorly for him. His 4 attacks on my officer failed to get any wounds, and his 24 attacks managed to land 2 wounds, one of which killed a flamer, the other of which was deflected off of the priest's carapace armor. It must really suck to be a dedicated close combat unit that only has WS3 and whose opponents can make their armor saves. Oh, wait, I play guard...

I managed to hit with two of my powersword attacks and one of them wounds, killing the guy who attacked my officer. My 6 normal attacks managed to take down one, and my priest hits with both attacks and cleaves two space marines. I obviously win the combat, and outnumber him 4:1, but blood claws have that thing that makes it hard for them to run away from a close combat, so he stays.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture after this point, for some reason.


All that moves is my sentinel on the left.

In shooting, I shoot yet more heavy bolters and lascannons at the lone terminator. The sentinel on the left misses while the sentinel on the right hits, but fails to wound. The other 15 machine gun shots fail to kill the last terminator...

In close combat, the blood claw is nothing without his charge, and doesn't manage to score a wound. My officer and priest miss ALL their attacks, but thankfully, I piled all of my guys in. 24 attacks manage to make him take some 5 wounds. He saves 4 of them. That was close...

After this point, the field looked like this:

So, luck has been exceptionally cruel to me tonight. That terminator, which should have been killed 10 times over, has manage to survive the WHOLE GAME. Thankfully, the dice gods lent me a little bit of balancing support: His lone terminator AGAIN fails his last man standing test. I guess all of the 2+ armor saves in the world couldn't keep him as a scoring unit this game.

That being said, nothing was in range.

At the end, the field looked like this:


All he had left was a less than half strength unit of grey hunters, netting me 890 victory points. He had killed my demolisher for 198 victory points for +692 pts. in my favor for a "crushing victory".

ARGH! It's the Ailarian curse striking again! I shot 12 lascannon shots for ZERO kills on terminators. I shot 69 heavy bolter shots and 18 heavy stubber shots and killed TWO terminators. Just so you know, those 99 shots, statistically speaking, should have killed 7.5 terminators... And then there was the flame-retardant blood claws, and then there was scattering on all 7 of my ordnance shots. The only thing that normalized what I think is actually the worst luck imbalance I've had is the fact that his terminator(s) ran 1/2 the time, rather than 1/3 the time.

That being said, I am very pleased with the final result of this game. I was able to take an opponent against whom I drew last game and turn it into a crushing victory. My overall strategy was better, and I was still able to pull it off, in spite of the rampant statistics.

Otherwise, there wasn't a whole lot learned. I had my strategy, and I pulled it off almost without a hitch. It was kind of fun doing an eschelon in the other direction this time.

Hero of the game: The hero of this game is the noble Melchoir. Though he was pounded in the last engagement, he charged again into this one. Though being injured, he bravely charged a space marine contingent in excess if his own numbers. Good job, marshal!

MVP: Well, this is kind of hard to pick with how LOUSY everyone did (my minis will be getting a talking to...), but I'll put this one on the demolisher. He was the only one who really actually did his job, and did it well. Too bad he got blown up so fast, but that's the risk when charging assault cannons. Maybe I should have just kept him back, and tried to plasma cannon him again, but in the end, there's no changing the fact that demolisher cannons and assault cannons have the same range.

Melchoir and Sanario looked out of the ruined buildings as the remnants of Ulric of Many Epithets' forces were wiped away by the torrent of his almost uninjured force's firepower. After the firepower had finally ceased, the two men walked over to where the demolisher had smeared Ulric. At the bottom of a shallow crater, Sanario could see something palely glinting in the sun. He stooped over and picked it up. He looked down at a decent size chunk of the wolf skull that Ulric had worn as a mask. He handed the skull fragment to Melchoir. Their job here was done.