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This game was against space wolves again. Good, I was hoping to smush more smurfs. It took awhile to get everything set up as he had a codex, but no list (so he had to make one up before the battle). Can someone give this a quick checkover?

The challenger: Space Wolves Space Marines (bad dog!)

1 10-man squad of normal guys with a meltagun, powerfist
1 10-man squad of guys with bolt pistols and close combat weapons
Ulric, the one of many upgrades
   - with like a billion points of wargear including the mantle of someone, healing salves, a stick of goodness,
       a wolf pelt, a plasma pistol, a power weapon of some sort (master crafted), and I'm sure some stuff I'm missing
   - with 4 wolves. You know... the dogs.
   - with 5 terminator retinue, including 3 assault cannons, 1 chainfist, something that gives them a 4+ invul, bionics, and everything is mastercrafted.

The defender: Delivering ordnance to your front door since M.31!

here is my list.

After realising that my previous list was slightly incorrect pointswise (in their favor, don't worry), I corrected it. As well, I decided to make a slight alteration that includes an additional flamer in the command squad (thus it's list #3b)

I rolled for sides and deployment, and he rolled to go first, which he gave to me.

pregame analysis: HOLY UPGRADES! Time to see what an army that has a freaking 700 pt. squad can do. I assumed that there would be much smushing, as the demolisher can instant kill things. Muahahah. Anyways, let the game begin!

At deployment, the field looked like this:

To view a hi-res version, click here.

A couple of things to note about my deployment. The most obvious, of course, is that I got to deploy pretty much everything after him. Secondly, you can see me using my "unbalanced" deployment (where I put the demolisher and the basilisk on the same side), which worked so poorly against my opponent in game 13. I figured that this time I would be safe, as I didn't need to try and spread out his forces to stop them from mobbing me. As well, I was planning to use a "lever" style attack with my center as the fulcrum, and my unbalanced side as the whacking-into-him part. This is different than an eschelon, as I didn't put anything in defense on my refused side (well, technically I put the platoon-HQ there), anticipating an entirely offensive move with all of my forces. It's clobbering time.

As well, given a lack of anything on the left, I had a significantly strengthened center. My command squad would have good cover before it sprung out to kill something. That something, I have designated as the terminator squad (of course, I didn't know the exact nature of all of those upgrades until their rules actually popped up).


I'm not sure why my opponent let me have turn 1, but I'll take it anyways.

I start by moving my command squad up to prepare for it's attack, and I move up my right side (including an infantry squad). I had sort of accidentally found myself facing against open air of a refused flank. I'm not to concerned, though.

In shooting, all that makes it across the board are a few heavy bolters and the basilisk. The basilisk scatters very badly, and scores no hits. My heavy bolters all open up, and manage another 0 kills. To make up for it, the dice gods grant me 2 dead models with my chimera's heavy stubber. Heh, that little upgrade sure payed itself off THIS game.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moved forwards into cover (he realised at some point in this game that space marines need cover. I'm glad that his noobness just got a nice "-1"), and prayed to the emperor that he wouldn't get ground into a pulp. None of his weapons were in range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Melchoir's feet pounded on the sandy ground. He had been warned that space marines had found there way into the small village. Not only were they space marines, but they were lead by the fearsome "Ulric of many epithets", a fearsome foe of a great and bloody reputation. They say that he once took a lascannon right to the chest and didn't die. Melchoir had a plan. He would sent in a majority of his force to attack whatever troops Ulric brought with him, while he, under infantry support would search out Ulric, and stop his reign of terror. His troops had just started opening fire, so they could obviously see the enemy, but Ulric, and whatever bodyguards he might have, were nowhere in sight...


My command squad makes it to its position, and my right whirls around as fast as it can, while still being able to shoot (so... 6" for everything).

Shooting begins with my demolisher, which is just barely in range. It scatters, but rolls snakeyes, catching a majority of the squad on the right in the blast, killing most of them. Of the couple stragglers left, they are subject to basilisk fire, 2 lascannons (from the sentinels), 4 heavy bolters and some other assorted arms. The awesome weight of imperial guard combined fire crushes the entire tac squad completely.

After this point, the field looked like this:

He now has no clue what to do with his other tac squad. They won't be able to shoot at a lot, having only pistols, and it would be sheer lunacy to charge out where they wouldn't even get the advantage of a cover save (even though the most important weapons last round were positioned in such a way so as to deny a cover save anyways). He decides to hide the squad behind a building.

His terminators continue to move forwards, but are just an inch or so shy of being able to target my platoon HQ with its assault cannons. Too bad nothing in his whole army has a range greater than 24".

After this point, the field looked like this:


At this point, I realise that I can win without taking any casualties if I just run everything away to my corner and bombard his stuff with my tanks. That wouldn't be very sporting, though, so I decide to charge.

With the exception of my platoon HQ, the master distractor (which, unfortunately rolled a 2 to move out of terrain), my whole army moves up. Its time for my massive block of troops and armor to smash into his squad and then into the terminators. Aggressive guard for the win.

In shooting, my earthshaker hits dead on, affecting 7 of the remaining 10 marines. Unfortunately, I roll 4 1's, so only a couple go down. My demolisher scatters very badly, and doesn't hit any models. The rest of my army opens up in a torrent of bolter and las fire, killing a couple more.

After this point, the field looked like this:

His terminators move up. His tac squad hides. It tried to get out to maybe attack something but rolled fairly poorly through difficult terrain, so it just sat there.

In shooting, his assault cannons were in range of my platoon HQ, and gunned the crap out of them. Only one guy survived, and that's because he was out of 24". The lone guardsman decides to stay and fight.

After this point, the field looked like this:


And then the lone guardsman decides to get the hell out of there :) . The rest of my army advances.

Melchoir and his squad fidgeted nervously. They had made it to a position that the senior officer had deemed a good place to spring the trap from. Unfortunately, Ulric still hadn't shown. Waiting was always the hardest part, especially when you are caught in the crossfire as your friends get to engage the enemy. From the sounds of it, things had been going well.

Sanario, in a state of righteous agitation, pulled out his prayer book as the men crouched behind the wall. "Men of Folera, let us pray," the priest began, when suddenly he was interrupted by the horrific blast of multiple assault cannons filling every cubic inch of the air around them with lead. The men jumped in shock. They looked and saw that the fire wasn't directed at them, but at the platoon junior officer. Melchoir looked on with revulsion as the squad was reduced to a fine red mist that hung in the air for a moment. Melchoir turned and peeked his head out the window. He could see the first terminator.

In shooting, my whole army targets the remaining tac squad. I can't remember what does what, but the remnants of the squad most definitely don't survive the firepower. My infantry that had somehow found themselves in reserve shot at the terminators and managed to kill a wolf.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My platoon distraction now dissolved, he decides to turn his terminators towards my giant, onrushing force. He manages to peek around the corner with a couple of terminators.

They target the chimera. One has a chainfist and a stormbolter, one has an assault cannon and must target front armor, the third that can see has an assault cannon and can target the side (the boundary went right down the middle of the model). 8 assault cannon shots open up. The ones on the front get three hits, one of which glances the front armor. The one on the side gets all 4 hits (thanks to master crafting), two of which are rending. He adds another 3 penetrating hits. The total is 1 "stunned", 1 "armament destroyed" and 1 "immobilized + stunned" on the penetrations, and he gets an "immobilized" on the glance. The net result is that the chimera is stripped of all of its weapons, and is not going anywhere for the rest of the game (wow, I've never had a chimera lose all it's weapons before...). The guys pop out the back.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My whole army mobs forwards. I figure that now is the time to try and sneak my command squad in. Basically, I need to keep him basically where he is, so I flooded the field with targets. Heh. I basically used my ENTIRE ARMY as a distraction here.

I open up with everything I have. My basilisk, though hitting dead on, unsurprisingly failed to kill anything (wait, that's not true, it killed 2 of the dogs). My demolisher scattered a little, and I managed to hit half the squad. Boy, nothing takes the wind out of a str.10 weapon like a 4+ invul save. I did manage to splat one, but one of his special upgrades was basically a "ignore any damage taken to one unit. Usable once per battle", so the guy didnt' die. Nothing else in my whole army was able to do anything. Disappointing, really, but what can you do against terminators?

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he took the bait and moved towards me. He absolutely clobbered one of my squads (as in 8 casualties), but they stick around.

Melchoir knew where Ulric must be hiding, so he cautiously advanced as his men caught up to them. Then, it happened: Ulric showed himself. Glistening in the sun, his terminators moved forwards behind a low wall. Suddenly, the air burst with the heat and light and concussive power of ordnance as the terminators opened up on a squad, horribly mowing it down. This was it: Ulric against all of Melchoir's forces.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Allright, it's go-time! I move up everything.

In shooting, I open up EVERYTHING onto this squad. How much damage can a nearly unhurt guard force do to 6 terminators?

The answer? 2 terminators. Yeah. How? Well, My demolisher cannon scattered, again, but managed to make it through a set of woundings and a set of 4+ invuls to smash someone flat. The rest of my army manages to get 3 wounds through the 2+ armor (one of which is ignored, as he has a different "get out of death free" card). As these guys have two wounds apiece, one guy falls, but as he has bionics, he is merely tipped over.

After a somewhat frustrating shooting phase, I charge. This REALLY confused my opponent ;D

Melchoir knew that Ulric was distracted murdering his troops. Now was the time. He exchanged a quick nod with Sanario, and the two of them burst out of cover. The sky around them lit up even more as the flamers in his squad bathed the terminators in liquid flame. Melchoir could here the sounds of wolves crying in pain, but otherwise, he could only faintly hear the sound of refractor fields crackling under the blasts of flame. The flames stopped providing their screen just as they made it up to the wall.

My sentinel easily makes it into close combat, and my command squad BARELY makes it in (one of the two difficult terrain dice was a 6. Nothing shy of 6 would have gotten me into assault. My other infantry squad decides that the wall is too high, and so doesn't bother.

Sanario shouted "FOR THE EMPEROR!" as he vaulted over the wall and crashed into the terminators on the other side. His shouts were drowned out by all the voices of the Foleran first shouting out together.

Ulric was a clever one, though. Right before they leapt over the wall, the space marine had started to countercharge them. His mighty, arcane hammer whirled through the air. Twice he landed hits on the sentinel, but failed to significantly damage it. In a rage, he turned to the command squad and smashed into one of the flame thrower soldiers, causing his head to splatter all over Ulric's runic armor.

Meanwhile, Melchoir's frag grenades had caused Ulric's bodyguards to flinch for a moment, letting him get in a surprise attack. He struck viciously against the terminators. Screaming with raw adrenaline, Melchoir hacked and slashed and crushed his sword into the terminators hitting with every strike.

The soldiers of the command squad fought with blind fervor, but failed to gain any traction against the terminators. Suddenly, the sentinel exploded as a chainfist ripped into its fragile armor, killing another in the command squad. The rest of the terminators advanced against the momentum of the guard attack, pulverizing the command squad to nothing. One shot hit Melchoir in the chest. His vision went dark.

Over the explosions and the screams and the carnage, Sanario wormed his way between two terminators as they smashed into their targets. Suddely, the priest found himself staring straight into the eyes of Ulric. The priest let lose with his mighty eviscerator. Ulric nimbly dodged the first awkward swing, and was grazed by the second. Ulric quickly fired his plasma pistol at the priest, trying to make him pause for a moment, so that he could fell the ecclesiarch with his arcane weapon. Sanario was unfazed by the space marine's attempts at suppressing fire. With a mighty chop, his chainsword connected, shredding through armor, and catching bone. Ulric cried out in pain.

This close combat was rough. I had finally made it in, after all the waiting, and I wasn't really able to do anything. All of my command squad members failed to wound (even with the ability to reroll, I still rolled badly). Melchoir hit with 4 of 5 attacks, and rerolled the other one for another hit. All 5 failed to wound. Ouch. The sentinel didn't manage to hit anything either.

He retaliated by using the chainfist terminator to blow up my sentinel (the explosion of which actually killed a guy from another squad). His powerfist terminator got 2 hits, and only one wound, but it instant killed my officer. His other terminator killed the rest of my command squad, except the priest (2 wounds, 4 attacks base, terminator armor. Wargear. Damn.). The priest hits once and then gets another on the reroll. One of the hits fails to wound, and the other scores a wound on the commander.

I lost combat. Sanario rolled for leadership and failed:

After this point, the field looked like this:

Well, for how much didn't get killed as I'd hoped, at least he still could only kill one unit this turn. To top it off, though, the guy who I had killed in the shooting phase rolled a 6 for his bionics...

He had consolidated so that he was partially over the wall. He was hampered in part by needing to wait for his guy who stood up after his bionics roll. While it might have made it hard to charge, it didn't matter, as he scored 10 unsavable wounds on my guardsmen squad, wiping them out completely.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Final results:

We actually played an extra turn after this, as I had mistakenly been a turn off. All that really happened was a VERY bad scatter by the demolisher at a VERY bad time to scatter, and him wiping out another squad of guys with assault cannons. This is not calculated here.

He killed my command squad, an infantry squad to less than half strength, a sentinel, my platoon HQ, and he immobilized (among other things) my chimera, giving him a total of 384 victory points. I killed two tac squads, and the wolves, but left Ulric and his retinue at half strength or better, giving me 453 points, for a +69 in my favor, netting me a draw.

I wholeheartedly apologize to my opponent, who I had told had won. Unfortunately, I had calculated VP's far in his favor (counting the turn 7 squad loss, and not counting half points for my chimera). This is the third game now where I've had to change the results in the battle report from what I told my opponent (three times I've told my opponent that they won, and once it wound up being a draw and twice I wound up winning). I need to get someone else to tally VP's at the end of the game.

I spent the car ride home trying to figure why I hadn't won, and initially, I blamed the sentinel for running in and trying to kill something that it stood no chance at killing. Now, I take back my harsh sentinments, as it did give one of his terminators a distraction so that he didn't attack the command squad, so that I was able to sneak my priest in and take a wound off of his independent character. Though I got the epitome of a sentinel bomb, it really just doesn't work against terminators. I'm not sure if I'll do this again or not.

After talking with several people, I now know that there are some things illegal about my opponent's list. For example, you can't mastercraft an assault cannon. As well, he took storm shields along with two weapons, and had his storm shields giving him a 4+ invul to close combat (like it should) AND shooting (which it shouldn't). Chalk this up to not knowing the other person's codex / desperately trying to get one's model count up to 1,000 pts, I suppose. As well, we had done some of the big fight's combat wrong, for example, Ulric and the chainfist guy attacking two different targets apiece.