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This game is vs. the same opponent as last game. Hold onto your butts!

THE CHALLENGER: You can't spell "ork" without "waagh"

2 boyz mobz
1 big mek with tankbustaz
1 ork dreadnought
1 boss with rokkit nobz
1 looted leman russ

THE DEFENDER: "stalwart" really is a relative term

This is my list, same as usual

Great! I was getting to play against this guy again. Also, this time we decided to do a real mission, rather than just see who could pee on each other's face the hardest. For this, we had the guy from game 2 set up the terrain and pick a mission (because we're idiots, and couldn't figure it out on our own). He picked "recon" on "alpha".

He pulled a hat trick on the pre-game die rolls, but thankfully, there was no dawn or dusk.

After deployment, the field looked like this:

For a hi-res copy, click here.

Doing deployment was hard. Not only had I never played this mission before, but I also had to figure out how to apply all of the lessons from last game. The first thing to note is that I implemented my "horns" deployment. I figured out that what I needed to do the most was to get him to spread out so that I could focus my firepower on one part of his extended line. Secondly, I had to figure out how in the hell I was going to get through his orks with my soft, yet shooty guardsmen.

My plan was this: I would use my forces in an echelon fashion whereby my force would consist of three parts. On the left, I would place weak units into good positions and just sit there and try and knock down my opponent's ability to get full units onto my side. On the right, I would use my vehicles to rapidly advance and smash into his left. The center was to half-advance. I would meet my enemy a little closer so that, if I was properly supported from the flanks, I'd be able to punch through the middle, and if things were going very poorly on one of the flanks, I would be able to support them with forces in the middle. Thus, I would have 3 different chunks give me 2 offensive and 2 defensive options.

Let's see how this all would work.


So, he goes first. It was very convenient for my opponent as he needed to charge me to kill things, and charge me to get into my deployment zone. The only thing of note was that his rokkits managed to blow up my sentinel on the right, and his battle cannon shot my chimera, but scattered enough to be half strength, with a 6, he managed to glance me, stunning me for next turn.

On the left, his boss with his rokkit boyz open up on my guardsmen in the trees. They shoot 4 rokkits. They hit, with all of them, with 6's. The orks, in mid-barreling-out-of-the-trees pause for a moment to pose before continuing their rampage:

Time for me to make 4 cover saves. I lean over towards the trees and I murmer "I vote for the green party". I roll 3 out of 4 5+ saves. Guess statistics win in the end. I lean back over to the trees and murmer "sucker, I wouldn't vote for Nader if my life depended on it". I half expected a druid to suddenly materialize and kick my ass.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Dawn had broken over the wet earth a few hours ago. Melchoir frowned as he looked through the mist as it rapidly burned off in the morning light. He had been assigned to take half of his rapid response company and move it into a forward position on the Mason Heights. Once the full attack came, he would hold the heights and direct artillery onto the enemy from his well fortified position. They had set out at first light, but were slowed by the mist. He hoped that he would be able to get to the heights in time to set up a strong defense before the attack began at noon that day.

Suddenly his ears perked up. It sounded for a moment like the engine of the demolisher was echoing, but off of what? Then, with a shock, he realised that there was another leman russ somewhere ahead of him. He paused for a moment, to see if there had been some miscommunication at regimental command. A slight breeze picked up and scattered the mist in front of him revealing an ork detachment straight ahead. The pause had left him flat footed. The "waaaagh" started before he was able to issue his first command.

So, I begin with the orks already in rokkit range. This was going to hurt. I have little choice, but to wait, as my right side got bumped before I could even charge it forwards. I decide that I still need to get things set up, though, and so I advance my center and my right (as best I can) at the same rate.

In firing, I start by proving that I learned from my mistake last time. My tanks open up and an earthshaker and a demolisher shoot at boyz on the right. They both scatter, but with a mob that big, I still managed to wipe out about a third of them. On the left, I shoot into the trees with my left squad and it's commander, killing a few boyz with grenades and assorted fire.

The only comment I got was my opponent saying "guard charging?"

Bring it.

After this point, the field looked like this:


The waagh! pushes ahead with everything rolling high through terrain. Basically, the three different parts of his force split their attention to the three parts of my force.

In shooting, he shoots his battlecannon at my demolisher but scatters off it a little, so it doesn't cause any damage (yeah, this why I usually don't shoot tanks at tanks). Then, my demolisher gets swarmed by rokkit fire. Many hit, many explode, much carnage. In the end, he immobilizes me with a glancing hit.

On the left, he learned his lesson and shot the rokkits at the squad NOT in the trees, but his luck is more normal this time, and he only kills one guy.

In close combat, he tries, so hard to slam into my guys chilling out in the tree stump in the center, but he doesn't quite roll high enough on the difficult terrain test, so the assault is called off.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Allright, now it's time to capitalize on my tactic. The boyz on the left are set to kill my left, and the boyz on the right are set to kill my demolisher. The only movement that happens is my armored fist getting back into the chimera, which proceeds to drive forward, and my company HQ, which moves towards the mek, the tankbustaz, and the dreadnought, but have a slightly hard time getting over the wall.

Now it's time to spring my trap. The one advantage of firepower over melee, is that you can focus it much, much better, which means that your flanks can well support your center.

I very much learned my lesson from last time, so my earthshaker starts by direct firing the bustaz, scattering enough to still take out a guy or two. My HQ managed to barely touch his squad with my flamers, taking out another one or two. Then my platoon command opens up with it's grenade launcher, autocannon, and storm bolter, smashing into more boyz. Then, I shoot my squad in front, followed by all of the guns on my chimera. Basically, everything but the demolisher, left squad, and the sentinel shot at the big mek with his boyz. A 5+ invul. save can only do so much against that kind of firepower. The big mek, and one rokkit guy are the only ones who survive, which run away 6" towards the boyz on the right, and then proceed to move another 6" to mob up with them.

On the left, I manage to plink off another couple of orks (I think I killed like 3 with lasguns (to the 0 with everything else) which makes that more lasgun kills than all the rest of my games combined, I think... On the right, the demolisher manages to pick off a few boyz with the demolisher cannon despite another scatter (I don't know if a single unit actually rolled a "hit" this game).

After this point, the field looked like this:


The funny thing with orks is that even though I just smashed his center, all I did was reinforce his flank. By this time, he was totally committed to his assault, continuing to charge his targets.

On the left, his pistols and rokkits managed a few dead guardsmen, and, despite the blistering ammount of firepower directed at it, the demolisher did what the demolisher does: survive. He did finally get the point that the basilisk was going to be a pain in the flank if he didn't take it out, so he moved his leman russ forward and shot at my basilisk. It scattered enough to be a half strength side hit, but 2D6 armor penetration isn't very forgiving, netting him a "immobilized + crew stunned" result.

In close combat, he was obviously close enough to charge into my guardsmen, taking out at least a couple, but they stuck around:

The company command squad could watch as the threat in the center melted, save the lumbering ork dreadnought. Melchoir watched as his squad sergeant bravely attepted to shovel the mechanical beast to death. After the last of them made it over the low wall, Sanario shouted "Men! Look! Our brothers are being engaged by a beast most foul! Now, let us charge in for king, for emperor!" Melchoir could feel a surge of energy pulse through his body as the priest spoke. The imperial guard isn't about leaving your man behind, it's about helping your fellow soldier, no matter the cost. The officer switched on his powersword and charged.

I had now made a hole in his lines. If my flanks could just hold out, I would be able to get a big part of my force into his deployment zone. I decide to move everything that is able through the breech.

Shooting is basically the left on the left, and the right on the right. The goal now is to knock them down below half strength so that they won't count as scoring units. Unfortunately, my shooting goes terribly, with my demolisher scattering very badly and only knicking a couple of boyz, at least one of which makes it's 5+ save (damn that big mek). As well, my chimera I think manages to kill a whopping one ork with it's machine guns. On the left, everything opens up and kills just another couple of orcs. Hopefully the inevitable close combat will go better for me in the next few turns.

In close combat, my priest was able to move just far enough to get into base contact with someone in the squad that was already engaged. The rest of the squad piles in. The priest charges forwards:

The men of the command platoon raised it's voices to cover over the screaming of the men as they got sawed and crushed. There were now less than half of them standing. The priest broke out ahead of the pack, turning on his massive chainsword. Sanario swung in a wide arc against the dreadnought, but missed as the orkish vehicle dodged out of the way for a moment to step on another guardsman. Sanario struck again, and made contact with the machine, but the shot bounced harmlessly off in a shower of sparks. Sanario bellowed in a loud rage "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and heaved his massive eviscerator into the dreadnought and hit square on. The blade cut the vehicle in half causing a massive explosion that killed the guardsmen that were immediately next to the now burning wreck.

My priest misses with his first two hits and rerolls, giving him another for a total of two hits. The first one pathetically glanced off with an armor roll of 9. The second hits with an astounding armor roll of 17! The penetrating hit causes the dreadnought to explode. Thankfully, it only blew up 1". Statistics won the day again, though, as it managed to kill a flamer dude in my command squad, and 3 of the remaining 6 guardsmen that were already in close combat. It's a small price to pay to chop a dreadnought in half with a strength 17 chainsword.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he finally gets to my lines. The only exception to his charge is the leman russ which I had consolidated towards with my command squad. He realised, too late, how badly a priest can absolutely murder a tank, so he drives back 6" away.

The russ levels it's battlecannon and hits square on against my command squad. I was left with two models left, but I was left with a hard decision, do I keep my officer and let my standard bearer get incinerated, or do I keep the flag man, and lose the officer. What would you have done? I wound up losing the flag, and passing my leadership test (*phew*).

On the right, his boyz let lose a third salvo of rokkits against my AV14 / AV13 demolisher. This time, there is no halting the inevitable. The last remaining tankbusta gets a rokkit right down the barrel, destroying the demolisher. On the left, he moves into the forest and then charges in, but fails his "power of the waaagh" test, so I get to strike first (would I have been able to do that anyways? What happens when you charge someone in terrain when the enemy starts the charge in the same terrain?). I kill, maybe one boy, tops, and he lands some ridiculous number of wounds on my guardsmen and chop them to shreads (the boss didn't even get a chance to use his claw). They consolidate to the other side of the forest.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Allright, now it's time to continue to charge everything into his deployment zone. The only exception to this is the squad that got charged by the dreadnought, which no longer counts as a scoring unit. My command squad charges the leman russ, I'm fairly certain that it's within 6". Time do die!

The platoon HQ shot at the orcs, and actually managed to knock a few out. My basilisk, now no longer stunned, launches an earthshaker round at the big mek behind the trees. It hit mostly well, but the force field caused most of the orks to live, removing only a couple from play. My sentinel shot it's lascannon at the leman russ. This poor vehicle had missed 4 straight shots in a row. This time, he hit the front armor and managed to roll a 6 for armor penetration and blew up the leman russ. Woohoo. Unfortunately, this meant that my priest wouldn't get to charge the tank :-\

After this point, the field looked like this:


His units continue to barge into my flank.

On the right, he rokkits the remaining sentinel silly, blowing it into a million pieces. On the left, he splits his boss off from his boyz. The boyz go into the woods, the boss makes a line towards the basilisk:

With a mighty "WAAAAAGH!" the boss smashed some 6-8 or so strength 10 attacks into the AV10 side of my basilisk. It didn't survive.

After this point, the field looked like this:

For my turn, I finish moving my command squad into the deployment zone (as I had nothing better to do) and I moved my chimera into the bunker and unloaded the squad inside. My platoon HQ went and hid behind a wall.

In shooting, my squad that I had left behind shot the orks up some more, with the help of the command squad. My chimera opened up with all of it's machine guns and managed to kill only one stinkin' boy. Oh well, at least I had a scoring unit in his deployment zone, and he would have none.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Upon looking up for sure that independent characters are never scoring units, he all but gave up. The only chance that he had was to knock out my armored fist squad for a draw. He shot with his couple of rokkits and two of them managed to hit, and both of them managed to penetrate. Hull down only stopped one of them. The chimera exploded as one of the rokkits slammed into it's obscured front armor. The explosion affected everyone behind the chimera, and managed to wound about half, and I managed to save about a third, leaving my unit above half strength.

Other than that, his orks on the left managed a 6" powercharge through the woods and passed their "power of the waaagh" with only 4 dudes. My guys were hacked up, and he claimed a hill in my deployment zone.

After this point, the field looked like this:

And that was game. All I did was move my platoon HQ into his deployment zone, and we went to the final results.


In the end, he had no scoring units, netting him 0 points. I had my armored fist, but my platoon HQ was about 1mm shy of being in the 15" zone, so I only got 1 point, giving victory to the imperial guard.

Oh, freaking man! That was a tough game. It is the only game other than my 5th that I left sweating. Holy crap! My opponent told me that I was the first person to actually beat him in this store, and I can most definitely see why!

This game felt a lot cleaner to me, as I was able to actually take the initiative, rather than just sit there and get shot at. This was definitely a strain on my gereralmanship, though. There were many times when I tortured myself to figure out where to deploy or when to move, or which targets to shoot at, or which order I should open up with my guns. Even though I was very uncertain about a lot of what was going on at the time, I can look back and see that I made the right decisions.

I was a little nervous about this mission, not only because it was a mission, but because it seemed to be one that naturally favored my opponent over me. At least I had some vehicles to try and move things around a little. In fact, it was because of my chimera that I got done what I did. I'm left to wonder, though, if it was the best decision to get the guys out of the chimera before it exploded. It didn't seem to help any. In any case, this is proof that the guard can, in fact, play well on their toes. Hopefully future guard commanders will get a similar "guard charging?" reaction in the future.

There isn't a whole lot more I can say, as it seemed to be two equally matched generals playing at the top of their game in unusual circumstances. I am very interested in what you guys think, and I am more than happy to field questions about why I did things the way I did.

MVP: This game is odd, as I'm not declaring an MVP. Everyone did what they were told, and did it to the limit of their orders. Good job, all.

Hero of the game: The center infantry squad. They were bait, oh yeah. Not only were they designed to provide a target for the dreadnought, but they actually charged towards it to liven up the offer. They were able to hold their ground for long enough for everybody else to blow up the mekboy, and they were able to hold off in close combat long enough for the priest to run in and reinforce them. Brave soldiers, they.