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This game is vs. Da Orkz! played by the person with whom I played game 12 and game 3. This leaves demonhunters, sisters of battle, both shades of eldar, and chaos in the list of armies I have yet to face.


2 big mobz of boyz
warboss with rokkits and a few nobs
ork dreadnought with rokkits
big mek with a couple grotz
3 killa kanz with rokkits

THE DEFENDER: Waaah.. g...

Here is my list

This was exciting. Not only was I to play against an army against which I hadn't before, but I was excited about facing off against this particular opponent. Not only is he a very good sport, but he's also the only gamer I've seen face to face who actually brings enough anti-tank in his army (6 tankbustaz and like, what, 10 rokkits? along with the choppy things.)

I won for sides and deployment, he won to go first.

After deployment, the field looked like this:


You get one guess as to what he did. You get one guess for how many weapons were in range.

After this point, the field looked like this:

I decided to basically just sit on my haunches. I didn't really have anywhere to go to get better cover or shooting lanes. As well, I had no idea what I could do to trap this army. My hope was to kill his kanz and when they went down, to kill the bustaz so that his anti-tank would be gone, and then use my tanks to help my massacareable infantry.

In shooting, I shot pretty much everything at the kanz. My basilisk missed and my heavy bolters didn't do much, but I was able to kill one kan outright, and knock off the klaw on another. Man, that "you can only glance me" thing that the meks give is really good.

After this point, the field looked like this:


He moved forwards more. He shot a couple of rokkits, they did nothing.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it's really my turn to shine, firepower-wise. The only thing I managed to do with movement is the worst cock-up ever with the sentinel on the left, blocking LOS for my demolisher, and ALMOST blocking LOS for my basilisk.

I open fire. The kanz take a withering hail of fire from 1 heavy bolter, 1 krak grenades, 1 lascannon, and 1 autocannon. The mek draws the fire down to a "weapon destroyed" and an "immobilized". Man, those kanz are WAY better with the big mek. In the middle, my chimera opens a new one on the boyz with the help of the center squad of guys. The basilisk aims and cleans out whatever was left. In the end, the squad survives with a couple of boyz and a nob. My sentinel on the far right blows up the dreadnought (the turn before, he deflected the shot with "ork armor", it just so happens that I blew him up with a glancing hit the turn after).

His boyz run and mob up.

After this point, the field looked like this:


You guessed it. The only thing different is that his rokkits came in range much better, and he blew up the sentinel that was blocking LOS to my demolisher. Oh, that and he was able to both fix his klaw and re-mobilize the other kan with his mek with grots. Man, those things are a lot better when the big mek is there.

After this point, the field looked like this:

They could hear it, the infernal "waaagh!" shouted across the whole battlefield. The orcs came like a massive tidal wave. They seemed to move over obstacles like they weren't even there. They seemed to ignore weapons fire like they hadn't fired a shot. It took all the resolve of the men to stand and await the coming of the storm. "Steady," came Melchoir's voice over the micro bead. This was about to get interesting...

The only things I did in the movement phase were to move my HQ back a little to prepare to counter-charge the orks, and to move my sentinel up so that he could get in close combat.

I had nothing left to do but shoot and hold onto my butt. So I did. On the right, I shot a bunch of boyz with my machine guns, but not as many as I would have hoped. I think my guys were getting a little edgy. On the left, I pounded the kanz with everything but the basilisk. I got 3 penetrating hits (downgraded to glancing. Man, kanz are a lot batter when thre's a big mek around) which re-knocked off the klaw and shook both of them.

After this point, the field looked like this:


On the left, he moved his kanz up, while on the right, he charged my chimera.

At this point, there was a terrible bungling whereby he immobilized my chimera, but then realised that he was using the wrong strengths for the powerklaws, so he rolled again and only managed a single glancing hit, so I let him take the first result of a penetrating immobolization. Out pop my guys.

I decided to leave the guys in the vehicle because I hoped that it would bait my opponent into attacking the chimera instead of the squishy squad of guys in the building. I my plan worked, time to kill!

It's kind of cool, as this is the first honest-to-goodness mob fight I've been in.

I pile my guys in. Hopefully, my trap of sorts would gooify the orks. On the left, I retreat my demolisher, but move my basilisk up as bait.

In shooting, my basilisk lines up and hits dead on, nailing two grotz, the big mek and the hole was right on a kan. I killed a grot (the other 5+ saved), and I rolled a 1 to insta-splatter the mekboy (NO! I really needed to kill that guy!). The kan that I hit takes a glancing hit and I immobilize it. I pop smoke on my chimera.

In the middle, my HQ flame throwers open up killing some 6 or so boyz. The two infantry squads manage to kill a few more (ZERO casualties from the armored fist squad). So shooting didn't go so hot. Hopefully he will be distracted and assault something dumb.

After this point, the field looked like this:


On the left, he fixes his immobilization, and goes in against the basilisk, and just barely makes it into CC (he rolled lots of 6's on difficult terrain this game), blowing it up with a powerklaw. :( Oh well, the tank did it's job.

On the right, he took my bait and attacked the sentinel (which recieved some half dozen armor penetration rolls...) and blew it up. Then, he consolidates into my armored fist squad.


After this point, the field looked like this:

Okay, so now things are getting a little dicey. Given that I couldn't shoot the orks on the right, I focused on the tankbustaz.

I open up with my demolisher and my left side on the kanz. Now it's time to finally finish off these bastards. After all the smoke clears, I managed to get 2 "crew shaken" and 2 "armament destroyed results...

In close combat, he butchers my guardsmen and then moves into position to assault my demolisher from behind.


After this point, the field looked like this:


On the right, he moves up and fires 5 rokkitz into my demolisher and manages to kill it on a penetrating hit.

On the left, the kanz shoot their one rokkit and then charge into close combat, managing to kill only 1.

Melchoir looked around him. His right had collapsed with freightening speed and those infernal orkish machines had managed to survive an inhuman ammount of firepower. His command squad had been worthless so far, and it tugged at his mind. Suddenly, Sanario, filled with rage took off after the kanz. Melchoir had no choice but to follow.

In shooting, I was finally able to do a little, killing many of the tankbustaz, but not bringing the squad down to below half health. My chimera unfortunately killed only a single boy. Now it was close combat time. He killed more of my squad, but didn't bring it to less than half health. My priest charges in.

FINALLY I would get to use my eviscerator!

Sanario charged in, rage and righteous fury blasted through his veins. With a mighty chop, he missed the kan closest to him, sending a spray of dirt flying high up into the air. The kan turned just as the priest swung again. The eviscerator smashed into the kan, serrating through the ramshackle orkish armor with a high pitched scream. Blood, oil, and sparks flooded the air. When it was over, a shattered wreck lay before him.

But Sanario was still engulfed in his rage. He turned to the other kan. The big mek was now too far away to lend the vehicle it's primitive force field. He raised his eviscerator again and slammed it down. A loud shriek filled the air followed by a blast of black smoke as the priest's blade ground through the vehicle's engine. A hollow explosion resounded as an internal rupture smeared a few bits of ork out the front visor along with a plume of smoke.


After this turn, the field looked like this:


He killed a basilisk, a demolisher, 2 seintels, a squad of guys, and immobilized the chimera for a total of 561 points. I killed a mob of boyz, a dreadnought, and 3 killa kanz, for a total of 439 pts, for -122, netting him a solid victory.

Wow! this was a fun game. It's great to play against nice opponents. I can't say that enough. Plus, I got to chop things with my eviscerator, bwahahahaha! As well, it was nice because there wasn't that crippling luck thing that I've been having recently.

So, a few lessons learned. Firsly, killa kanz are really good when they have a big mek with them. Sure, I had some bad luck with AP rolls, but it was that frickin' force field that was such a pain. I figured that if they were that durable, they'd be expensive. I didn't find out until after the game that they're not... Next time I think I'll just avoid those guys and shoot some boyz.

Secondly, I was very suprised to see my infantry almost unhurt. Usually my vehicles are fine, and my guys are butchered, but it was the opposite case this time. I had the plan of doing whatever it took to keep my vehicles alive, like I usually do, but that really didn't seem to work out this game...

So, who knows about assaulting? not me! This was the first game I played where I actaully needed to care about assault, thus I'm a little less than experienced with them. For sure there were some things that I would have done differently. I especially would have moved the armored fist away to prolong combat, rather than be greedy and try to get some kills. I definitely overestimated my killing power against that mob.

The one thing that kind of gives me a head scratcher is how little initiative I seemed to be able to take against these guys. I mean, this isn't the first army that's just charged at me, but I wasn't able to do anything fancy this game. Was it just because of lack of terrain on the right? I wonder... As well, I didn't use the "horns" deployment strategy (for terrain reasons). I wonder if I needed to do a better job splitting the ork stuff into two different sides. Hmm...

Oh, and next time, I'll try a little harder to kill the boyz, I think.

MVP: The priest. Sure, the basilisk chewed out a bit, but my priest did in one turn what half my freaking army couldn't do in 6: destroy the killa kanz. I'm really glad I brought this guy.

Hero of the Game: It's really hard to pick A hero, but I'm going to have to go for the right hand sentinel that bravely did it's duty by providing a major distraction to all the boyz. If only I would have capitalized on this better...

Anyways, that's it, a loss, but well played game with a good partner. If only every time, eh?