So, a few things happened since my last game. Most notably, my platoon HQ junior officer got promoted! To view my last game, click here. To view my next game click here. To view my batrep registry, click here.

This game was a 2v3 Woohoo!

The Challengers:

Necron (2000 pts)

2 lords
1 big squad of immortals
1 20-man squad of warriors
3 10-man squad of warriors
3 tomb spyders
3 scarab swarms
2 flayed one squads
1 monolith

Space marines: Deathwatch (1000 pts.)
1 squad of shooty terminators
1 squad of assaulty terminators
1 squad of some other terminators
1 dreadnought

The Defenders:

Orks (1000 pts.)

lots, and lots of boys a mek some kanz

Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) (1000 pts.)

3 squads of infiltrating marines (with meltaguns)
1 demon prince (with speed and lots of goodies)
2 huge squads of nurglings

Imperial Guard (1000 pts.)

Here is my new list

Basically it's the same, but without stormtroopers, and with a priest.

We won for sides, deployment, and to go first

At deployment, the field looked like this:

(Note that for sanity, the pictures were cropped only to 1024px width, which is wider than this text column can support. If you are having a hard time seeing the pictures, right lick on them and select "view image" for the fill size picture).

Wow! a 3v2! a 3000 pt. game! Cool! I didn't really know what to make of this other than that I knew that they were playing with a heck of a lot of deepstrikers. To counter this, I tried to form a hedge of models. There was no real strategy to this all, other than doing whatever we do best. My orc ally was going to charge, my nurgle ally was going to infiltrate, and I was going to hit stuff from afar and wait for the deepstrikers (at which point, I would gun them down). Let's get this started!


All of my allies stuff moved forwards, all of my stuff stayed put (well, a couple of vehicles adjusted a little). Let's start shooting already!

The one problem with assaulty armies is, of course, that they don't get to shoot a lot. The ork mek shot some rokkits to no effect, and all of my CSM ally's small arms managed to wing a few warriors. In my shooting, my basilisk shot and got a direct hit, knocking over 6 warriors. My autocannon, left lascannon sentinel, and left side heavy bolter managed to take down a terminator.

After this point, the field looked like this:

On his turn, the squad of warriors that I hit with my basilisk ran away, and the couple of guys that got up joined the squad next to them. Their tomb spyders move up, their right squad of 13 - 14 guys with a lord moves up.

This is also a pretty unexciting round as the only thing in range is the mek which gets knocked over, and the marines which take some casualties.

After this point, the field looked like this:


The massive pile of our guys continues to charge forwards. I continue to wait for the deepstrikers.

On the right, his shooting manages another couple of warriors while my demolisher plasma cannon downs three more (plus another from the lascannon sentinel!)

On the left, combined firepower manages to take down another terminator (go lascannon sentinel!). All of my ally's orky shooting manages to take down a couple of immortals, and maybe a warrior or two. My basilisk aims and AGAIN hits square on, downing 7 warriors. Can a necron army take more than one res. orb?

In close combat, the demon prince aces the tomb spyder and consolidates away into cover. The plague marines all charge in and have a pretty much wash of a battle with some guys dying on both sides.

After this point, the field looks like this:

And now... it gets interesting...

My opponents deepstrike 3 squads of scarabs, 2 squads of flayed ones, 1 squad of assault terminators, and 1 monolith (which teleports out a squad of warriors). He exceedingly foolishly placed his monolith so that almost all of his warriors died because he can't deploy within 1" of my guys. I let him reposition his monolith so that the exit points the other way and he can deploy his warriors (he was sort of a poor sport this game, though, so I don't know if I'd give him that again).

Everything landed very close to where it was intended with the exception of the flayed one on the left which almost scattered off the table, losing a couple of flayed ones; the other flayed ones which scattered 11" into a BETTER position near the basilisk, and one of my opponent's terminator squads which scattered onto my platoon command squad and was destroyed (whew, my spread-out strategy at least worked on one of their units).

His shooting starts with his monolith which picks off a few guys from each of the nearby squads, kills my sentinel with a single lucky glance, knocks off the turret heavy bolter on the chimera, and immobilizes/crew stuns the basilisk. In the middle, the dreadnought shoots at my command squad, killing 3 (thank the emperor for 4+ cover). On the left, his forces kill a lot of boyz and do many unpleasant things to the killa kanz (one died and another took some serious damage. Aparently my ally failed every "orky armor" roll he could make).

In close combat, the battle in the middle raged, as the tomb spyder dropped on by. I don't know what the results of this phase of the battle was.

After this point, the field looked like this:

(note that I circled whatever deepstruck)


Okay, now things were about to get VERY interesting. All of the assaulters had landed, and I'd have one turn to pull off what I had been planning for all along.

Sanario shouted in a loud voice "For the King of Folera! For the Emperor! CRUSH THE DREADNOUGHT!

Melchoir had never before felt so emboldened as when the priest that had been recently assigned to the company switched on his ten foot long chainsaw sword. A loud mechanical whine filled the air as the priest charged at the monstrous hulk that had just mown down half of their squad. "Yeah!" thought Melchoir to himself "Charging is WAY better than dying by assault cannon fire!". The senior officer, almost as if in a trance followed right after Sanario as he hoisted his eviscerator higher into the air.

Now it was time to gun down the foolish deepstrikers. I began by shooting half a squad of infantry at the flayed ones on the right, but none of them died. Then, I fired a whole squad (sans heavy bolter) at the warrior squad that had popped out of the monolith, but none of them died. I fired my chimera's guns at them, but none of them died. I fired my lascannon sentinel at the flayed ones on the left and hit, but none of them died (rolled a 1 to wound). I fired my demolisher cannon at the monolith and it scattered 5" off towards the demolisher. Thankfully neither the demolisher or chimera (which was hit on a partial) were hurt by the blast.

My squad in the building on the left shoots at the scarab swarm in front of them and take one wound off one base (that's what you get when the enemy makes 5 5+ saves). My platoon command squad shoots at another squad of scarabs and kills one base and takes one wound off another.

My cunning little plan to annhilate the enemy deepstrikers with all of the combined firepower of the imperial guard kills a total of 1 and 2/3ds scarab bases... You know, given the past few games, I have some SERIOUS karma waiting for me.

My opponent's shooting goes a little better, as he manages to take out a few immortals and the dreadnought with a rokkit (it's venerable, my opponent asked the ork to reroll an "imobilized" result, and my ally rolled a 6. Why to people even bother to take venerable dreads?)

The dreadnought took an ork rocket to the face and a large plume of smoke erupted out of it's exhaust pipes. "Look! We have destroyed the foul beast with our courage alone!" shouted the priest over the din of the battle and the whine of the eviscerator. Melchoir believed him. Never before had he felt so powerful. The priest turned around and saw the flayed ones preparing to attack the basilisk. "Now!" shouted Sanario "Let us crush THOSE foul monsters in the name of the Emperor!" Melchoir turned and saw the flayed ones. He, the priest and the banner bearer charged.

I had to make a leadership test for both the officer and the squad (I think he was pulling my leg on this one, is this true?), The officer failed, but was within 12" of the flag, so got to reroll and passed (haha!). In combat, my officer swung 4 powersword shots and hit two (I should have rerolled the other two, argh!), but rolled snakeyes to wound (why?). The flayed ones directed all 10 attacks at the officer, inflicting two wounds, which he failed to save against (why?) causing him to fall. My guy with the flag did nothing, but my priest hit twice and re-rolled to hit a third time, and hacked apart two of the flayed ones (another 1 to wound...) I think I'm officially keeping this priest, as he has the ability to curb my one true enemy in this game: very bad luck.

On the other side, my sentinel charged in and his 10 attacks actually managed to land a single glancing hit, which he rolled a 6 for...

In the middle, his demon prince charged in and creamed his second tomb spyder. More guys died on both sides.

On the far left, that huge, 800+ pts. goober pile of orks made it into the cloud of immortals+lord+warriors and, well, did their ork thing, killing many of them.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, the assault terminators moved over to assault some orks that had stayed behind. His monolith rotates and piles out the warriors so that they can attack my demolisher. All of the scarabs charge my squad in the house.

His monolith shot its spin & smack thing, taking off another couple of guys from the two nearby squads, but only managed to shake the demolisher as far as vehicle damage. His warriors shot at the demolisher, scoring 3 glancing hits, one of which hit a 6, and my demolisher goes down. In the house, my troops attack first, and get another couple of wounds, which he saves. He gets some 6 wounds on me. I save none of them. I run, his little I2 critters catch me, and kill the rest.


His two flayed ones and my priest continue their duel. I attack him three times and only manage to hit once after rerolling (yes, I remembered later that I can only attack twice in the second round, for which I am much disheartened at my accidental cheating. Thankfully, the torrent of bad luck compensated (and then some)). He gets a wound on me, which my carapace armor fails to stop. It's going to be a 1v1 next round!

His other flayed ones chop my platoon HQ to shreds.

In the middle, the grind continues as the lord and the prince score a couple of wounds on each other. The assault terminators assault the boys, and absolutely clobber them. On the far left, the unending tide of boyz finishes off whatever was left of the necron on that side.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this. This is especially bad as this wound up being the last turn (funny how long a 3000 pt. game can take).


In the end, the deathwing player had 560pts. left on the board, and the necron had 1008 for a total of 1432 VP's for our side. My ork partner had 715 pts. remaining, my CSM partner had 800 pts. remaining, and I had 360 pts. remaining, for a total of 1125 VP's to the enemy for a total of +307 in our favor for a (barely) "solid victory".

Well, this game was actually slightly better luckwise than last game (as I DID hit twice in a row with a basilisk). That being said, it was still exceedingly trashy compared to my opponent. I failed some 20+ out of roughly 24 armor saves, while my opponent passed ~19 of the ~20 saves I let him have (way to make 5+ saves 100% of the time). In fact, the only way that any of my wounds stuck was by using weapons that both ignored armor and caused instant death. Usually a player doesn't have to resort to that.

I realise that luck is part of the game (although this "Ailaros has terrible luck" thing is starting to get pretty old), but what really twerks me is when other people don't see that. What I mean is that the necron opponent was trash talking the guard and my army the whole time. He would slam on how bad the imperial guard armor saves are and then I'd fail 100% of them in a given batch, and he would gloat more about how bad the guard armor saves are, for example. I got an earful about everything that the guard are bad at, including shooting the demolisher, firepower in general, unsurvivability, poor morale (which luck thankfully didn't go against), etc. Basically, my poor luck reinforced his stereotype that he was a great general with great units against a poor general with the dumbest army in the game. That is REALLY frustrating, especially when your opponent is vocal on the subject.

At least some of my units did their job this game. The basilisk, lascannon sentinels and my priest come to mind. The reason why I was unimpressed with the idea of adding more infantry to my army is that my infantry has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the past several games now. A priest, on the other hand, gets to reroll against bad luck. Actually, my priest and my basilisk were the only two things that earned back their points that game. I got to get more of those...

As well, I need some help with knowing how to deploy against a monolith. I had the anti-eveything-else down pretty well, but I was informed, grossly too late, that a monolith causes anything that it lands on to scoot out of the way. Knowing that would obviously change the way that I deployed, but I'm curious as to what you guys would have done to both stop lots of deepstriking squads, and at the same time keep things safe (especially vehicles) from a monolith.

If we had the time to play more, I have no doubt that we would have gone on to a bigger victory as the necron forces were a mere 7 models away from phasing out, and the space marine commander was left with a few terminators next to 700 points of choppiness and a single other squad.

Melchoir looked up. He could hazily remember the scratching of claws. A flayed one had leapt at him only to get chopped in half by an eviscerator. There was nothing that he could have done against that swarm. The priest had most certainly saved his life. Meanwhile, Sanario slammed his chainsword into the last flayed one with a loud shout, smashing it to the ground. Melchoir rolled his eyes over to the basilisk which turned and fired at point-blank range. Suddenly, the monolith disappeared, and the field went suddenly quiet. Right before he passed out, he could hear the sounds of terminators struggling to fight off a roaring horde of orks.

Sanario walked over to Melchoir and said a prayer for him. He picked up the sleeping body of his commanding officer and brought it to the basilisk platform. He was pleased to see such courage in Melchoir.

MVP: The basilisk. While the whole ork horde did more than the basilisk did in two turns, it took the whole orc horde to do what a few well placed shots could. If only we could have done turn 4, I would have taken even more of the bastards down.

Hero of the game: As I can't give it to the right side necron lord (who probably deserves it the most), I will have to go with my senior officer. Taking on 5 flayed ones by yourself is pretty scary.