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This game is against ultramarines (or maybe just vanilla painted blue). It is also against the youngest opponent yet fought against. I can try to post his army list, but he didn't own a space marine codex or have an army list (so I don't even know if it was an even points match, can you smurfers out there check on this for me?)

The Opponent: The greek letter O makes an excellent U if you stand on your head

Force commander with 5 dudes + missile launcher + apothecary
Chaplain with 5 dudes
Librarian with 5 dudes with rhino
tac squad with 6 dudes and a missile launcher
tac squad with 6 dudes and a multimelta
dreadnought with twin lascannons
devestator squad with 8 dudes, 2 plasma cannons, 1 lascannon
6 scouts with meltabombs

The Defender: Foleran 1st

I used the same list as last time

except that the stormtrooper sergeant no longer has a bolt pistol, and my platoon JO has frag grenades.

I knew this was going to be a little painful from the get-go, as I had to look up how many guys can fit in a devestator squad while he deployed stuff (you can't take codecies into the game room part of the store for obvious reasons).

I won for sides and first turn, he won for deployment and infiltration.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

to view a hi-res version, click here.

Note the the squad with the librarian is in the rhino, the squad with the force commander is on the 3rd level of the building, and the squad with the chaplain is on the lowest level.

pregame analysis: Things look pretty good so far. His forces are spread out and I have a refused flank (which I intend to refuse more as the game progresses). My tanks are in cover and my stormies are out a-distracting. Time to go for a ride.


I start by fanning my stromtroopers out. There is now no way that he can drive forward without taking a long and dangerous detour over the hill. On the right, my vehicles move up. The sentinel rolls a 4 through difficult terrain and enters the house.

Let the shooting begin! On the left, my sentinel penetrates the armor of the rhino, causing a "armament destroyed / crew stunned" result. Goodbye stormbolter... The guys, who I had counted on popping out the back, giving my stormtroopers free reign to advance, popped out the side and just barely all fit in there. Meanwhile, a torrent of heavy bolter fire chewed up the marines on the left, killing 2. My basilisk aims for the top floor of the building and hits dead on, killing everybody but the missile launcher guy in the HQ squad.

Now it's time to take the fight to the enemy! My sentinel, feeling that he had a pretty damn good shot at wiping out the scouts singlehandedly, charges in. At this point, my opponent informs me that the scouts have meltabombs. Time to kill!

On the charge, he hits with one of his 5 bombs and penetrates (duh) causing a "crew stunned" result. In return, I squish two scouts and am about to run him off the table when I look at the rules and discover that "crew stunned" means that I lose one attack, so I have to put one back. :(

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he scoots up a little bit. Knowing that the rhino wouldn't be back this turn, he decides to abandon it, and hoof it with his librarian.

In shooting, he does nearly nothing. Two frag missiles slam into the house with my left hand squad in it, but cover saves reduce the damage to just two models (I think he hit 6 people (lots of partials missed)).

In close combat, we get into a big rules debate. If you use meltabombs once, do you get to use them again? Namely, does each model get a single meltabomb, or does each model get multiple meltabombs? We couldn't figure this out, and I had used krak grenades twice in my last game, so I let him use them again. He hit with a couple of them and caused the sentinel to explode. Even though all were in shrapnel range, only one of them was killed.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now it's time for my strategy to really begin. On the left, I start refusing the flank, but am bogged down by terrain. I also get my chimera out of that terrible spot that I had put it in last turn. My demolisher continues to advance, far enough so that he can get a good LOS on the chaplain squad, but still be very hull down against the devestator squad. My HQ moves up to provide a distraction against the scouts on the other side of the building.

Shooting starts with my autocannon again not hurting the dreadnought, but my lascannon sentinel ripping a hole in it, causing it to explode. The basilisk shoots at the devestators, scattering well off and causing a single partial, which is saved (by the 4+ cover of the building) against. My demolisher shoots and scatters just as bad, only hitting two of the marines in the chaplain squad removing both of them from play.

After this point, the field looked like this:

on my right, he generically moved his troops up, including the scouts into the house. Now that the rhino was awake, he gets back into it, but in order to do so, he must turn the vehicle around.

In shooting, his scouts open fire on my army command squad with 5 bolt pistol shots, killing 4 members of the squad leaving just one guy with a lasgun, who promptly runs away. Ouch.

On the other side, his missile launchers shoot at my sentinel, blowing it up. Unfortunately, now it's my turn to get sentinel bombed. I lose 3 men a piece from both nearby squads from shrapnel.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Now it's time for the changeup. My infantry all runs away, towards my corner (except for the squad on the right which technically moved forwards against the scouts). My chimera moves over to the left to take brutal advantage of the rear rhino armor, and my demolisher races forward as fast as it can, shooting out smoke grenades as it goes (and playing loud music out of it's hull mounted speaker system).

In shooting, I hope to capitalize to the max on the mistakes he made. The chimera begins by opening fire on the rhino and gets a penetrating and a glancing hit. The glance merely stuns him, but the penetration causes an immobilization. Out pops the librarian again ;D Now it's the scout's turn to get it. I shoot 9 las shots at them and a frag grenade. After the smoke cleared, I hadn't killed a single scout...

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves his librarian squad up a little. On the other side, he takes my bait and moves his chaplain and his scouts over to engage the demolisher. Now, during this entire game, my opponent was taking great liberty with what 6" meant and I didn't feel the need to challenge his movement cheating as it would have been a hastle, and wouldn't have done anything. This time, his scouts move some 7 or 8 inches out of the top floor of the house so that he can attack my rear armor with meltabombs. This one I don't let by and require him to move properly.

As for shooting, his missile launchers fail to hurt my chimera hiding behind the building. Likewise, his devestators fail do do anything against AV14 in the mist. Now comes the time of the attack. I start by correcting his movement again as he tried to do a lateral charge into the back armor of my tank. Then, he tries to hit my demolisher with his 4 meltabombs and none of them stick to the demolisher (having moved 12" last turn). Likewise the one hit with the chaplain's stick failed to do anything to the AV13 side armor.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My chimera swings over so that it can get a shot at the tac squad with the missile launcher. In front, my demolisher whips-a-shitty and points to face the two squads that had assaulted it.

A quick quiz for all of you guys.


A.) He moves his forces away, letting you take the ground.

B.) He is put in a slightly more dangerous position, which will cause him to retreat.

c.) Your view of the battle looks like this:

Now is the moment for the reaper.

My basilisk begins by scattering very badly (in the nature of 6" off the board). My demolisher opens up and hits with both plasma cannons, killing everything but 2 guys in his chaplain squad (including the chaplain). I now remember that I can't do this, but thankfully the other plasma cannon only killed one guy, so the rules violation was at least not a dire one.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he moves up a little more. Very exceedingly unfortunately, I had messed up my whipping motion. I THOUGHT that I had whipped it far enough to kill his stuff while leaving my side armor exposed to the devestators, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The lascannon and a plasma cannon had access to my rear armor. His devestators open fire and get a "crew stunned" result. On the other side, the one missile that can see the chimera (in the squad that I shot at to no effect the turn before) shoots and slams into the front armor, scoring a penetrating hit. Hull down reduces it to a glance. He rolls a 6. Six guys escape the wreckage...

On the right, his marines move forward and kill a guardsman.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Despite the bad streak, I now have his forces in yet another trap. My infantry moves forward against the two remaining right-side space marines. Everything else finishes the flank refusal.

Now it's time to finish off his right side tac squad. My platoon junior officer shoots his storm bolter and manages to kill one. I pump a krak grenade and 15 lasgun shots into the remaining space marine. It doesn't die.

My basilisk shoots at the devestators and hits dead on. Finally something is going to go right. 7 models are covered and I hit the partial. I force him to make 7, 4+ cover saves. He fails one... a bolt pistol drops to the floor...

After this point, the field looked like this:

On his second attempt, his rhino completed a field repair and became re-mobilized. His lone space marine, who had been forced to flee last turn, rallied and killed another guardsman.

His devestators take a second round of shooting to my demolisher and hit with everything, and get a penetrating hit, blowing up the demolisher.

After this point the field looked like this:


Uhg, it's time to end this madness. I'm at a state right now where the only thing I can do is to try and preserve some victory points, before it's too late. On the right, I move my guys up just far enough so that they can see the lone space marine, but they can't be seen by the devestators. I will try to at least clean up one squad all the way.

In shooting, I fire my basilisk at the one unhurt tac squad with the missile launcher. It scatters a little, but still lands on 4 of the five guys. He gets to make two cover saves, which he passes, leaving the squad at above half strength. My lasguns open fire, raining another krak grenade and another 15 las shots into the one last marine. He doesn't fall... *sigh*

After this point, the field looked like this:

In his turn, he consolidates the missile launcher squad and then forgets the rest of his movement phase. The only thing he can do is shoot his bolter at my guardsmen, killing another one.

At the end, the field looked like this:


In the end, he killed 583 pts.

He didn't have a codex, so I had to spend the next half hour in the game store guessing what he had and trying to figure out how much I killed. I THINK I killed just about the same amount. In lieu of real numbers, I'm calling it a draw.

Edit: Thanks to 40k onliners, I now know that he fielded a blatantly illegal list that was, I'll guess, at the minimum 1250-1300 pts. As well, I killed about 681 pts. worth of stuff. This alone would almost net me a "solid victory" ( by 2 pts. But we don't know how much extra he cheated on top of this), but I'm going to go ahead and add his excess 250+pts. onto my victory points total and call this a "very solid victory" rather than a "possibly solid victory"

So there are definitely a few lessons learned from this.

- I will never, ever play against someone who doesn't own a codex ever again. I wound up spending over a half an hour looking up stuff that he should have known already. On top of that, there were a few times that I sent him out to look at the game store codex. Plus, I didn't know if he had 1000 pts., and I couldn't calculate victory points in the end. No more of that for Ailaros.

edit: Thank you very much for those who helped me calculate the points / determine the several blatant illegalities in my opponent's list.

- I will now only play for victory, unless there's something goofy or fun going on. I knew that I could kill him without casualty if I just hid everything behind buildings and basilisked him for 6 turns. That would have been super boring though, so I decided to make it more interesting by attacking. This lead to a hubristic use of my demolisher that got it killed.

*opens up window*


But yeah, that all caused some very poor playing on my part.

- For once I would like to be lucky against space marines. I was in game 2, granted, but I'm getting a little sick of the "death to the heretic" trait that my opponents are taking (the one where the dice gods curse you). Also, what I really need more than anything is a special upgrade that gives me lucky glance protection.

- That being said, this is the second time that I've been thwarted by marines in cover. I need some help figuring out how to root space marines out of a building so that all of this cover save nonsense doesn't break my strategy. My way of dealing with it this game was by sending a demolisher out behind the building and negating their precious area terrain, but the demolisher obviously had it's own problems to deal with.

- I think I played better with my infantry than any other time that I've played against space marines. I gave up on the idea that they would do much, and so after the first turn, they just got out of line of sight and tried to make his firepower worthless. Though they didn't kill much, they did deny a LOT of victory points to an enemy army that is known for simply gunning down my dudes.

- Playing the rhino dance game was hilarious. Unfortunately, the rhino came back, and by that point, my anti-armor was all gone. I'm a little curious, though, would it have been better to shoot that with the basilisk first turn? Hmm...

Hero of the Game: My sentinel pilot who, in a bold distraction that could have tied up the devestators in close combat, and done many other things, who braved many meltabombs, you win the hero award this game. If only things would have gone as planned (and who brings meltabombs on scouts?)

MVP: I'm going two for two with sentinels this game. I give this award to the left sentinel that both killed the dreadnought and caused a very expensive unit to run around confusedly as their quarry escaped. It's too bad that it blew all of my own stuff up, though.

Oh, and for how crummy things went, at least I got "tempura" (aka, a chinese person putting a few chunks of chicken in a deep fryer). At least it was pretty good.