This is it, the end of this decagony. After this point, I decided to write a general overview of how my first ten games went. You can view it here. To view my last game, click here. To view my next game click here. To view my batrep registry, click here.

When I showed up to the game store, the game store guy who I played last time snagged me. It was a rematch!

The Challenger: Ice Angels Space Marines

2x 10-man space marine squad, on the left with plasma cannon, the other with multimelta.
1 Whirlwind
1 las/las predator with pintle storm bolter
1 5-man terminator squad with missile rack, asscannon, tank hunters
1 chappie in terminator armor with terminators.

The Defender: The Brown Hammer of the Emperor

1 anti-light infantry platoon
1 anti-light infantry armored fist w/ krak grens.
1 worthless HQ with flag
1 basilisk
1 demolisher
2 lascannon sentinels
1 5-man stormtrooper squad with two meltas

pregame analysis: now would be my time to enact the revenge for my shoddy luck last game! On the other hand, my opponent had been thinking about this for a week, taking a list obviously designed to counter my list (note all the anti-tank and the whirlwind). I don't think it will be too bad though. If I can kill him once, I can kill him twice.

I lost for sides, deployment and turn.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

For a higher resolution picture, click here


Melchoir heard the sounds of the space marines, who had regrouped after their brief firefight at the edge of the city. It looked like the small company wouldn't be able to continue on much past the village without another fight. A sentinel radioed in the presence of an incoming enemy whirlwind. Melchoir quickly ordered his troops to spread out, and not a moment too soon...

His turn's moving was very lax. He moved up a tac squad on the left, and moved his predator a couple of inches to reposition it for the upcoming firefight. His shooting was likewise wanting. He shot a twin-linked lascannon at one of my stormtroopers, incinerating him. His whirlwind fired and scattered not too far, but in the dead wrong direction, hitting only one guardsman, which he failed to wound. I should note that where he placed the blast marker in the first place was terrible, putting it on the heavy bolter team.

On my turn, I gun my whole armored right side up the board, popping smoke for the demolisher and the chimera as well as moving the sentinel up along with the stormtroopers.

My shooting goes much better. I start by shooting my lascannon sentinel on the left shooting at the side of the whirlwind. It hits, it penetrates (of course) and down goes the whirlwind. Whew. Now free to engage other targets, my basilisk shoots at the nicely packed in marines and blows them to kingdom come, killing 6 of 10. My stormtroopers are, of course, not in range, but my lascannon sentinel hits the predators front armor, but to no effect.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moves nothing, but his terminators manage to drop in, and get kind of close to losing someone to a pretty rough scatter.

His plasma cannon was unfortunately within 36" (I'm still having trouble guessing ranges...) and he shoots and blows the sentinel away. The terminators pound at the squad nearest them, which start to run. Despite the thick haze over the battlefield, the predetor manages to score a luckly glancing hit through the smoke grenades and blows up the chimera. Only 4 of the guardsmen inside manage to crawl from the wreckage...

After this point, the field looked like this:

My squad that was running continued to book it, but they only ran 4", leaving the sergeant and the grenade launcher guy on the table (we didn't know, of course, that if a single model makes it off the board that the whole unit was supposed to go). My opponent laughed at their pathetic attempts to stay on the board. The rest of my infantry scatters away from the terminators and my sentinel, demolisher, and stormtroopers move up on the right.

The dice gods gave swift retribution to my opponent for mocking me, as the grenade launcher that almost left the table shoots a frag grenade and kills one of the terminators. My plasma cannon shot with the demolisher misses, but the earthshaker pounds 5 marines in the middle squad to mush. I miss with my lascannon sentinel, and only one melta is in range, which hits, but doesn't hurt the AV14.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In case you haven't noticed, this particular opponent isn't big on movement. His terminators get into some cover, and the squad on the left moves up a bit.

In shooting, his missile launcher system manages to stun the basilisk. He opens up with a full barrage of lascannon and storm bolter fire on my stormtroopers and kill 2 (hehah, my carapace armor stopped his storm bolter wound).

After this point, the field looked like this:

Realizing that the terminators are going to be shooting at the basilisk, I decide to move an infantry squad up to shoot at them. So long as the snake is distracted, you can touch it right on the nose, after all. That being said, I think I only need to risk one of my squads in this fashion, so the first paves the way for the escape of the other two. My battered dragoons lift themselves up from the shattered wreckage of their chimera and boldly charge forwards. I might yet get to use my krak grenades! My demolisher stays put, but the rest of my right side kept on advancing.

Let the shooting begin! My squad begins by doing absolutely noting (ignore the terminator wound in the upcoming picture). Both my plasma cannons hit the squad in the middle, but due to poor rolling (one of the hits missed it's partial and then rolled double 1's to wound), and him having a cover save, I only kill one. My sentinel hits the predetor, penetrates and removes a weapon, specifically the twin-linked lascannon. Now it's magic time. Both meltaguns shoot with their BS4 goodness at side armor. Both miss... In assault, my stormtroopers use their krak grenades and both hit (obviously) but neither fail to do anything.

After this point, the field looked like this:

midgame analysis: So, this game is pretty much going like the last. I'm having bad luck (though not quite as bad as last time) and he's being pretty ineffectual (except for the turn 2 terminators, and that lucky smear through the mist). It seems like it's time to show him what would have happened if last game had continued!


In his turn, he moved his left squad up and tried to tank shock my stormtroopers (the "stunned" got reduced to "shaken" with extra armor).

In shooting, the terminators shot their missile launcher again and blew up the basilisk. The basilisk explosion wounded two of the members of the command squad who failed their armor saves. They fail their leadership, they fail again with their reroll for the flag, they run away just far enough so that a guy falls off the table edge, leaving me with 2 guys in the squad, making it under half strength, so it can't regroup.


At least I passed my morale test after sidestepping the predator.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now it was time for sweet, sweet predator death! I moved up with everything but the demolisher.

The demolisher shot at the marines in the center, killing another couple with plasma cannons (I knew that we were just over 24" away, as his multimelta was just out of range. I felt no need to get closer).

On the predetor, a krak grenade hits and immobilizes the predetor on a glance. Now it's death time! I fire 2 meltaguns at point blank range. Both hit, both penetrate. I get a "crew shaken" and a "armament destroyed + crew shaken" Off goes another lascannon. Woohoo... The sentinel shoots it's lascannon into the soft, soft AV10 and hits, and penetrates and scores another "armament destroyed + crew shaken". My troops assault with krak grenades. One hits and lands a penetrate. "crew shaken"


In the second round of opening up with a whole squad after the terminators, I finally manage to kill one with a heavy bolter round. (this time, the X should be on the picture).

After this point, the field looked like this:


His terminators, free from needing to shoot at the basilisk turn and shoot at my infantry squads, rolling fairly poorly, bringing them down by 4 to 6. In assault, the terminators kill another 3 (thank you for being not assault marines...) and my squad runs, but are caught up with to make a new combat.

Fearing the reaper, the multimelta guy moves back behind cover (I never remembered to make him take his last man standing test...)

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn I move my dragoons up and my meltaguns away 5". I figure that I can kill this thing this turn, so I want to go chasing after the multimelta marine. Free from multimelta fire, the demolisher sticks it's head out a little.

My demolisher shoots it's plasma cannon and hits, killing 2. Now, finally, I will kill off this damn predator. My krak grenade misses. My lascannon misses. One of my meltas hits and rolls a 1 for damage, and the other hits and rolls to penetrate with another "weapon removed" result. Goodby the other lascannon. In order to kill this, I think I need to rip off every one of it's guns and treads first...

In assault, I FORGOT to assault the tank. This is especially tragic, as this would have been the one time in all this time that I could have used the krak grenades in my armored fist. Instead, all of my attention was focused on the terminators, who wiped out my guys, and didn't think twice when he started moving right after that.

After this point, the field looked like this:


In his turn, he moved the terminators up, that is all.

He shot his multimelta at my sentinel, but missed. He shot his plasma cannon at the front of my demolisher, and hit, but to no effect (of course. The only reason he even tried is that he had tank hunters on that squad). His missile launcher in the terminators hits, and would have scored a glancing hit, were it not for the fact that demolishers have AV13 on the sides :)

In my turn, I twist my demolisher to present AV14 to everyone. My platoon HQ charged over the hill, maybe to get a lucky kill on a terminator. I move my stormtroopers further away (to 11") so that I can try and get in range of the multimelta marine.

My krak grenade misses. My lascannon misses... I guess it's up to my meltagun guys as I don't trust grenades to this, given my luck. I shoot. One shot misses, the other hits and penetrates with a roll of a 4 for damage.


After getting shot at by 11 meltagun shots, 6 lascannon shots, and a few salvos of krak grenades, most of this fire being directed at AV TEN, the predetor finally succumbs, begrudgingly, to its fate.

On the other side, the frag grenade hits from the command squad, but fails to kill. Both storm bolter shots and my 4 lasgun shots miss.

Time for the demolisher to nuke this terminator squad and be done with this death march of luck. I debate for awhile as to whether I should shoot my las/plas, or my demolisher cannon, and come to chose the big gun, as I was only likely to hit 3 models either way. I roll to scatter, I hit dead on. Finally, something is going as planned. I roll to wound. I roll two 1's and a 3. He makes his 5+ armor save.


After this point, the field looks like this:

The fighting was getting hot, and Melchoir's charge had failed. He was in charge of the group since the commander had fled. He decided to pull back, and was relieved when the marines didn't follow him.

Postgame analysis:

That was, by far, the most cataclysmically bad luck I have ever had. The only lucky thing I had was nailing a terminator with a frag grenade, and, to some extent, by blowing up an AV10 vehicle with a ST9 lascannon at the beginning. Honesly, I don't think that whirlwind would have done much, though.

In the end, I had 323 points remaining on the board to his 390, netting us a draw, in his favor.

My lesson from this game is this: When I'm fighting against a space marine army that has been tweaked to beat my list and I have the worst luck possible (and his luck is decent, to boot), I STILL won't lose. I can't wait to play him just once when there isn't this wilting luck advantage against me...

As well, I'm going to officially axe the krak grenades on the armored fist. The one time in nearly 60 turns of play that I have the chance to use krak grenades, I forget to use them. See ya later.

This was an interesting excersize in what to do when the enemy brings both power armor and tanks. It showed that I have enough dedicated anti-tank firepower to do okay, and, given the lack of troops that this creates, having some of my forces distracted away to kill tanks doesn't really matter.

Finally, this was my first real attempt at killing space marines in cover. What a bugger that is. Thankfully not all cover is closed in on the top, so my earthshaker cannon could do something. I'm left to wonder, though, if there was a better way than just sitting there and trying to root them out of cover.

MVP: My basilisk. Even though it only did damage for a couple of turns, it was the only thing that made its points back. Well, the lascannon sentinel did that as well, but that's all it did.

Hero of the game: Those poor bastards in the chimera. Nothing can prepare you for that 7% chance that a lascannon will blast you through a smoke shield when you've moved 12". Despite this, though, they got up an trucked on to score an immobilization of the predator. While this didn't wind up doing much, in normal circumstances, that would have been cool.