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Welcome to part two of my weekend gaming at MetaCon!

After the first game, a pickup of Dark Heresy was penciled in. Instead, people just decided to play 40k instead (though I did get to play DH a few days later, to my great satisfaction). This game the space marine player from the last game sat it out, and a different marine player with a much more balanced list took over. That, and of course, the teams were shuffled up a bit.

THE CHALLENGERS: Forces of the Imperium
2000 pts.

Imperial Guard Armored Company: 1000pts.

1 Vanquisher
- hella upgrades

1 Leman Russ
- Heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon hull
- hella upgrades

1 Leman Russ
- hull lascannon, sponson heavy flamers
- hella upgrades

Autocannon Sentinel (with at least closed crew compartment)

(note that these three tanks are the only models that this dude has at the moment).

Space Marines: 1000pts.

4x missile launcher devestators
6x sniper rifle scouts (with missile launcher)
2x tac squads (one with sarge with fists)
Generic HQ guy
Assault cannon dreadnought
2x landspeeder tornadoes (reserves)

THE DEFENDERS: The Black Reach Boys II
2000 pts.

Orks: 1080 pts.

2x warbosses (with klaws) with some nobz
2 20+ ork boyz mobz with nobz
1 nobz squad with better armor
2 3x deth koptaz with twin linked rokkitz (reserves)
- with some big bombz

Imperial Guard Infantry Company: 920pts.

I used list 4, except without the mortars so that he could put better armor on his nobz.

The mission was "seize ground" on "pitched battle" They won to deploy and go first, but we seized the initiative!

At deployment, the field looked like this:

(note that the stack of boxes in the middle was actual terrain)

So, as you might notice, they have fewer guns X number of turns than we have bodies. Basically the strategy is to have my ork ally's stuff in front and me behind. He'll go in and do some crushing, or, at the least, distracting, acting as a carrier for me to put a pile of dudes onto the objectives.


Melchoir tugged on his black armband. The warboss had insisted that he wear it.

It hadn't been more than a few hours since Melchoir and his group had been "inducted" into the black reach boys gang that the Imperium had sent in a backup force to resolve the results of the first resolution.

Now Melchoir was stuck between getting immediately hacked to pieces by orks, or eventually shot to pieces by imperial forces. At least he had a good track record against Space Marines. Of course, it was still to be decided how Melchoir could get out of this situation delicately, and how Sanario could get out of it without spilling a torrent of Imperial blood. He had taken an oath saying he promised not to do just that.

"Me sikkuh waitin'!" The warboss shouted, "Give'm a boom and lez go!"

The Basilisk, which the orks had been so kind as to "repair" suddenly let forth a monstrous blast.

Anyone want to take a guess what we did?

The only real exceptions to the mass sprinting charge was my lascannon HQ, and one of my squads, which I think shot his missile launcher at the dreadnought, to no effect. As well, the basilisk shot indirectly at the devestators and scattered 12"! And I thought it was bad enough before...

At least the shot went in a good direction and ploughed a couple of scouts.

After this point, the field looked like this:

By this point, we were already getting well-deserved groans as our opponents tried to figure out how to clear away over 150 models in 1 turn of shooting.

Needless to say, their movement was pretty conservative. In shooting they did what they could, focusing pretty much everything that was in range onto the right side boyz squad. The big exception was his command vanquisher who shot it's AP round at my basilisk. The shot hit, and easily penetrated for an "immobilized" result (but with no stunning anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about that).

In any case, all of the high-speed flying death had more or less the same effect as trying to put out a forest fire with a toothpick.

After this point, the field looked like this:


We start our turn by getting in some koptaz, who proceed to take up a pretty good position:

Melchoir switched on his micro-vox. He was glad that the orks regularly failed to equip themselves with short-wave radios.

"Allright, men, remember, keep back, and try to keep fellow imperial casualties to a minimum"

The massive horde continued to charge the imperial lines:

Our forces move forwards, and my partner instigates his "WAAAUGH!". This was going to be brutal.

Before the super-charge began, though, his koptaz raked the crap out of the rear armor of the Leman Russ. I'm not completely sure what happened, but I know the battlecannon was blown off and that it was immobilized, which was reduced to a stun, and was immobilized again, which was NOT reduced to a stun. Meanwhile, all of my guys sprint, while he fleets.

Then, with a mighty crash, he stuff bowled into the imperial line. On the left, our opponent's scouts were smushed, crushed, and generally ork-handled. Meanwhile the boss had split off and went after the flamer russ. It survived the retaliatory flamer shot, but was only able to repeatedly shake and stun it (which was reduced due to extra armor) with one of the shots immobilizing it for a stun, thanks to track guards.

Then, on the right, his depleted boyz squad charged both tac squads simultaneously. The marines got to go first due to difficult terrain, but rolled very poorly, taking out only a couple of boyz. The boyz and the boss, in their WAAAUGH-enduced rage beat the living pulp out of the space marines. Not only did they lose a lot to choppyness (including the captain to the boss' klaw), but they also failed their morale check, and took another slough of wounds from "no retreat!" when they were caught in a sweeping advance.

Finally, the nobz beat the sentinel that they charged into ball bearings, but actually took fairly heavy casualties from the resulting sentinel bomb.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, our opponents did what little they could in an attempt to fend us off. Namely, they consolidated and hoped for the best.

In shooting, the devestators threw a few handfuls of krak missiles at the koptaz. Needless to say, it didn't go so hot for them.

As well, the assault cannon dreadnought took down the hapless, exposed warboss, and I think the vanquisher targeted the nobz, but I'm not certain as I'm pretty sure it didn't manage to do any damage.

In close combat, the space marines did a much better job against the non-WAAAUGHed orks. The orks had a bit of their own bad rolling, and managed to leave a marine and the sergeant, who powerfisted some boyz silly. Even though the melee had been reduced to a fair fight, the ork boss decided to stay and fight.

After this point, the field looked like this:


This turn begins with me closing out my strategy. My right continues its roll-up (with the new arrival of my vets, who showed up on the wrong side), and my center-rear consolidates towards the objective nearest our deployment zone (I have the fear of deepstriking tornadoes). While the middle continues its charge, I nonchalantly park at least one scoring unit onto each objective.

Shooting is brief with the real damage coming from my basilisk, which hit his vanquisher (which was just barely still in 45 degrees of the front arc), to knock off the vanquisher cannon. Meanwhile the remainder of the koptaz who just came in also shot at the vanquisher for a load of stunned and weapon destroyed results. I'm pretty sure that the only weapon that the vanquisher had left was its coaxial storm bolter...

In any case, the real fun came in assault. The main attraction was the 20-strong ork boyz mob with the boss charging the devestators. Even without the WAAAUGH, power armor can only do so much against some 80-odd choppa attacks. Meanwhile...

"Allright, men" shouted Melchoir, "Charge the tank! Remember, get under it's dozer blade!"

The command squad dove forward at the last possible second before the sponsons on the tank unleashed liquid hell at them. Melchoir winced at Sanario as flames shot mere feet from him. The blast went on for seconds. A chuckle came up over the horrendous noise of the heavy flamers. It seemed that somehow they were actually safe for now.

Suddenly, the blasts subsided. "They need to switch the tanks! GO! CHARGE!" Melchoir whipped around one direction and Sanario whipped around the other. The officer could hear a brief sputter of a flame thrower from the other side of the tank accompanied by a scream. With no time to spare, the officer wound up his powerfist and landed a hard punch straight into the side sponson.

So we had a lot of armor to deal with in that area, and I knew for darn sure that my command squad would have to be involved in some way. Despite what had happened to the boyz who charged the flamer Russ last time, I thought I could pull it off. Firstly, I was able to get my whole squad in under the dozer blade. Given that sponsons can't hit things directly in front of the tank, my squad was actually in the "lee of the flames" so to speak. The template was able to touch a couple of guys just a little bit, but I was definitely free from terrible immolation. That and since the tank wasn't able to move due to being stunned, he wasn't able to evasively drive over me either.

My 4 free powerfist hits and 3 free eviscerator hits yielded an impressive 2 glances and 5 penetrations. Out of the horrible chopping and smashing, though, I wound up with the net result of only 5 shakens (due in part to extra armor) and 2 armament destroyeds. Faced with the option of battlecannon splatting, or fun with flamers, I decide to take off both of his sponson flamer mounts. At least now we can charge that tank again without horrible consequences.

After this point, the field looked like this:

At this point, things were looking pretty grim for our opponents. The only highlight was that both of the land speeders showed up and barely scattered.

In movement, both mobile tanks attempt a tank shock. They were able to do a little bit of "crush and grinding" but given that one of the squads was fearless, the tank's actions had little other impact.

After barely gunning the crap out of my lascannon HQ with his typhoons and nearly winging someone in my command squad with a heavy bolter, they went straight to assault.

In assault, his dreadnought killed a boy or two, and the ork boss finally managed to off the last of the right side space marines.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Left with a handful of mostly injured vehicles against at least 80 dudes at least fairly holding the objectives, both our opponents concede the fight.


We controlled all the objectives for a victory.

- So, as my space marine opponent noted, this game was a little bit like clubbing a baby seal. Honesly, I don't think there was a lot that could have been done, given the disparity in list composition. That being said, it's interesting to me how much more important timing rapid fire is, at least for space marines. It seems like with all this sprinting, and especially with cases of hordes like this, it might be as hard to use bolters to really put down large amounts of your opponent as it is to get a good charge in with Imperial Guard HQ units. This is definitely something I'm going to have to think about for the next time I fight against a horde.

- So thus far in both games I've shot a whopping twice with all of my infantry combined. Naturally, all this running is stopping my shooting, but I don't really mind. As early as game 10 or so of the last series, I was already thinking of my standard guard squads as little more than tactical place markers, and this attitude clearly hasn't shifted. If this is going to be the case, then I should further try and strip them for points. I feel that given what will undoubtedly be a general assault tactic with my guardsmen, I'll probably swap out the missile launcher for a meltagun. Basically the same weapon, but cheaper, and the range isn't so much of an issue. Of course, this could be a major backfire if I wind up being put into a situation where I need to hold back and do a gunline.

- In any case, both of these games combined were woot-tastic. I'm looking forward to being able to play more 5th ed. in the future.

The Black Reach Boyz shouted and fired their guns into the air as they joyfully pursued the retreating imperial forces.

"Okay, everyone, let's just let the orks have their fun and pull back," Melchoir ordered over his vox.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Sanario.

"Well, we take some trophies showing our victory over the orks, hope that our "allies" will completely cut down their quarry, and come up with a really, really good piece of bullshit to report to HQ."